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Chapter 274: Xu Xiaoshou Panics

Plenty Gold Company…

In an extravagantly decorated inn…

Xu Xiaoshou felt an affinity with the words “Plenty Gold” as he carried the unconscious man on his back and checked into two rooms with Mu Zixi.

After some washing up, he immediately plopped down on the soft, big bed.

With the huge amount of Spirit Crystals he had on him, he planned to treat himself to the best accommodation and food.

After all, Xu Xiaoshous initial intention for this trip out of Tiansang Spirit Palace was to be a tourist.

He wanted to experience this worlds customs and have a taste of the outside world.

Since he possessed too much money gained from unclean purposes, he decided that he had to spend it as quickly as possible.

Afterward, he would go for the test to obtain his Alchemist Badge and then pay a visit to the Plenty Gold Company.

This city full of spiritual energy would soon see a new and rising millionaire.

“Tsk tsk!”

Xu Xiaoshou almost drooled as he daydreamed about his future wealthy and beautiful life.

He soon flipped himself around and stopped dreaming as he reached into his sleeves and took out a ring.

Such was life.

In every extravagant life, there were always some pesky rascals trying to deal with from time to time.

“A killer…”

Xu Xiaoshou squinted his eyes as he looked at the ring, which he had gotten from the killer in the back alley.

He felt that he had been living a low-key life.

He always acted in peace and did not make many enemies.

The only person who was always appearing in front of him and disturbing his peace was…

Zhang Xinxiong.

It was a pity he was dead.

“Could it be the Zhang family” Xu Xiaoshou wondered.

He was well aware of the four big families in the Tiansang Prefecture.

The Zhangs, Chaos, Zhous, and Sus were all highly prestigious and well-known.

The talents from the younger generation of those families had mostly been enrolled into the Inner Yard of Tiansang Spirit Palace, living up to their families names and expectations.

Xu Xiaoshou and those young talents were acquaintances.

But to tell the truth, he knew nothing much about their families and only had a very general idea about them.

He did not know how strong they.

After seeing how they sent not one but two Master Stage assassins after him right after he the Spirit Palace…

The only word for them was “unfathomable.”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the assassin lying by the door.

The man had gone into a coma again after he knocked him out with a strike of his palm.

To be honest, if not for Mu Zixis mentioning of the matter, he would have thought it had already ended.

But then again, it was also good that there was one of them left to be interrogated once he woke up.

As much information as possible needed to be dug up from his mouth since he was going to be silenced in the end anyway.

Xu Xiaoshou looked back at the ring.

His eyes lit up with excitement as he started to think.

“I wonder how much happiness a Master Stages possessions bring”

He licked his lips and probed it with his spiritual senses.

“Spirit Crystals… Spirit Crystals again….

This is pushing me to my limits!”

Xu Xiaoshou felt overwhelmed by the terrifying amount and thickness of spiritual energy within the ring.

It was visibly multiple times that of his current number of Spirit Crystals.

The ring contained a large space within it, and at least half of it was filled with Spirit Crystals.

Just based on a quick scan, the figure was almost close to the millions.

“Come to think of it, is there anything like a Spirit Crystal card or something in this world”

Xu Xiaoshou thought about the Plenty Gold Company.

Theoretically, there should have been something like that in existence there.

The only explanation for this was that this rings owner loved hoarding wealth.

Taking his gaze away from the overwhelming mountain of Spirit Crystals, Xu Xiaoshou looked toward the other side of the space.

Elixirs, spiritual weapons…

From those that were familiar to those that were not, they were all heaped together in a pile.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

How many people had this guy killed to be able to obtain so many treasures

It was highly possible that dozens of Innate Stage cultivators could be fully equipped with this amount and variety of weapons and elixirs.

There were even a handful of Master Stage treasures.


Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath and calmed his overwhelmed emotions.

He had finally gotten the chance to understand the wealth of someone at the Master Stage.

Since this man was an assassin, he probably would not trust anyone or any place.

Thus, he likely carried all of his belongings on him.

Upon his death…

All ownership would be transferred.

Xu Xiaoshou did not probe the rest of the treasures for now.

In that other half of storage space, something else caught his eye.

There were a significant number of array wheels.

There were at least a hundred.

If he counted those that were already scrapped or only half-completed, they would number in the thousands.

“This man seems to be a Spirit Array Caster.

Are all of these his creations” Xu Xiaoshou blanked out a little.

He took out a few formidable-looking array wheels to examine.

He immediately concluded that they were much more powerful than his Seeds on All Five Fingers skill.


Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

If Jie had not helped him back then, and he continued to treat this man as his own training target, would the assassin have used all of these on him


“One cannot mess with this at all!”

Even if he possessed a Master Physique, Xu Xiaoshou was bound to explode with no remains left if these things were used on him.

Even Sovereigns were likely unable to withstand the power of this attack.

“Spirit Array Caster…”

Xu Xiaoshou went into deep thought.

He suddenly realized that this profession might just be the evilest… No, the coolest one.

To be able to fight with all these wheels prepared beforehand…

If he were a Spirit Array Caster, he would first seal the place up with the black lotus from earlier and then throw out everything.

Though, one might not be enough.

What about three, 10, or a hundred

“Oh my god…”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked by his own thoughts.

He guessed that every Spirit Array Caster had thought the same way.

It seemed that being able to kill this man might have to be an accident.


“Careless again!”

Initially, Xu Xiaoshou thought he was unbeatable with his Master Physique.

After suffering a loss in front of the grey mist figure, he became humbler.

After seeing the wealth of a real Master Stage, he realized that he, a cultivating upstart, was nothing compared to a real pro.

If not for Jie…

“As expected, cherishing ones life is the way to go.

In future battles, there shall no longer be any testing of waters.

Even in ring matches, there are bound to be accidents.”

“Delivering the killing blow right from the start, showing all the cards, using lightning-quick moves to kill the opponent…”

Xu Xiaoshou thought as he stared at the ring in his hand.

“From now on, his secret weapon will be my secret weapon!”

He tightened his grasp on the ring as if a belief was growing in his heart and gave a firm nod.

“Yes, just like that!”

“This world is cruel.

I cannot be soft-hearted and merciful!”

“Oh…” Just then, Xiao Sixteen groaned.

He looked like he could wake up anytime soon.

Xu Xiaoshou panicked.

After learning a Masters prowess, he had stopped underestimating people at that level and was terrified.

This man was a Master and the other assassins partner.

Needless to say, he possessed the ability to instantly kill.

“Not good!”

Upon seeing that Xiao Sixteen was going to wake up, Xu Xiaoshou immediately flew toward him and dug his fingers into both of his shoulders.

Xu Xiaoshou was still worried even after handicapping both his shoulders, so he sliced his thighs with his fingers.

With four limbs down, he should have been unable to move.

Still feeling unsettled, Xu Xiaoshou pushed his forearms against Xiao Sixteens neck.

Even after all of that, he was still worried.

Hence, he pushed his hand further and cut into half of the mans aorta.

Blood poured out like a fountain.

As Xiao Sixteens mind registered the intense pain coursing through the various parts of his body, he almost exploded in pain.


“What the f*ck”

Xiao Sixteen spasmed.

His eyes widened as he stared in fear at the serious face right before his eyes.

It was as if the death reaper had arrived.

“Xu… Xu Xiaoshou”


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