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Chapter 148: Haha, a Shoddy Sword!

The Tianxuan Gate, the place of a hundred battles.

This was a very large martial arts arena on which rested two weapons racks full of swords, broadswords, spears, sticks, axes, hammers, daggers, bows, and shields.

All kinds, styles, and all sorts of weapons.

Yuan Tou stood with his spear in his hand, his aura rising.

Soon, a stir occurred in the empty space, and he broke through to the late Upper Spirit Level.

As he opened his eyes, the spiritual mane disappeared, but his energy reserve kept on surging.

The Mysterious Overload Spear shook in his hand, and Yuan Tou felt he had the power to destroy the gods.

He was unstoppable!

“Its been a day.”

As a master of time management, even if there was only one star, not to mention the alternation of day and night, he was still able to pinpoint the time to the minute and second.

Bringing back his spear and jumping up, Yuan Tou flew up high into the sky.

The “Place of Hundred Battles,” the martial arts arena, had been blasted to ruin by him.

As far as the eye could see, it was full of big craters.

This was the power of his innate attributes—they were as powerful as ten thousand pounds!

However, the most significant gain of this trip wasnt this, but the intermittent spear intent.

If he were given more time, perhaps this extremely difficult spear intent would be forced out.

Yet, he had more important matters to take care of first.

“Xu Xiaoshou.”

He couldnt believe that hed trusted Xus words, went all the way westward, left the last trial secret realm half a day ago, and arrived at the “Place of Hundred Battles.”

However, he hadnt found even a single person here!

“D*mn it!” he cursed.

“That lad must have known from the beginning that I was on him, but pretended not to know about it in an attempt to avoid the disaster of being killed.

“He is indeed someone who killed Chao Shu and is thought highly of by Zhang Xinxiong!

“Fortunately, I had a breakthrough in this place, so this trip wasnt a total loss.”

Yuan Tou floated in the empty space and lifted his head to look around.

“If hes not in the Place of Hundred Battles, then he must be at the Black Fallen Cliff.”

He didnt know much about the secret trial places of the Tianxuan Gate except for four or five of them, but he knew about the famous “Black Fallen Cliff,” the place sword cultivators must go through.

If Xu Xiaoshou wanted to go to the secret realm after entering this land, he would have no other place to go but the “Place of Hundred Battles” and the Black Fallen Cliff!

It was the second day since theyd entered the Tianxuan Gate.

The “lost plan” had to be carried out.

If it was further delayed, everyone would converge at the exit.

The possibility of being discovered would be much higher by then!


The Mysterious Overload Spear turned into a flash of dark light along with Yuan Tou, and they disappeared into the horizon.

“Xu Xiaoshou, wait for me!”

“Hiss, Ah-choo!”

Xu Xiaoshou sneezed.

“Is something wrong again” He scratched his head curiously, feeling somewhat perplexed.

Usually he didnt sneeze much, but every time he did it foretold a life lost.

Actually, an enemys life lost.

At first, he thought this sneeze was just a coincidence, but then he thought again.

“This time, is another person coming over to die” he thought.

“This should be an ability only the most powerful people have: the whim!

“Or is it a special effect of Sense”

Xu Xiaoshou chose to believe the former.

“Forget it.

Keep on heading west.”

His purpose for going west was, of course, to encounter Yuan Tou by chance.

In the past, hed had no choice but to hide his whereabouts, but now that hed had a breakthrough, he naturally wanted to find out Yuan Tous true intentions.

As the saying goes, “Although one doesnt fear the thieves, one is afraid of being watched by the thieves!”

Yet he wasnt in a hurry to catch up.

He should be invincible in the TIanxuan gate at present, as he had enough strength to achieve the so-called “Kill God while being blocked by God and kill Buddha while being blocked by Buddha.”

More importantly, he had to figure out the weapon in his hands.

The “Black Fallen Scabbard.”

Since hed pulled the black scabbard out from the Black Fallen Cliff, hed given the sword this name.

Hed been checking it out for a long while but couldnt figure out how to use it.

Naturally, itd be easy to use if it was just a sheathe for a sword.

But Xu Xiaoshou was someone who held a grudge, and he hadnt forgotten about those 280,000 white sword energies!

“This scabbard doesnt even have a sword.

How can it emit sword energy” Xu Xiaoshou was very curious.

If this was a sword with spirit, it being able to emit sword energy would make sense.

But this was merely a sword scabbard.

Could it be that this scabbard could also be used to cause damage A white sword energy

Or could it be that this things predecessor had protected a great sword, and the interaction with the sword had also made this scabbard spiritual

Xu Xiaoshou pulled out Hiding Pain.

The black sword drooped, a stark contrast to the scabbard, which was constantly quivering and struggling.

The black sword had even lost the impulse to devour its master after being struck by lightning.

Xu Xiaoshou hated the fact that his sword wasnt as powerful as he wished it was.

“Look at that scabbard.

Its more spiritual than you, a sword!” he said, talking to his sword.

“Youve lost the ability to devour your master, and youve become weaker and weaker!

“Youve been shivering for a long time, but theres no way you can escape from my palm.

Cant you cut it out” Xu Xiaoshou said to the scabbard, expecting it to respond in some way.

The scabbard started to quiver more and more.

In anyone elses hands, it mightve had a chance to break free, but the scabbard had no chance to do so in the tight grip of someone with a Master Level Physique.

Xu Xiaoshou frowned, pondering this.

In order to stimulate the formidable white sword energy, hed tried all kinds of methods, including the spiritual source infusion, kindly persuasion, violent beating, and slamming.

All in vain!

“Is it really necessary to recognize the master” Xu Xiaoshou dripped a droplet of his blood on the scabbard, but the blood slipped off, and his efforts were still in vain.

“Its preposterous!”

Xu Xiaoshou was angry.

He held up Hiding Pain and threatened, “If you dont give in, Ill stick you in it!”


The black fallen scabbard quivered even more as it tried to break free from the big hand that controlled its fate, but it was unable to do so.

“Good, the more you resist, the more excited my sword will get!” Xu Xiaoshou said viciously.

As he was about to insert Hiding Pain into the scabbard, the sword wimped out and became soft and bent.

Xu Xiaoshou was perplexed.

“Whats wrong with you Youre that much of a wimp”

“Youve been enjoying devouring your master.

And now that Ive found a scabbard for you, you wilt at the critical moment,” he thought.

“This might be a scabbard for a mighty sword.

How many swords out there would like to have such a soul mate, yet you become soft when I get it for you.”

“Straighten up for me!” he yelled.

Hiding Pain, with sword will infused into it by Xu Xiaoshou, straightened with a buzzing sound and emitted a formidable sword aura.

The scabbard quivered even more fiercely, like a virtuous woman who would never submit to the procurer.


A crisp sword sound echoed in the empty space as Xu Xiaoshou sheathed Hiding Pain in the scabbard.

It was at this moment that the whole world seemed to fall silent as the scabbard seemed to stretch a little before weakening.

The scabbard stopped quivering.

He wondered why.

Looking at Hiding Pain, Xu Xiaoshou could feel its joy even though it pretended to resist the forced arrangement.

“Haha, a shoddy sword!”


If this scabbard had become spiritual because of the last sword, could it help Hiding Pain becoming spiritual too

Xu Xiaoshou rubbed his chin, pondering this.

As a hot-blooded lad, he had a dream of “venturing the world with a sword” in his heart, but he didnt want to abandon Hiding Pain because hed become too strong for the sword to keep up.

“But reality is cruel,” he thought.

“My fingers are now more powerful than this black sword.

If it wont improve, it will not escape the fate of being abandoned.”

“Come on, little Hiding Pain,” he told it.

“I will try to find something to help you improve later, otherwise…

“Your master will have no choice but to find another sword!”


The Black Fallen Scabbard was desperate enough to stay motionless.

Hiding Pain paid no attention to what Xu Xiaoshou said, but it groaned cheerfully, seemingly pleased with its new companion.

Xu Xiaoshous black hair fell onto his forehead.

“Sure, a shoddy sword.”


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