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He smiled.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

The Night Guardian raised his head, and looked at the blurry summit of the deep sea, speechless for a long time.

At this moment, he did not even know which direction was the sky, which direction was the bottom, which direction was the left, and which was the right.

“Im afraid that Im about to turn into a spirit in heaven that can only silently bless you.

Hahahaha…” Under the deep sea, the Night Guardian laughed until he could not stop coughing.

For the first time, he felt that Xu Xiaoshous way of speaking was actually so interesting.


At this moment, a muffled explosion came from afar.

The Night Guardian was in a daze.

He glanced over, and the first thing he felt was that in that direction, there was also a premonition of calamity power that did not belong to this deep sea.

“Are we on the same path”

There were still Cutting Path Stage Cultivators in the deep sea.

One of the trial officers had begun to try as well.

The Night Guardian smiled as if he had been encouraged.

A painful expression appeared on his bloody face.

Then, he suddenly jumped to the left and faced another Thunder Calamity.

“Good brother, lets die together!”

On the Lone Cliff.

The Water Ghost, who was wearing a golden beast mask, still had a smile on his face.

He silently looked up at the top of the Yunlun Mountain range…five or six clouds of Thunder Calamity.

“What a magnificent sight.

Its been a long time since Ive seen so many people from the Cutting Path Stage transcend their tribulations at the same time, and theyre all transcending the Nine Death Thunder Calamity at the same time.

Tsk Tsk!”

“As expected, people will never take the greatest risk and take the slimmest chance if they dont reach their death.”

“Its a pity that the path of spiritual cultivation is destined to meet death from the very beginning.

Without the greatest courage to challenge death, how can one take the final step

“You dont even have the right to see the truth!”

The Water Ghosts gaze shifted away from the calamity cloud and landed in front of him.

In front of him, there were more than ten water balls floating in the air.

The ones imprisoned inside were Cutting Path Stage and Higher Void Level Cultivators.

“Senior, spare my life.

If you let me go, I can owe you a favor.

I will definitely repay you in the future…” A vague voice came from the water ball.

Without saying anything, the Water Ghost flicked his finger and the water ball fell into the sea of clouds between the cliffs.

“Spare my life!”

The people in the other water balls panicked when they saw the situation.

At this moment, there were several great Cutting Path Stage Cultivators transcending tribulations at the bottom of the Lone Cliff, and they were also transcending nine tribulations.

Even if one thought about it with their knees, they would know that there was a big problem down there.

Who wanted to be thrown down

But now, the one who was controlling the situation was this man who was sitting on a big rock, holding a huge trident, and stepping on the Water Power Upanishad Formation.

Cutting Path Stage and Higher Void Level Cultivators had only heard of the spiritual cultivators power of the Upanishad, which could allow him to easily cross the Sovereign Stage in the three realms of the throne.

Everyone was skeptical.

But now that they had experienced it firsthand, they realized that the rumors were not exaggerated.

On the contrary, it was understated!

When the spiritual cultivator who had mastered the Upanishad also ascended to the Higher Void Level, no one in the world, except for Saint and Demi-saint spiritual cultivators, would be able to survive three rounds from the person in front of them!

With a light tap of his finger, the Water Ghost swept across the dozens of water balls in front of him one by one.

“Gate of Heaven and Earth, three incenses, Hawk Faction, three incenses, three incenses, three incenses…”

“So many assassins And theyre all from the Eastern Region”

“Xu Xiaoshou is also from the Eastern Region, isnt he Why is he so hated Why do people want his head Is his head that attractive”

The Water Ghost laughed and shook his head.

“Im tempted by what you guys are doing…”

“Senior, please spare us!” The wails from the water ball were heard again, followed by many words about the price of trading their lives.

The Water Ghost laughed.

“Since youre already here, how can I spare your lives Whether you can survive and find an opportunity depends on your own abilities, but now…”

The Water Ghost paused and flicked his finger, throwing all the water balls in front of him into the sea of clouds between the cliffs.

“Go feed the fish in my bounded domain!”


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