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Chapter 234: Lets Go See Fireworks When We Have Time




After Xu Xiaoshou regained his grip on the large broadsword into which Jie had transformed, he watched the crimson blood dripping from its blade in shock and awe.

“A broadsword”

Isnt Ah Jie just a baby

So, Jie could attack in other forms besides his fists!

Perhaps Jie was merely one of his thousands of forms, and he could transform into any shape depending on the circumstance

That sudden realization surprised Xu Xiaoshou.

If it were true, this treasure he found from the suppressing barrier of the Killing Field would be a formidable killing weapon!

No wonder!

Elder Qiao and Dean Ye had appeared surprised when they saw the other treasures.

But they looked positively shocked to see Ah Jie.

Using his spiritual thought to make a command, the super-long broadsword in Xu Xiaoshous hand instantly shrunk, turning back into an iron ball.

Xu Xiaoshou put Jie back into his bosom.

He looked at Zhang Xinxiong, whose head and body had fallen in different locations.

Even with the remarkably effective recovery skill he possessed, there was no way that Zhang Xinxiong could recover from the extensive damage caused by the decapitation of his body.

The enormous head rolled around on the ground a few times.

Except for the wide-eyed look of shock on it, there was nothing remarkable about the head.

It was the case of dying without closing ones eyes!

“What the hell!” Zhao Xidong muttered as he froze on the spot.

Although it was a duel to the death, Zhao Xidong, being the referee, would have liked to prevent a killing if he had the slightest chance.

The broadsword was beyond everyones expectations.

With just a smite, a fatal result was determined.

So just how could Zhao Xidong prevent it

Zhao Xidong guessed Zhang Xinxiong most likely did not expect he would die in such a way!

“A Master”

“It seems Xu Xiaoshou has broken through to Master level.

But what is the origin of the broadsword A famous sword Or a famous broadsword”

Zhao Xidong could see Xu Xiaoshou standing silently after the battle ended.

His emotion seemed to affect Zhao Xidong as he kept silent as well.

After a moment of silence, the entire place went abuzz with chatter as the spectators collectively energized.

“Was it a joke”

“What the hell kind of duel is this Zhang Xinxiong got wiped out so easily Did his ancestral bloodline get diluted or something, or else why could he not defend himself from the assault”

“Could not defend himself No, it was the broadsword! The broadsword is too terrifying!”

“But I still do not believe that Zhang Xinxiong was killed just like this.

I do not know why Xu Xiaoshou was the stronger of the two.

Its difficult to tell!”

Everyone kept their thoughts to themselves upon hearing it.

Yeah, what was Xu Xiaoshous advantage

In terms of cultivation level and physical body, Zhang Xinxiong was not inferior to him in any way.

And as for the broadsword, though it appeared to be a unique treasure, everyone knew that Zhang Xinxiong had something similar.

The only difference was that Zhang Xinxiong did not have any opportunity to draw it out in time.

The outcome was unexpected.

Zhang Xinxiong was dead!

The duel to the death the crowd saw as a foregone conclusion turned out to be just that in the end.

One fighter would get so overwhelmed by his opponent that he would be dead before he could even execute any strikes of his own.

But the only difference was that the roles of the fighters they had in mind were reversed!

: Suspected, passive points, 65.

: Admired, passive points, 33.

: Feared, passive points, 21.



Xu Xiaoshou slowly walked off the competition platform.

He was getting used to the rules of this world, and he did not feel the slightest discomfort.

Xu Xiaoshou believed that the way Zhang Xinxiong had died was not excessive.

This was after all a person who had the intention of killing him in the first place.

It was just a pity that he did not kill Zhang Xinxiong with his own hands.


Xu Xiaoshou halted in his step.

Everyone was a little alarmed.

Suddenly, Xu Xiaoshou turned his head around and said, “This is a life and death duel.

So, it is perfectly alright for me to kill someone!”

Zhao Xidong was immediately jolted back to his senses, and he declared, “Xu Xiaoshou, won!”


“I need to collect something.

Thank you.” Xu Xiaoshou muttered and ran back to the platform.

He went straight to the spot where the blood had spilled and pulled out a ring.

“I almost forgot about it.”

Zhao Xidong stared in silent surprise.

The life and death duel between two fighters meant that one competitor could take the life of the other.

So, any treasures on the defeated person would belong to the winner.

Having retrieved the space ring that had presently changed ownership, Xu Xiaoshou jumped off the competition platform with no hesitation and walked off.

Although Zhang Xinxiong was strong, Xu Xiaoshou knew Zhang was no match for him.

He had known it since the day he had a breakthrough in the Tianxuan Gate.

As for those remarkable passive techniques, Xu Xiaoshou felt very satisfied with them.

Those were ordinary innate and master spiritual skills if used on their own.

However, it was a different story when one deployed combinations of those techniques.

Mm, it looks like Im invincible with opponents of the same level!

Even his more powerful opponent, who had a breakthrough during the battle, got taken down by the powerful Jie.

It meant that, in the future, Xu Xiaoshou could kill those at the Master level!

He walked on, and the crowd parted to let him through.

The lad suddenly stopped halfway.

When she saw the youth with a smile on his face, Lan Xinzi felt a weakness in her legs and dropped to the ground.

The crowd hurriedly dispersed and encircled the two of them.

Was there going to be another exciting showdown

Will there be another duel coming up in the life and death competition ring

Messages such as Feared, Expected, and so forth flashed on his Information Bar.

Xu Xiaoshou could not help laughing out loud as he read them.

There were eager onlookers everywhere!

Lan Xinzi turned pale and could not speak at all.

Xu Xiaoshou realized that the woman had given up completely.

He did not wish to stay around any longer.

He bent down and patted the head of Lan Xinzi.

Then he spoke with a smile.

“Do not be afraid.

Let us watch the fireworks together sometime.”

After saying that, he lifted his head and walked away.


A deranged and mournful scream rang out behind him.

From his Perception, he could see a group of astonished onlookers crowning around and staring at a madwoman sitting on the ground.

She looked weak and forlorn.

: Feared, passive points, 76.

[High in the sky]

Ye Xiaotians face turned purple with rage as he stared at the aged man with the conical hat standing in front of him.

“Why are you stopping me”

Elder Sang smiled and said, “It is a matter for the younger generation.

So let them solve it by themselves.

Your hair is already so white.

If you keep on worrying so much, I am afraid that you will lose all of your hair soon.”

“Zhang Xinxiong cannot die! The Zhang family is not like the Wen family or the Chao family.

They are a renowned family with ambitions to dominate Tiansang County, and they…”

“We cannot mess with them” Elder Sang teased.

Ye Xiaotian was at a loss for words.

Ye Xiaotian checked himself before he sighed and continued, “It is not that we cannot mess with them, but it is just unnecessary to do so.

It is something that can easily be resolved through dialogue.”

“Your way of seeing things is somewhat naïve,” Elder Sang replied and shrugged his shoulders.

“Perhaps you believe these things are too complex!”

“No, it is you who is too naïve!”

Ye Xiaotian turned his head away and did not intend to continue arguing.

He remained silent briefly, then said, “The way you teach Xu Xiaoshou will eventually harm him.”

Elder Sang shook his head as he caressed the conical hat in his hands.

He fixed his gaze on an unnamed piece of land in the distance.

“Not even enough!”

It is not enough.

The blade of the sword has not been sharpened yet.

How could Xu Xiaoshou kill anyone”

Kill someone Ye Xiaotian narrowed his eyes, wondering who Elder Sang intended to kill and why he would want to kill them.

From the way Elder Sang had said it, it seemed the killing would not be any ordinary assassination.

Was it the type Ye Xiaotian was thinking

“What the hell do you have planned”

Ye Xiaotian asked directly.

He had realized a long time ago that Elder Sang was not a person who would decide to take on disciples on a whim.

It seemed the old man had no intention of training Xu Xiaoshou toward the right path.

Instead, he was trying his best to guide Xu Xiaoshou toward a path of evil so that Xu could do evil deeds for him.

Elder Sang was doing the same to Xus mind.

He was gradually training Xu to become a cold-blooded killer.

It was Chao Su back then, and today it was Zhang Xinxiong.

It was like pulling up the seedlings to help them grow, and the losses would outweigh the gains!

Ye Xiaotian looked at Elder Sang, but Elder Sang did not turn his head around.

After Xu Xiaoshou disappeared from his sight, Elder Sang pressed down the conical hat.

“Someone is looking for me.

I have to take leave now.”


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