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HSSB975: A hundred thousand troops shall not hinder my path!


“Seventh apprentice-uncle of the late Seeing Divinity stage died soundlessly there just like that.”

“Everyone else also look like they do not even know how they died, having lost their lives without sensing anything in the slightest!”

The Vast Spirit Mountain martial practitioners who had descended the mountain to investigate all suffered a great shock as the way the deceased had perished was just much too strange.

All of them appeared composed, showing no signs of shock or fear whatsoever.

Two people appeared to have been conversing face to face with disdainful expressions as they had probably been discussing that Yan Zhaoge.

Yet, they had been slain seemingly without realising it at all, without their expressions having even changed.

One senior apprentice-uncle even had his mouth open as he had been in the middle of a sentence at the time.

Intense poison or an illusion could have caused them to lose their senses for a time, thus lapsing into dazedness.

But what about when that Yan Zhaoge had claimed their lives

“From the expressions of senior apprentice-uncle and the others, none of them was alerted to the fact even as they died, their bodies not even showing any signs of struggle in the least!”

An exalted Seeing Divinity Martial Saint had actually been slain not knowing what killed him as if having been in the midst of a blissful dream

What kind of joke was that

Those Vast Spirit Mountain martial practitioners who had gone to investigate all realised what would have happened to them had Daoist East Spring not ordered them to stop and retreat.

They would have died not even knowing how they had perished.

Just thinking of this, the Vast Spirit Mountain martial practitioners all shivered in fear.

“Well! What a Thunder of Eternal Night!” While Daoist East Spring had not been intimidated by Yan Zhaoge’s methods, he trembled in anger at so many of his sect’s disciples having been slain.

Wutong Slope’s Yuan Xiancheng also shot straight up from his seat at this moment with a flourish.

He instantly arrived outside the great hall, the silhouetted fiery phoenix within his pupils growing increasingly bright and dazzling, “A sixth level Martial Saint wielding the Thunder of Eternal Night should not possess power such as this.

Other profundities are also integrated within your thunder arts!”

Standing atop the mountain, Yan Zhaoge smiled as he met Yuan Xiancheng’s gaze, “You are ‘Phoenix Pupils’ Yuan Xiancheng I once saw an image of you before.

Your reputation precedes you.”

“I too underestimated you previously,” Yuan Xiancheng said slowly, “No wonder you were able to come all the way here from the Endless Mountain Range.”

Zhao Zhen followed Yuan Xiancheng out of the main hall, appraising Yan Zhaoge with his gaze too.

The habitual smile on his face had already vanished now as he appeared exceptionally solemn.

Daoist East Spring inhaled deeply now before gradually calming down.

“Brat of the Yan Family, since you dared to come to the Announcing Peace Mountain Range, this place will become your burial ground,” His voice was icy cold, “Coming to my Vast Spirit Mountain on your own volition is precisely courting death.

Since you have slain disciples of mine, this humble Daoist must personally see you dead beneath my palm!”

Yan Zhaoge simply ignored Daoist East Spring as he instead looked left and right, “I heard that the Chief of the Night Magnificence Sect is in secluded cultivation.

I wonder if he has a representative here”

The expressions of everyone present turned strange.

The Elder of the Night Magnificent Sect felt secretly triumphant, just that he dared not show this outwardly with Yuan Xiancheng around.

“Experts of my entire Announcing Peace Mountain Range have gathered here today to exterminate you arrogant scum under Wutong Slope’s leadership,” Daoist East Spring said coldly, “Trying to turn us against each other is something you need not think of doing.

You have no grounds for such here.”

Hearing this, Yan Zhaoge finally looked at Daoist East Spring with an amused expression on his face, “Hey, are you misunderstanding something”

“I am interested in the Night Magnificence Sect because of the rumoured supreme sabre art, Night Magnificence Lotus Sabre, which was preserved in a relatively complete state from pre-Great Calamity times and possesses some unique areas.

Thus, I would like to take a look at it.”

He appraised Daoist East Spring, “As for the famed Eight Trigrams Heaven Encapsulating Palm and Crouching Dragon Vast Spirit Palm, while they are also not bad, I am not much interested in them.”

Yan Zhaoge was telling the truth.

These two supreme martial arts both originated from the Eight Trigrams Crouching Dragon Scripture of pre-Great Calamity times.

There had been a complete version of this in the Martial Repository of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace.

In contrast to this, Yan Zhaoge had only heard of the Night Magnificence Sect’s Night Magnificence Lotus Sabre before, having just that tiny spark of interest in how exactly it might be like.

It was just that as his words were heard by those of Vast Spirit Mountain, they just felt humiliated.

Daoist East Spring felt like he had spent his whole life cultivating his composure yet seemed to be easily enraged to the point of his very spirit being thrown out of his body in front of Yan Zhaoge.

He had originally wanted to borrow this alliance meet to solidify Vast Spirit Mountain’s position as the sole, undisputed hegemon of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range, taking the first step in successfully suppressing the Night Magnificence Sect.

Everything had been going very smoothly at first.

Still, as Yan Zhaoge appeared, things were all thrown into chaos.

While he had allowed Yan Zhaoge up the mountain as Yuan Xiancheng had asked, numerous disciples of his sect had been slaughtered by Yan Zhaoge as he had completely lost all face.

Now, Yan Zhaoge seemed to be putting the Night Magnificence Sect on a pedestal and lowering the status of his Vast Spirit Mountain.

Having torn their face off him, he had thrown the ripped flesh off and stomped on it on the ground twice more for good measure.

If he, Daoist East Spring, did not personally slay Yan Zhaoge here today, this embarrassment would never go away!

Those of Vast Spirit Mountain were all red-faced in anger.

Yan Zhaoge, however, remained composed and utterly at ease.

“An alliance meet to join forces and capture me” He surveyed his surroundings.

It could indeed be said that before him could be seen as many experts as there were clouds.

‘Phoenix Pupils’ Yuan Xiancheng, mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, disciple of the Southern Exalt and of the direct lineage of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope.

He was renowned throughout the entire World beyond Worlds.

‘Purple Tide Swordsman’ Zhao Zhen, mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, a bigwig of a region of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory as he reigned supreme over the Bright Connection Sea.

‘Crouching Dragon Old Man’ Daoist East Spring, mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, a hegemon of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range.

While he was weaker than Yuan Xiancheng and Zhao Zhen, with the home advantage at his Vast Spirit Mountain, he was similarly not to be underestimated.

Them aside, there was also a Grand Elder of Vast Spirit Mountain of the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm, being someone who had ascended the Immortal Bridge as well.

Amongst the experts of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range who had come to participate in the alliance meet this time, there were also two early Immortal Bridge martial practitioners who were famed solitary practitioners of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range.

Vast Spirit Mountain and the Night Magnificence Sect had limited energy to spare as they focused on fighting with each other.

They could only try to draw in these two people who had also become used to domineeringly doing whatever they wanted within the Announcing Peace Mountain Range.

There were also a great many experts beneath the Immortal Bridge stage present.

The experts of Vast Spirit Mountain and other powers of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range had mostly come.

Not including the Night Magnificence Sect, close to ninety percent of the experts of the Announcing Peace Mountain Range was gathered.

With such a shocking lineup gathered here, just the concentration of gazes alone would be sufficient to cause the mind of a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint to collapse.

Yan Zhaoge totally ignored this as he instead laughed, “A hundred thousand troops shall not hinder my path.

I long since knew that this would be the outcome, so since I have come here, why would this Yan be concerned about the likes of you”

“Since that is so, there is only battle which can settle things!” Daoist East Spring roared in a heavy tone, “Let this old man see how much capabilities you possess that let you dare be this arrogant!”

Now, Daoist East Spring connected both his palms, striking out with them towards Yan Zhaoge.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge did not avoid it as he simply retaliated with a Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

Beneath the shocked gazes of all, it was shockingly Daoist East Spring of the mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint realm who flew backwards, having been jolted back into retreat!


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