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As the chief of the Physique Division, Wang Dachuis physical body was very strong, but his soul and spirit were his weaknesses.

This time, Lei Xier deliberately targeted him with “Gods Fall”, which would cause him to lose the ability to complete his next move in a short period of time.

Even if Lei Xier could only control Rao Yaoyao and Wang Dachui for an instant, under the influence of time delay, the instant would be magnified infinitely.

“Well done!”

Xu Xiaoshou was excited.

However, he had no time to worry about whether Lei Xier would suffer from severe side effects after her eyes bled.

He could not let Lei Xiers exquisite control go down to waste.

Similarly, he could not miss this excellent opportunity.

The visitor from the Netherworld, the Hundred Ghost Night Walk, and even the Night Guardian, the three portrait clones, were completely cut off from him under the blockade of the Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array formed by the remaining law enforcers.

Xu Xiaoshou was incapable of splitting himself, so he was unable to take care of the portrait clones.

He thought that since he was about to be discovered, he would completely shed all pretense of cordiality.

But now, without Rao Yaoyao as a hindrance, his combat strength had been freed.

With his superb knowledge of weaving expertise, Xu Xiaoshou easily found the weakness of the Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array, just like that day at the City Lord Mansion of Tiansang City, where he instantly found many flaws in the Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array.

Without any hesitation, he immediately passed through the array with his spiritual senses and contacted the three portrait clones.


This time, Xu Xiaoshous mood was completely relaxed.

As long as his spiritual senses could communicate with the three portrait clones, how easy would it be to escape


Under Situ Yongrens slow advancing speed and the shocked gazes of all the law enforcers who sensed the abnormality but did not know where it came from, Xu Xiaoshou casually used his spiritual senses to draw three space-time vortexes.

Then, he removed the three portrait clones.

Yes, he removed them on the spot!

Portrait clone was just a pile of spiritual energy.

When they were not activated, they were dead spiritual energy.

When they were activated, they could move and spread sound through the vibrating air.

If he wanted to remove them, he only needed to destroy the textile structure within.

In this way, the portrait clone would also disintegrate.

It was a simple operation, but it brought despair to the many law enforcers.

Even after they had used all their strength and activated the Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array, they still couldnt stop Huang Quan from interfering with the members of his organization and Night Guardian inside the array.


“Is the array useless against Huang Quan”

“Is he an array master Or did he use his ability to treat this space-time as another parallel world and easily remove Night Guardian and the other two from it”

“Or… from the beginning to the end, the enemy and I have never been in the same parallel space-time”

The power of time delay was unable to stop the shock and deep thought in the law enforcers hearts.

They were terrified by Huang Quans ability to ignore the array and were also terrified by his strange ability.

Such a flawless person was paired with a God Devil Eyes holder that could even control Sword Deity Rao and Wang Dachui.

In this world, where could he not go Was there even a place that could keep him from leaving

The appearance of the three space-time vortexes destroyed everyones intention to save Night Guardian and stopped the actions of the law enforcers.

However, for Xu Xiaoshou, the real problem came!

He firmly believed that the God Devil Eyes would definitely not be able to control Rao Yaoyao and Wang Dachui for too long.

Furthermore, the power of “Time delay”, which could turn a short moment into eternity, had been maintained for too long and he had reached his limit.


Xu Xiaoshou stopped the power of time in advance before he reached the point where his spiritual source had dried up.

He was panicking, but his eyes were indifferent as he swept his gaze across everyone present.

He calmly leaned his back against the space and spoke in a mocking tone, seeming to be in control of the entire scene.

“Everyone, do you still want to fight”


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