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In this situation where she was deceiving herself, how could she not fail miserably when she “belittled” Xu Xiaoshou in the name of “attaching importance” to him

“Perhaps this was how Yi died…” thought Rao Yaoyao.

When she looked at Night Guardian again, her eyes were filled with surprise.

How deep his understanding of Xu Xiaoshou was that he could dissect such a person so deeply

“You seem to have a story” Rao Yaoyao waved her hand to dismiss Wang Dachui, who was about to teach Night Guardian a lesson and asked her subordinate.

Night Guardian sighed, his eyes filled with some disappointment.

“I once wanted to take Xu Xiaoshou into the red-clothed and inherit my mantle.

Before he became a Saint Servant, because of his aptitude, temperament, personality… and so on, he was still controllable at that time…”

Night Guardian no longer could continue.

When he thought of Xu Xiaoshou joining the Saint Servant, whether it was out of his initiative or being forced to, his heart felt like it was being pierced by a knife.

Wang Dachui looked at the affectionate Night Guardian and felt that he had read something else.

He was furious.

“Is this your son I see that you have already developed a rebellious intention!”

The hunchbacked old man, Wang Dachui, was unhappy looking at Night Guardian.

He immediately sneered and said, “Night Guardian, you seem to have gone off-topic.

Right now, we are talking about the two leaders of Yama and the Saint Servant, not just Xu Xiaoshou!”

Night Guardian finally responded to this brainless Chief of Physique Division.

He sneered and said in a deep voice.

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“What I am talking about is a serious matter.

“In Tiansang City, before the name of Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou spread to the five regions, and when this guy first made a name for himself in the City Lord Mansion of Tiansang City, he single-handedly beheaded a ghost beast host body that tried to plot against him.

He was Zhang Taiying at the Dao realm of the Sovereign (stage)!

“At that time, it was also the first time that I had a confrontation with him.

“Xu Xiaoshou, who had just entered the Innate (stage), systematically refuted all the questions of the red-clothed that could identify him as the ghost beast host body.

There were no flaws at all, so no one could find any rebuttal points.

“Moreover, in the end, he even showed me the ability of the Innate (stage) to hurt the ghost beast of the Sovereign (stage).”

Rao Yaoyaos brows twitched, “What ability”

Night Guardian closed his eyes as the resplendent sword energy that had almost killed him appeared in his mind.

At that time, Night Guardian did not know the root of the sword energy and only had a rough estimation of it.

He did not take it seriously.

Looking at things as a whole now, he now understood the truth of that ability.

“Sword Will,” Night Guardian sighed softly.

Sword Will

Wang Dachui and Rao Yaoyaos pupils constricted, and they were shocked at the same time.

What they were shocked about was not that Xu Xiaoshou had Sword Will.

The other party was a member of the Saint Servant, and he had outstanding talent in the Way of the Sword.

With Eighth Sword Deitys care, learning Sword Will was nothing.

However, Night Guardian was talking about the matter of Xu Xiaoshou in Tiansang City.

At that time, Eighth Sword Deity was not born yet.

Even Rao Yaoyao thought that Bazhunan was still in a “fallen” state.

In other words, Bazhunan was still a dead man at that time.

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However, at that time, at such an early time…

Xu Xiaoshou already had Sword Will

“Why didnt you tell me earlier” Wang Dachui felt cheated.

How could Night Guardian wait until now to tell him such information

Night Guardian shook his head dispiritedly and did not explain.

The fact that Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou possessed Sword Will was already in the information.

However, when did he possess the Sword Will was something that Night Guardian wanted to find out after the speculation that “Young Master Xu is Xu Xiaoshou” was overturned by the higher-ups and he summarized Xu Xiaoshous life experience after a painful reflection.

It was after that that he suddenly came to a realization.

It was also at that time that Night Guardian realized that everything he had originally imagined was all wishful thinking.

From the very beginning, Xu Xiaoshou had always been a pawn that Bazhunan silently hid.

An important pawn!

This pawn was important and successfully hidden.

Even if he was exposed to the eyes of the world, the masters of the five domains of the continent didnt take it seriously.

Thinking of this, Night Guardian suddenly sighed.

Yes, he had grown to this extent in less than half a year.

If he hadnt personally witnessed and experienced it, how could he believe that such a person was called Xu Xiaoshou

This was practically a replica of Bazhunan!


Bazhunan still had the legend of “Three breaths for innate stage, three years for Sword Deity.”

From the Night Guardians point of view, if he really gave Xu Xiaoshou three years to grow, the entire world would go crazy for him!


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