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The water around him was pushed away by the water-type ability.

Xiao Kongtong finally got out of the electric conduction state, but he was still complaining in his heart.

It was definitely on purpose!

Senior Water Ghost was full of evil tricks.

He had only said a few words to him, but he had actually made him suffer three consecutive waves of the Thunder Calamity.

It was simply too much of a rip off!

However, business was more important.

At this time, Xiao Kongtong could not be bothered to be calculative.

He changed the topic and said,

“Senior, that should be it, the guy who transcended the Nine Death Thunder Calamity should be right above us.

We cant stay here any longer.

“If he really intends to transcend the nine tribulations in one go, what happened just now is just the appetizer of the Thunder Calamity.

When the climax comes, Im afraid even your water-type power will be restrained.”

Right above…

Xu Xiaoshou looked up, but he could not see the figure of the person transcending the tribulation.

His mind was a little dazed.

If he looked up diagonally, the Night Guardian should be in that position.

Was he dead now, was he planning to transcend the tribulation, or was he transcending the tribulation right now

No matter what, this first person who attempted to transcend the tribulation, regardless of whether he succeeded or failed, would probably bring hope to many people in the Cutting Path Stage.

Rather than having to die in pain, it would be better to give it a try!

Xu Xiaoshou reined in his thoughts and stopped thinking about it.

Even if it was the Night Guardian at the center of the Thunder Calamity, he would not be able to go back and provide any assistance.

This was because the Nine Death Thunder Calamity only concerned individuals.

Any outsiders who wanted to help would be treated as the focus of the Thunder Calamity.

Xu Xiaoshou was only at the Master Stage; how could he dare to suffer

“Head down diagonally!”

“Our focus is not on finding the person.

Im afraid that there will be other Thunder Calamity after this.

Once we encounter it, avoid it immediately.

Dont be affected by it.”

As Xu Xiaoshou spoke, he swiftly moved down diagonally.

“You are right Senior!”

Xiao Kongtong nodded in agreement and quickly followed, puzzled, he asked, “But why did you drag so many people into this If you had control over the barrier, you could have opened it on your own accord and weakened the power of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity to the extreme.”

The problem is that I am not the real Water Ghost, and I do not control the barrier… Xu Xiaoshou refuted in his mind.

However, Xiao Kongtongs words also reminded him of something.

That is right!

The real Water Ghost had dragged so many people into this, including so many people from the Cutting Path Stage .

With his intelligence and wisdom, how could he not think that some of them might be going through the tribulation under the deep sea

The answer was definitely yes!

Then, why did the Water Ghost still do it

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts immediately turned to the water balls.

Under the deep sea, every water ball that enveloped the spiritual cultivator protected everyones life, while at the same time, it was continuously drawing spiritual essence.

And what hisperception had seen before was that the spiritual essence drawn out from every spiritual cultivator who had yet to die had gathered into a line, and was connected to an unknown point at the bottom of the deep sea.

“Drawing spiritual essence”

“In order to obtain theenergy”

Xu Xiaoshou came to this conclusion vaguely and came to a sudden realization.

If the Water Ghost really wanted to draw energy, what else could be more powerful than the spiritual source in the deep sea

The power of the Thunder Calamity!

Because of the barrier, anyone from the Cutting Path Stage who wanted to transcend the tribulation would need to transcend the Nine Death Thunder Calamity in one go.

This was equivalent to offering someone charcoal in the winter, pouring a large amount of energy into that unknown place at the bottom of the deep sea!


Just as he was in deep thought, there was another clap of thunder beside him, accompanied by the surging nine-colored thunder.

It disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Xu Xiaoshous “perception” was activated, and he immediately captured the final destination of the power of the Thunder Calamity.

He finally discovered that the power of the Thunder calamity that was transmitted to its surroundings was already a remnant wave of energy.

Every time a clap of Thunder Calamity fell from the Nine Heavens and entered the deep sea, ninety percent of the power would be taken away and converted into pure spiritual source, which would then be injected into the unknown land below.

And these very obvious transmission routes of spiritual source were completely invisible to spiritual cultivators after they had lost their spiritual senses.

However, Xu Xiaoshousperception could easily capture them.

“He is stealing the power of the Thunder Calamity!

“Water Ghost wants any form of energy.

This is the true reason why he raised so many Dao Realm, Cutting Path Stage, and Higher Void Level Cultivators.

“He wants these people to continuously transport energy to the bottom of the deep sea.

Cutting Path Stage Cultivators breaking through before their death suits him even more.

“Because he can get more of what he wants!

“So terrifying!”

Xu Xiaoshou was secretly speechless.

He was scared by the lengths the Water Ghost had gone to.

He originally thought that the Water Ghosts action of using the water ball to draw everyones spiritual source was excessive.

He never thought that this fellow had no bottom line at all.

He even wanted to capture the power of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity!

And yet, every situation that happened under the deep sea seemed to have been predicted by him.

Xu Xiaoshou had seen a lot of “schemes” from the big shots; he did not want to ridicule them anymore.

However, the method of stealing the power of the Thunder Calamity, which he thought was unbelievable, was used so casually by the Water Ghost.

Compared to this, the human life and the pain between life and death that accompanied it were nothing in the eyes of that person.

He was indeed the heartless chess master!

Xu Xiaoshou let out a deep breath and tried to calm down, regaining the Water Ghosts tone of indifference toward life, he replied, “If I needed to suppress the power of the Cutting Path Stage Cultivators, why did I let them down Why didnt I just kill them”

Xiao Kongtong choked on his answer and fell into deep thought with a frown.

The water ball extracted the spiritual source of a person…

Senior Water Ghost did not deliberately suppress the power of the Thunder calamity…


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