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Under the deep sea.

In the blurry water ball, there was a figure struggling feebly, surrounded by many empty pill bottles that had been opened.

“Another corpse of a cutting path…”

After dealing with the Gold-swallowing Dragon, Xiao Kongtong followed his Senior Water Ghost.

Along the way, he had seen countless corpses.

Most of them were trial officers at the sovereign stage and some of them were at the cutting path stage.

It seemed that other than the higher voids, no other spiritual cultivator could last this long with their spiritual source drained under the increasingly terrifying suction force of the water ball.

“Perhaps, this is the true saint servant…” Xiao Kongtong sighed silently.

In fact, he also killed people, but as the Eldest Senior Brother of Fringe Moon Immortal City, he rarely killed people whose cultivation level was lower than his.

Firstly, it was too degrading, and secondly, it was not easy for spiritual cultivators to grow up.

If it were not for the fact that they were destined to die and his teachers order, he, Xiao Kongtong, would disdain killing innocent people.

However, now that he was following Senior Water Ghost, he had seen the dark side of the saint servant for himself.

The bodies of Sovereigns that had been buried in the deep sea, and the dozens of corpses of cutting paths.

“My teacher gave me the mission of the Fringe Moon Immortal City.

Even though I had killed a lot of people in the process of building the city and clearing the obstacles…”

“But at least, everyone who died under my sword was at the same level.”

“I remember their names, and so did their companions.

After their deaths, their names and their past merit were still remembered.”

“But those who died under the deep sea died silently.”

“To be honest, they were just cannon fodder who were sacrificed in advance in the struggle for the Great Path.”

Xiao Kongtong followed silently with mixed feelings in his heart.

He knew that his teacher had already treated him very well.

The tenth seat hidden by the saint servant seemed to have no status, but he still retained the right to walk under the Sun.

The past of people like Senior Water Ghost…

Xiao Kongtong looked at the back of Water Ghost, who was leading the way quietly and sighed in his heart.

He thought of how the nine thrones of Saint Servant had escaped from the Holy Divine Palace all these years.

After the central region was destroyed, the storytellers faction fled all the way to the eastern region and finally returned to his teachers side.

It seemed that the deaths of these small figures were something that the saint servant seniors were used to, right

Xiao Kongtong put aside his thoughts and followed Senior Water Ghosts footsteps.

He wanted to get closer and ask why so many nameless people had to die under the deep sea.

However, as soon as he got closer…

For some reason, Xiao Kongtong felt that Senior Water Ghost was gloomy.

Although it was obviously not caused by the silent death of a nobody, Xiao Kongtong felt that Senior Water Ghost must have recalled something bad in the past during the mass death.

He shut his mouth and decided to be a bystander.

“Is this the dark side of the saint servant”

After imitating the identity of Water Ghost, Xu Xiaoshou accidentally bumped into the saint servants terrifying technique for the first time under the deep sea.

The floating corpses in the passing water balls were so miserable that it was beyond words.

This made him think of Night Guardian.

After all, Night Guardian was also a cutting path.

How could he transcend such a miserable death

Xu Xiaoshou had seen bloody massacres before.

In the Eighth Palace, Bazhunan had killed 700 white-clothed people.

When Xu Xiaoshou sent off Elder Sang, he saw the 700 white-clothed people lying down without any ability to resist.

However, Bazhunan methods were completely different from what he was seeing now.

At that time, the 700 white-clothed people were lying down without any pain.

They were killed in one hit, which meant that these hundreds of people died without letting out any unnecessary screams.

The water ball under the deep sea was different.

The death of a spiritual cultivator was caused by an emptied spiritual source, which was sucked dry by the water ball.

Their experiences before they died, the meaning of death, everything in the past, and why they had to die…

Some of these things could be imagined by Xu Xiaoshou, while others were completely unimaginable.

However, he knew that these were all the methods of Water Ghost.

For Water Ghost to be able to use such terrifying methods so calmly, it must have been a common occurrence for him.

“Thats why there arent so many reasons in this world.

Sometimes, when natural disasters and man-made disasters come, they can take away everything you have without any explanation.”

“The only thing the authorities can do is to try their best to be the person who can withstand the disaster.”

“Its not easy to protect yourself.

Its even more difficult to protect others.”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt emotional.

He was no longer the young man from the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

He would not fall into a daze just because he killed someone and saw a dead body.

The methods of Water Ghost were indeed terrifying.

At this moment, the only thing Xu Xiaoshou could think of was his family and friends.

Just like how he only wanted to protect the people of the First Pavilion in the Sky at the Spirit Gem Trade Fair, the further he went down the road, the more Xu Xiaoshou understood…

There was no saint in this world!

“Xiao Kongtong, have you seen the real battle of the Great Path” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly stopped in front of a water ball that trapped a floating corpse and asked thoughtfully.

Battle of the Great Path

The Eldest Senior Brother of Fringe Moon Immortal City, who was following closely behind, was startled when he heard the voice.

He subconsciously thought that it was not because Senior Water Ghost had not seen the world and was asking out of curiosity, but because the other party had thought that he might be used to seeing the light and not the dark world, he wanted to give some advice.

He could not tell that Senior Water Ghost was not only considerate and warm but also meticulous… Xiao Kongtong sighed with emotion, smiled slightly, and nodded.

“Senior, you dont have to enlighten me.

Everything that the saint servant does must be approved by the teacher.

As a student, I will not have any doubts about what the teacher wants to do.


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