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That was right!

It was the Time Delay!

When Xu Xiaoshou who had transformed into Huang Quan pointed his finger in the air and used the Time Delay, even he was shocked.

But after the shock, he was more of feeling relieved.

Since he killed Yi and obtained the Imitator, Xu Xiaoshou had read the Imitators real usage from Yis soul memory.

First, the ability to change endlessly was basic.

Second, he could imitate 10-20% of the abilities of anyone that he had seen, had a record of, or had the same attributes.

However, the effect was negligible.

Third, to further imitate the persons attributes and abilities, blood from that person had to be obtained to inherit the persons attributes.

It would display 70% the lowest and 100% the highest of the persons abilities.

These prerequisites…

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou did not take a fancy to them!

In terms of changing endlessly, he had the Transformation.

The two were completely the same.

In terms of obtaining attributes of others through blood, Xu Xiaoshou did not need it either.

He now knew that he actually had all the attributes.

The Imitator that Xu Xiaoshou took a fancy to the most was the learning ability that was suitable for special people like him — he could use the attributes of anyone he had seen, had a record of, or had the attributes!

After obtaining the Imitator, Xu Xiaoshou verified this point.

When he transformed into Mu Zixi and used the wood-type ability, he did not obtain the junior sisters blood.

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It was because the wood-type attribute was the basic attribute, and it was very easy to get started.

Xu Xiaoshou who had all attributes had easily imitated the image of “Mu Zixi.” And through the Imitators attribute buffs, he used a wood-type ability that he had never used before to successfully conjured a small wooden pot, a small wooden shovel, and other toys.

When he transformed into Yi and fooled the law enforcer, he also did not obtain Yis blood.

But he did use Soul Reading on Yi.

Xu Xiaoshous understanding of Yis various moves was much more than what he could obtain by offering a drop of blood to the Imitator.

Xu Xiaoshou used close to 100% power to make the moves such as the Spiritual Impact.

But in just an instant, his fatigue was restored by the combination of the Transformation, Eternal Vitality, and High Spirits.

And now, he was imitating Huang Quan…

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou had only seen Huang Quan a few times.

The only time he had truly seen Huang Quan use his ability was when Huang Quan was beating up the Dean.

After all, the threshold of time and space attributes was too high.

Xu Xiaoshou was mentally prepared.

He had thought that imitating Huang Quans space ability would be fine, but imitating the time ability would have certain obstacles.

But now, he was using the Time Delay without any obstacles.

Moreover, the power was not weak…


It was not just not weak!

Based on the situation where everyone at the scene was controlled, it could be considered “a bit strong”!

Soon Xu Xiaoshou felt relieved because he remembered that he did not only have the prerequisite of having all attributes, but also the countless knowledge accumulated in his memory.

He wasnt completely ignorant of “time”.

The understanding of the Sword Technique Expertise that was similar to the Nine Major Sword Techniques included the ability to analyze the first stage of Space-Time Transition.

These things werent formed the Space-Time Transition, so Xu Xiaoshou couldnt use them directly.

However, it contained the basic knowledge to form Space-Time Transition.

Among this basic knowledge, the understanding of time and space attributes took up most of it.

Weaving Expertise wasnt just about weaving the Divine Secrets.

It was also about the human body, bones, veins, the grain growth of all beings, and the Order of the Great Path.

These basic knowledge also had never evolved into morph forms that could be used directly.

However, there was basic knowledge of time and space in two of the Weaving the Heavens and Earth and the Order of the Great Path.

Apart from the expertise passive skills that brought along vast experience by growing to the Sovereign (stage)…

When Xu Xiaoshou was dreaming of obtaining the Innate Elemental Power in the past, he had studied the Path Pattern Initial Stone when he was bored.

It also contained the foundation of all the attributes of the heavens and earth.

Among them, there were also time and space…

Many a little made a mickle.

It was because of the accumulation of this basic knowledge that Xu Xiaoshou did not know how to make use of it when it was just a little.

But when the time came, he could fully make use of it.

Just like the moment he obtained the spatial origin stone, he immediately understood the basic ability to use the Way of Space.

With this, he obtained the ability to break through the Sovereign Domain which was formed by a space node, and then steal the opportunity to cross over.

The Imitator, in Yis hands, was a sharp weapon for assassins and spies.

In Xu Xiaoshous hands, it became a learning machine that enhanced the attributes.

Whatever he did not know how to imitate, he would make use of his ability to become familiar with it.

So now!

In front of Rao Yaoyao and the other law enforcers, he used the Time Delay and successfully controlled everyone.

After the pleasant surprise, the only feeling Xu Xiaoshou had was the amnesiac suddenly remembered some memories and successfully showed them to the world.

That was it.

Of course, the pleasant surprise was in his heart.

Xu Xiaoshou did not show it in the slightest.

On his face, he still looked extremely calm.

Even with the mask covering his face, he was still very good at maintaining the demeanor of the big boss, Yama.

He was unperturbed, calm, and at ease.

One breath…

Two breaths…

Three breaths…

Just as Rao Yaoyao and the others were feeling a full century had passed, which indeed was just a few breaths of time, Xu Xiaoshou keenly sensed the transformation of his spiritual source of energy reserve.


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