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“Yes, Sword Deity Rao,” Zhu Mier stepped forward and said respectfully.

“The captain found a problem with one of the exits of the spatial passageway.

Without wasting any time, he had immediately led his men to trace it.”

He had fallen into the trap… Rao Yaoyao smiled in her heart.

She didnt think the cunning fox-like Ye Xiaotian would leave such an obvious flaw.

Immediately she could think: If Ye Xiaotian was really present, he would have been able to erase all the spatial traces.

However, he had still left behind 362 exits.

It was nothing more than a cover-up.

He also left behind an anomaly at one of the exits.

It was an attempt to deceive and confuse people, making them firmly believe in the “correct answer” that they had painstakingly found and continue to waste more time and energy pursuing it.

However, it did not matter…

“There are quite a number of law enforcers.

Even if there is only a trace of possibility, we can still send people to verify it.

Perhaps Murong Ying is harboring such thoughts.” Rao Yaoyao had also thought of this point.

Since Murong Ying had pursued the only anomaly, there should not be any major changes.

Seeing more and more law enforcers in the surroundings, Rao Yaoyao pinched the battle communicator at her earlobe and ordered the law enforcers not to come over anymore.

There were already enough people here.

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“Based on what Night Guardian has said, we can follow Ye Xiaotian for the time being.

But Huang Quan and Bazhunan are the most important.

After all, the latter could be Xu Xiaoshous disguise.

“Even if Night Guardians deduction is wrong and Bazhunan is not Xu Xiaoshous disguise, the whereabouts of these two people… will become even more important!

“One is Yamas cultivation, and the other is Saint Servants chief…”

Suddenly, Rao Yaoyaos eye expression was awake.

Her spiritual senses were magnified and expanded infinitely, trying to search for any unusual fluctuations in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

However, with the release of her spiritual senses, all the stowaways could have sensed a premonition and hide well in advance.

Therefore, Rao Yaoyao didnt gain anything out of this.

“The rats that are hiding everywhere…” Rao Yaoyao couldnt help but curse in her heart, but there was nothing she could do.

If Yama and Saint Servant were so easy to track, then they werent worthy of these two names.

“Spread in all directions!

“Dig out every inch of the land!”

Rao Yaoyao could only use the most primitive method of searching for people.

The law enforcers of Cutting Path (stage) and Sovereign (stage) responded to the instruction and flew in all directions, hurriedly taking action.

At this moment, there was a small commotion at the entrance of the dense forest by the side.

“What happened” Rao Yaoyao looked over.

Not far away from the entrance of the forest, a man with disheveled hair and a dirty face jumped out.

He had more than one layer of thick mud on his face, making it hard to see his face.

He was wearing only a pair of colorful underpants, which made him look very abnormal.

He was obviously captured by the law enforcers who were searching for people.

“Sword Deity Rao!”

Zhu Mier from Murong Yings team ran over in a hurry.

On the way, she even sprained her ankle.

She staggered and looked very panicked.

“Sword Deity Rao, theres, theres a situation…”

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Rao Yaoyaos eyelids constricted and her eyes turned cold.

Zhu Mier was at the Sovereign (stage) Dao realm.

What had she encountered that could make her so frightened

Rao Yaoyao could feel the fear that came from the depths of her soul from afar.

“Speak!” she said indifferently.

Zhu Miers teeth were chattering, and her face was pale.

She bowed and said, “Sword Deity Rao, we found someone nearby, but hes not an enemy.

Hes… hes our people…”

Rao Yaoyao was surprised.

“Law enforcer”

“Yes, yes…” Zhu Mier looked as if she had seen a ghost.

She was still frightened and said choppily, “Not only is he a law enforcer, but hes also my teammate.

Hes under our team leader, Murong Ying…”

Rao Yaoyao knew Murong Ying.

This team leader of the Cutting Path (stage) was leading one of his team members on the way to track the spatial fluctuation anomaly left behind by Ye Xiaotian.

“So” Rao Yaoyao released her spiritual senses in an attempt to calm Zhu Miers panic.

She didnt choose to yell at her.

Zhu Mier felt the power of the Higher Void (level) and her emotions calmed down a little, but there was still a sense of horror.

She turned around and pointed at her teammate who was clutching his lower body, chest, and calves.

She then said, “He… his name is Wang Chao…”

“Wang Chao” Rao Yaoyao was puzzled.

“Is there a problem”

“Yes!” Zhu Mier had goosebumps all over her body.

It was as if she was at the most terrifying moment.

She turned her finger and pointed at the spatial crack behind Rao Yaoyao.

She then said in a terrified voice.

“Before Sword Deity Rao came, our captain, Murong Ying, had already led a team member into the spatial crack…

“His, his name is Wang Chao!”

Rao Yaoyao was stunned on the spot.

Beside her, the few Cutting Path (stage) guardians including Night Guardian and Wang Dachui who had not gone far, were also stunned on the spot.

After that, a gust of wind blew at the back of their heads and a chill ran down their spines.

As if they had seen a ghost, they all jumped out of the spatial crack at the same time and were a full ten feet away!

“Are you joking” Wang Dachui widened his eyes and stared straight at Zhu Mier.

“You scared me to death!”

“Im not joking…” Zhu Mier felt wronged and said,

“We have verified this Wang Chao.

The details, words, actions, and everything are of the normal Wang Chao.

“But, but that Wang Chao who went with Captain Murong Ying is also normal.

“He… he is so normal that together with him the captain found Yama and Saint Servant.

Then, they talked, took action, and left together…

“In such a long time, the captain and all of us didnt notice anything unusual about that Wang Chao!”


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

There were two Wang Chao

This was too horrifying!

The Wang Chao at the scene was real as his identity could be verified.

Then what the hell was that Wang Chao that Murong Ying brought along

Night Guardian felt a little chilly at this time.

He had been dealing with ghost beasts for half of his lifetime.

There was a “ghost” in the name of the ghost beast, but most of them were not so smart.

Under the circumstances of being well-prepared, they were nothing to be afraid of.

Right now, these “two Wang Chao” were really like ghosts.

It had nothing to do with the cultivation level.

The incident itself made people feel terrified.


“Ghost The second Wang Chao”

Night Guardians thoughts suddenly froze, and he turned back from a certain point.

Wasnt this somewhat similar to his prediction just now

However, the main character of the prediction had changed from Eighth Sword Deity to the unremarkable Wang Chao, which had made people unable to react for a moment…

Night Guardian turned his eyes to look at Rao Yaoyao and found Sword Deity Rao was also looking at him as if she had comprehended something.

The two of them paused for half a breath before speaking in unison.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”


A mournful sound of the wind that sounded like the wails of ghosts and wolves echoed from the cliff before reaching the clouds.

Amidst the swirling clouds, Ye Xiaotian landed on the top of the cliff and felt as though he was on top of the highest clouds.

His entire body was bathed in blood but he did not seem to care.

He only looked at the world below the cliff in shock.

The cliff in front of him was originally a towering mountain that reached the clouds.

But now, the mountain seemed to have been cut into halves from the middle by an immortal with a giant sword.

The power leaking out had destroyed the two shores of the cliff.

The cliff that was so high was now split in the middle.

At this moment, the sky was filled with endless clouds, and the bottom of the cliff was filled with endless seawater.

It was simply terrifying.

“Theres such a high cliff in the Yunlun Mountain Range”

“Furthermore, the Sword Will in between the cliffs doesnt seem to have been left behind since ancient times.

It seems to have just appeared not long ago…”

Ye Xiaotian sighed with emotion.

He touched the broken rocks beneath him.

As he used Elder Sangs elixirs to treat his injuries, his thoughts wandered.

The sword marks of the slash that destroyed two shores and cut off the cliff reminded him of a person…

Eighth Sword Deity!

It was rumored that during the night battle in the Imperial City, a figure suddenly appeared in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

That figure appeared to be a great Buddha.

The great Buddha held a sword, and the sword light shone brightly in the night.

It had attracted the people of the Holy Divine Palace to the Yunlun Mountain Range to defend themselves.

Then, they also summoned the Sky City that had the title of “foundational roots of Saint Ascension” in the sky above the Imperial City!

“Is this the scene here”

Ye Xiaotian recalled the information spread by the residents near the Yunlun Mountain Range after the night battle in the Imperial City.

He felt the shocking sword marks around him and was somehow moved.

Bazhunan saved his life inexplicably, and he had come to the origin of the Great Buddha Chop inexplicably…

Was it a coincidence

Or fate


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