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From this, it was not hard to see that Senior Water Ghost had already predicted everything!

So, in his eyes, even the power of Thunder Calamity could be used

For what

Xiao Kongtong could not help but ask.

Recalling that his relationship with Senior Water Ghost had become good, he asked, “Senior, what exactly do you want to do”

I also want to know the answer to this question… Xu Xiaoshou turned his head expressionlessly and said indifferently, “Dont ask what you shouldnt ask.”

“Ugh!” Xiao Kongtong choked.

He was talking about everything just now; why did he become so cold in the blink of an eye

Ha! An unpredictable man!


Thunder fell from the Nine Heavens, and pierced through the deep sea.

The moment the barrier was activated, it directly struck the Night Guardians body.


In the deep sea, a layer of scarlet mist had spread out.

The Night Guardian was on his last breath.

He took advantage of the recovery power that the pitiful Way of the Heavens bestowed upon him after the Thunder Calamity to breathe with difficulty.

“Red Divine Lightning, Orange Cloud Divine Lightning, Golden-throated Divine Lightning…”

“As expected, only by completely triggering the Nine Death Thunder Calamity and transcending the nine tribulations together can we slightly break the suppressive power of the barrier and struggle between life and death…”

The broken body of the Night Guardian was hanging in a disorderly manner, as if every part of his body did not belong to him anymore.

What was worth comforting was that after completely activating the power of the Thunder Calamity, he was able to slightly divert a trace of his energy reserve within the barrier.

This was the gift of the Thunder Calamity, not punishing those who were unable to resist.

However, the cruel reality was that after being crazily absorbed by the water ball, the energy reserve of the Night Guardian had already bottomed out.

Every time he resisted the Thunder Calamity, he was using his life as the price to stimulate his own potential and squeeze out a little bit of spiritual source to use.

The Night Guardians expression was filled with self-mockery, helplessness, and pain that was difficult to hide.

“Every tribulation of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity has 108 bolts.

If an ordinary Cutting Path Stage Cultivator transcends the tribulation and withstands these 108 bolts of lightning, even if he does not die, he will still be heavily injured.”

“As time passes, the level of the Thunder Calamity increases, and the calamity power within it also causes greater damage to the Cutting Path Stage Cultivator!”

“Under the suppression of the deep sea, my state is completely gone, but I still have to survive 972 bolts of Thunder Calamity in one breath…”

The Night Guardian closed his eyes heavily.

Until now, he had only managed to survive three bolts of Thunder Calamity, but he already felt that his entire bodys strength was empty.

In this state, how could he withstand the 969 bolts of Thunder Calamity that caused even more terrifying damage

“This is my fate…”

“I fear that this deep sea is really the place where I, the Night Guardian, will die!”

The Night Guardian swallowed another mouthful of seawater from around him in agony.

He regained his consciousness that was about to sink due to the numbness in his bones and tendons.

He continued to look up at the sky.

“D**n the heavens! Come on!”


As he wished, another bolt of lightning fell from the Nine Heavens.

With a bang, the Night Guardian fell again.

There was flesh and blood exploding on his body.

This time, it took him a long time to open his heavy eyelids.

“Ha, ha ha…”

“Hes not dead yet”

“I really created a miracle.

No matter how weak the Cutting Path Stage Cultivator is, has anyone been blasted into a ghost like me by the Fourth Thunder Calamity”

The correction power brought by the Thunder Calamity slightly tightened the broken body that was about to split apart.

The Night Guardian swallowed his saliva.

His mind was numb, and he found the spiritual light that he should have had in the past.

“Somethings not right.”

“Logically speaking, the Nine Death Thunder Calamity should have been completed in one go.

Even the first Thunder Calamity is stronger than an ordinary one.”.

“In my condition, its impossible for me to withstand a Thunder Calamity of this intensity.

Even if its the first Thunder Calamity, I should have died long ago.

How can I still withstand the Fourth Thunder Calamity”

The Night Guardian seemed to have found a turning point as his thoughts became active.

“The intensity of this Thunder Calamity isnt right.

It has been weakened!

“Although I dont know who is helping me, even the fourth Thunder Calamity is several times weaker than the first Thunder Calamity of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity!

“This is my hope!”

The Night Guardians eyes suddenly lit up.

He was wondering if he could survive the weakened Thunder Calamity to the end with the power of recovery after the calamity

But soon, his eyes dimmed again.

Even if the Thunder Calamity was weakened, how many more Thunder Calamity strikes could he withstand in his current state

One strike could be forcefully withstood by his will…

Ten strikes could be passed by gritting his teeth…

A hundred! He might be able to protect half of his head with a gamble…

But there were still 968 bolts of Thunder Calamity waiting for him! This was not something a weak Cutting Path Stage Cultivator could possibly withstand!

If there was such a strong-willed person in the world, he would have long been famous throughout the world!

“Im the Night Guardian, right”

As his consciousness gradually weakened, the Nine Heavens strike fell down again without any explanation.

With a boom, the broken limbs of the Night Guardian were thrown away, and his entire body was thrown away like a dead dog.

His spiritual altar instantly went dark, and the spiritual source in his energy reserve that had lost control could no longer push away the surrounding water pressure.


A strong crushing pain came from all directions…


Suddenly, a familiar voice with no image burst in from the depths of his soul.

The Night Guardian was shouted at so loudly that he opened his eyes.

The first thing he did was to divert the spiritual source of his energy reserve that was bestowed by the Way of the Heavens to push away the surrounding water pressure.

The Thunder Calamity could be withstood for a while with his will.

If the water pressure from the deep sea really swept over, he would not be given a chance.

He would definitely die on the spot!

“It f*****g hurts!”

After doing all this, the Night Guardian lowered his eyes and looked at the part of his left arm that was slightly squirming and growing under the power of the Thunder Calamity.

However, it finally stopped because his energy reserve was empty.


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