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Thinking of peoples thinking and thinking of ways to deal with them was like predicting the future.

“This time, Im on the third level…”

Ye Xiaotian smiled.

He felt that anyone who was suspicious and smart would succeed in this plan.

Except for idiots.

And Rao Yaoyao was definitely not an idiot!

Now that he had finished recuperating, his injuries had healed, and he had contacted Qiao Qianzhi, sending the Saint Origin Crystal away, Ye Xiaotian felt at ease.

The only thing left for him was to find Xu Xiaoshou and ask for the Divine Puppet of the first generation.

And for this matter, he decided to hand it over to the future.

For the time being, it would be better for him to stay out of the limelight!


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The demonic wind of Lone Cliff was still reverberating in his ears.

Ye Xiaotian snapped out of it and felt somewhat uneasy.

He felt that he could not stay in this place for long.

He randomly chose 362 escape directions and then randomly chose one of them.

He did not expect to have selected this place.

This was the place Bazhunan summoned the Sky City!

Perhaps, there were still some secrets hidden here…

Looking down the cliff, Ye Xiaotian could not see through the clouds.

He thought of the stone that he had thrown down earlier that had been swallowed by the bottom of the cliff.

“This place cant even be penetrated by spiritual senses.

There must be something strange.

Id better leave!”

Ye Xiaotian did not dare to take the risk, nor did he have the thought of going down to take a look.

He immediately drew a spatial crack in front of him and wanted to crawl into it and leave.

But at this time, something shocking happened.

Rightfully speaking, the spatial crack that Ye Xiaotian had drawn by himself should not be so coincidental to be the crack that led to the real world drawn by the spatial fragment.

That should be a very slim probability.

But now…

The spatial crack that he had drawn did not wait for him to crawl into it.

Instead, a round black thing popped out of it.

“A human head”

Ye Xiaotian was stunned.

After seeing that it was truly a human head, his eyes lost focus and he was a little scared.

His first reaction was that he had accidentally drawn an extradimensional space crack and released the human-shaped ghost beast.

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His second reaction was that the spatial crack that he had drawn overlapped with the spatial crack that someone had drawn in the spatial fragment with a very small probability.

That was why the person who had appeared was a real person!

As for the third reaction…

There was no third reaction!

Murong Ying, who had just poked his head out of the spatial crack and had only taken half a step forward, saw the dazed white-haired, short, and blood-soaked lad in front of him.

He immediately recognized that this was the target he was chasing after.

He was also dumbfounded.

“So easy to find”

“I thought this stowaway wouldnt appear here.

My main purpose is actually to bring Wang Chao into the spatial fragment to give his statement… why is he here”

“F*ck, hes a stowaway with space attributes, and Ive just entered the Cutting Path (stage) …”

Murong Ying instantly had a myriad of thoughts running through his mind.

At this moment, from behind the crack, a complaint could be heard.

“Captain, hurry up and get out when youve reached.

Your butt is blocking me…”

“Why did you stop It cant be that guy really dares to stay here, right”

This was Wang Chaos voice.

Murong Ying and Ye Xiaotian heard the voice and looked at each other at the same time.

Their pupils were also trembling at the same time.

Along with the voice, another human head squeezed out from the spatial crack.

It was Xu Xiaoshous disguise, Wang Chao.

He looked out and saw Ye Xiaotian, who had a blank expression, and Murong Ying, who was completely dumbfounded.

His head immediately buzzed as if his soul had left his body, and he was completely dumbfounded.

“No way, no way…

“Lord Dean, he dares to stay here.

Does he really believe in some nonsense likethe most dangerous place is the safest place”

Seeing the scene before him, Xu Xiaoshou even had the urge to curse.

He had painstakingly pretended to be Bazhunan and finally managed to save Ye Xiaotian from the jaws of a tiger.

In the end, Ye Xiaotian really stayed at the exit of the spatial passageway

In just a split second, Xu Xiaoshou came to a sudden realization and thought that this should be the Deans “strategy”.

Just like when he was forcefully brought here by Murong Ying, he did not think that the Dean would really stay at this exit.

A smart person would not think that after leaving such an obvious clue, the person would foolishly go to the other end of the clue to wait for the enemy to arrive, right

Xu Xiaoshou almost instantly concluded that Rao Yaoyao had gone to the previous battlefield and saw the clues.

It could not be considered as being overly suspicious, but as long as one was smart, they would have the problem of overthinking.

She would never think that Ye Xiaotian would dare to stay in this place.

Murong Ying was the same…

Xu Xiaoshou had thought that Murong Ying had not thought of this and only wanted to capture the stowaway and make a contribution.

But the matter of the spatial fragment made him understand that Murong Ying was only pretending to chase the stowaway and allowed him to enter the spatial fragment to give his statement.

As for looking for people

Since the stowaway with the space attributes wanted to escape, Murong Ying probably did not think that he had any hope of catching him either.

Thus he probably only thought “Since Ive already entered the spatial fragment, Ill just look for him”.

But now, due to all sorts of mishaps and small matters, the two parties had met!

Was this the saying, “Man proposes but God disposes of”

“Spatial Closure!”

Ye Xiaotian did not have time to think.

When he realized that he had met with an “idiot,” he pulled his hands forward, and the spatial crack that was just halfway opened was abruptly closed by him again.

The edge of the spatial crack could be said to be the sharpest weapon in the world.


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