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She could be in danger if she was in such close contact with him.


Golden Foot chose to retreat without hesitation.

However, she barely lifted her foot before Xu Xiaoshou laughed and said, “Didnt you want to absorb my energy Since youre already here, dont retreat.

It would be so rude to leave without saying goodbye.”

After saying that, Xu Xiaoshou raised both hands and stopped suppressing the Engulfing Power of his Breathing Technique.


He took a breath and his entire body relaxed.

After a loud bang, a large amount of water element outside the water ball, the spiritual source and blood essence that had left his body, the demonesss body, as well as her spiritual source and life force were all absorbed into Xu Xiaoshous body.


The backlash from the surging suction force caused Golden Foot to suffer a heavy blow and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Marrow Absorption Technique was forcefully interrupted and her body was persistently stuck to the wall of the water ball due to the strong suction force.

Golden Foot was startled as her life force was rapidly draining away.

She was horrified at her current state.

“This is impossible!”

She couldnt believe everything that had happened.

“How could he still use spiritual technique within the Spell Forbidden Barrier”

“Doubted, Passive Points 1.”

“Feared, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

“If you can do it, why cant I Are you discriminating against me”

He pushed the Breathing Technique to its highest limit without saying much.

Under the premise that he had to suppress not destroying the water ball, Xu Xiaoshou absorbed back everything that he had lost and everything within his opponents body!

Golden Foots condition fell to its worst state once again.

At this time, she could not retreat.

She could only hold on to her last hope and take out an object that she kept near the chest area.

“Thump thump!”

“Thump thump!”

The sound of a heart beating suddenly rang out.

Xu Xiaoshous gaze was fixed on the item.

He then realized that Golden Foot had taken out a heart.

He was shocked.

Was this demoness so flustered that she took out her own heart

Xu Xiaoshous gaze settled.

After he had a clear view of the situation, he realized that he had gone off track again.

What the witch had taken out was a special object that looked similar to a heart.

It was not her actual heart.

The special heart-shaped object was black in color.

The left and right ventricles were dark red in color.

In the middle of the heart, there was an open mouth with fangs.

“Whats that object” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

He was keenly aware that this object could pose a threat to him.

At this moment, Golden Foot parted her red lips slightly and spat out a mouthful of blood essence onto the black and red heart.

She shouted with much clarity,

“Heart of Marrow Absorption, activate!”

“Thump, thump, thump…”

The sounds of the heart beating instantly intensified.

After swallowing the blood essence, the “Heart of Marrow Absorption” emitted a scarlet light.

Then, a suction force that was even more terrifying than the “Breathing Technique” exploded inside the mouth with fangs.

This suction force was not only stronger than the Marrow Absorption Technique but it was also stronger than Xu Xiaoshous Breathing Technique!


Xu Xiaoshous passive was interrupted and he grunted in slight pain.

He could no longer absorb any more energy into his body.

On contrary, what goes around comes around.

The energy in his body started to flow out at an alarmingly fast speed and was swallowed by the opponent entirely.


While holding onto the Heart of Marrow Absorption, Golden Foot let out an extremely seductive moan of satisfaction after she swallowed Xu Xiaoshous powerful life force.

At this moment, Golden Foot was completely relaxed.

She even tilted her head and laughed.

“Little brother, you are quite a powerful figure.

However, compared to my absorption ability…”

“Hmph, you are still too weak!”


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