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HSSB97: This Yan wants you dead at midnight, who can keep you alive till dawn!


The orifices of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body shook together.

The chaotic qi within his dantian split into two, one yin one yang, one cold one hot.

The remnant Glacial Dragon qi still stored within his orifices and the power of the Li Yan fire intermingled, transforming into numerous ice and fire dragons, rushing out of his body.

The ice dragons and the fire dragons intermingled, forming bones, forming meridians, forming flesh and blood.

A massive palm appeared before Yan Zhaoge.

The Ye Jing who had just been sent flying by Yan Zhaoge with a single slap lay twitching on the ground, half of his body shattered.

Looking at him, Yan Zhaoge saw him crying out in shock as he struggled non-stop.

That dark red ring seemed to glow once again as from within resounded a wild howl that seemed to originate from ages long past, penetrating through the infinite spectrum of time!

Rather than gushing out with blood, large amounts of flame began surging out from the wounds on Ye Jing’s broken half of his body.

The flames gradually converged, forming into the shape of Ye Jing’s body once again.

Ye Jing’s body shook before he quickly jumped up from the ground, rushing towards Yan Zhaoge with a speed even greater than before!

The low, manic voice which was emitted from his mouth did not utter the language of humans, being foreign while also ancient, strange while also profound.

Ye Jing’s palm pushed forward, the flames surrounding his body forming a crimson light, violent and swelteringly hot.

Where the crimson light touched, every single thing within the heavens and earth, even the very air itself, actually seemed to begin burning.

All existences became fuel for these flames, assisting the fire in becoming more and more ferocious, expanding unceasingly as it continued to devour everything in its path.

The blazing fire was merciless, incinerating and exterminating all living beings!

As the crimson light shone, like the blade of a sword, it chopped down towards Yan Zhaoge!

This was already not one of the potent martial arts that Ye Jing had cultivated in before; it wasn’t even a martial art possessed by this world of human martial practitioners!

While Ye Jing’s innards themselves felt like they were on fire, at this moment, he could only feel that he was strong as he had never been before.

He had never felt as refreshing as this; his hopes of defeating Yan Zhaoge, were real as they had never been before…


But not even waiting for Ye Jing to continue relishing that taste, with the massive hand formed of his aura-qi with the help of the gourd earlier, Yan Zhaoge slapped out with his palm once more!

The next instant, Ye Jing sent flying by Yan Zhaoge with a single slap once more!

Yan Zhaoge tilted his head slightly, “Chosen One”

Ye Jing lay on the floor, resembling a fish that had been separated from its water source as he flopped and struggled, glaring at Yan Zhaoge with a pair of fiery red eyes.

Even his pupils seemed as though they were about to begin blazing with flame.

Yan Zhaoge, however, did not look at him, instead surveying their surroundings.

“The Ghost Hatchet Elder you shouldn’t have any hopes of, but at this time, do you think that another Martial Grandmaster will suddenly jump out to save you Or a beautiful girl, the damsel come to save the hero”

“Actually, I had wished since long ago for you to be taken in by the Sacred Sun Clan or Infinite Boundless Mountain, especially the former.”

“Previously in the Sealing Dragon Abyss, seeing that ring of yours, I had already suspected that it was connected to the Flame Devil Emperor.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “At that time, the differences between you and the Fire Devils were still rather great.

If the Sacred Sun Clan had had an oversight and only looked highly upon you for your body of fire, good for cultivating in their martial arts, perhaps they would really have taken you in.”

“At that time, the mine would have been successfully buried.”

“However, you courted death more and more,” Yan Zhaoge’s smile turned colder and colder, “Leaving you in this world-seriously, it would be equivalent to tainting the very air itself.”

“Since you court death, let me send you along on your path.”

A cold, indifferent expression on his face, Yan Zhaoge walked towards Ye Jing step by step.

Every step that landed, the earth seemed to tremble as that massive palm formed of his aura-qi above him became more and more condensed and tangible, also more and more massive and terrifying!

Entities of power, some cold as ice, some blazing hot guarded by Yan Zhaoge’s side as they resembled a horde of dragons, as it was like a divinity had descended upon this simple earth.

Decisiveness flickered within Ye Jing’s eyes as he howled angrily, “Dog, even if I die, I will drag you down along with me!”

As he howled, Ye Jing struggled as he extended his palm with that dark red ring.

The ring had already completely transformed into a circle of red light, slotting itself on his finger.

Within the circle of light were scenes of a burning hell of flowing lava, as an illusory giant of blazing flame was vaguely revealed once again, seemingly roaring angrily towards the sky.

Having been greatly damaged by Shi Tie, the power of this ring had also weakened greatly.

Now, Ye Jing was actually planning to activate and unleash it with his own life force!

“Flame Devil leaves the body! Incinerate the Heavens and the Earth!”

With the hand on which he was wearing that dark red ring, Ye Jing actually pierced down directly towards his own chest!

The dark red ring sunk into Ye Jing’s body which was now already almost completely composed of flame, before within his body, a dazzling radiance abruptly lit up!

It was no longer the red light of flames, but rather bright, white light!

A piercing white light was emitted directly from within Ye Jing’s body that was composed of flame as these leaping flames suddenly seemed to solidify at this very moment.

Next, cracks began gradually appearing on Ye Jing’s body as though it was made of porcelain.

Within the cracks, the white light grew more and more dazzling, the destructive force emanating from within becoming more and more distinct!

Seeing this scene, Yan Zhaoge chuckled.

Not avoiding or evading, the massive palm above his head formed of his aura-qi, still just descended as it slammed downwards!


As the massive boom resounded, the white light that had yet to erupt, was extinguished!

With a single palm, Yan Zhaoge slammed Ye Jing’s entire person down into the ground!

With the two of them at their centre, the surrounding hundred metres of land all collapsed, caving inwards as a deep, gigantic crater was formed!

Yan Zhaoge stepped into the air, silently standing in the sky above the deep crater as he lowered his head to look into it.

“A mere little ghost, and you still think fit to call yourself a devil”

“You really think that you are the Flame Devil Emperor”

At the bottom of the deep crater was a figure which almost didn’t seem human any longer, as it resembled the remnant ashes following a huge fire.

His legs had completely vanished along with one of his arms, only leaving behind a single arm, a ring riddled with cracks still worn upon its finger.

His entire body’s skin resembled burnt charcoal.

Only some dark red patterns could still be seen, glowing with light in intermittent intervals as they resembled an ember in the ashes that had still yet to been completely extinguished.

A Ye Jing whose face was black as charcoal glared at the Yan Zhaoge above him, weak and powerless as he had never been before, though the hatred as well as anger within his gaze was also intense as it had never been before!

Because of that palm of Yan Zhaoge’s, the surrounding earth collapsed and sunk in all around, shaking and rumbling unceasingly as it seemed as though an earthquake had been triggered.

With that deep crater as their centre, a series of massive cracks began spreading out in all directions.

Amidst the quaking, the land beneath the deep crater seemed as though it was going to collapse a step further, the sound of flowing water audible as though there was an underground river surging beneath.

Ye Jing’s body slumped downwards, about to fall into the underground river.

Streams of miasma surged up into the sky from within, seemingly able to consume metal and corrode iron as they obstructed Yan Zhaoge’s path.

Ye Jing hissed, “You dog Yan Zhaoge, as long as there is breath left within my lungs, I will definitely have it out with you! I…”

Ye Jing’s words not finished, Yan Zhaoge had already descended as he activated the Heaven-Thwarting Mantra, completely not fearing the miasma, instantly arriving right before him!

Yan Zhaoge shot him a sideways glance, “Main Character halo”

“When someone wants to kill you, a situation arises.

Failing in their attempt, you escape, successfully mastering a godly ability and coming back to exact your vengeance”

“You didn’t die in the Sealing Dragon Abyss because I had no intention of killing you in the first place.

Now, however…”

The massive palm formed of aura-qi above Yan Zhaoge’s head, slammed downwards once more!

“This Yan wants you dead at midnight, who can keep you alive till dawn!”

As his palm descended, Ye Jing’s enraged howl, abruptly, stopped!


As the massive boom resounded, completely and utter destruction!

The faint silhouette of a soul, completely and utterly destroyed!

The soul flying and the spirit scattering, to complete and utter, eternal, damnation!


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