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HSSB959: Giving early condolences


This trouble that had suddenly sprung out of nowhere was not the worst thing for that Three Foot Mountain Elder.

He was still most worried about and feared Yan Zhaoge catching up to him the most.

He had been exceptionally nervous in fleeing earlier, having devoted all his energies to escaping.

As a result, he had even forgotten that he had captured someone back in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Consecutive Drum Mountain Range.

At that time, he had decimated the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range’s Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family along with the other experts of Three Foot Mountain, obtaining that half-broken whisk and hence gaining the ability to enter that cave manor.

Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family had been totally destroyed with only this youngster, Xia Guang, left alive.

Due to his unique physique, he had been spared and merely captured.

Having been ordered to keep an eye on him, he had originally not been much concerned about this at all.

Who knew that drastic changes would come to the situation thereafter, his Three Foot Mountain virtually being totally wiped out in the Daoist temple as he too had hastily fled, gravely wounded.

In the end, Xia Guang had actually managed to escape.

If this was usually, however unique Xia Guang was, this Three Foot Mountain Elder would still not mind it.

The difference in their cultivation bases was just so great, after all.

At this crucial juncture, however, this might truly claim his old life.

“If I wasn’t injured by Yan Zhaoge earlier, how could this brat act so audaciously”

Having been entangled by Xia Guang for so long, that Three Foot Mountain Elder grew vicious.

He went all out against Xia Guang, seeking to slay him and free himself up from being delayed.

Without this crazed red-clothed youth hounding him, he would be able to focus completely on fleeing.

Otherwise, he dared not imagine how he might end up when Yan Zhaoge caught up.

While his opponent had been heavily injured, his strength decreasing greatly, Xia Guang still immediately felt pressured as he now went all out in his attacks.

Still, he did not take this to heart in the least.

There was only one thought in his mind now.

Either his enemy would perish, or he would die!

“Let’s see who dies first!” He roared wildly, resembling the explosion of thunder over flat land.

Xia Guang maintained the Blood Thunderbolt Ritual, sacrificing his longevity as he unceasingly blazed his Thunderbolt Blood.

The wild, severe thunder patterns filled his entire body now, flickering with a dark red light as they simultaneously emitted a thunderous roar which was so loud it caused one to wish they were deaf.

The violent power was stimulated non-stop, transforming into numerous streaks of bloodred light that resembled electricity whilst also sharp blades, unrelentingly, dauntlessly attacking his enemy.

That Three Foot Mountain Elder sent fresh blood spurting from Xia Guang’s body with a single palm.

Xia Guang’s sabres were blocked by him.

Still, as their might collided, the earlier injury inflicted upon him by Yan Zhaoge acted up once more.

The Three Foot Mountain Elder immediately vomited a mouthful of blood as well.

“No, I can’t go on like this,” He wiped the bloodstains off the corners of his mouth, feeling harried.

Seeing Xia Guang clenching his teeth and attacking again with utter disregard for his injuries, the gaze of this Three Foot Mountain Elder flickered as he simultaneously raised his palms, pushing forward horizontally.

Boundless golden sunlight illuminated the world, two Great Sun Golden Crows simultaneously appearing as they flew towards Xia Guang!

“Since you seek death, little beast, this old man will send you down to reunite with your family!”

That Three Foot Mountain Elder yelled severely as he attacked with full force, seeking to slay Xia Guang with a single palm.

Xia Guang’s gaze never wavered as he dauntlessly came to meet that attack of his head-on.

In the ensuing collision, it was actually that Three Foot Mountain Elder who was sent flying backwards in retreat, losing out in that exchange.

Yet, Xia Guang’s expression changed as he felt that the other party had not merely been aiming for power in that clash, instead having employed subtlety in his techniques.

As that Three Foot Mountain Elder fell back now, he had actually borrowed Xia Guang’s strength to retreat from the area.

Xia Guang wanted to pursue him.

Yet, his opponent’s subtle force kept him where he was.

Exerting strength to dispel this, he was inevitably delayed.

“You accursed scum!” Xia Guang yelled, hurriedly going after him.

Yet, the other party was not slower than him, also having a greater foundation than him.

Now that this chance had been lost, how could he possibly still manage to catch up with him

As the distance between them increased non-stop, that red-clothed youth was thoroughly enraged as his good eye was completely bloodshot.

Finally, the fleeing figure of that Elder of Three Foot Mountain vanished before his eyes.

Xia Guang was unwilling to give up just like this as he pursued him for a while longer.

Still, he soon lost track of him completely.

Those Three Foot Mountain martial practitioners cultivated in the Golden Crow Incinerating World Scripture as where they passed, their auras would be completely incinerated and vaporised with no trace of any fire qi remaining.

Xia Guang howled madly as he hacked down onto the great earth, cleaving out a deep valley amidst a mountain.

He was despondent and enraged as he hacked down unceasingly, chopping and riddling a mountain range with deep gouges all around.

“Father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, granduncle, uncle, aunt, second brother, young sister, second sister, youngest sister…” The rage gradually faded from Xia Guang’s face as it was replaced by sorrow, “I’m useless! I couldn’t even manage to kill an enemy who was already heavily injured, failing to take revenge for you all.”

After his rage had faded, the pain from his wounds and a sense of intense weakness assaulted him all at once.

Those bloodred patterns of thunderbolts gradually faded from the surface of his body, retracting as they finally ended up on his back, condensing into a bloodred, lightning-shaped tattoo.

Xia Guang descended to the ground with his hand over his right eye that was stained completely in blood as anger reappeared on his face.

That eye had been blinded by those of Three Foot Mountain back when he had been captured and had refused to cower and lower his head.

“Three Foot Mountain, Three Foot Mountain…Three Foot Mountain!” Xia Guang ground his teeth, “The monks can run, but the temple cannot! Three Foot Mountain, the one hundred and twenty-seven lives of my Xia Family will definitely not go unavenged!”

“If this enmity is not repaid, Xia Guang fails as a person!”

Collapsing into a sitting position within the valley due to his weakened body, he suddenly realised that his hair was had already turned white.

Xia Guang was not taken aback by this.

He knew full well the price he would have to pay for invoking his Blood Thunderbolt Ritual.

Even without using a mirror, he already knew that he must currently look a lot older than before.

While he had not used the Blood Thunderbolt Ritual for that long a time earlier, his longevity had already dropped drastically as a result.

If he were to repeat the intensity of his earlier experience, he would probably run out of longevity

Xia Guang clenched his fists.

The Three Foot Mountain Elder had been a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

Three Foot Mountain had not just a single Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

While they had dispatched numerous experts to the cave manor this time, they would definitely have left sufficient forces to guard their headquarters.

He was unable to kill even a heavily injured Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

This being so, just how difficult would it be for him to exact his full vengeance

Xia Guang did not fear hardship or the enemy’s strength.

What he felt troubled about was that he might not have enough time…

“Eldest brother and eldest sister…” Xia Guang abruptly realised, “I wonder how the two of them are doing now.

They are out adventuring.

Would they have received news of what happened to our Family I should try to find a way to contact them lest Three Foot Mountain viciously attacks.”

Xia Guang scanned his surroundings rather blankly, “We are far from the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range now, but just where is this place And how should I search for eldest brother and eldest sister”

With his state of mind being rather chaotic, he suddenly remembered the person that Three Foot Mountain Elder had mentioned earlier, “Yan Zhaoge…I seem to have heard someone of our family mentioning this name before.

Although his age is similar to mine, he is apparently already a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

It is said that he is a heaven-defying genius.”

“That scum just now was a late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, but was injured by that Yan Zhaoge, thus giving me a chance.”

Xia Guang could not help but wonder now, “What sort of person is he”

Amidst the cloud layer up above, Yan Zhaoge sat on Pan-Pan’s back, grabbing the neck of that escaped Three Foot Mountain Elder with a hand as he looked rather interestedly at Xia Guang.


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