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If he didnt answer this question objectively, Lucifer would like to give the female doctor a positive answer.

But he knew that sometimes Gu Yan would back down when facing him.

Lucifer wouldnt completely piss off Gu Yan.

So he said calmly, “I am her brother, her husband is not here.

How is my sister”

The female doctor looked a little familiar with Lucifer.

After all, this man was too handsome.

Moreover, this man was European.

The pregnant woman inside was obviously from Niyar.

However, as medical staff, they would not say much about the specifics.

The female doctor said, “The pregnant woman is fine.

However, there is one thing that I have to explain to the family.

Since you are her brother, please come into my office.”


This was probably the first time Lucifer entered the gynecologists office as a family member.

His handsome appearance attracted the attention of the other female doctors and nurses.

Lucifer smiled at the crowd and raised his head to ask the female doctor, “Whats wrong with my sister”

“Her condition is stable and the baby is healthy.

However… she is pregnant with triplets and will give birth in a month, so you family members must pay more attention.

“Dont let her get too excited.

Also, pay attention to her diet and…”

The Doctor said a lot and Lucifer actually noted it down.

However, he was very shocked that Xiao Yan was pregnant with triplets

Lucifer had never been a father before and he had never experienced this before.

Gu Yan was not skinny, but compared to most of the women in the outer space, she was too skinny.

She was so skinny, and she had such a big belly.

Even Lucifer, who had blood on his hands, was scared.


Three children.

For a moment, Lucifers emotions were a bit complicated, but also a bit subtle.

When he came out of the Doctors office, Gu Yan came out as well.

Cang Lan was beside him, supporting Gu Yan.

Their eyes met, and Lucifers gaze fell on Gu Yans stomach.

Gu Yan coughed speechlessly and said, “The Doctor said Im fine.

Just pay attention when we go home.”

“Okay, lets go home.”

This sentence was a bit ambiguous and subtle.

However, Gu Yan sighed.

She was not in the mood to argue with Lucifer about this.

The three of them got into the car in turn.

Cang Lan was driving in the front row, and Lucifer and Gu Yan were sitting in the back.

Gu Yan was fully wrapped and wearing a big scarf, revealing her palm-sized face.

Lucifer looked at her and thought of the triplets.

He could not help but ask, “Xiao Yan, you, do you know how many children you are pregnant with”

Gu Yan lowered her eyes.

She knew.

Gu Yan was always worried that something would happen to the child, so she went to the hospital for a check-up and had a regular pregnancy check-up.

When she first got pregnant, she couldnt find out no matter how hard she tried.

Then, she came to Planet B hospital.

At first, she couldnt find out anything, so she added many other items.

The pregnancy check-up results would be available soon, but Gu Yan had to wait for a long time.

It was because Gu Yans pregnancy was different from the others.

After many tests, Gu Yan naturally knew that there were a few little guys in her stomach.

She touched her stomach and said gently, “My family has the genes of twins, so its not impossible for me to have triplets.”

Lucifer looked up and looked at her with a complicated expression.

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