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HSSB948: Who really represents the magnificence of the sun


Numerous golden lotuses exploded in mid-air, golden flames dancing amidst the air.

Those of Three Foot Mountain wanted to retreat and flee.

However, it was too late.

Facing this golden blazing fire, the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre, could finally be put to use again.

The Chief of Three Foot Mountain dared not hesitate as he hurriedly wielded his sabre to block the ferocious blazing fire.

As the Golden Crow remnant soul within the soul flag faced a threat, it was reawoken as it flew out on its own, blocking the terrifying flames before it.

The golden lotuses of fire exploded.

While most of its force was directed towards those of Three Foot Mountain, boundless blazing fire still surrounded Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge took back the Extreme Yang Seal from Ah Hu, sunlight illuminating the area as he blocked the attacking flames.

“Obtaining my life it is mine, within beginning fire plants golden lotus,” He shook his head, sighing in admiration, “Easier said than done.

These Miraculous Fire Golden Lotuses are indeed ferocious and difficult to control.”

The golden blazing fire erupted with ferocious power.

Still, it would leave as soon as it had come.

After Yan Zhaoge had blocked the initial explosion, he raised the Extreme Yang Seal high to protect himself and retrieved the Heaven Earth Reversing Axe to open the way, next charging towards those of Three Foot Mountain!

Since he wanted to obtain that Golden Crow remnant soul, he naturally would not allow it to be depleted amidst the sea of flames just like that.

Struck mightily by the golden blazing fire, both the martial practitioners of Three Foot Mountain and the Golden Crow remnant soul had suffered a great blow to their vitality.

Having originally already been wounded by Yan Zhaoge’s dark green bamboo cane, the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre, was totally riddled with wounds now.

The cracks on its blade that had originally been faint like spiderwebs were all totally obvious now.

This high-grade Sacred Artifact actually seemed like it might break apart at any moment.

They finally managed to tide through the fiercest eruption of the flames.

Still, before they could catch their breaths, Yan Zhaoge’s follow-up attack immediately arrived.

“Who really represents the magnificence of the sun” Yan Zhaoge laughed, grasping the Extreme Yang Seal and raising it high above his head, next mightily bringing it down upon the Chief of Three Foot Mountain!

That single strike had the profundities of the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, Extreme Yang Scripture and more all merged within.

The world turned illusory before the eyes of Three Foot Mountain’s Chief as it was like the great sun in the sky up above was plummeting downwards, bringing along the collapse of the entire stretch of heavens as all the weight was attached to it with the momentum of destroying the heavens and extinguishing the earth!

He helplessly brandished his sabre, bringing his arms up together in blocking this strike.

As the Extreme Yang Seal descended, the Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre shook intensely.

The centre of the sabre was smashed into bending as it very nearly broke apart!

The straight blade of the sabre was forcibly smashed into a curved shape!

Succeeding with his strike, Yan Zhaoge did not pursue as his figure instead abruptly flashed backwards.

The Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners attempted to wave the soul flag to help their Chief.

Yet, a brutal red light vaguely flashed on Yan Zhaoge’s body.

As the red glow flickered, Yan Zhaoge next instantly arrived close to the soul flag!

Three Foot Mountain’s Chief was greatly shocked as he tried to stop him.

Yet, it was already too late.

Yan Zhaoge substituted sword with finger, piercing straight into the forehead of that Three Foot Mountain martial practitioner.

A Seeing Divinity Martial Saint perished just like that in a completely effortless manner.

Meanwhile, the soul flag that he raised ended up in the hands of Yan Zhaoge.

After Yan Zhaoge had slain him and won the flag, he directly threw the flag into the Myriad Dragon Palace to be suppressed before he turned and raised the Extreme Yang Seal, attacking the Chief of Three Foot Mountain once more.

The dark green bamboo cane reappeared, beating the Golden Crow Incinerating Heaven Sabre out of his hands with a single blow.

The next moment, Yan Zhaoge exerted pressure with his palm, grasping the Extreme Yang Seal and smashing straight down towards his head.

That old man roared, his eyes opened wide, “Surnamed Yan, do not get too full of yourself.

Young Master will defintely not let you go.

This old man will be waiting for you down below…”

Before he had finished speaking, Yan Zhaoge’s Extreme Yang Seal had already smashed downwards!

“Killing you will not make me feel full of myself,” Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “As for whatever the Young Master that you speak of can do to me, that really is none of your concern.”

His opponent raised his hands to resist.

Yet, his hands actually melted beneath the dazzling sunlight.

First were his hands, next his arms, then finally the top of his head.

The final thing he remembered in this life was Yan Zhaoge’s voice, “Right, I still have to thank you people.

Without you guys, I might needed to spend a little more time breaking through all these Miraculous Fire Golden Lotuses.

Now, you have really saved me a lot of time.”


This old man seemingly melted beneath the terrifying sunlight, being incinerated and devoured by the magnificent sun as he was vaporised completely into thin air!

Yan Zhaoge did not cease in his movements as he slaughtered the remaining Three Foot Mountain without exception.

There were still a few Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners who remained at the foot of the lofty mountain outside of the Daoist temple.

They all gazed dazedly ahead at that small, intricate golden sabre before them which had broken into half.

Originally having flickered with radiance, its blade was already completely dim and lustreless as it seemed to be covered by a layer of dust.

The Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners all had panicked looks on their faces.

The current appearance of the golden sabre entailed that the Chief of Three Foot Mountain had already perished!

While they were still uncertain as to the fate of the sect’s two supreme treasures, the soul flag and the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Golden Crow Incinerating Heavenly Sabre, the situation should definitely not be optimistic.

The martial practitioners of Three Foot Mountain who had entered the Daoist temple might even have been completely wiped out!

The Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners who had come searching for treasures this time were all peak experts of their sect.

Yet, their number one expert and Chief had now perished.

Let alone the fact that it was unlikely that they could still obtain any treasure, Three Foot Mountain had suffered a great blow to its vitality too.

They had failed in their perilous venture this time.

Not only had they gained nothing, they had instead suffered tragic losses that could cause them to plummet right from the top of the clouds, being unable to maintain their high position in the Green Peak High Plains any further.

“What do we do” They all looked at a middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

An early Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, he was Three Foot Mountain’s number two expert who had come this time, having specifically remained here as backup.

He stared in disbelief at the broken golden sabre in his hand, temporarily falling into a daze though he quickly regained his wits.

“Act according to what Chief instructed before entering just now,” This middle-aged man said in a heavy tone, “Whether they died due to some other treasure seeker or fell to the local restrictions, our sect’s hopes of obtaining the treasures are already incomparably dim now.”

“At this moment, there is just churning the waters turbid which remains our final hope.

Even if we are unable to succeed, beneath the chaotic situation, it would also be easier for us to join back up with our brethren who still remain in retreating from this place.”

After saying so, he did not ascend the mountain, instead turning and heading away from it.

The other Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners did not find this any unexpected as they followed after him.

Dense fog arose in the distance, a massive lake clearly concealed amidst it.

These Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners hovered above the lake’s surface.

Looking down, they saw the waters of the lake currently roiling non-stop.

The lake did not depict their reflections.

Instead, it depicted a series of strange, chaotic images.

This lake water was actually the entrance to a crevice in spacetime as well as it connected this cave manor to another world.

When the cave manor had been opened this time, abnormalities had also been detected on that end as the other side sought to pass through the dimensional passageway, arriving at this Daoist temple.

However, the other side did not each possess a half-broken whisk like Yan Zhaoge and the Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners.

Therefore, despite having found a path, they had lacked a key and the signpost with which to access it, only having been able to circle about outside.

Those of Three Foot Mountain had landed in the vicinity of the lake upon coming to this cave manor, having immediately discovered the situation over here.

If it was before, they would definitely not be happy seeing someone else entering to get a share of the pie.

Yet, being at a complete disadvantage now, they of Three Foot Mountain certainly would not mind finding another competitor for Yan Zhaoge who grasped the upper hand.

Three Foot Mountain’s Immortal Bridge Martial Saint Elder who leading the group expressionlessly took out that half of the whisk, throwing it into the lake.

Then, the Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners collectively retreated, heading far away to the mountain where the Daoist temple was at.

The next moment, the lake waters abruptly churned, shooting into the skies!

The clear cry of a phoenix pierced the heavens.

A fiery phoenix was first to charge out of the lake!


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