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But now that there was such a good opportunity, what other reason did he have to hide from them

Among his opponents, he didnt have to be afraid of anyone else except Rao Yaoyao, who had the ability of the ancient swordsman.

Then he stopped laughing.

Xu Xiaoshous expression also changed, and his murderous intent was released without restraint.

The corner of his lips curled into a sick smile as if he was a clown.

He was no longer satisfied with letting the water ball fall on its initiative.

Instead, he continued to rely on the recoil force to make his water ball swim rapidly under the deep sea.

He thought, “The hunting operation begins now!”

There was a falling water ball somewhere unknown in the deep sea.

A little boy with a round head and big eyes lay limp in the water ball in a shriveled, weak to the core state.

The boy thought, “Im so tired.

When will I be able to leave this situation

“Fortunately, I have enough metals with me.

Hopefully, I can hold on until theturning point appears…”

Little Ninja, one of the five top gold hunting token killers, finally realized that the suppression of Spell Forbidden Barrier on Spiritual Cultivators was all-sided.

He gave up struggling and let his body relax.

He stuck to the side of the water ball and used it to reduce the consumption of his physical strength to deal with the unknown danger.

A large number of metals that had lost their spiritual quality floated in front of him.

They were colorful.

The suppression of Spell Forbidden Barrier on a metal-type higher void one was too powerful.

Other than being able to swallow metal to maintain his life force, Little Ninja could not use any other ability.

Suddenly, as the water ball was falling, a special power fluctuation seemed to come from afar.

Little Ninja thought, “This is…

“Fire-type energy

“How can there be fire-type energy in Spell Forbidden Barrier under the deep sea”

Little Ninja couldnt help but think of the two messengers of the Holy Palace who were hiding in the Way of the Heavens on Lone Cliff like him.

If nothing went wrong, only an expert at Mu Lings level could use fire-type energy in Spell Forbidden Barrier.

Perhaps, the other party had some divine object given by Demi-Saint Infernal, Long Rongzhi, which could temporarily block the restriction of Spell Forbidden Barrier.

He thought, “But why did he use fire-type energy

“Did he encounter danger

“There is indeed danger in the deep sea!”

Little Ninja, who was completely exhausted, thought of this.

He sat up straight and looked around vigilantly.

He was afraid that when he was completely weak, some enemy would suddenly appear and want to target him.

This was unlikely to happen.

Because when he acted as an assassin, all the enemies were dead.

And Little Ninja naturally did not feel that his identity had been exposed.

But it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Little Ninja drew a few more pieces of high-rank metal.

He felt that the spiritual source in his energy reserve, which had almost been drained dry, had recovered some.

He immediately borrowed the strength of his physical body and rebounded the water ball, trying to stay away from the place where the fire-type energy exploded.

He thought, “I hope the one wont come over…”

The water ball headed for a place away from the danger.

But at the same time, it was still falling at a high speed.

Little Ninja was uneasy.

The whim of the higher void made him feel that he might have been targeted by someone.

Blessings never came in pairs, and misfortunes never came singly.

When a person was unlucky, even drinking water could cause trouble, and the thing they were most afraid of would often happen.

Then a short time passed.

The water ball was still not far away from the dangerous place.

Through the blurry water ball wall, Little Ninja, whose spiritual senses had lost their effect, could vaguely see a figure speeding over from the deep sea in the distance with the naked eye.

The figure was facing his direction.

Little Ninjas heart went pit-a-pat.

He was nervous.

His heart began to beat faster.

Fear appeared on Little Ninjas face, and he was already cursing in his heart.

But he couldnt stop the opponent from moving.

Soon, the figure got closer.

The figure was dozens of feet away, and the speed of his side movement and falling was the same as that of his water ball.

The figure and the water ball entered a state of relative stillness.

Little Ninja shouted, “Its You!”

Seeing the face of the figure, his face changed as he cried out in surprise.

Outside the water ball, the intruder was the Water-type Upanishad controller who was holding a big trident and wearing half of a golden beast mask.

He was the one who smashed everyone on Lone Cliff into the deep sea.

But his identity was unknown.

Little Ninja asked, “Who are you”

He looked at the malicious smile on the other partys mouth and couldnt help but ask first.

He guessed that Mu Ling had met this person and thus used his fire-type energy.

The power of the other party seemed to have been restricted by Spell Forbidden Barrier.

He didnt show any of it.

Even the trident in his hand didnt show any spiritual source.

However, regardless of strength, the appearance of the trident was the Sea Gods Trident.

And the king of the sea who held the trident didnt have a water ball protecting his body, but he could withstand the heavy pressure under the deep sea with his body.

Without a doubt, this person could use his ability within Spell Forbidden Barrier.

Little Ninja asked, “Hey, my friend, I havent offended you before, right”

Seeing that the other side still did not say anything, Little Ninja narrowed his eyes.

He knew that his current condition was not good, and the other party probably knew this as well… So he kindly said, “In this world, you should leave yourself a way out.

We dont interfere with each others business.

If you let me off today, I will repay you in the future!”

The man with the golden beast mask who was holding Sea Gods Trident laughed in a low voice.

His slightly bright eyes looked over, and he tilted his head and asked, “How can you repay me”

“Ill repay you with my life!” Little Ninja could tell that the other party intended to let him off.

He said without hesitation, “If you let me go today, its equivalent to saving my life… So I can only repay you with my life!”

The man said, “However, it seems that I only let you go when you are helpless.

How can this be considered saving your life”


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