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HSSB939: This life eternally belongs to the Yan Family


Despite knowing that Yan Zhaoge and Fu Ting had entered the lands of the Immortal Court together, the Brocade Emperor did not summon Yan Zhaoge to see him.

After the battle, Yan Zhaoge returned to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory with Mu Jun’s lot.

The Brocade Emperor had previously invited him and his father as guests, having ended up failing to show up for some reason.

He seemed to have no intention of meeting them now.

Fu Ting, however, dispatched some fellow disciple of Ingenious Flying Peak to express her apologies.

While the Brocade Emperor had not been injured in that battle, he had indeed had no intentions of entering a battle of life and death with Mars Halberd then.

Therefore, after Mars Halberd had been defeated and left, their battle had come to an end.

Also, the Brocade Emperor had not lingered in the World beyond Worlds as he had quickly departed again for extradimensional space after the battle.

While the other party did not expressly say it, Yan Zhaoge’s guess was still verified in some manner.

The Brocade Emperor had indeed stayed behind temporarily due to Fu Ting’s matter.

Fu Ting was currently in seclusion at Ingenious Flying Peak’s Red Lotus Cliff.

As she had sent someone on her behalf, Fu Ting did not go into detail on her current situation.

Yan Zhaoge could not be certain if the Brocade Emperor had resolved the aftereffects from his daughter having travelled to the lands of the Immortal Court.

From the looks of it, however, the situation was not optimistic.

This was understandable, really.

If it could be easily taken care of, there would have been no need for Cao Jie and Liu Zhenggu to repeatedly warn Yan Zhaoge about this previously.

While this Ingenious Flying Peak disciple had come on behalf of Fu Ting, he was not aware of the real situation at hand.

He had come mainly because of how the Brocade Emperor had previously failed to show up and had also not made up for this now.

It could be seen that this Ingenious Flying Peak disciple actually felt rather puzzled.

With the Brocade Emperor’s status, it seemed a very casual matter whether or not he met two martial practitioners who had yet to even reach the Immortal Bridge stage.

He found it hard to understand why Fu Ting had specially sent someone over to clarify things.

Still, he acted appropriately as had been tasked as he did not act or speak arrogantly at all.

Yan Zhaoge naturally could not tell him about the Immortal Court’s matter.

After having met with him, he sent him away.

Looking at Yuan Zhengfeng, Fu Enshu, Fang Zhun and the other higher echelon experts of Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge soundlessly sighed.

He could not tell them about the matter of the Immortal Court just as he had been unable to tell that Ingenious Flying Peak disciple about it.

As for his whereabouts after the Minor No Hatred dao arena had previously been destroyed, Yan Zhaoge could only say that he had found it difficult to find his way back after having been trapped amidst those chaotic spatial torrents.

The Buddhists had become a pretty good excuse.

Yuan Zhengfeng and the others had already long since learnt of their existence.

“Is my father still in secluded cultivation” After taking his leave of Yuan Zhengfeng and the others, Yan Zhaoge returned to his lodgings and asked Ah Hu.

Because the Northern Ocean Clone had remained at Broad Creed Mountain, not only did Yan Zhaoge know that Feng Yunsheng had already successfully Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, heading out alone, he had also long since known that Yan Di with whom he had been separated during the destruction of the Minor No Hatred dao arena had already returned before he had.

Calculating the time, Yan Di should not have ended up in the lands of the Immortal Court or Buddhism.

Still, Yan Di had quickly entered secluded cultivation soon after his return.

Such a hasty action seldom happened with Yan Di.

He had informed them before entering seclusion, though.

It should not be anything bad.

Ah Hu scratched his head, answering, “Family Head is still in secluded cultivation.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, next smiling as he looked at Ah Hu, “With Yunsheng and senior apprentice-brother Xu having Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood one after another, you have got to keep it up.”

In terms of talent and comprehension abilities, this big fella before him was not any inferior to the likes of Xu Fei and Tang Yonghao in the slightest.

Xu Fei had previously stayed in the Vast Ocean World for a long time, having cultivated for longer.

Still, Ah Hu had access to abundant resources by Yan Zhaoge’s side, also having cultivated in the World beyond Worlds’ superior environment.

He had not been left in the dust by Xu Fei at all.

At around forty years old, while he had yet to step into the Transcending Mortality stage, he was still a late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster, having established his heavenly altar.

In terms of age, this was still very young in the World beyond Worlds.

While his cultivation base was vastly inferior to the likes of Fu Ting, Long Hanhua, Zhuang Chaohui and Zeng Mo, those people had cultivated in a superior environment ever since young whereas Ah Hu had merely been in the World beyond Worlds for a few years thus far.

Feng Yunsheng was a Maiden of Extreme Yin, being aided by the Extreme Yin Crown in cultivating.

There was no making a comparison between them.

If this was in the Eight Extremities World of the past, such a cultivation speed would be inferior only to Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

Of course, many people felt speechless at how such an Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster followed servilely after Yan Zhaoge just as he had before, being willing to remain his underling.

On the surface, Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation base was much higher than Ah Hu’s.

It seemed very natural that a lofty Seeing Divinity Martial Saint had a Martial Grandmaster as his servant.

Actually, let alone this being unheard of in the Eight Extremities World, it was also extremely rare in the World beyond Worlds.

Martial practitioners who could attain the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster stage and had the potential to Transcend Mortality and enter Sainthood would surely all possess their own pride.

It was common to see martial practitioners acting humbly, but rare to see them acting subserviently.

Even if there were those who were willing to be followers, these were generally those who had no hopes of advancing their cultivation base any further.

A martial practitioner like Ah Hu who was so young and had virtually limitless prospects yet was willing to be someone’s follower was virtually unheard of.

Those who were familiar with him and Yan Zhaoge were all surprised by this.

Let alone Mu Jun, Zheng Ming, Chen Zhiliang and the others of Golden Court Mountain, even they of Broad Creed Mountain themselves had been feeling puzzled in recent years on why Ah Hu’s status remained unchanged despite his increasing cultivation base.

After all, Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di had never restricted Ah Hu in anything.

Yet, this big fella did as he liked, continuing to perform the same role as he had in the past.

While many things changed in this world, in the heart of Ah Hu, Huang Huting, he seemed only to remember that the Family Head had saved him and his grandfather.

Therefore, however he became, however high a cultivation base he attained, this life of his would eternally belong to the Yan Family.

“Young Master, I feel that I am not far away from the Transcending Mortality stage,” Ah Hu chortled.

Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes, “Well, hurry up then, or Han Long’er will catch up before you know it.”

Ah Hu pulled back the corners of his lips, “That kid…”

He suddenly remembered something, “Right, Young Master.

I’ve something to report.

When Little Shi Jun was journeying outside, he obtained a piece of fortune that he felt he could not handle by himself.

Thus, he reported it to the sect.

Since Family Head is in seclusion, the old Chief and Elder Fang said to wait for you to return and hand this over to you.”

“Yes, Grand Master and second apprentice-uncle told me about it briefly earlier,” Yan Zhaoge said solemnly, “I hear that it may be related to the Grand Clear direct lineage”

Back in the Eight Extremities World, Broad Creed Mountain had been considered a comparatively orthodox branch of the Grand Clear lineage.

Their founder, the Heaven Opening Old Man Qiu Yuan, had created their Clear Qi Profound Art which had been Broad Creed Mountain’s foundation for many long years.

The Eight Extreme Arts of their legacy all originated from this.

Still, presently, Broad Creed Mountain had reached an internal consensus that affairs related to the Grand Clear direct lineage would all be handed over to Yan Zhaoge to handle so long as he was free.

Ah Hu said, “It seems like a clue to a cave manor of some predecessor.

It was somewhat coincidental since the cave manor only appears once every few years, with others only being able to find it then.”

“Calculating the time, it should be around these two years We cannot really confirm this presently.”

As he said this, Ah Hu passed something over.

Yan Zhaoge received it.

It was a broken whisk.


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