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HSSB871: There are always those few people who can create miracles


Although Shen Lingzi and Kang Ping had both left simultaneously, the Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners had no objections.

There was still King Xuancheng there.

While he was inferior to Shen Lingzi, King Xuancheng was also an expert of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Immortal Bridge stage.

Broad Creed Mountain had previously used the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation to block Shen Lingzi.

It would not be so easy for them this time.

The words ‘Daoist Shi’ were the reason why.

While he was only an early Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, not just in the Royal Reed Sea or the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, even in the entire World beyond Worlds, Daoist Shi was an elite existence amongst Immortal Bridge Martial Saints in terms of his attainments in formations.

Without the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, what could Broad Creed Mountain use to obstruct King Xuancheng and the other Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners

Martial practitioners who were able to reach the Immortal Bridge stage had all been able to fight one against many when their cultivation bases had been lower as supreme geniuses capable of surpassing levels in battle, also cultivating in supreme martial arts which were hard to master.

The higher up one went, the smaller the gap would be amongst martial practitioners of the same cultivation level and the greater it would be amongst those of different cultivation levels.

Wanting to surpass levels to battle would already have become incomparably difficult.

Granted, there were no absolutes in this world.

There were always those few people who could create miracles.

Shen Lingzi had been able to surpass the gulf between the Seeing Divinity and Immortal Bridge stages, battling against seventh level Martial Saints as a sixth level Martial Saint.

However, facing an opponent of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm, even with a high-grade Sacred Artifact to protect himself, he would only have been able to try to retreat fully intact.

Without a Sacred Artifact, he would inevitably be defeated, his life in extreme peril.

These were already miracles which countless people could only dream of and aspire towards.

The reason that miracles were miracles was that they were hard to come by.

As Daoist Shi casually waved a hand, Gu Zhang and He Dongcheng first bowed deeply before simultaneously descending towards Broad Creed Mountain down below.

Two sword-lights which resembled long rivers of time descended, instantly transforming into a barrier of sword-light that enveloped Broad Creed Mountain.

Where that radiance passed, the timeflow of the heavens and earth surrounding Broad Creed Mountain instantly slowed.

Time seemed about to be frozen at this moment.

While not as powerful as that of Shen Lingzi, the combined attack by these two Immortal Bridge Martial Saints also emitted crushing pressure like the descent of Mount Tai.

Now, however, the heavens and earth shook in their entirety.

A bright sabre-light shot into the skies from Broad Creed Mountain’s Heaven Rising Peak with the momentum of breaking through the heavens.

Where the sabre-light passed, the long river of time formed of Gu Zhang and He Dongcheng combining forces and executing the Time Flowing Sword was directly chopped forcibly apart!

That sabre-light was like the momentum of the heavens and the earth and the tides of eras as they progressed as it was unstoppable and without equal, even the flowing of time seemingly having to bow its head before this majestic, grand will.

A figure arose from Heaven Rising Peak.

With a handsome appearance and white-tipped brows, the man appeared to be in his thirties or forties.

About the purple sabre that he held coiled the silhouettes of numerous true dragons which roared in unison, the noise resounding so deafeningly it caused one to wish they were deaf.

It was none other than the current Chief of Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Di!

Currently, light flickered about Yan Di’s entire body as sharp sabre-qi surged.

Daoist Shi frowned, “Sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, late Seeing Divinity stage From what the juniors said, it hasn’t been five years since this youngster ascended to the World beyond Worlds…”

Before his thoughts were concluded, he saw a shocking scene play out before him.

After chopping through the long river of time of the Time Flowing Sword, the momentum of Yan Di’s terrifying sabre-light did not cease as it hacked directly at Gu Zhang and He Dongcheng themselves!

Two experts of the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm who had already ascended the Immortal Bridge were actually unable to contend with an opponent who was still of the Seeing Divinity stage!

This young opponent before them did not just possess cultivation speed that far exceeded their expectations.

His martial prowess was also domineering to the extreme!

Beside Daoist Shi, King Xuancheng said not a word as he gazed coldly at Yan Di.

Ever since ascending to the World beyond Worlds, there had actually only been a single battle which Yan Di had partaken in.

It was that battle which had solidified Yan Di’s fame throughout the World beyond Worlds, achieving fame with a single battle in the truest sense of the term right after he had ascended.

That battle was the one in which Yan Di had domineeringly slain the third generation monarch of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, King Xuanmu.

That was King Xuancheng’s son!

The reason Shen Lingzi had agreed to leave this place so and investigate the disturbance in the south sea so heartily was that he knew that there was someone here who wished even more to take down Broad Creed Mountain than him, a person who wished to exterminate every last one of their people.

Blazing fire soundlessly appeared, surging to the heavens as it instantly obscured the sky of the Spirit Inheritance Region.

In the great sea down below, the seawater was rapidly vaporised, the sea levels markedly falling.

In the surrounding regions of sea, due to the change in climate, winds and rains were also howling as tsunamis surged forth with the momentum of the sky collapsing.

King Xuancheng strode outwards with a shocking momentum that was even more terrifying than the combined forces of Gu Zhang and He Dongcheng from earlier.

Empty fire, stone fire, wood fire, Samadhi fire, mortal fire, five fires incinerating the heavens.

A phoenix, an azure luan, a great roc, a peacock, a white crane, a swan, an owl, seven fowl in the sky.

The storm of flames which incinerated the heavens and extinguished the earth converged at a single point as it rotated, the bottom of the storm manifesting as the violent tip of a spear which pierced towards Yan Di!

The Five Fire True Arts and Seven Fowl Treasured Spear as executed by a mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint possessed a momentum that far surpassed that of King Xuanmu, Yao Hai and Yang Zhaozhen.

Yan Di who had personally slain King Xuanmu was able to feel this extremely clearly.

In the face of this storm of flames, the Flame Devil World of the past was like an insubstantial little ember in comparison.

Beneath this spear of King Xuancheng’s, the roiling waves of heat gave they of Broad Creed Mountain beneath the protection of the Grand Clear Grand Formation a suffocating feeling.

While not so profound and unpredictable as well as miraculous as Shen Lingzi’s attacks, this spear of King Xuancheng’s was much more directly threatening as it was swifter and fiercer as well.

This was so even for the onlookers, let alone Yan Di who was facing its might directly.

However, facing such a fierce, vicious attack, Yan Di’s expression did not change as his response was ever unchanging.

Whatever miraculous means you may have, however fierce and vicious your attacks, eat my sabre!

The majestic sabre-light shot into the skies, mightily colliding with the tip of the spear formed of the storm of flames up above!

“Huh!” The expressions of Daoist Shi and the other Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners suddenly changed.

In their fields of vision, at a speed that was clearly visible to the naked eye, it was actually Yan Di’s sabre-light which gradually broke through King Xuancheng’s spear attack!

This sabre split the heavens and the earth apart whilst also extinguishing them!

As if projecting the process of the initial splitting apart of the heavens and earth to the eventual end of life and all creation, that sabre could not be stopped, could not be denied.

This concept had within it integrated every single one of Yan Di’s techniques ever since achieving grand accomplishment in his martial true intent.

Looking coldly at this scene, King Xuancheng said indifferently, “This King does not believe that you can continuously attack like this.”

He did not cease in his attacks as he substituted spear with fist, instantly stabbing out with hundreds upon thousands of spears like a tempestuous storm!

The violent flames rampaged across the sky, sweeping through space.

Though Yan Di was raising his head and looking at King Xuancheng up above, it felt as though he was looking down upon him with his gaze.

The next moment, the sabre-light seemingly erupted in a chain attack, relentless and unforgiving as it broke through every one of King Xuancheng’s spear attacks, even counterattacking ceaselessly!

King Xuancheng’s gaze froze, “How is this possible”

Even if Yan Di possessed an ultimate move and strength that far surpassed others of the same cultivation level, such an attack should logically be extremely taxing on him as it should not be sustained for long.

For attack which surpassed the limit for Seeing Divinity Martial Saints by so much, how could it possibly flow on continuously like this, as if it had no end

Yet, this was the truth, a cold, hard truth which King Xuancheng of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm felt utterly disbelieving of!

Divine light glowed in Yan Di’s eyes as along with his breathing, a stream of black qi and a stream of white qi surrounded his entire body, flowing on ceaselessly.

These powerful attacks which surpassed the limits with every blow indeed could not be maintained for long.

However, Yan Di was currently equipped with the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture that Yan Zhaoge had supplied with its principles of the heavens and earth that reversed yin and yang, the speed at which his true essence returned thus similarly far surpassing the norm.

With the momentum of splitting the sky, the sabre-light hacked apart the all-encompassing flames!

Yan Di walked atop the air, killing his way straight over to King Xuancheng up above whereupon he chopped out with a sabre!

Beneath the disbelieving gazes of those of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, it was shockingly the figure of King Xuancheng that toppled backwards in retreat!


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