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HSSB955: Yan Zhaoge’s question


Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide, late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

Shen Lingzi, King Xuancheng, mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

Daoist Shi, Kang Ping, He Dongcheng, Gu Zhang, early Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

These were all the experts who had perished at the foot of Broad Creed Mountain back then.

Also, they had all been slain by Broad Creed Mountain in the same major battle.

In the eyes of some, some of this information might be inaccurate.

Also, the attention of most people had been drawn by news of an Immortal Artifact.

Still, just thinking carefully about it, it was already sufficient to cause one to quake in their boots.

Zhuang Chaohui and the middle-aged man who were currently pressured by Yan Zhaoge with the Extreme Yang Seal felt this especially intensely.

At this moment, they felt that perhaps they should not have placed their attention merely on that rumoured Immortal Artifact which that had not actually even seen.

They should not merely be paying attention to Golden Court Mountain in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

An entity which had once meant nothing to them had already become a full-blown threat now!

Looking at the Extreme Yang Seal and then Yan Zhaoge, Zhuang Chaohui suddenly shivered.

“If this person ascends the Immortal Bridge, he would then be able to wield the full power of this Extreme Yang Seal!”

The Extreme Yang Seal was totally incomparable to other high-grade Sacred Artifacts.

Could Yan Zhaoge ascend the Immortal Bridge

While they were enemies, Zhuang Chaohui had to admit that this was virtually a surefire thing!

It was only a matter of time.

The real question was: When would Yan Zhaoge ascend the Immortal Bridge

Still, just thinking about how he had still been a mid Merging Avatar Martial Saint six years ago, Zhuang Chaohui could feel his heart twitching madly.

Actually, Yan Zhaoge had experienced more than six years due to the faster time flow in the Vast Ocean World.

Even so, however, considering his actual age, his rate of cultivation advancement was still shocking.

Thinking about this, the two of Wutong Slope felt increasingly pessimistic.

Moreover, it had also been six years ago that Yan Zhaoge’s father, Yan Di, had broken through space to see true Divinity, ascending from the Eight Extremities World to the World beyond Worlds.

Six years later, the last time Yan Di had appeared before the eyes of the world, he had shockingly also already been a late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint!

At this moment, Zhuang Chaohui truly realised that he had overlooked Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain too much in the past.

He desperately wished that he could remind his father and the seniors of his lineage about this now.

Even if it meant temporarily setting aside the matter of Golden Court Mountain and the phoenix bone, they should first concentrate their power and deal with the calamity that was Broad Creed Mountain!

He felt bitter at how let alone the fact that they might not be able to leave this Daoist temple alive today, even if they could, they still might not have a chance to make up for their previous oversight.

His father Zhuang Shen had left the southern Blazing Heaven Territory two years ago, having yet to return even now.

Even worse was the fact that from prior instances, he knew that Zhuang Shen would not return for the next few years.

Of course, Zhuang Shen aside, the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie and the others were currently away too.

Still, going by how the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide had previously perished before Broad Creed Mountain and referencing the powerful strength displayed by Yan Zhaoge now, if Zhuang Shen of the Human Exalt stage did not make an appearance, would Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope be able to decimate Broad Creed Mountain even launching an all-out assault

The two of them who were already beginning to take Broad Creed Mountain seriously now were not all that confident of this.

Moreover, the local martial practitioners of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory would not just sit back and do nothing.

Thinking about this, they inevitably felt even more despondent now.

Pressured unceasingly by the Extreme Yang Seal up above, the bones of the two began to creak.

As the magnificent sun blazed, the golden flames seemed about to devour their bodies entirely.

The shadow of death loomed over these two experts of Wutong Slope at this moment.

“How about a trade, Zhuang Chaohui” Yan Zhaoge asked smilingly, “If I do not see wrongly, as the son of the Southern Exalt, you should have some sort of mechanism placed on you to save you from unsalvageable crises of death like this one.”

“The Phoenix True Form Scripture that you yourself cultivate in may not be able to secure your life, but your father’s may be able to.”

“I wonder if I am right”

Zhuang Chaohui’s pupils abruptly dilated.

There was indeed a mechanism left behind by his father, Zhuang Shen, on his body.

After his nirvanic rebirth had been used up, if he met with a death tribulation again, he would be able to borrow the mechanism left behind by Zhuang Shen and obtain a second chance at fleeing.

Also, he would directly revive back home at Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope.

With that, he would be able to escape whatever the remaining dangers.

This sort of technique depleted one greatly as it extracted a great price as well.

There might be immense negative side-effects afterwards.

Still, at a crucial moment of life and death, one’s life was naturally most important.

This matter was top secret as even the middle-aged man beside Zhuang Chaohui had no idea about it.

His expression changed slightly as he turned to look at Zhuang Chaohui.

Yan Zhaoge raised the Extreme Yang Seal with one hand, clutching the jade talisman that he had obtained from this Daoist temple with the other.

A strand of black qi vaguely surfaced from the jade talisman, seeming illusory and indistinct.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I will tell you beforehand.

If there really is such a method, it might not work against me.”

“The contents of our trade are this.

Answer one question of mine, and if you have such a backup mechanism, I will spare your life.”

“Still, if you do not have such a mechamism, sorry, but you will still have to die,” Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Therefore, you do not have to feel that I definitely want an answer out of you.

In truth, I would still be happier to slaughter you.”

As he said this, Yan Zhaoge exerted pressure with his palm.

The Extreme Yang Seal shook, seemingly expanding in its entirety as it transformed into an actual sun.

The fleshly bodies of Zhuang Chaohui and that middle-aged man were incinerated as they began falling apart together!

They transformed into two phoenixes and struggled desperately in resistance.

However, it was useless.

The two simultaneously emitted a furious roar and agonised wail, going from high to low before finally dissipating.

Gazing carefully over, Yan Zhaoge indeed saw the fiery phoenix formed of that middle-aged man being completely extinguished, no trace of it left whatsoever as his soul dissipated into the winds.

However, after being extinguished, a clump of flames actually reappeared amidst the air from the fiery phoenix formed of Zhuang Chaohui.

That clump of flames broke through space, seeking to escape far off into the distance.

Where the flame was, time and space seemed to have completely broken away from the world of the Daoist temple at this moment, forming a world of its own as even the Extreme Yang Seal was unable to interfere with it at this instant.

“Now, now, you’re going nowhere,” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, extending his palm as the phenomenon of chaos vaguely appeared within.

Where the chaos passed, the clump of flames was actually forcibly sucked in place!

Some fluctuations of thoughts vaguely seemed to emanate from amidst the flames.

Zhuang Chaohui’s features gradually surfaced within, staring in shock at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge said leisurely, “Very good.

Looks like there is room for a trade between us.

It is just-are you willing”

“Back in the Clear Scenic Region of the Royal Reed Sea, you took away a girl named Meng Wan when you left.

I hear that there is a senior of your sect called Liu Xianting.

If I am not wrong, they should be mother and daughter”

Yan Zhaoge gazed at Zhuang Chaohui, “My question is-who is Meng Wan’s father”


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