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HSSB844: Not leaving anyone alive!


The Eastern Exalt’s lineage cultivated in what was known as the Longevity Martial Scripture.

It was a branch of the direct lineage of the past Four Imperials of Daoism, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

Those who cultivated in the Longevity Martial Scripture would have their longevities extended, brimming with endless life force as their auras prospered.

Their true essence and aura-qi could nourish boundless life force, transforming into the qi of boundless lifeforms.

Plants and trees thrived on Remote Cloud Mountain as a large amount of rare spirit plants and medicines could be found there, causing it to be famed throughout the World beyond Worlds.

The Eastern Exalt and the Southeastern Exalt whose domains neighboured each other were both renowned beneath the heavens for their skill in alchemy.

The difference was that the outstanding alchemical skills of the Southeastern Exalt, Cao Jie, were simply his own talent.

There were few amongst his disciples who received his legacy in this area.

Meanwhile, the Eastern Exalt’s lineage contained many who were experts in pill concoction and famed for their skill in alchemy.

In the entire World beyond Worlds, the average pill concoction level of Clear Light Locale disciples was a cut above the rest.

In this, they benefited from the local environment of Remote Cloud Mountain as well as the unique characteristics of the Longevity Martial Scripture.

Still, this definitely did not mean that they were lacking in combat power.

Now, this middle-aged man executed the Second Wood Green Thunder Finger of the Longevity Martial Scripture as beneath that single finger, thunder was born which instantly enveloped the heavens and earth.

The thunderbolts possessed the true intent of destruction whilst also a concept of nourishing the myriad creatures, nurturing the creation of the world.

The life force of the Qinghua wood spirit was instantly transformed into fierce, violent thunderbolts of destruction.

As soon as he acted, the middle-aged man went all out with his full strength.

Even as he tapped out towards Yan Zhaoge with a finger of his right hand, he abruptly raised his left hand.

A large flag expanded amidst the air, quickly transforming into a streak of light which rose into the skies before scattering downwards as a rain of light.

Enveloped by this rain of light, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered slightly as he realised after a moment, “…Suppressing me, preventing me from using treasures”

That middle-aged man had a cold look on his face.

This large flag was a one-time use treasure that they had originally prepared to use against Xue Chuqing.

While Xue Chuqing wasn’t here, Yan Zhaoge had appeared.

They thus used it against him now.

While Yan Zhaoge’s fame was currently widespread throughout, everyone’s understanding of him was still limited, this being especially so for those outside of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Still, the existence of the Extreme Yang Seal was something that no one could overlook.

Even this spirit flag would not be able to restrict a treasure like the Extreme Yang Seal for too long a time despite its wondrous abilities.

Therefore, that middle-aged man cared not that he was a whole three cultivation levels higher than Yan Zhaoge as he attacked rampantly now, wanting to bring a swift end to this battle.

The other Clear Light Locale martial practitioners all crowded over as well.

Yan Zhaoge had not concealed his age.

A late Merging Avatar Martial Saint as young as him already left one feeling shocked.

They had clearly left three fellow disciples guarding the entrance to the dimensional passageway, one of them having been a mid Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

In the end, Yan Zhaoge had still managed to barge into this area, with the fates of those three people unknown.

These Clear Light Locale martial practitioners dared not underestimate him.

Yan Zhaoge totally ignored the green clump of thunder that enveloped his field of vision.

A figure suddenly appeared before him in the form of a streak of light as he punched outwards, directly shattering and destroying that massive orb of thunder that was as massive as a mountain!

It was none other than the Northern Ocean Clone who had moved.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s figure flickered as he arrived before that late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

The violent punch caused the other party’s brows to instantly twitch wildly, “Where has an expert like this sprung up from This is an expert of the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm”

How many peak experts of the late Seeing Divinity stage possessed power as overwhelming as this

A few people unconsciously realised that it was no wonder that senior apprentice-brother Lao had failed to protect the entrance.

Yan Zhaoge did not just rely on treasures like the Extreme Yang Seal…

As such thoughts arose within their minds and the Northern Ocean Clone acted, Yan Zhaoge’s figure abruptly moved as well.

The acupoints of his entire body pulsed as indistinct radiance flickered within, resembling the bright, myriad stars of the night sky.

Seeing this, the Clear Light Locale disciples were even more shocked than when they had seen the Northern Ocean Clone, “He already refined all his acupoints to see Divinity! How is that possible”

The next moment, they realised that this was really impossible, “It is just an illusory inner universe.

They have still yet to truly resonate with the stars of the universe…”

Still, before they could actually relax, Yan Zhaoge had already strode forth and arrived before them.

He raised a palm which seemingly enveloped the vast sky.

Yan Zhaoge first arrived before an opponent of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm before striking forth with a palm.

Seeing this palm that seemed like the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm, his opponent instinctively believed that he should be able to withstand it.

This early Seeing Divinity Martial Saint snorted coldly, leaving one hand level before his chest as he raised the other, retaliating with a palm of his own.

With this fist stance, a block of green wood instantly appeared amidst space, reigning domineeringly between the heavens and the earth and it resembled divine wood that connected to the heavens.

As Yan Zhaoge’s palm descended, it was like the heavens were collapsing.

As for his Green Wood Towering Heaven Palm, it was like a towering pillar which supported the heavens, supporting the sky that seemed about to collapse.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge laughed.

At that instant when their palms met, the majestic power within Yan Zhaoge’s palm that reversed causality and effect, overturning the heavens and the earth, directly broke that wood connecting to the heavens with a single palm!

The snapping sound was crisp yet deafening as it boomed mightily.

The arm of that Clear Light Locale disciple broke directly into several segments!

Yan Zhaoge’s palm did not halt in the slightest as it smoothly continued downwards!

With a single palm, he pressured the other party’s palm, forcibly pressuring down towards his head.

Another bang resounded as the opponent’s head was directly shattered by Yan Zhaoge, his palm and head simultaneously blasting apart into a rain of blood.

The other Clear Light Locale disciples were wide-eyed and tongue-tied as they had never expected Yan Zhaoge to be fearsome to such an extent.

A late Merging Avatar Martial Saint had directly slain an early Seeing Divinity Martial Saint who had already refined his acupoints to see Divinity with a single palm!

Their fellow disciple of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm had actually been unable to take even a single blow!

The descendants of Remote Cloud Mountain’s Clear Light Locale did not use some normal legacy.

Even Clear Light Locale’s rather more average disciples would be elites amongst martial practitioners of the same cultivation level in the eastern Vast Heaven Territory, in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, in anywhere they were placed.

Yet, one of them had actually just been slain with a single palm by someone who had yet to break through space and see true Divinity

Although word from the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory was that Yan Zhaoge possessed shocking might, not having personally clashed with him before, no one at all would be able to imagine that he was actually powerful to this extent, fearsome beyond compare!

With the suddenness of this matter that surpassed everyone’s expectations, everyone else present were unable to even assist their fellow disciple as they could only watch helplessly as he was slain.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm, “Capturing me I intend to capture you too.

There are some things that I would like to ask you about.”

Still, after he was done questioning them, Yan Zhaoge did not intend to leave anyone alive this time.

After slaying his first opponent with a Cyclic Heavenly Seal, Yan Zhaoge strode forth, continuing towards the others.


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