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Ye Lu also realized that she had let it slip and had an urge to slap herself, so she looked at Shen Ruojing nervously.

Shen Ruojing remained quite calm.

Her gaze was lowered as she stared at Dugu Xiao.

Dugu Xiao narrowed his eyes.

As expected, he had thought too much into things.

“Turns out that Miss Shen has been so attentive toward my matters.

You were already studying about my headaches before I came here.”

Shen Ruojings lips curled.

“All doctors would be interested in rare illnesses.

Although only a few people know about Mr.

Dugus headaches, I do have some connections.


Dugu wouldnt mind, right”

Dugu Xiao.


For some reason, he felt that this woman was being sarcastic toward him.

He lowered his gaze and said calmly, “Im very honored to be the subject of Miss Shens study.”

Leng Ling then said with hostility, “Its no wonder you already know how to apply acupuncture when this is your first visit.

Turns out that you came prepared.”

Shen Ruojing smiled at her.

Her smile was dazzling and enticing.

After Leng Ling saw it, her face turned red and she let out a snort, turning her head away and ignoring her.

(How dare this woman try to entice me with her beauty!)

(What is she smiling for)

After Shen Ruojing gave Leng Ling a light smile, she then looked at Dugu Xiao and talked about other conditions.


Dugu, the fees I charge for consultation are very expensive.”

Dugu Xiaos eyes narrowed.

“Miss Shen can state your price.”

He reached out his hand, and the butler immediately took out the checkbook and a pen.

Dugu Xiao opened up the pen cap and gestured for Shen Ruojing to state her price.

It seemed as if no matter how much money she asked for, hed be able to pay it.

Ye Lus lips twitched.

“Our divine doctor isnt short on money.

Do you really think that you can send us off with just money”

Dugu Xiao raised his brows and put down both the checkbook and pen.

He then looked toward Fang Panxia.

“I thought that shes the divine doctors consultation fee.”

Shen Ruojings lips curled.

“She isnt worth that much.”

Fang Panxia who was the subject of their discussion.


She clenched her fists tightly and felt a sense of humiliation surging up within her.

Dugu Xiaos eyes narrowed.

“Then what else does the divine doctor want”

“You should understand what it is that I want.” Shen Ruojing completely had the upper hand in this negotiation.

Dugu Xiao suddenly smiled.

“Give Miss Shen the recording of Chu Cimos innocence in the act of murder.”

When the butler heard this, he walked out unwillingly.

In just a moment, he came over with a phone, connected it to the Internet, and then sent the video to the email address that Shen Ruojing provided.

Lu Cheng watched from the side.

The matter that had been troubling the Chu Family during this time seemed to have been easily resolved just like that.

He looked at Shen Ruojing in a daze.

At this moment, a feeling of respect, which even he didnt know he had, gushed out from the bottom of his heart.

The person he had always looked down on, the woman whom he felt wasnt worthy of Bro Chen, turned out to be an existence that he looked up to all his life!


Shen Ruojing checked the mailbox with her phone.

After realizing that she had the evidence, she waved her phone at Dugu Xiao and turned to head out.

However, Dugu Xiao said, “The results might not be what you hope to see.”

“We wont trouble Mr.

Dugu for what happens next.”

Even after Shen Ruojing had left, Dugu Xiao was still staring in the direction she had left.

A moment later, he then looked at Leng Ling, asking, “Is there a resemblance”

The butler didnt understand what he was saying.

Leng Ling sneered.

“No matter how great the resemblance is, she is not her.”

Dugu Xiao pursed his lips tightly, his gaze filled with loneliness.

When Leng Ling saw him like this, she suddenly said angrily, “Why are you behaving as if youre missing her so much If you really cant bear to part with her, you wouldnt have done what you did back then!”

She looked coldly at him.

“People like you shouldnt be saved!”

After saying that, she turned and left angrily.

After leaving Dugu Xiaos room, Shen Ruojing walked to the very front, while Lu Cheng followed next to her.

He asked, “What did Dugu Xiao mean at the very end”

Shen Ruojing lowered her gaze.

“The video might be different from what we expected.”

Lu Cheng furrowed his brows tightly.

“How different could it be Could it be that Chu Cimo really killed someone”

Shen Ruojing didnt say anything.

The group left Dugu Xiaos villa and saw that Chu Cichen had gotten out of the car.

His tall and slender figure stood next to the car, and there were 12 bodyguards standing behind him, as if they would dash into the villa for a saving operation at any moment.

Upon seeing him, a hint of a smile flashed in Shen Ruojings eyes.

She walked over and said slowly, “Its fine now.”

Chu Cichen nodded.

His gaze was fixed on her and he surveyed her closely.

Shen Ruojing crossed her arms and smiled.

“Im not hurt.

Dont look anymore.”

Chu Cichens gaze paused and he immediately withdrew it.

“Get in the car.”

Shen Ruojing then followed him into the car.


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