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HSSB879: One sword quelling the chaotic heavens!


Seeing the descendant he thought most highly of being slain by an enemy right before his very eyes, Shen Lingzi was greatly enraged.

He abruptly waved a hand, a streak of light shooting outwards.

The light streaked into the horizon, swiftly expanding as it transformed into blurry, glowing dust which enveloped the heavens and the earth before him.

At this moment, time seemed about to be forcibly reversed in this world!

Reversal Light Divine Stone!

Reversing the past, reversing time!

The scenes in the heavens and earth changed, the bloodstains disappearing as Kang Ping was safe and sound again, not having been slain by Yan Zhaoge.

Watching this scene, Yan Zhaoge said coldly, “This Yan wants him dead at three, who can let him live till five”

He wielded the Extreme Yang Seal to obstruct the approaching Shen Lingzi, the dark green bamboo cane which he held causing streaks of piercing red light to surge which streaked across the horizon!

Where the red light passed, space was ripped apart and time extinguished.

The blurry, glowing dust formed of the Reversal Light Divine Stone was quickly cleansed as only a few red marks were left between the heavens and the earth, resembling wounds.

The miraculous abilities of the glowing dust had been completely quelled.

It had been forcibly put a stop to amidst its functioning.

The flow of time regained its normalcy.

Kang Ping again erupted into a rain of blood, perishing instantly!

He had still been slain by Yan Zhaoge right in front of Shen Lingzi at the end of the day!

Seeing Yan Zhaoge quelling the abilities of the Reversal Light Divine Stone with his sword-light and still rampantly slaying Kang Ping with a palm, Shen Lingzi who had originally been both shocked and enraged instead calmed somewhat.

“Immortal Trapping Sword, actually the Immortal Trapping Sword of the Prime Clear direct lineage,” Shen Lingzi said darkly, “This southeastern Yang Heaven Territory really is full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons indeed.”

Now, Shen Lingzi suddenly flashed his own Light Yin Sword Seal, directly charging at Yan Zhaoge.

He no longer paid any heed to the Extreme Yang Seal as the target of his Light Yin Sword Seal was actually none other than the dark green bamboo cane which Yan Zhaoge held.

This high-grade Sacred Artifact of Shen Lingzi’s possessed the unique function of being able to seal the Sacred Artifacts of others.

He wanted to see if it was his Sacred Artifact or Yan Zhaoge’s dark green bamboo cane which could suppress the other.

Yan Zhaoge fearlessly raised his dark green bamboo cane, executing the Immortal Trapping Sword as where that red glow passed, space and time was shattered, the flowing of time ruptured.

The Immortal Trapping Sword whittled down at the sword-light of the Time Flowing Sword while the top of the dark green bamboo cane now collided with the Light Yin Sword Seal.

A strange sigil was instantly imprinted on the dark green bamboo cane.

The dark green bamboo cane also trembled slightly in mid-air.

The treasured light on the Light Yin Sword Seal similarly dimmed somewhat.

Yan Zhaoge was totally unfazed as purple light circulated about the bamboo cane in his hand, the mark which had been imprinted on its top portion instantly becoming milder and fainter as it had vanished the next instant.

The next moment, the dark green bamboo cane shook, beating down on the Light Yin Sword Seal once more!

A ‘smack’ resounded.

Shen Lingzi was nearly unable to keep hold of the Light Yin Sword Seal.

Yan Zhaoge swept the bamboo cane through the air, again striking towards the Light Yin Sword Seal.

“What in the world is it” Shen Lingzi’s face was extremely dark as he could only helplessly keep the Light Yin Sword Seal and stop using it.

Others of the Grand Xuan Dynasty had also mentioned this dark green bamboo cane to him before.

It was just that such a treasure that could suppress low-grade Sacred Artifacts yet was unable to do anything to mid-grade Sacred Artifacts naturally would not have been paid much attention to by an expert of Shen Lingzi’s level.

Who would have thought that the next time Yan Zhaoge used it, this bamboo cane would actually be able to beat even the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword and the Light Yin Sword Seal

Shen Lingzi inhaled deeply, calming himself as he unleashed the full power of his sword dao, attacking towards Yan Zhaoge.

With a high-grade Sacred Artifact, he was even more powerful.

Even without a high-grade Sacred Artifact, he was still an expert of the mid Immortal Bridge stage.

And he was also an outstanding mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint who could virtually contend with late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints!

Now, Shen Lingzi unleashed his sword-light to the maximum.

Between the heavens and earth, countless images of him materialised which filled the surrounding area, simultaneously stabbing out towards Yan Zhaoge!

These figures were not illusory as they were actually all real!

Unleashing the Time Flowing Sword to the maximum, Shen Lingzi’s speed virtually surpassed the boundaries of time and space as he simultaneously occupied every single location at every single moment.

All those figures belonged to that same instant of time with an infinitesimally small time difference between them as they were all real.

An instant of time was really too short as even Immortal Bridge Martial Saints would find it difficult to grasp it well.

Thus, while there was inevitably a slight time lag between the countless Shen Lingzis, in the eyes of his enemies, it was no different from them attacking all at once.

Countless real Shen Lingzis simultaneously encircling and attacking a single enemy!

This was Shen Lingzi’s strongest sword which seemed truly able to render space invalid, destroying the heavens and extinguishing the earth!

Facing this sword, Yan Zhaoge performed just a single action.

He formed a sword seal with his left hand while wielding the dark green bamboo sword in his right, striking forth horizontally with a sword amidst space.

An endless red glow surged amidst the surrounding space before instantly congregating there with Yan Zhaoge as its centre.

Yan Zhaoge brandished his sword, the red sword-light expanding into the surroundings all round.

When the red glow reached the outside and met with the countless incarnations of Shen Lingzi, those figures instantly turned from real to illusory, resembling illusory dreams which shattered beneath the sunlight.

The sole remaining Shen Lingzi’s attack arrived before Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge’s sword struck outwards, colliding with Shen Lingzi’s sword-light.

Frenzied tides instantly expanded into the surroundings yet again where the two clashed.

Shen Lingzi’s gaze was solemn as it had never been before, “Your cultivation level is so much lower than this old man’s.

Even if the Immortal Trapping Sword counters the Time Flowing Sword, things should still not be like this!”

Yan Zhaoge’s face was composed, “The reason for this is simple.

It is because our actual strength is not as far apart as our cultivation levels.”

The vigorous true essence obtained from cultivating in the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture was constantly produced in a ceaseless stream with the help of the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture and then supplied to Yan Zhaoge for his attacks.

At the root of it all were the miraculous principles of the combined Three Purities which formed a core source, ceaselessly manifesting wondrous miracles.

Even as Yan Zhaoge defended against this supreme sword of Shen Lingzi’s, the Extreme Yang Seal was already slamming down towards Shen Lingzi’s head from up above!

Shen Lingzi was helpless against this as he could only retreat.

However, Yan Zhaoge capitalised unforgivingly on his momentum as he struck out with the Immortal Trapping Sword once more.

Aided by the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Extreme Yang Seal, Yan Zhaoge completely suppressed Shen Lingzi of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm to the point of floundering chaotically.

At this point, however despondent Shen Lingzi felt, however furious he was, he could only stifle all these emotions.

He wanted to delay and deplete Yan Zhaoge, not believing that a mid Seeing Divinity Martial Saint could have a deeper foundation than a mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

However, with the foundation of the Peerless, Cyclic and Yin Yang Heavenly Scriptures as well as the Taiji Yin Yang Palm, Yan Zhaoge was really indeed not much inferior to him in terms of the amount of his true essence.

In terms of the speed at which their true essence was recovered, Yan Zhaoge even surpassed him!

In the end, Shen Lingzi powerlessly discovered that as an eighth level Martial Saint, he was actually truly unable to deplete Yan Zhaoge who was but a fifth level Martial Saint!

While this went against all common logic as it seemed utterly ridiculous and laughable, it was just an undeniable fact.

Therefore, a shocking scene destined to be recorded in the annals of the Royal Reed Sea and the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and perhaps even the very World beyond Worlds itself unfolded.

With a sword in hand, Yan Zhaoge chased the bigwig sword cultivator Shen Lingzi of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm whose strength was comparable to that of a ninth level Martial Saint’s all the way from the south to the west of the Royal Reed Sea, being completely unstoppable!

Where his sword passed, nothing could stand in his way!

As the pursuit continually advanced, they soon arrived in the vicinity of the Spirit Inheritance Region.


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