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This answer suddenly gave Xu Xiaoshou a feeling of invincibility.

Previously, he had used the space attributes to successfully exchange Elixirs for Night Guardian, but he had not been suppressed by Spell Forbidden Barrier.

In other words, Spell Forbidden Barrier was activated the moment the space ability was activated, but Xu Xiaoshou had already passed the thing to Night Guardian.

As for the subsequent abilities, it was okay if they were disabled.

It was not a big deal.

But at that time, Xu Xiaoshou did not think much of it.

He thought that the suppression of Spell Forbidden Barrier on him was very weak because of Water Ghosts special care.

After all, the other party was also one of Saint Servant Nine Thrones.

It was normal for him to take care of people on his side.

But now, it seemed that Water Ghost had not taken care of him.

The reason why Xu Xiaoshou could use his ability in Spell Forbidden Barrier was because of the strength of the Imitator.

“Perhaps my spiritual cultivation ability can not be used in Spell Forbidden Barrier, but through the Imitator, I can break the rule of Spell Forbidden Barrier.” Xu Xiaoshous thoughts drifted far away.

He did as he thought.

He did not hesitate to use the infernal white flame, trying to make the seawater ten feet away evaporate through his eyes.

But he failed.

The spiritual resource in his energy reserve could not be used at all, so Xu Xiaoshou naturally could not use his Infernal Energy.

Xu Xiaoshou thought, “As expected…”

Failure did not make him discouraged.

On the contrary, he was even more excited.

He thought, “Lets try the Imitator again…

“Imitate my Infernal Energy through the Imitator.

If this can work…


Xu Xiaoshou suppressed the excitement in his heart.

He linked his spiritual senses to the Imitator in the Yuan Mansion and began to “duplicate” his ability.

If it was asked who was the easiest to be imitated in the world with the Imitator, then without a doubt, the answer was “oneself”.

Xu Xiaoshou had almost completely imitated his spiritual cultivation ability, and through the Imitator, this ability could even be slightly strengthened.

He shouted, “Infernal Heavens!”

With a glance, Xu Xiaoshou, who had relied on the Imitator to cross the restriction of Spell Forbidden Barrier, suddenly saw a white flame blooming in the deep sea.

Then there came a slight sound.

But the sound only lasted for less than a breath.

Spell Forbidden Barrier was activated, and the flower of white flame was crushed and turned into nothingness.

Xu Xiaoshou thought, “Its done!”

Even though the white flame disappeared in a flash.

However, Xu Xiaoshou, who had verified the success, had a bright light in his eyes.

He didnt hesitate to use the power of the Imitator again.

With a wave of his hands, a scorching aura appeared around him.

He said, “Dragon Melting Realm!”

Under the deep sea, within a radius of hundreds of feet, the white flame in a continuous circle suddenly rose up from the ground, trying to form a perfect domain-form spiritual technique between the two closed cages at the top and bottom.

This kind of interweaving of fire under the water, the combination of hot and cold, blossomed with a demonic beauty in the deep sea.

Unfortunately, apart from the extremely excited Xu Xiaoshou, no other audience could see this unbelievable scene.

It didnt take long.

The fire-type energy appeared, but Dragon Melting Realm wasnt able to close, and Spell Forbidden Barrier was activated again, so everything was destroyed.

However, that short-lived burst of brilliant deep-sea white flame made Xu Xiaoshou feel excited, and he couldnt calm down for a long time.

He thought, “With Spell Forbidden Barrier, even if I can use the continuous spiritual cultivation ability, it would be destroyed at the first moment.

“However, an ability likespatial displacement that explodes in an instant and then disappears will not be affected.

“Because after using the Imitator to forcefully break through the barriers, by the time Spell Forbidden Barrier reacts, my has already used my ability…”

Xu Xiaoshou continued to refine the thoughts in his heart, and the answer he got was even more perfect.

He thought, “So, as long as I imitate myself and only use the instantaneous burst-type spiritual cultivation ability, I can almost use… all the spiritual cultivation abilities in my peak condition under the deep sea.

“Oh my! Amazing!

“If Im so strong, how can others live”

Xu Xiaoshou gasped.

He finally understood why Water Ghost could hide under Lone Cliff and kill so many higher void level ones, including Rao Yaoyao.

With Sea Gods Trident, one of the ten top Great Psionic Weapons, Water Ghost was equivalent to being able to use water-type energy wantonly in Spell Forbidden Barrier.

And Water Ghost himself was the controller of Water-type Upanishad.

If he wasnt strong enough, what else could be considered “Strong” in this world

Xu Xiaoshou thought, “Sea Gods Trident only has a single water attribute, yet its already so powerful.

“If my Imitator was still in Yis body, I reckon that if he were to fall into the water, the ability that he imitated wouldnt be very good either, because it would be destroyed by Spell Forbidden Barrier.

“But Im different!

“I have all attributes!”

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fists in excitement and was overwhelmed with emotion.

He thought, “Imitator is in my body, so it means that Spell Forbidden Barrier is completely ineffective to me!”

What did this mean

It meant that in this deep sea, everyones ability had dropped to less than 10%, but Xu Xiaoshou could exert more than 100% of his strength.

He began to think of the killers who wanted to kill him like Golden Foot…

He thought of Ye Xiao, the initiator who issued the Black Gold Bounty of Three Incenses…

He thought of Rao Yaoyao, who had almost forced him to lose his life on Lone Cliff…

At this moment, they were all in the deep sea.

They were all restricted by Spell Forbidden Barrier.


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly laughed maniacally.

It had been a long time since he had been so happy.

The enemies were all in the higher void level, so it was only right for him, who was only in the master stage, to hide from them.


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