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Just when Shen Ruojing was about to act, she suddenly caught sight of a scar on Dugu Xiaos ear from the corner of her eyes.

Back then, when the two of them were doing a mission together, she was sneak-attacked by enemies due to her carelessness.

It was he who pushed her away in the nick of time and blocked that slash for her.

That slash cut him from his ear to his neck.

If it was one inch deeper, the artery on his neck would have been cut and he would die.

After that, he was saved but he had a long ugly scar on his body.

From that time onward, he no longer kept a crew cut, choosing to wear his hair long instead.

She still remembered that she had concocted some medicinal paste for him to get rid of the scar.

However, half a year later, his scar showed no signs of fading at all.

Because of it, she doubtfully asked if he had stopped using the paste, and he showed her an evil smile before replying, “It is just a scar.

I dont care about my looks.

In any case, this is a scar that manifested because I saved you.

518, you have to remember that you owe me a life.”

The Shen Ruojing back then was like an asura from the underworld.

She worked alone and didnt trust her colleagues.

But from that moment onward, she held Dugu Xiao close to her heart.

He was the first friend she ever made in her entire life.


He then designed an explosion to kill her.

At that time, she asked him, “Are we not friends You almost sacrificed your life for me once.”

He replied, “I can throw my life away for you and wont permit others to hurt you.

But now, I have to gain a monopoly of this organization.”

She didnt understand him.

Honestly speaking, even up until now, she still didnt understand him.

After all, this person was a madman.

His thinking couldnt be understood by ordinary people.

Shen Ruojing lowered her eyelids.

The silver needle was in her hand, but she didnt act even after a long time had passed.

Dugu Xiao who was lying there seemed to sense something, and he slowly opened his eyes.

His eye bags were very loose, but his gaze was unfathomably deep.

His brown eyes flickered.

“Divine doctor, what are you hesitating for”

Shen Ruojing regained her senses.

She didnt panic and slowly spoke, “Im thinking about how deep to go for the acupuncture.


Dugu, please shut up and do not disturb me.”

Dugu Xiaos lips curled slightly, but he no longer spoke.

However, his hands that were on the bed slowly tightened.

They were too similar.

The feeling this person gave her resembled 518 too much.

Her every action, even her speaking habit, resembled 518.

Her tone was clearly polite, but the content was forceful.

However, although their auras were similar, the feelings they gave others were different respectively.

518 was like a plant growing in the darkness and always gave off a sense of pity.

Shen Ruojing was different.

Although she looked calm and unhurried just like 518, her appearance was more like a ray of comfortable sunlight.

She was like a person who had truly seen through the world and was enjoying her life in retirement.

(She isnt her.)


Dugu Xiao lowered his eyes.

At this moment, a small burst of sharp pain drifted over from an acupoint on his head.

This pain persisted only for a moment before vanishing.

After that, Shen Ruojing rapidly performed acupuncture.

These silver needles pierced into different acupoints on his head.

The depth of each needle was different as well.

Very soon, she stopped her actions.

The butler who was watching from the side was already covered in a cold sweat.

The acupuncture performed on the head was correct, but the head was the most dangerous part of a human.

The death acupoint was located there as well.

In addition, she had pierced two needles into his two temples.

These locations were too dangerous.

As long as she had the slightest intention to kill, his master would be finished.

Now seeing that she wasnt moving, the butler asked, “Are you done”

“Why are you so anxious”

Shen Ruojing looked at the bag and took out a thick needle.


The butler was a little shocked by the sight.

He gulped down his saliva.

“You have to piece this in too”


Shen Ruojings lips curled.

“This is the most essential one.”

After speaking, she directly pierced the needle into the crown of Dugu Xiaos head.

After that, one could immediately sense Dugu Xiaos body stiffening.

When his head was filled with silver needles, he only felt very slight pain from the piercings.

In fact, even his headache had vanished.

But when the last needle penetrated his head, his body involuntarily cowered.

An intense sharp pain spread from his scalp through his entire body!

If the patient was an ordinary man, he would have long since screamed.

Even Dugu Xiao was clutching the side of his bed tightly and in so much pain that he wasnt able to speak.

Cold sweat directly oozed out of his skin.

When the butler saw Dugu Xiaos appearance, he knew for sure that his master was in a lot of pain.

Usually, during headaches, his masters expression wouldnt change.

But now…

He hurriedly asked, “Divine doctor, how long will this treatment last”

Shen Ruojing.

“Half an hour.”

After that, she walked to the side and stared at Dugu Xiao with interest.

“You guys better monitor him closely.

If he faints, inform me immediately.”

As the sound of her voice faded, all of Dugu Xiaos subordinates in the room turned in unison to look at him.

Dugu Xiao.


Before his subordinates, he didnt even dare to furrow his brows.

His deep gaze stared at Shen Ruojing.

He felt that she had done this intentionally…


At this moment, every second felt like an eternity.

Even a minute felt very tough to endure.

It was unknown how long later before the butler finally shouted, “Divine doctor, the time is up!”

Dugu Xiao heaved a sigh of relief.

Shen Ruojing slowly rose from the sofa and walked very slowly over.

After arriving before Dugu Xiao, she pulled out the rest of the silver needles.

However, these were useless.

Only the spot at the crown of his head made him feel pain.

To make things worse, only after slowly plucking the rest did Shen Ruojing close her hand around the needle at the crown of his head.

After that, she casually pulled it out.

The pain instantly vanished.

Dugu Xiao felt that the needle at the crown of his head was placed there intentionally.

There was no need to do so for the sake of the treatment.

The purpose of that needle was merely to cause him pain.

However, he was extremely proud in his heart, so he wasnt able to utter such words.

The butler rushed toward him.

“Master, do you still have a headache”

Dugu Xiao drew a deep breath.

“No more.

Miss Shens medical skills are truly godly.”

“You praise me too much.” Shen Ruojings expression didnt change as she spoke.

“I have to continue the acupuncture tomorrow.


Dugu, there is no problem, right”

“…” He thought about the pain earlier before experiencing his current clear mind.

He then lowered his eyelids and slowly spoke, “No problem.”

At this moment, Leng Ling kicked Fang Panxia out of a corner.

Fang Panxias limbs were bound and she couldnt move, so Leng Ling kicked her over and she slumped onto the ground in a sorry sight.

Luckily, Lu Cheng was a kind soul, and he stepped forward to help her undo the binding albeit distractedly.

Only Fang Panxia felt sullen.

She had been treated like a dog the whole time.


After staring hatefully at Shen Ruojing, she turned to Dugu Xiao and said, “Mr.

Dugu, Im very sorry.

The calming pill was concocted by Miss Shen, and it is said that it could cure all headaches.

The titledivine doctor also claims to be able to cure a hundred sicknesses.

This was why I gave you her pill to consume…I didnt expect it to be useless.”


At this moment, Dugu Xiao finally regained his senses.

When he heard this, he looked at Shen Ruojing and mocked, “It seems like the divine doctors medicine isnt a cure-all after all.”

Shen Ruojing didnt really care.

However, Ye Lu, who was at the side, couldnt allow anyone to doubt Shen Ruojings medical skills.

Hence, she didnt think too much and immediately rebutted, “The calming pill was originally a defective product created for the sake of curing your headaches.

In the end, it was discovered that it could relieve all headaches, which was why it was sold outside.

Since it is a defective pill, it naturally cannot treat the root of your problem!”

As her voice rang out, the entire scene fell silent.

Shen Ruojings gaze turned heavy when she saw Dugu Xiao and Leng Ling both staring at her.

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