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HSSB961: One-eyed dragon


While he was injured, Xia Guang still clenched his teeth and soldiered on till he found Bright Origin Pavilion.

He sought to obtain medicine, yet was left greatly disappointed in the end.

“Leave! First not speaking of how Clear Radiance Pills are incomparably valuable with even our sect only having a small reserve of these, not having enough for ourselves, even if we had many, there is still no way we would give any to you at all!”

Xia Guang lowered his head, saying, “I know that it is rude of me to come here like this.”

“I have nothing on me that I could trade with you.

Still, I have cultivated in martial arts for many years, at least, having Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood.

If there is anything that I can help you with, you can feel free to ask me.”

The Bright Origin Pavilion martial practitioner yelled loudly, “I’ve already said that this is impossible! You martial practitioner of the southeast!”

Both the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory were vast, possessing huge, broad swarths of land.

Even within the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory itself, those of the Royal Reed Sea and those of the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range had different accents.

Still, on the whole, the accents of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory were generally all similar.

Comparatively speaking, besides those border areas, the difference in accents between the martial practitioners of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and southern Blazing Heaven Territory was even more pronounced.

Xia Guang did not have to introduce himself or display his martial arts as just opening his mouth to speak, those of Bright Origin Pavilion already knew that he was from the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

The current relationship between the two Territories was terrible indeed.

The source of the conflict was their highest overlords, Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope and Golden Court Mountain.

Not just the disciples of the two Exalts but many of those martial practitioners of the southeast and south themselves had also fought in the earlier great war between them.

Some peak experts of the Endless Mountain Range had previously fought in this very war.

While Bright Origin Pavilion had not done so, they lived and thrived in this area at the end of the day.

While they might not actually hate martial practitioners of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory so much, their stance had to be solid.

Otherwise, if major figures of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory learnt that they had once aided someone of the southeast and felt dissatisfied, they might find some major tribulation descending to decimate them one day.

Xia Guang had been residing in his home before this, seldom coming into contact with the outside world.

If there was new information in the outside world, his family members would still tell him about it.

Still, most of this information was related to the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range.

With the position of the Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family, events within the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range were of the most import to them.

While events of a higher level might affect their life whether overtly or covertly, there was no use worrying about these things.

Xia Guang knew little information which was unrelated to the Consecutive Drum Mountain Range.

While he had heard of the great battle between the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, he had not really taken this to heart.

Xia Guang did not understand why the Bright Origin Pavilion martial practitioner was treating him like a scourge, feeling rather humiliated because of this.

If it were some other time, he would directly flick his sleeves and leave.

Yet, he was gravely wounded and his condition would get worse the longer this dragged on.

There were also no other powers famed for alchemy in the vicinity besides Bright Origin Pavilion.

Thinking about how he would only be able to cultivate to seek vengeance after he had treated his injuries, Xia Guang tolerated it as he lowered his head and spoke, “This brother, please give me a chance.

So long as it is something that I can do, anything would be fine…”

That Bright Origin Pavilion martial practitioner roared, “This one-eyed dragon! Do you believe that I will blind even your other eye if you go on jabbering like this!”

Xia Guang’s expression abruptly changed as he was enraged upon hearing this.

His right eye which had been blinded by those of Three Foot Mountain was his reverse scale now.

If someone just kept on staring at his right eye, even that would make him feel angry.

Now, an old man appeared, walking over to that Bright Origin Pavilion martial practitioner, rebuking him, “Do not speak of the disabilities of others.”

That Bright Origin Pavilion martial practitioner hurriedly said, “Yes, Master.

I went overboard.”

This old man was none other than the Pavilion Lord of Bright Origin Pavilion who now said as he looked at Xia Guang, “My disciple was impolite and offended you.

Please forgive his unruly ways.”

Seeing the other party apologise, Xia Guang snorted, suppressing the flames of fury in his heart.

Still, the Pavilion Lord continued, “Still, my disciple spoke rightly earlier.

My sect’s Clear Radiance Pills are not to be circulated outside.

Please leave.”

That it was not circulated outside was fake for sure.

Still, it was definite that it was not circulated towards those of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

“I just need one pill…” Xia Guang made a final attempt.

The Pavilion Lord’s hands were behind his back as he looked in another direction, not saying a word.

The martial practitioner beside him yelled, “We don’t even have a single one! Hurry up and leave! Do not refuse the toast and drink a forfeit, or we will send you packing and things will not be good for anyone!”

This time, the old man did not rebuke his disciple.

Other disciples of Bright Origin Mountain walked out, looking vigilantly at Xia Guang.

Radiance flickered as countless spirit patterns intermingled, forming a grand formation in the air above the headquarters of Bright Origin Mountain.

The grand formation circulated as a piercing, sharp aura was directed towards Xia Guang’s head.

A chill instantly rose up Xia Guang’s back as he sensed killing intent.

If he did not retreat, the other party’s grand formation would mightily assault him.

Xia Guang was instantly greatly enraged as he could suppress his temper no longer.

The bloodred patterns on his back swiftly extended, encompassing his whole body.

Beneath the activation of the Blood Thunderbolt Ritual, temperamental blood roiled throughout his entire body as a powerful force erupted from his injured self.

Xia Guang hacked out with a sabre, bloodred thunderbolts transforming into a terrifying sabre which instantly extended tens of thousands of feet, condensing into a massive sabre which seemed able to cleave the heavens and split the earth apart as it hacked down towards Bright Origin Pavilion!

As he brandished his sabre, Xia Guang suddenly hesitated.

“If I rely on strength to rob after failing to obtain medicine, bullying the weak as the strong, wouldn’t that be a joke”

With a thought on his part, Xia Guang diverted his sabre, not bringing it down on the headquarters of Bright Origin Pavilion.

The terrifying sabre cleaved right through the guardian grand formation of Bright Origin Pavilion, landing on a nearby mountain.

Where the sabre-light passed, the mountain was directly reduced to a deep abyss!

The terrifying light of thunder continued leaping unceasingly within the air, resembling numerous thick crimson snakes of electricity which were savage and terrifying as they did not dissipate for a long time.

Everyone of Bright Origin Pavilion leapt up in fright, their faces all turning solemn as they looked at Xia Guang.

Despite being able to tell that Xia Guang had already attained the Martial Saint realm, they had not been worried about this.

Firstly, Xia Guang was obviously heavily injured.

Secondly, their Pavilion Lord was himself a first level Martial Saint too, also being bolstered by their guardian grand formation.

Even if they went to blows, they were sufficiently confident of dealing with Xia Guang.

Still, everyone felt a chill within their hearts as they saw this sabre of Xia Guang’s.

That old man’s expression was especially solemn.

Even with the help of the guardian grand formation, he might not be able to receive that sabre-light of thunderbolts which seemed able to cleave through the sky itself.

This white-haired, red-clothed person who only had one eye remaining was able to defeat him even while heavily injured!

If he were not injured, how terrifying would he be

The more he thought about this, though, the less he dared to give Xia Guang a Clear Radiance Pill.

If bigwigs of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory or the Endless Mountain Range looked for him because of this matter in the future, it would be terrible.

They were even less able to offend them.

As those of Bright Origin Pavilion were caught between a rock and a hard place, this scourge who was giving them a headache actually turned and left.

“Wasn’t he expressing his dominance with that sabre” They were all stunned, “Could it be that he only has the ability to unleash a single sabre But it doesn’t seem like it! His aura is still so powerful.”

Xia Guang glanced back, spitting hatefully on the ground before resuming his footsteps and leaving.

He left behind those of Bright Origin Pavilion who were all shocked, fearful and cautious as they did not dare to pursue him.

Seeing this from the sky above, Yan Zhaoge could not help but smile, “Oh Arrogant towards those above but does not bully those beneath Interesting…”


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