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HSSB928: Losing before even seeing him


Seeing Guan Yuluo verbally sparring with disciples of the Western Exalt’s lineage, Zeng Mo would not often interject.

There were no tensions between his Cloud Pavilion Mountain’s Profound Remnant Locale and Nongli Mountain as things were generally peaceful between them.

They had no special ties with the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Golden Court Mountain too.

Guan Yuluo was speaking for them likely because Feng Yunsheng hailed from Broad Creed Mountain.

With her young age and her low seniority, while she was the Northern Exalt’s granddaughter, it was really no matter if some things were said by her.

Zeng Mo himself, however, could not casually say anything on the other side’s behalf.

The Northern Exalt usually remained in the World beyond Worlds’ Profound Heaven Territory, seldom leaving the area.

In having come over to spectate the battle between the Brocade Emperor and Mars Halberd this time, Zeng Mo also represented the Northern Exalt to some extent as he naturally had to take note of his words and actions.

He had merely met Yan Zhaoge once before and exchanged a few simple words with him.

He could definitely not claim to possess a deep understanding of him.

Still, Zeng Mo felt that this youth was not someone who deceived others and drew on false fame.

With Nongli Mountain’s martial practitioners insulting Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain now, it was not only because they felt stifled about a sect from the lower world sharing a name with the same esteemed origin as theirs.

At the same time, it was also because they were opposed to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

When the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie and the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen had clashed earlier, the Western Exalt had just happened to be in the midst of secluded cultivation.

Recently, the Western Exalt had emerged from seclusion.

Never having been on good terms with the Southeastern Exalt, he probably had some intentions of joining forces with the Southern Exalt.

The Western Exalt was on pretty good terms with the Brocade Emperor.

The Brocade Emperor would either mediate or help neither side if a conflict arose between him and the Southeastern Exalt, Cao Jie.

With the Heaven Emperor drawing the attention of the Brocade Emperor and the Western Exalt teaming up with the Southern Exalt, things would not be so optimistic for the Southeastern Exalt.

As Broad Creed Mountain was very close with Golden Court Mountain, they were naturally even more of a thorn in Nongli Mountain’s eyes.

Zeng Mo shook his head slightly.

Suddenly, his heart jolted.

He was the one with the highest cultivation base of everyone present.

Therefore, he was the first to notice anything.

Gazing to the side, he saw the white-clothed, blue-robed Yan Zhaoge whose eyes were like bright stars walking over towards them neither hurriedly nor slowly.

Yan Zhaoge looked relaxed as there was even an imperceptible hint of a smile at the corners of his mouth.

Seeing Zeng Mo gazing over, Yan Zhaoge smiled and nodded in acknowledgement.

Still, seeing that smile, Zeng Mo realised, “He heard all of it…”

Yan Zhaoge leisurely scanned the crowd, his gaze shifting from Zeng Mo to someone else.

This was a young woman who looked around twenty-eight from the outside.

She was neither beautiful nor ugly but had a refined air about her as no one would think her to be just ordinary.

From her attire, she too seemed to be an Ingenious Flying Peak disciple.

It was just that there seemed to be some minor discrepancies with the attire of Fu Ting and the rest whom Yan Zhaoge had previously seen.

Yan Zhaoge pondered, “She is not of Red Lotus Cliff.

She is a descendant of another cave manor of Ingenious Flying Peak.”

The Brocade Emperor was the Lord of Ingenious Flying Peak.

It was just that it was Red Lotus Cliff that was his official dao arena and cave manor as Fu Ting and the rest could all be considered as being of his direct lineage.

Besides Red Lotus Cliff, Ingenious Flying Peak had other cave manors as well, established by the Grand Plainness Origin Lady Tao Yu and some others.

All these people were ultimately descended from Daoist Xuanzhong, being of the Grand Clear direct lineage.

Still, to outsiders, they of Ingenious Flying Peak all hailed from the Brocade Emperor’s lineage.

After all, the distance between the mortal and Immortal realms was great indeed.

After attaining the Immortal realm, many things would no longer be the same.

There were only some internal divisions amongst them.

Still, they were not strict as they were simply taught by different masters.

This young woman was a personal disciple of the Grand Plainness Origin Lady.

The relationship between Nongli Mountain and Ingenious Flying Peak was not bad, especially for the Grand Plainness Origin Lady Tao Yu who had been bosom friends with the wife of the Western Exalt since young.

Therefore, after the Nongli Mountain martial practitioners had given Tao Yu their greetings, Tao Yu had dispatched a disciple to see them off the vessel.

Zeng Mo understood this situation.

Therefore, he could not help but frown as he saw Yan Zhaoge.

While he had not interacted much with Yan Zhaoge before, he could vaguely sense that this was a domineering person.

Martial practitioners generally possessed tough, unflinching personalities.

This was especially so for a youngster like Yan Zhaoge who had achieved his fame at a young age.

He should be hot-blooded and full of himself at this point in time.

While he never deliberately showed off his cultivation base, he never seemed to conceal it too.

He was clearly not someone who usually kept a low profile.

With martial practitioners of Nongli Mountain mocking him, he would likely retaliate on the spot.

The matter of Yan Zhaoge killing a disciple of the Southern Exalt, Zhuang Shen, had already long since spread throughout the World beyond Worlds.

When his Grand Master, Broad Creed Mountain’s former Chief Yuan Zhengfeng, had been resisting the southern Blazing Heaven Territory with the Southeastern Swordmistress and the rest, he too had slain numerous martial practitioners from their side.

While these Nongli Mountain martial practitioners were of the Western Exalt’s lineage, Yan Zhaoge would not tolerate them shooting off their mouths.

The problem was that they were currently in Ingenious Flying Peak’s territory.

It could even be said that they were in the territory of the Grand Plainness Origin Lady, Tao Yu.

If he as a descendant of the Northern Exalt’s lineage were to clash with Nongli Mountain here, Tao Yu would likely help those of Nongli Mountain.

First not mentioning how Tao Yu was a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, she also had a unique relationship with the Brocade Emperor.

If Yan Zhaoge were to offend her here, the consequences would not be good at all.

While it was said that the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide had died at Broad Creed Mountain, it was difficult to say how exactly he had been killed.

Yan Zhaoge was currently travelling alone outside, having no one to help him at all.

Moreover, while both were late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints, Tao Yu was stronger than Guan Lide.

Also, Tao Yu was similarly not a calm, reserved person.

Even throughout the entire World beyond Worlds, this Grand Plainness Origin Lady was renowned for being arrogant and overbearing.

“These people of Nongli Mountain are also all Seeing Divinity Martial Saints, not lacking late Seeing Divinity Martial Saints as well,” Zeng Mo thought, “Even if this Yan Zhaoge possesses extraordinary might, if he were to make a move here, offending the Grand Plainness Origin Lady, he would surely end up suffering a loss.”

Zeng Mo glanced at Guan Yuluo, sighing inwardly, “Forget it, let me try to see if I can help him out…”

That female disciple of Ingenious Flying Peak had similarly not interjected in the argument between Guan Yuluo and the Nongli Mountain martial practitioners.

Still, upon noticing the abnormalities in Zeng Mo, she gazed over in the same direction as him.

Those who were arguing seemed to have sensed something as well as they all looked over.

Still, before they could see anything, the world before their eyes suddenly turned dark.

Tranquil, soundless black light instantly expanded, enveloping the surrounding area as it was like night had suddenly descended without any prior warning whatsoever.

Enveloped by the darkness of night, all was silent and still.

Yan Zhaoge leisurely walked out from within.

Zeng Mo’s pupils retracted abruptly as he scanned the surrounding area.

Those Nongli Mountain disciples seemed to have completely lost all their senses at this moment.

While they were all staring wide-eyed, there was no life in their eyes as they resembled wooden puppets, their bodies just stiffly rooted to the spot as they moved not an inch.

Yet, those of Profound Remnant Locale who were standing in very close proximity to them, Guan Yuluo who was merely a Martial Grandmaster included, were not affected by this at all as they just seemed at a bit of a loss.

That Ingenious Flying Peak disciple was momentarily taken aback before a shocked look appeared on her face, “You…”

Yan Zhaoge did not even look at those Nongli Mountain martial practitioners as he smiled nonchalantly, “I am Yan, Yan Zhaoge.

I have come to spectate the battle between the Brocade Emperor and Mars Halberd.

Having come here now, I have specially come to give greetings to the Grand Plainness Origin Lady.

Please do not take offense if I have been impolite in any way.”


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