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HSSB986: If I said I’d rampage all the way back, I’ll rampage all the way back


Yan Zhaoge now shocked the world in the southern Blazing Heavenly Territory again just like when he had murderously pursued an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint as a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint back in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Royal Reed Sea.

As a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, he heartily chased and beat up Zhang Shuren and Yuan Xiancheng together from the Announcing Peace Mountain Range all the way to Circumference Mountain.

If would be fine if the ones being chased were other people.

Still, Zhang Shuren and Yuan Xiancheng were naturally far from comparable to normal people.

A late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, one of the most outstanding experts of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory beneath the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen and a famed longtime Elder of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope.

A mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, a talented genius who had surpassed even many late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

They were naturally existences of legend in the southern Blazing Heaven Territory which was ruled by Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope.

Today, however, their reputations were destined to plummet drastically, their fame sweeping the ground.

Yan Zhaoge was proficient in the Great Wilderness Fish-Roc Art and the Northern Ocean Divine Spear as he was accomplished in the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture and the Immortal Trapping Sword too.

In terms of speed, Zhang Shuren and Yuan Xiancheng were unable to shake him off as they were only able to be stifledly beaten and harassed by Yan Zhaoge all the way.

Fortunately, the two cultivated in the Phoenix True Form Scripture, possessing shocking defensive power.

Only because of this were they able to ultimately retreat safely to Circumference Mountain.

Pursuing them into the domain of Circumference Mountain, Yan Zhaoge’s heart suddenly jolted.

All-encompassing radiance lit up at this moment, suffusing the heavens and earth before him.

Amidst the terrifying light, it was as if numerous Wutong trees which were wreathed in blazing fire had risen up from the ground, obscuring the heavens and concealing the sun as a massive forest of Wutong trees was hence formed.

The cries of phoenixes resounded from the Wutong forest, not being piercing but instead shocking.

After Zhang Shuren and Yuan Xiancheng had entered the area encompassed by the Wutong forest, their auras instantly changed.

Roiling blazing fire expanded into the surroundings, sweeping towards Yan Zhaoge like the waves of the sea.

Yan Zhaoge halted, keeping the Light Yin Sword Seal and raising the Extreme Yang Seal as it collided head-on with the sea of flames before him.

Gazing over, he saw that the shoulder injury of Zhang Shuren who had landed on a Wutong tree was actually slowly beginning to heal.

Yan Zhaoge’s Slaying Azure Dragon was sharp and ferocious to the extreme with the powerful qi of extinction and death that had been converted from surging vitality having an extremely prominent suppressive effect on martial practitioners of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope.

Even with Zhang Shuren’s cultivation base, after he was injured by Yan Zhaoge’s sword, his wound had been unable to heal.

If he was able to settle down and moderate his condition, his condition would not deteriorate at the very least.

As time slowly passed, his wound might then be able to heal.

Still, as Zhang Shuren had been continually pursued and attacked by Yan Zhaoge, not given a chance to catch his breath in the slightest, not only had the sword wound he had suffered not eased, it had instead been gradually worsening.

Still, after entering the Wutong forest, Zhang Shuren’s wound had instantly begun to recover rapidly.

The remnant brutal sword-intent of Yan Zhaoge’s Slaying Azure Dragon which was left about his wound was unceasingly being dispelled and alleviated.

Yan Zhaoge gazed at the formation before him, seeing an endless stretch of Wutong trees that towered into the heavens, possessing flourishing life force even as fire blazed on arrogantly and loftily.

His Slaying Azure Dragon countered the Phoenix True Form Scripture of Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope to some extent, diminishing its effective power.

Still, while mighty water could extinguish fire, mighty fire could also vaporise water completely dry.

After the gap in cultivation bases had surpassed a certain level, these so-called counters no longer counted for much.

“Hmm, this formation is really not bad,” Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly after observing for a while.

Besides his Wutong Divine Palm which shook the heavens, ‘Treasured Branch Suppressing Peak’ Zhang Shuren was similarly renowned greatly for his attainments in formations.

Besides Zhang Shuren’s stable and dependable nature, an important reason for this old man having been chosen to guard the border areas against the martial practitioners of the southeast was that he was very proficient in formations.

The border defences at Circumference Mountain had indeed been established tightly by him these past two years.

Looking at Zhang Shuren and Yuan Xiancheng in the Wutong forest, Yan Zhaoge asked, “With the density of life force here, your injuries should heal very quickly.

Will you come and battle with me again then”

“It is said over in the southeast that while you are young, your attainments in formations are high,” Zhang Shuren’s expression did not change as he replied, “I wonder if you are interested in entering this old man’s Wutong Phoenix Perching Formation for a look around”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “You two are of a major lineage and peak figures amongst Immortal Bridge Martial Saints at the end of the day.

It couldn’t be that you would just stay inside and not emerge, right”

Yuan Xiancheng refused to speak while Zhang Shuren’s expression was as per usual.

He just smiled slightly, no embarrassment or fury appearing on his face at all.

He had not been certain of Yan Zhaoge’s foundations previously.

After hearing from Yuan Xiancheng that Yan Zhaoge had appeared, he had swiftly hurried over to Vast Spirit Mountain.

This was in order to capture Yan Zhaoge and quickly return to Circumference Mountain before the martial practitioners of the southeast reacted, not giving them any chance to capitalise on at all.

Whatever happened, as it was his duty to guard this place, he had to return quickly whether or not he was able to capture Yan Zhaoge.

Zhang Shuren’s earlier projected worst-case scenario had been failing to capture Yan Zhaoge at Vast Spirit Mountain, allowing him to escape.

In that case, the pursuit would be left to Yuan Xiancheng and the others.

He, Zhang Shuren, would still have to return to Circumference Mountain as soon as possible.

Of course, he had never imagined that that he and Yuan Xiancheng would actually end up being beaten and chased all the way back by Yan Zhaoge.

Still, it could be said that the end result was the same.

What Zhang Shuren had to do now was still as he had planned.

He would stably guard Circumference Mountain, keeping a close eye on the border between the southeast and the south and stopping Yan Zhaoge from joining with the experts of the southeast.

Now, he only had to patiently await the arrival of ‘Blazing King’ Peng He and the rest.

It was just that as Yan Zhaoge’s strength surpassed his predictions, the difficulty of defending this place and waiting for reinforcements had risen for him.

Under such circumstances, it was even more improbable that Zhang Shuren would take a risk.

Even if Yan Zhaoge cursed his eighteen generations of ancestors outside, Zhang Shuren would still not leave this grand formation to go compete with him.

Break my formation if you can.

I would be helpless then.

If you cannot break my formation, we will settle things when ‘Blazing King’ Peng He and the other peak experts of the south arrive.

Even if your abilities rival the heavens, only death can await you then.

While he had felt exceptionally stifled from being beaten up by Yan Zhaoge earlier, Zhang Shuren’s emotions had already completely calmed now.

This longtime late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint expert of Wutong Slope did not underestimate Yan Zhaoge in the slightest now as he was completely treating him as an expert on the same level as him.

It was even to the point that Zhang Shuren was lowering his estimate of himself now, only seeking to perform the best he could and not make a mistake.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge could basically understand what Zhang Shuren was thinking.

He smiled and shook his head, surveying the surrounding area.

Beside him, Ah Hu said, “Young Master, with what they are doing, it is like we, the tiger, are biting a turtle, having nowhere to place our fangs.”

“Maybe not,” The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s lips rose, “Since I said I’d rampage all the way back, how could I not have any preparations at all”

With that, his figure gradually rose, his field of vision widening unceasingly as the environment of the heavens and earth all around entered his eyes.

The ground was relatively smooth about Circumference Mountain, the mountainous areas not as perilous as within the Announcing Peace Mountain Range.

Besides the mountain peaks, what otherwise drew the most attention in this place was a long river.


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