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Chapter 291: Pill Pagodas Fire Incident


As effortlessly as if an ant had been hit by a giants hammer, Fu Xing flew up into the sky under Xu Xiaoshous Recoil.

The multiple layers of energy waves did not move Xu Xiaoshou, not even half a step back.

After much accumulation, that force was instantly released.

The terrifying shockwaves not only caused Fu Xing to break the spiritual barrier set by the guard, but it also caused him to burst through layers and layers of the building.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Sounds of walls being smashed and destroyed could be heard as Fu Xing disappeared under the eyes of the stunned audience.

It took a while for the crowd to finally recover from their shock.

“F*ck, what just happened”

“Did the mayors son really get flung that far When did this guy attack”

“No, he did not attack.

That should be his defensive spiritual technique…”

“Oh my god, what level of defensive spiritual technique can fully reflect all of Purple Dragon Roars damage”

“Sss! F*c–”


The guard was numb as the crowd continued to discuss what had happened.

He had expected Xu Xiaoshou to be heavily injured.

As long as he was not dead, since he was in the Magic Pill Technicians Association, he would definitely be saved.

He had even thought of that one-in-a-million chance that Fu Xing might be hurt after Xu Xiaoshou attacked.

He thought he had it all figured out and under control.

He had never thought that after Fu Xings punch, not only would Xu Xiaoshou be unharmed, but Fu Xing would also get blown away.

What kind of a joke was this

If he had not known that the mayors son was a doubly talented swordsman and Spiritual Cultivator, he would have thought that the Fu Xing before him was a scam.

Did an Upper Spirit Cultivator get sent flying away after punching someone of Innate Origin Court Level


He grinned in surprise as he looked at Xu Xiaoshou, realizing that everyone else had underestimated this guy.

Recalling what this fellow had said earlier, none if sounded like it made any sense.

Now, come to think of it, it all made perfect sense.

He had not been bluffing.

He had really been thinking about Fu Xings welfare.

He had let the opponent punch first.

He even tried to get Fu Xing to play a Heavenly game with him to avoid this fight.


After thinking about it, the guard was speechless.

‘Where on earth could one find such a humble person

‘If you were this strong, why didnt you show off a little so that the mayors son would stay away

Suspected, Passive Points 32.

Suspected, Passive Points 34.

Suspected, Passive Points 44.


Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

He had guessed that it would turn out like this, but so what if he did

The very existence of Passive Skills meant that he could not reveal his powers whenever he felt like doing so.

Even if it was a Sovereign swordsman standing in front of him, as long as he did not touch his sword, the other party would not necessarily know that he was actually a swordsman.

The only thing that could be displayed was the cultivation level.

Even if he did not reveal his cultivation level, others would still know.

Moreover, there was no in even revealing his cultivation level.

Innate Origin Court Level might have been the strongest in Tiansang Spiritual Palaces Outer Yard, but it was nothing in the Inner Yard.

It was the same amongst the younger generation in Tiansang City.

The only thing that Xu Xiaoshou could do was use the most sincere, heartfelt words before every battle to craft a suitable battle style.


It was the same every time.

Cheng Xingchu was like that, and so was Fu Xing…

What could he do if they wouldnt even believe him

“Ugh.” Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

“A humans nature is so untrusting…”

The only one still fully awake was the one standing behind Xu Xiaoshou, Mu Zixi.

As soon as the one-punch gamble was brought up, he already knew the outcome for Fu Xing.

As expected, things like miracles did not exist.

In line with her expectations, Fu Xing flew away.

Even worse, he flew so high that he was high up in the sky.


Was that all

Mu Zixi felt a little bit worried on the inside.

She felt that if it was Xu Xiaoshou who had attacked, the damage would not be this minimal.

Maybe it was because he did not attack.

That didnt seem right.

The young lady suddenly realized something and raised her head.

Looking at the punctured ceiling as if she could see the scenery beyond it, Mu Zixi suddenly covered her ears with her hands.

“Be careful.”

The crowd was taken aback as they awoke from their shock and looked at the lady in confusion.

In the next moment, they understood.

Boom! Boom! Boom—

A series of explosions occurred in the upper levels of the building, causing Xu Xiaoshou to jump in shock.

The ceiling shattered into many pieces as it fell, giving everyone present the shock of their lives.

Having visited the Magic Pill Technicians Association many times, they were familiar with this sound.

It was the sound of cauldrons exploding.

The guards face turned green.

He had to support himself as he almost fell to the ground.

He had agreed to this battle, which he had not protected sufficiently, and Fu Xing had been blasted into the sky.

That was just one problem.

The upper levels had the venues for the alchemists examinations.

It would be weird if someone suddenly appeared from below and the cauldron did not explode.

The question was…

How far was Fu Xing blasted away

Hearing the sounds of cauldrons exploding, how come it sounded as if those on the fifth and sixth floor also lost control of their cauldrons

Xu Xiaoshou felt that something was wrong.

All these exploding cauldrons were not part of his original intentions.

He did not even want to puncture the ceiling at all.

If someone had to be blamed, it would be Fu Xing for throwing such a powerful punch.

It was no wonder…

‘This combination of Recoil and Toughness is really too strong!

The damage that the opponent caused became negligible under Eternal Vitality.

The attack was fully rebound, just as he had initially expected

Xu Xiaoshou could even sense what the others could not see.

Hidden energy had exploded on the third floor, which was why Fu Xing was sent flying up to the sixth floor.

Ever since the various floors exploded, the situation had become chaotic within the tower.

“The third floor… The third floor is on fire!”

“Someone help! The fifth floor is flooded! Quick!”

“Useless! You guys can use your spiritual source to put out the fire.

Stop screaming! This is the Pill Pagoda! Screaming and shouting is prohibited!”

“Who are you calling useless This is Infernal Heavenly Flames burning.

Normal spiritual sources cannot put it out.

Hurry and call for help.

I need water from the nine heavens.”

“I need Heavenly water drops.

My fire is also… F*ck, my clothes…”

“Quick, whoever you are, get me three portions of purple carrot leaves and green raised fruit.

I feel that this cauldron can still be salvaged…”

“Dont hold me back.

I want to commit suicide.

This was my last chance to take the eight-grade examinations.



There was dead silence on the first floor.

Not even a crow or sparrow was heard.

As if of two different worlds, the noise and uproar from the upper floors could not affect this floor at all.

Everyone in the crowd had mixed feelings.

Everyone looked at each other.

They finally looked at the guard.

The guards eyes were blank as if he had lost his soul.

He looked toward Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at Mu Zixi and realized that the young lady had her arms crossed as she returned the gaze.

He smiled sheepishly and looked at the guard.

“This is not my fault.

I did not attack…”


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