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HSSB934: The Brocade Emperor


The old, aged Earth Exalt cupped his hands towards Mars Halberd, “Please wait for a while longer.

The Brocade Emperor will definitely be here soon.”

“He is rushing back here from extradimensional space, so time may really be a little hard to keep.”

The flame giant that Mars Halberd was manifested as had his features obscured by flames as the changes in his expression could not clearly be seen.

Still, he turned slightly to look at the Earth Exalt, “You need not speak further, Wang Zhengcheng.

The date was decided by you lot.

If he misses it, it will be Fu Yuchi who has embarrassed himself.

Still, I would never let things go just like this.”

“The vast seas and the endless fields change over the countless ages.

Indeed, many things are no longer the same as they were before.”

“Still, I have recently come to gain an understanding of the current World beyond Worlds, having many doubts on this that I would like to clarify with you lot!”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge looked at Mu Jun beside him.

Mu Jun informed him via sound transmission, “Wang Zhengcheng is the name of the Earth Exalt.”

The Earth Exalt was the personal disciple of the Earthly Sovereign who had long achieved his fame.

In terms of seniority, the Earthly Sovereign was of the same generation as Daoist Xuanzhong, that ancestor of the Brocade Emperor.

The Earth Exalt was of the same generation as the Brocade Emperor’s Master as Fu Yunchu could even said to be his junior.

Still, they hailed from different lineages at the end of their day, their seniority thus not being that important.

Even if they were related like this, many rules were actually no longer applicable to the Emperors.

Still, the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng was indeed much older than the Brocade Emperor as he had already been famed for countless years even before the Brocade Emperor had begun his cultivation.

While it looked like he had been surpassed by a junior, the Brocade Emperor, there was a reason for this.

Speaking of this, Wang Zhengcheng’s situation was similar to that of Yuan Zhengfeng’s back in the Eight Extremities World that year.

He had suffered heavy injuries long ago with his foundation being harmed such that he was stuck at the tenth level of the Martial Saint realm.

If one surpassed the tribulation to Immortality, they would attain the Immortal realm.

If they could not, however, they would dissipate into mere ash.

He had been injured at the Human Exalt Martial Saint realm and much more seriously than Yuan Zhengfeng had been with even the Heaven Returning Divine Pill being unable to restore this.

Even the likes of the great Earthly Sovereign had been unable to resolve this problem for his disciple.

However, as the most experienced Exalt of the World beyond Worlds, Wang Zhengcheng’s strength far surpassed that of Cao Jie, Zhuang Shen, Liu Zhenggu and the rest.

So long as he was willing to, he would virtually be able to suppress all conflicts amongst the World beyond Worlds’ Martial Saints.

Even if it was Cao Jie and Zhuang Shen from earlier.

Before the World beyond Worlds had its current Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, Exalts of Ten Territories, when the Earthly Sovereign had still been the Exalted Earth Luminary, Wang Zhengcheng had already been his follower then.

Therefore, he could be considered old acquaintances with Mars Halberd.

Looking at Mars Halberd, the Earth Exalt now sighed, “While my Master is not here, the Concealed Sovereign is currently at Kunlun Mountain.

While he is in secluded cultivation, if you pay a visit, I believe that the Concealed Sovereign will definitely leave seclusion to meet you.”

Mars Halberd said mildly, “However today’s battle ends, if I do not die, I will naturally pay a visit to Kunlun Mountain.”

“If Fu Yunchi does not show up in the end, even more reason for me to make a trip there.”

Wang Zhengcheng fell silent as the area was overwhelmed by silence for a time.

As time passed, the atmosphere there inevitably became more heated.

Some latecomers, fearing that they might have missed this ultimate, world-shaking battle, arrived to find that the battle had still yet to begin.

Those spectators who had hurried over exchanged looks.

While no commotion arose, they were all whispering to one another via sound transmission.

They still dared not openly discuss the Brocade Emperor who had still yet to arrive.

Yet, linking this with how the Brocade Emperor had not appeared even after a long time after Mars Halberd had destroyed the Minor No Hatred dao arena previously, some of them sneaked glances in the direction of the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, the doubt in their eyes only growing by the minute.

Now, however, that divinity of flame who was like the centre of the universe suddenly moved.

Having originally been sitting cross-legged on a massive fire dragon, he now stood up.

Everyone was still thinking that Mars Halberd was impatient from the wait.

Yet, that flaming giant did not move as he instead turned and looked into the distance.

The next moment, streams of purple qi suddenly appeared there which instantly suffused space.

The aura that emanated was not so powerful.

Yet, everyone present felt the same thing.

There simultaneously seemed to be two centres amidst the space of the universe.

One was that tall, towering divinity of flame.

The other was amongst that dense purple qi.

On the Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel, Fu Ting and Tao Yu instantly relaxed, no longer feeling worried.

The spirits of all the spectators rose.

While they could only see dense purple qi and no trace of anyone, everyone knew that the Brocade Emperor had arrived.

“I have made everyone wait,” A clear, deep voice resounded from amidst the purple qi.

The purple qi dispersed, a figure being indistinctly visible within.

Gazing over from a distance, Yan Zhaoge saw what looked like a middle-aged man in his forties.

Snowy white clothes with a red outer robe, his long hair not being tied as it streamed down directly behind his back.

This person’s looks were truly astonishing.

His features could be said to be perfect.

Yet, they did not look feminine in the least as they were well defined, radiating a valiant air.

His eyes seemed to contain countless rich emotions within.

Different dispositions seemed to emanate from him at every instant.

He was gentle and refined one moment, resilient and chivalrous the next, and after that moody and emotional.

There was no strange, discordant feeling between these changes at all as they instead had a strange allure, bringing even more charm to these features that could already be called perfect.

It was a charm that bewitched those of the opposite gender while causing those of the same gender to sigh in admiration, hard pressed to have feelings of jealousy.

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “The most beautiful man in the history of the World beyond Worlds.

A well-deserved reputation indeed.

While he had actually seen an image of the Brocade Emperor and exclaimed at it before, Yan Zhaoge felt that his flair was even greater in person.

Looking at that figure amidst the dense purple qi, Mars Halberd said calmly, “Since you have arrived, let us begin then.”

Even though his opponent had destroyed his manor, no anger was visible on the face of the Brocade Emperor, “Let us begin then, senior.”

The Earth Exalt, Wang Zhengcheng, sped back in retreat.

While he was to oversee their battle, there was nothing that he had to say now.

At this time and place, everything belonged to these two Emperor-level experts.

Unexpectedly for most, it was the Brocade Emperor who was the first to attack.

He raised his palm, carrying the qis of yin and yang.

Beneath the Brocade Emperor’s palm, the entire region of space before him directly collapsed, with time blurry and space no longer existing as everything returned to the primordial qis of yin and yang.

Yin and yang circulated, forming a massive Taiji diagram which struck down towards Mars Halberd.

Where the Taiji diagram passed, everything returned to yin and yang as they no longer existed.

The Taiji diagram rotated with a crushing momentum as it swept all into the Brocade Emperor’s palm, reducing them into nothingness.

As he advanced, the Taiji diagram was strengthened unceasingly as its increase in power seemed limitless!

Regarding the Brocade Emperor, most widespread were the legends of his popularity with women as he traversed the heavens, walking amongst countless flowers with such unique, incomparable flair.

Yet, the number of people this Emperor had killed far surpassed the beauties he had experienced!


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