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The Saint Origin Crystal

Ye Xiaotian was stunned on the spot.

Why was it the Saint Origin Crystal

“Isnt it a coincidence Im currently holding a Saint Origin Crystal that I dont know where it should go.

Is this a coincidence as well” thought Ye Xiaotian.

A half-hundred-year-old man wearing a straw hat and a straw cape suddenly appeared in front of him.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a soundless snicker which caused ones scalp to go numb.

A cold wind swept across the high cliff.

Ye Xiaotian felt a chill on his back.

It turned out that cold sweat had caused his bloody clothes to be soaking wet.

He thought of the letter that Elder Sang had given him.

It was delivered to him by a junior of Saint Servant, Luo Leilei, in Dongtianwang City a long time after Elder Sang was captured.

The main content of the letter was to seek his help to get the Saint Origin Crystal in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Elder Sang, who was in prison, definitely couldnt deliver the letter.

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Therefore, the only explanation…

Elder Sang had written this letter before the battle at the White Cave.

However, why did Elder Sang write this letter so early, wanting him to help get the Saint Origin Crystal after a long time in the future How did he know in advance that the Saint Origin Crystal would appear in the Yunlun Mountain Range

As for the appearance of the Saint Origin Crystal in the Yunlun Mountain Range…

Now that he thought about it, it was very strange.

Bazhunan was clearly controlling the distant fight between Demonic Emperor Black Dragon and Dao Qiongcang.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that this was the first time the Saint Servant and the Holy Divine Palace had a confrontation under the eyes of the world.

It shouldnt be to the extent that the focus of this confrontation was actually not a test between the two parties, nor was it a major attempt by Abyss Island to break free of its shackles, nor was it to confirm the rumor of the foundational roots of Saint Ascension, and caused the world to go crazy…

But it was just to secretly hand over the Saint Origin Crystal to him under the cover-up in various ways

“Im just an outsider…” Ye Xiaotian cried silently in his heart.

He still clearly remembered that Elder Sang clearly did not state the whereabouts of the Saint Origin Crystal.

However, after he obtained the Saint Origin Crystal, Qiao Qianzhi took the initiative to communicate with him and then asked for this item.

It shouldnt be the two of them had already discussed it beforehand

“This is absolutely, definitely, not a coincidence, right” Ye Xiaotian was terrified as he thought about it.

He felt that everything about him had been arranged by fate.

On the other side of the spatial mirror.

Qiao Qianzhi saw that after he spoke, the other party had entered a frozen state.

It was as if the signal on Ye Xiaotians end had suddenly turned bad because of the long distance.

The entire image on the spatial mirror suddenly stopped moving.

“Ye Xiaotian”

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Qiao Qianzhi raised his voice and even reached out his hand to pat the spatial mirror.

However, he soon realized that it was useless.

He immediately put down his hand and asked.

“Is there a problem If its too troublesome, then forget it.

After all, there are too many troubles in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

You… youd better go home early!”

Ye Xiaotian came back to his senses and realized that his forehead had been sweating.

He did not look too abnormal.

He only reached out his hand to gently stroke the white hair on his forehead and took the opportunity to wipe away the sweat and asked indirectly, “When was the last time you communicated with Elder Sang”

Qiao Qianzhi was stunned.

He did not expect the topic of the conversation to have changed so quickly.

However, he did not suspect him and answered, “It was before he left the Spirit Palace.

After that, we did not even get to see him.

How do we communicate”

Ye Xiaotian nodded thoughtfully and asked again, “Before he left the Spirit Palace, or rather after he left the Spirit Palace, did he arrange for you to do anything or wait for an opportunity… or something like that”

Qiao Qianzhi frowned and a look of suspicion flashed across his eyes.

He thought carefully about the hidden meaning of what Ye Xiaotian said suddenly.

However, he really could not think of anything…

Thus Qiao Qianzhi hesitated and replied, “I dont think so.

That d*mned old man seems to have vanished from the world.

Other than you, I dont think he will contact anyone else from the Spirit Palace.

After all, he is also afraid that his identity will bring harm to us.”

Ye Xiaotian fell silent.

After a long while, he raised the hexagonal crystal in his hand and asked, “Do you know this thing”

The fist-sized hexagonal crystal reflected a faint seven-colored light in the spatial mirror and emitted a faint Holy Light.

It suddenly became very eye-catching.

It was not the first time Qiao Qianzhi had seen this thing.

When he was sizing up Ye Xiaotian through the spatial mirror earlier, he had already noticed this thing in Ye Xiaotians hand and did not take it seriously.

Now, it was the first time since they conversed that he took this thing in Ye Xiaotians hand seriously.

“What is it

“What do you mean”

Qiao Qianzhi pondered over this hexagonal crystal seriously.

After confirming that he had never seen it before, he said with a smile, “Ye Xiaotian, dont tell me that this is the Saint Origin Crystal!”

Ye Xiaotian could tell from his expression that Qiao Qianzhi indeed did not recognize the Saint Origin Crystal before this.

He sighed in his heart and felt that he really could not understand everything that had happened.

“This is what you want…” Ye Xiaotian said firmly, “The Saint Origin Crystal!”

“What” Qiao Qianzhis eyes widened in disbelief.

He stuttered, “You, youre not joking”

“Do I look like Im joking with you” Ye Xiaotians mouth twitched.

“Impossible… No, how could… No, I mean…” Qiao Qianzhi was a little incoherent.

He stared at the hexagonal crystal a few more times with red eyes and looked up at Ye Xiaotian, “You, how did you get it”


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