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Xiao Kongtong looked over in puzzlement.

The dragon was dead.

Was he going to whip the corpse

In the next second, Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand, and spatial power bloomed in the deep sea.

Before the power of the Spell Forbidden Barrier was activated, the entire corpse of the Gold-swallowing Dragon disappeared.

Xiao Kongtong was stunned.

He looked over in shock.

His mouth was open, and his eyes were wide open.

His gentle and elegant temperament was gone, and he couldnt even close his mouth.

In an instant…

In the deep sea, Xu Xiaoshous hair stood on end.

At this moment, he could clearly feel the endless killing intent spreading around his body.

“Calm down, calm down…

“You are the Eldest Senior Brother of Fringe Moon Immortal City.

Its just a dragon, how can you behave in such a way…

“Moreover, I am your Senior Water Ghost.

Are you crazy Do you really dare to attack me, the master of the deep sea It is just a betrayed dragon!”

Xu Xiaoshous heart was roaring crazily.

He was so scared that he almost took out the dragon corpse in the Yuan Mansion world and offered it to him with both hands.

However, if he really did that, where would the Saint Servant Water Ghosts face go


Facing the raging coldness around him, Xu Xiaoshous lips trembled.

Then, he opened his mouth and tried to find something to add.

“Under the deep sea, in the Spell Forbidden Barrier, spiritual senses cant be used.

“Spiritual senses cant be used, and the price to open the spatial ring is too high.

I will temporarily store this dragon corpse and keep it for safekeeping.

Is there a problem”

Xiao Kongtongs face stiffened and turned purple.

It seemed…

There was no problem…

“Can your sack hold this 1000-foot-long dragon corpse” Xu Xiaoshou looked at the sack on Eldest Senior Brothers shoulder and asked again.

The corner of Xiao Kongtongs mouth twitched.

“It cant, cant hold it…”

“Isnt that right” Xu Xiaoshou felt relieved and said,

“Ill keep the dragon corpse for now.

I created the Spell Forbidden Barrier in the deep sea.

Although you have the merit of slaying the dragon, Ill take 90% of the credit.

“However, Im not a stingy person.

Since youre the one who killed the dragon, if you need anything in the future, just open your mouth.”

After a pause, Xu Xiaoshou became serious and said generously.

“As long as you ask from Water Ghost, whatever I can give, I will give to you!

“If you dont lack the things on the dragon corpse, its fine too.

I, Water Ghost, will owe you a favor.

Xiao Kongtong.

What do you think”

Xiao Kongtong looked up in shock, a little moved.

What was it so

How could a mere dragon corpse be exchanged for a favor

After the initial shock and anger of the dragon corpse being taken away, Xiao Kongtong also realized that the deep sea was Senior Water Ghosts home ground.

If he wanted to kill this dragon, he had many tricks up his sleeve.

He was obviously testing him.

Now that Senior Water Ghost could give him 10% of the dragon corpse, he already had the intention of praising and rewarding him.

Why did he still directly promise a favor

This… was too valuable!

“I choose favor.” Xiao Kongtong hid his excitement and immediately answered, afraid that Senior Water Ghost would change his mind.

You were really too smart, a little smarter than big smart… Xu Xiaoshou was so happy that he almost slapped his thigh and pounced on Eldest Senior Brother of Fringe Moon Immortal City to massage his shoulders and chest.

Now, he was going to watch the wonderful scene of the fight between Water Ghost and Xiao Kongtong which resulted in favor due to a dragon corpse.

“Ill let you mess with me!”

Xu Xiaoshou cursed Water Ghost while imagining the scene, and the corners of his mouth started to curl up.

He was suddenly startled and thought of another wonderful thing that the so-called “favor” could bring.

If at the same time while Xiao Kongtong and the true Water Ghost were fighting, Yama, Huang Quan, and Saint Servant, Bazhunan, were also fighting because of the so-called “favor”…

“Tsk tsk!”

What breathtaking scenery!

“Ill let you mess with me!”


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