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“Mmm, my injuries recovered faster than I have expected…

“Moreover, I am probably the only one in the entire world who talks nonsense while fighting…”

Xu Xiaoshou thought with lingering fear.

His body had followed the route he took and landed at the position he wanted to land at before he took action.

The transformation of pure Higher Void (level) energy into spiritual energy gushed out and formed a dense mist in the air.

In an instant, it even condensed into a fine spiritual energy liquid.

The spiritual energy liquid dripped down.

Night Guardian was stunned and he suddenly felt his face wet.

He suddenly came to a realization!

Although he did not know how the other party had dealt with the Hand of Heaven Punisher, these abnormal signs around him were nothing more than a reminder to him…

The enemy had arrived by his side!

He turned his head abruptly.

At this moment, Night Guardian saw the little girl Yi, behind him, giggling.

His pupils constricted.

That was right.

Xu Xiaoshous speed was so fast that after dealing with the Hand of Heaven Punisher in the blink of an eye, he directly landed behind Night Guardian who was completely unprepared.

He even felt that a single strike could cause great damage to the enemy!

“Senior, I have to apologize to you in advance.

“But this time, it was you who made the first move.

You really cant blame me.

After all, I still want to live…”

As Xu Xiaoshou said this, he turned his body to the left and lifted his right leg.

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Night Guardian suddenly turned around and looked at the little girl Yi in horror.

All the hairs on his body stood up.

It was because the voice of the other party this time was no longer the cute lolis voice, but the extremely familiar voice of Xu Xiaoshou.

This had caused his thoughts to forcefully stop for a moment…

“You are indeed Xu Xiaoshou!”

While he realized this, Night Guardians entire body unconsciously tensed up.

This was a natural reaction of his body when he was stimulated by the possibility of death in the outside world — Xu Xiaoshou had lifted his leg!

“Xu Xiaoshou, Sovereign physique!

“Even if Im at the Cutting Path Level, I dont have a sacred physique and only have spiritual source protection.

If I forcefully receive a close-range attack from him, I will definitely be heavily injured!”

Night Guardian reacted fast and these thoughts flashed through his mind.

Following this, he activated his bounded domain power and prepared to merge his body into the Great Path.

“Its too late…”

Xu Xiaoshou let out a long sigh.

Under such a powerful attack, Night Guardian didnt think at all that Xu Xiaoshou would get close to him.

If he were to complete all of his ad hoc reactions right under his nose…

How could Xu Xiaoshou allow him to do that

There wasnt a single ripple of spiritual source…

There wasnt any external support…

There werent any other trivial actions that would allow the enemy to have more time to react…

A kick!

Just a whip kick!

After tilting his body to the side, Xu Xiaoshou gathered all of his strength into a kick.

Just as Night Guardian was about to disappear from Way of the Heavens, he suddenly whipped it out and lashed it at the space in front of him.

He had deliberately controlled it so that he would not directly break the slim waist of Night Guardian.

But even so…


The void was shattered inch by inch in the shape of a shockwave under this attack.

The speed of the collapse was so fast that it instantly shattered the shattered space from the edge of the Lone Cliff to the sea of clouds among the Lone Cliff.

Night Guardian had miscalculated.

He thought that Xu Xiaoshou had a Sovereign physique, so even if he took a bit of damage in front of him, he could still use this little bit of time to escape into the Great Path.

However, Xu Xiaoshou did not have the Sovereign physique!

He had the “strengthening”, “recoil”, “toughness”, “sharpness”… and so on of the Sovereign (stage).

This passive skill was inconspicuous when he was in Tiansang Spirit Palace, the White Cave, and Dongtianwang City as he couldnt use it because of Young Master Xus identity.

But now!

He did not need to conceal his identity, and he also did not intend to conceal his identity in front of Night Guardian, Xu Xiaoshou exploded again…

It was tens and hundreds of times the strongest combat strength of that young man in Night Guardians impression!

“Boom, boom, boom…”

The sound of space shattering faded into the distance.

At the same time that Night Guardians afterimage shattered on the spot, the sea of clouds among the Lone Cliff sensed the invasion of a foreign body, and a burst of dazzling light flickered.

After that, the body of Night Guardian, which was full of wounds, could not resist at all.

It was sealed by the Spell Forbidden Barrier, fell straight down, and disappeared.

Instant kill with one strike!

In a flash, Night Guardian attacked, Night Guardian was frightened, and Night Guardian disappeared.

At this time, the dark bounded domain which had sealed everyones six senses began to shatter… It was only a few seconds.


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