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Chapter 171: The Array Gate

[The Moro Secret Forest]

Xu Xiaoshou stared anxiously at the dark crack in the sky.

If he hadnt reacted quickly enough, he would probably have rushed right into it.

To resist the tremendous suction of the crack, he forced himself to the side.

But the redwood trees coming from below were not so lucky and were sucked into the black void.

“Is this the spatially broken flow”

Xu Xiaoshou remembered Ye Xiaotians “Ripping Hand of Heaven” technique from the other night when the Master Dean had done the same thing with his bare hands.


The Tianxuan Gate rumbled again, and this time it did not return to a calm state.

Instead, the confines of the Small World hummed with a strange energy and trembled.

“Whats going on” Mu Zixi stopped and looked at the earth in panic.

“Im afraid that something is wrong with the Small World.”

No sooner had Mo Mo spoken, when the three of them heard Ye Xiaotians voice at the same time.

“A quarter of an hour.”

“Gather at the Array Gate.”

Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly descended to the ground and grabbed hold of his junior sister tightly.

He looked around and simply could not locate the Array Gate.

“Whoa, let go of me!” Mu Zixi struggled violently.

“Youre close to death now.

Stop making a scene!”


Mu Zixi went silent for a while, then fumed and growled, “Pink pigeon! Youre the one whos a pink pigeon! Your entire family comprises pink pigeons!”


Xu Xiaoshou was baffled and wondered if she was that vindictive.

He turned toward Mo Mo and said, “The Moro Secret Forest is too far from our initial landing point, and Im afraid the Array Gate is located there.”

“Its only a quarter of an hour.

Can you make it there”

Mo Mo lowered her head.

Had the gray fog man not fainted, she would have been able to reach in a quarter of an hour, but now…

As she thought about it, she realized that heaven and earth had turned upside down and the world was flying backward.


It was Xu Xiaoshou who picked her up with one of his hands.

She struggled, feeling awkward and somewhat embarrassed.

“Let go of me,” she hissed.

Xu Xiaoshou ignored her.

Judging by her appearance, he knew that Mo Mo was helpless right now.

In her present condition, she was so weak that even walking on her own felt like death itself.

With one in each arm, Xu Xiaoshou carried the two of them and soared into the sky.

He employed the Full Master Agility, and flames roared under his feet before his entire body streaked through the air.

“So fast”

“Who would have thought! Surely, his speed has never reached this limit before!”

Mo Mo, secure in Xu Xiaoshous arm, stirred when she saw the youths angular jawline.

Against the whistling wind, she buried her slightly red cheeks in his chest.

Da, dum.

Da, dum.

Da, dum.

Pressed against his chest, she could hear his heart thumping.

And the rapid heartbeat was in time with her own.

Her long black hair fluttered about wildly, partly covering her face.

She touched the white bracelet on her right wrist.

Just at this moment…

“Xu Xiaoshou! Can you not carry me on your shoulder Im feeling dizzy!” Mu Zixi cried and bounced on the youths shoulder, feeling like she was going to throw up.

“Pull off your skirt.

Its blocking my face!”


“Cursed, passive point, 1.”

“Cant you turn me over”

“Yeah, it seems I can.”

The corners of Mo Mos mouth curled up, feeling amused.

She looked over the shoulder of the lad and at the black crack in the sky.


The sky exploded once again.

Many pieces of mirror-like shards were falling, turning everything in their world into nothingness.

It appeared like after this moment, not a trace of anything would remain here.

There were few people in the Tianxuan Gate.

Seeing what was happening in the Small World and hearing Ye Xiaotians call, everyone realized that something was very wrong and rushed to the Array Gate.

When Xu Xiaoshou arrived, he found that a small group of people had already gathered at the entrance.

These were among the newly promoted thirty-three, each with excellent cultivation levels, especially in escaping skills.

Besides, they were not far away from the place, so they arrived promptly.

The only person who was not experienced was Chao Qingteng.

He couldnt even make his way here initially, but…

The lad who not usually one to care, but now a kinder countenance appeared on his face after he looked to the side and saw a woman clad in a purple silk dress.

Its the third life.

Seeing Xu Xiaoshou rush over with the two of them in his arms, they were all excited.

“Here they come.

Were all here.

The passage should open now!”

“There are still two missing.”

“We cant wait for them.

We will all die if the passage doesnt open right now.”

Xu Xiaoshou stopped and threw the two women to the ground.

Then he turned his head around and looked back at the rear.

The space shattered inch by inch, as if it were the end of the world.

The black hole seemed to swallow everything, gradually encroaching on the place where they passed only moments ago.

“What passage”

He looked at the only person with whom he was familiar—Luo Leilei.

“The dean said if the Small World within the Tianxuan Gate does not shatter, the passage could still be forcibly pushed open.

But the present situation is too unstable.

Probably, a spatial passage connecting the outside world has to be opened first, and even then, will last one second.” Luo Leilei explained, which was rare for her.

“One second is enough! What are you waiting for, open it now!”

Xu Xiaoshou was a little anxious.

He did a headcount and found there were eight of them in total.

Oh, yes, Yuan Tou was lost.

There is one more…

He turned his head back and forth and realized that most of the guys were those he had met only once.

But Zhou Tiansen, whom he was familiar with, was nowhere to be found.

He looked at Chao Qingteng and asked, “Zhou Tiansen hasnt come yet”

Chao Qingteng frowned and didnt speak, shaking his head slightly.

So, Xu Xiaoshou and Senior Sister Leilei also knew each other

Damn it!

He clenched his fist, but saw Luo Leilei approach Xu and said, “Xu Xiaoshou, Ive asked everyone here.

No one has touched the Treasure of Suppressing Barrier.”

“What Treasure of Suppressing Barrier”

Luo Leilei rolled her eyes and rebuked, “The Black Fallen Scabbard!”


“So, what else did you take”

Xu Xiaoshou was on his guard, wondering if Luo Leilei still wanted to snatch it.

“Whats it to do with you”


Im just asking.

Have you also taken the other two”

Xu Xiaoshou thought about it and figured he got the “Life Spiritual Seal” and “Sealing Stone”.

Though the latter was only a ring left, it was a treasure.

He nodded his head.

He believed this girl would be unable to beat him, so nothing bad would happen to him by admitting it.

“As I thought.”

Luo Leilei suppressed the impulse to smack this lad.

Seeing the innocent expression on his face, she grew furious.

You have just destroyed this world!

That said, how did he get the other two treasures of suppressing barrier in such a short time

Who is the spy then

After taking a deep breath, Luo Leilei spoke no more.

“There is no time.

Lets communicate with the dean and get out of here first!”

She took out a jade scroll left behind by Ye Xiaotian.

She was the first person to arrive and hid it.

“Wait!” Xu Xiaoshou raised his hand to stop her.

“The passage has only one chance, but is there only one chance to communicate as well”


Luo Leilei narrowed her eyes.

“You want to wait for the two of them”

Hearing what she said, the others were anxious, thinking that this world was on the brink of extinction and that they would not have enough time to think of others.

“Xu Xiaoshou, we have agreed that we would leave when more than half of our people assembled here.

Youre pretty lucky that we waited for you three.”

“Indeed, its better to think more about yourself right now.

We do not know what has happened to those two guys.

Maybe, they have already died in the spatial rift.”


“Stop!” Seeing the anxiety growing in the crowd, Xu Xiaoshou said, “Whoever said I wanted to save them”

“Eh” The crowd looked stunned.

If you didnt want to save them, why did you stop the communication

“Suspected, passive points, 7.”

“What do you want to do” Luo Leilei asked.

“Can I be the one to communicate” Xu Xiaoshou looked at the jade scroll in Luo Leileis hand and rubbed his hands.

Luo Leilei put away the jade scroll instinctively, wondering what the lad intended to do this time.

“Forget it if you dont want to.” Xu Xiaoshou gestured with his hands indifferently and said, “But when you communicate, can you ask a question for me”

“What question”

Xu Xiaoshou looked a bit embarrassed, and said, “I just want to ask if the other treasures will be blown out when the Tianxuan Gate explodes.”

A glint could be seen in his eyes as he thought of the eight other treasures left!

It was a pity not to take them!


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