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HSSB977: Slaying Azure Dragon


Yan Zhaoge struck out with a sword, first slaying a dragon and next cleaving the sea.

The countless sharp purplish-red glows shot out from within the dragon’s body, resembling the blood of the dragon as it spurted outwards.

The dragon blood was stained with sword-intent at this moment as its flourishing life essence was completely transformed into a qi of death and extinction, forming an incomparably brutal essence of the sword that was filled with killing intent.

This sword essence extinguished all things as it was ferocious and vicious to the extreme, forcibly cleaving through Zhao Zhen’s purple sea of sword-qi!

“What sword art is this The Prime Clear lineage’s Numinous Treasure Four Swords No, that’s not it!” Zhao Zhen was shocked as he watched that fierce sword-glow break through his sword stance, attacking towards him and the Purple Sea Sword.

He dared not make any false moves as he retracted his sword and retreated, first defending himself.

The domineering purplish-red sword-glow advanced unceasingly as it broke through layer upon layer of that purple sea of sword-qi, forcing Zhao Zhen continually into retreat.

The martial practitioners of the south were even more greatly shocked by this.

The Purple Tide Swordsman Zhao Zhen, acclaimed as the number one swordsman of the eastern region of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, unparalleled within the Bright Connection Sea!

At this moment, however, he was actually losing out in a battle of the sword to Yan Zhaoge, a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint!

Even as Yan Zhaoge sent Zhao Zhen into retreat with a sword, his other hand was not affected in the slightest as a Cyclic Heavenly Seal descended from the heavens right towards Daoist East Spring.

Yuan Xiancheng of Wutong Slope was finally no longer able to sit still and do nothing now.

The silhouetted fiery phoenixes within his pupils directly flew out from his eyes now!

The silhouettes turned tangible, two fiery phoenixes encircling Yuan Xiancheng.

The blessed purple light of fortuitous virtue and the water ripples of holy virtue respectively appeared on those two phoenixes, shrouding their bodies before collectively bolstering Yuan Xiancheng.

Flames also surfaced about Yuan Xiancheng’s own body, enveloping him as he transformed into a fiery phoenix.

The white qi of nether virtue and the thick earth of meritorious virtue were displayed together.

Bolstered by four Virtues!

Thanks to a past fortuitous encounter, ‘Phoenix Pupils’ Yuan Xiancheng had refined his eyes into fiery phoenixes, each bearing a Virtue.

As a result, he had already been bolstered by four Virtues at the Seeing Divinity stage, this being a feat that even the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen had not been able to accomplish!

He was the sole martial practitioner of Wutong Slope now who was bolstered by four Virtues despite having yet to reach the late Immortal Bridge stage.

As his cultivation base advanced, cultivating in the Phoenix True Form Scripture and gaining the true intent of the five Virtues was easier for him than for other martial practitioners of Wutong Slope as his foundation was deeper than theirs.

While Zhuang Chaohui was the son of the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen, it was the senior disciple of Wutong Slope, Yuan Xiancheng, who was publicly acclaimed as the one who had inherited Zhuang Shen’s teachings the most!

The water ripples of holy virtue, impenetrable by all arts.

The thick earth of meritorious virtue, replenishing the heavens and extending the dao.

The purple light of fortuitous virtue, leaving one unstained by killing tribulations.

The white qi of nether virtue, ever providing one with a lease of life.

Yuan Xiancheng acted in a timely manner to forcibly resist Yan Zhaoge’s Cyclic Heavenly Seal on Daoist East Spring’s behalf!

The might of the sky’s collapse shocked the world.

Yet, possessing a stronger cultivation base and simultaneously bearing four Virtues which gave him great defensive power, Yuan Xiancheng actually forcibly withstood Yan Zhaoge’s Cyclic Heavenly Seal head-on.

“Haha, your reputation seems well deserved, ‘Phoenix Pupils’ Yuan Xiancheng,” Yan Zhaoge chuckled before saying, “Now take a sword of mine.”

Yan Zhaoge spun his Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword which took the form of an azure dragon once more, lunging towards Yuan Xiancheng.

The azure dragon and fiery phoenix clashed in mid-air, the former being unable to do anything to the latter due to it being bolstered by four Virtues.

Now, however, a formless sword seemed to arise from within the body of the azure dragon, slaying it once more!

Sharp purplish-red glows erupted from the body of the azure dragon, filled with a decisive killing intent as they were boundlessly vicious.

Even the phoenix that was bolstered by four Virtues and possessed endless life force seemed somewhat unable to bear the purplish red sword-glows that resembled the blood of dragons!

Yan Zhaoge’s self-created sword art, Slaying Azure Dragon!

As he simultaneously cultivated in the Three Purities, Yan Zhaoge had gained much from his cultivation of sword arts of the Prime Clear lineage in recent years.

He had seen gains in the Daoist temple previously.

After returning to the World beyond Worlds, killing his way from the Endless Mountain Range to the Announcing Peace Mountain Range, his sword-intent had gradually shown signs of a new manifestation arising.

The Coiling Dragon Sleeve which Yan Zhaoge had analysed long ago had already no longer been used by him in recent years.

Recently, however, he had had new thoughts on this matter.

Yan Zhaoge had used the techniques of his Coiling Dragon Sleeve as fertiliser, integrating them into his new self-created sword art.

He had nourished the azure dragon with the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture before slaying it with the sword of the Prime Clear lineage, instantly transforming life into death as a vicious sword of extermination was hence born.

This sword art bore reference to the sword dao of the Prime Clear lineage yet differed from it.

A sword of the Prime Clear lineage was not outwardly manifested as it had instead turned the supreme martial arts of the Jade Clear and Grand Clear lineages into a sword of extermination.

This was the result of Yan Zhaoge’s meditations from simultaneously cultivating in the Three Purities, being something that would be difficult for others to imitate as it belonged just to him alone, never having appeared in this world ever before.

Beneath this Slaying Azure Dragon, all existing lifeforms virtually seemed condemned to a fate of slaughter.

Ignoring Zhao Zhen’s Purple Sea Sword, Yuan Xiancheng’s flourishing true essence was precisely countered by Yan Zhaoge’s Slaying Azure Dragon to some extent!

Therefore, this sword first slew the azure dragon, next slaying the fiery phoenix!

Yuan Xiancheng emitted a muffled groan as he stumbled backwards in retreat.

“Cease your arrogance!” Seeing this, Zhao Zhen hurriedly continued to attack.

Yan Zhaoge laughed loudly as his sword continued pressuring towards Yuan Xiancheng non-stop.

At the same time, he retracted his other hand, tapping lightly with a finger as the twin qis of yin and yang circulated amidst space, shifting the grand dao.

Beneath the effects of the Yin Yang Finger, that dense purple sea of sword-qi suddenly changed direction, attacking Daoist East Spring instead!

Just having thought that he could finally stop to catch his breath, Daoist East Spring was greatly shocked as he hurriedly leapt to avoid this.

Meanwhile, after forcing Yuan Xiancheng back with a sword, Yan Zhaoge unleashed another sword in the direction of Daoist East Spring.

With that, even as the purple sea roiled ferociously, an azure dragon soared amidst it, also attacking over towards Daoist East Spring.

Daoist East Spring was virtually on the brink of despair.

He could only unleash his Eight Trigrams Encapsulating Palm Heaven to the maximum in shifting and evading, resembling a small boat atop a turbulent sea which might be overturned at any time.

Yuan Xiancheng caught himself, his expression stern as it had never been before as he waved his arms, the fiery phoenix spreading its wings as they transformed into twin sabres, chopping towards Yan Zhaoge simultaneously.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge tapped out with his Yin Yang Finger again, the twin sabres of flame hence moving to target Zhao Zhen instead.

All at once, atop Vast Spirit Mountain, a purple sea surged madly, the Eight Trigrams circulated, a fiery phoenix spread its wings.

Three Immortal Bridge Martial Saints surrounded Yan Zhaoge, simultaneously executing their supreme martial arts and ganging up on him without respite.

However, Yan Zhaoge spread his arms wide, using Slaying Azure Dragon with one hand and the Yin Yang Finger with the other as his three opponents were just left pointlessly exhausting their efforts.

Yuan Xiancheng’s features grew increasingly aged and his backbone more bent as his vitality flowed away unceasingly.

Even many late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint experts might not be able to injure Yuan Xiancheng as he was bolstered by four Virtues all at once.

Yet, facing Yan Zhaoge’s Slaying Azure Dragon, the flames of life of this arrogant phoenix of fire still began to diminish and die out!

Yan Zhaoge laughed, the Extreme Yang Seal above his head suddenly descending as it smashed towards Zhao Zhen.

Seeing that the Extreme Yang Seal was no longer being used to suppress his sect’s guardian grand formation, Daoist East Spring hurriedly drew on its power to protect himself while attacking towards Yan Zhaoge as well.

Yet, with his current injuries, it was already more difficult for him to draw on the power of the grand formation.

Yan Zhaoge was familiar with the Eight Trigrams Crouching Dragon Scripture as his attainments in formations were also much higher than that of Daoist East Spring.

As he stepped forward, he directly stomped on the core of the variations of Vast Spirit Mountain’s grand formation.

Where the Yin Yang Finger passed, he instantly averted Daoist East Spring’s palm force and that of Vast Spirit Mountain’s guardian grand formation, sending them over in Yuan Xiancheng’s direction.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge executed another Slaying Azure Dragon!

A majestic and brutal force struck over as Yuan Xiancheng’s phoenix transformation was finally able to withstand it no longer!


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