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Chapter 268: Shameful Commands

“How dare you!”

Xin Gugu opened his eyes wide with anger.

He had prepared for many possibilities but failed to predict that the lad in front of him would use Greedy the Cat Spirit as a hostage.

Whats more, he didnt expect that the lad could act so fast that he wouldnt have time to react.

“Do you want to test whether I dare or not”

Xu Xiaoshou held up the cat and tightened his grip.

The white cat recovered from the intoxicated state.

Its face was twisted and full of bewilderment.


He tightened his hands slightly, and the white cat moaned in pain.

“Let go of it!”

Xin Gugu was furious and started to charge him with his Zen staff raised.

Xu Xiaoshou retreated quickly.

He was unsure of Xin Gugus strength, so he was afraid that his advantage would be gone if Xi Gugu snatched the cat beast away.

He had no intention to fight against someone who was on a par with gray fog man.

“If you dare to take a step forward, I will tighten my grip by one bit.

If you take two steps forward, it will die!” Xu Xiaoshou spoke at a high pace.


Xin Gugu stopped in his tracks.

He squeezed the Zen staff with his hands so tightly that his veins were about to explode.

Likewise, Jiao Tangtang recovered from her bewilderment but was still unsure what to think of this lad.

She narrowed her pretty eyes.

She saw Xu Xiaoshou turn toward her while holding the white cat.

“You halt your steps as well.

Dont move!”

Seeing the pain in Greedy the Cat Spirits purple eyes, Jiao Tangtang felt her heart was going to wrench.

However, Greedy the Cat Spirit was held hostage, so what could she do at the moment

“Dont do anything impulsively.

We can talk it out!” She grew nervous.

“Back up, back up.”

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to be impatient and waved the white cat in his hand, which looked like the flag in the hand of a tour guide.

Jiao Tangtang and Xin Gugu exchanged a glance hesitantly and moved back unwillingly.

“It seemed to work impeccably,” Xu Xiaoshou thought and laughed inwardly.

“What background does this Greedy the Cat Spirit have Why is using it as hostage able to bluff these two”

“Two more steps back!” He continued to command the two of them.

Xin Gugu became irritated again, but Jiao Tangtang slapped him before he could speak.

“Dont mess around.

Lets retreat,” she said while taking a deep breath.

Having said that, she took another step backward.

“Whoa, it seems that I do have a saint beast in my hands,” Xu Xiaoshou thought.

He checked the white cat with an odd expression on its face.

“In other words, I can control these two by controlling the cat.”

“Does this mean…”

“Listen, you two.

One retreat to the left, and one to the right!”

Xin Gugu and Jiao Tangtang felt humiliated and grew very angry.

However, when they saw Xu Xiaoshous hand tighten again, they hastened to spread their hands and step back, signaling that they would not resist.

Xu Xiaoshou got excited and yelled, “One step forward!”

The two took a step forward with humiliated expressions on their faces.


“Forward again!”



Xin Gugu was confused.

Jiao Tangtang was also confused.

Cursed, passive points, 2.

Resented, passive points, 2.

Remembered, passive points, 2.

Mu Zixi was dumbfounded when she saw the scene unfolding because of Xu Xiaoshous arms.


“Isnt this big sister who swept away a Master swordsman with one kick”

“Why has she become so submissive when she met Xu Xiaoshou”

She raised her small head with disbelief in her eyes.

“Both of us have the Innate level and face the same enemies, but how come he can have an enjoyable time and I have to suffer the confinement”

Admired, passive point, 1.

“Whats more…”

Mu Zixi fixed her gaze on Xu Xiaoshous empty right hand, and she became even more perplexed.

“So, to defeat or manipulate the enemy, one must first learn to grab the air”

She was not the only one who was perplexed.

The others who couldnt see the white cat in Xu Xiaozhus hand were similarly confused.

“It is apparent that he has nothing in his hand, but why does he stage such a show Moreover…”

“The lads two enemies are playing along cooperatively.”

“What the hell is going on here Am I getting old, or am I blind Does the lad have something in his hand, or are they acting”

“So this is the world of the spiritual cultivators! Its really different.

No wonder we, the mere mortals, cant touch it!”

“Spiritual cultivator I am a freaking spiritual cultivator, but why dont I see anything”

Along with ordinary people, the crowd included many spiritual cultivators.

To say nothing of the fact that the ordinary folks couldnt see anything, but why couldnt those noble spiritual cultivators see anything either

Xu Xiaoshou paused and pondered something.

After a few interactions with Xu Xiaoshou, Jiao Tangtang had already figured out the nature of his character and knew exactly what he was thinking.

He was probably thinking about what other fun things to do.

“Brat, dont go too far.

Put down Greedy the Cat Spirit.

Otherwise, you wont even know how you died after your death!”

Jiao Tangtang had a red face, partly because of anger and partly because of humiliation, as her mind churned.

“This lad is indeed a demon.”

“Not to mention that you commanded us to retreat, I expect you to release the cat after we have obeyed your command.”

“Yet, you commanded us to move forward!”


“What a shame!”

“Even so, with Greedy the Cat Spirit in your hands, we can put up with it.”

“But dancing”

“What kind of a brain do you have Whats wrong with you”

“We are spiritual cultivators, not a troupe!”

“What the hell is dancing Im not going to do it in my life!”

“Furthermore, you are in deep thought now!”

Jiao Tangtang was very upset.

She was not afraid of fighting, but she feared the fact that the lad was pondering something, which was an act more terrifying than fighting.

The worried expression on Xin Gugus face changed to shame and indignation.

He said while restraining his anger, “Lad, if you return Greedy the Cat Spirit to me, Ill give you a treasure.


Since he couldnt force the lad to comply by strength, he chose a different tactic.

“I have no other choice.

This lad is too fast and almost as quick as me,” Xin Gugu thought.

He had thought about snatching Greedy the Cat Spirit back from him, but he was afraid of a mishap.

“If I were in his hands, I wouldnt give in because I wont die anyway.”

“However, Greedy the Cat Spirit is different because it was just born.

It is still very weak and can definitely die!”

Xin Gugu didnt want to bet on the possible mishap.

Jiao Tangtang wouldnt allow him to gamble at all.

“One item for one item.”

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to consider the suggestion.

He moved his gaze back and forth and finally fixed his gaze on the golden Zen staff held by Xin Gugu.

“Can I have this thing as exchange”

Xin Gugu was taken aback, surprised that he wanted to have his Beast Control Artifact as exchange.

With a chilled expression in his eyes, he intended to refute.

Soon, the back of his head was slapped.

He had no choice but to nod in humiliation.

“Do it!”

Xu Xiaoshou was delighted when he realized that he could get the item as an exchange.

He knew that the copper stove held in Mo Mos hands was used to suppress gray fog man, and the value of such spiritual items…

Since the small cat could be exchanged for this Zen staff, Xu Xiaoshou raised the value of the cat by a notch in his mind.

Although he was quite delighted, Xu Xiaoshou tried to conceal it and said with regret, “Its not enough.

This is Greedy the Cat Spirit.

Do you really think you can exchange it with the Zen staff”

He landed his gaze on Jiao Tangtangs chest.

“I want that too!”

“Well, I meant the purple chain.”


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