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253 False Pretenses Stripped

After Shen Ruojing finished speaking, she directly clicked theplay button and played the complete version of the video she had obtained from Shen Wanxians computer before everyones eyes.

The scene was still that of an aged woman speaking before the camera.

“Zhengyang, I know that the matter of me sending money to someone regularly would attract your attention sooner or later…”

Shen Wanxians heart abruptly leaped when she saw this.

As for Yun Zhengze, he sneered.

“Ive watched this video! I truly dont know why you want to waste all our time!”

Shen Ruojing ignored him.

At this moment, the video reached the point where the old woman said, “…I hope you wont look for her or bring her back home…”

Yun Zhengze pointed at the TV.

“Do you all see it now Aunt said it very clearly not to bring her home! Our Yun Family will never want the daughter of a r*pist!”

Shen Qianhui stared at the screen.

It had been over an hour since she first watched this video.

But when she once again heard her mothers last words, she still felt her heart aching painfully.

She didnt understand why her daughter wanted to rip her wounds apart again, but she knew that her daughter would surely have a reason for doing so.

Hence, she lifted her head and looked at the screen, allowing those callous words to wound her heart.

But after the old woman said those words, the video didnt stop.

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Shen Wanxians pupils constricted, and she was so afraid that she hurriedly tried to snatch the remote control, wanting to turn the screen off.

However, Shen Ruojing caught hold of her hands, and her peach blossom eyes gleamed with sharpness.

“My maternal grandmother still has some words she has yet to say.

Why are you acting so anxious”

As expected, the old woman on the screen continued speaking.

“Just let her live an ordinary life in Sea City.

Zhengyang, if there comes a day when she encounters trouble, I hope you can protect her and her family and also tell her that her mother has never abandoned her.

Her biological father also deeply loves her, but he has no idea about her existence.”

The old woman paused after saying, her cloudy eyes shone with longing.

“Ive never regretted falling in love with her father in this life of mine.

Her biological father is a very impressive man…I did all of that and asked someone to raise her because I want to help distance her from all of these.

I want her to be an ordinary person and hope that she can always live freely.”

“Daughter, I love you.”

The video finally ended here.

The entire living room suddenly fell silent.

Shen Qianhuis eyes were red as tears began to fall.

In fact, she even lost control and sobbed in agony.

At this moment, her heart which had been empty for over forty years was finally filled.

So, her mother truly loved her a lot and had never given up on her before!

Nothing could make her feel more blessed and happier than this news…

After Yung Zhengyang heard the follow-up words, he sighed in his heart.

Once again, he saw his aunts kind smile and felt his heartstrings tugged.

His eyes also turned red.

Now, his gaze was heavy as he looked at Yun Zhengze.

“Do you see it now Aunt has never not acknowledged Qianhui! Are all of you intending to go against her last wishes”

Hearing this, Yun Zhengzes face alternated between the shades of green and white.

After Yun Wei and the Bai Family had set an engagement, he knew that his hope of snatching the family leaders position was fading.

This was why he grew angry from embarrassment.

When he thought of how the Bai Family had visited them because of Shen Ruojing and Yun Wei, he decided to vent his frustrations on Shen Ruojing.

This was why he got instigated by Shen Wanxian and anger suffused his heart, causing him to rush over and make trouble.

Now that the situation was reversed, he naturally wouldnt admit his mistake.

He directly spoke, “Big brother, you cannot blame me for this matter.

Ive always respected our aunt.

Isnt it because of Shen Wanxian that I did this She only showed me half the video because she wanted to conceal some facts.

Who knew that the truth was actually like this!”

He directly pushed the blame on Shen Wanxian.

Shen Ruojing also languidly spoke, “I also wish to ask Madam Wen.

Why did you only show us half of the video”

Everyone in the living room turned to look at Shen Wanxian.

The matter was already exposed.

Hence, Shen Wanxian could only bite her lips and hypocritically say, “Elder brother, you are mistaken.

I only dont want younger sister to have too much involvement with the family.

Mother also said in the video not to bring her back because she wanted Qianhui to live an ordinary life…”

Shen Ruojing sneered.

“What about when you said my maternal grandfather was a r*pist From the start to the end, this matter was a lie weaved by you!”

Shen Wanxian was still unwilling to admit defeat.

“I was the one in the wrong for this matter.

My mother only said that they were forced to be together and both of them had no control over it.

Also, he was irresponsible toward our mother, so I hated him.

Thus, I want my younger sister to hate him together with me!”

This time around, there was no need for Shen Ruojing to say anything.

Shen Qianhui raged, “Stop acting, how can I not know about your thoughts! I just dont understand one thing.

Both of us basically had no grudges, but why did you want to slander my biological father and even do your utmost to chase me out of the Yun Family

Shen Wanxian lowered her eyelids.

“Younger sister, you are correct.

There were no grudges between us and in addition, Im mothers god-daughter.

Why should I hate you Mother treated me so well and raised me up.

Since you are mothers biological daughter, I would definitely also feel gratitude to you.

What reason did I have to target you deliberately”

She looked at Yun Zhengyang again and spoke, “Elder brother, I was the one at fault for this matter, but Im still mothers god-daughter and was raised here under her care.

My mother treated me like a biological daughter, so please forgive me on account of my mother this time around.”

As the sound of her voice faded, Shen Ruojing lifted her eyebrows and laughed.

“But the Yun family would never want the daughter of a r*pist.”

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