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Chapter 333: I Understand Your Choice

Yuan Sandao was immediately furious.

He had thought this mans thinking was already ridiculous enough.

He had not expected this man to spout even more ridiculous nonsense.

Did this man think that he was just some brainless guy


“Theres no need to call me sir.

Do you want to attack me” The man was annoyed and interrupted him.

Yuan Sandao gripped his blade tightly as his gaze flickered.


He really wanted to.

Unfortunately, he alone was not enough to take this guy down.

If he could not restrain him and could only drag it into a long fight, Tiansang City would not be able to take it even if he wanted to.

This man could ignore the lives of innocent citizens, but Yuan Sandao was not that ruthless.

‘Just a little longer!

He had just called the mayor, so he just had to wait for him to arrive.

Based on his spirit-gathering array skills, as long as he was not careless, it should not have been too big of a problem to just trap this person here.

Yuan Sandao was still thinking to himself and did not speak.

The scruffy man saw that he did not react.

With a swift movement of his sleeves, the two Sovereigns behind him were sent flying while spewing blood.

“If that is the case, see you next time.”

He dragged his sack and glanced toward Xu Xiaoshou.

He continued to tilt his head and looked at the tightly knitted crowd.

“Are you the helper that this young man called for”

Just outside the space, Xin Gugu, who was already frightened by this mans abilities, felt his heart skip a beat.

He looked around him and realized that there were no other strong Spiritual Cultivators other than him.

That meant this mans question was directed at him.

How did he know the relationship between Xu Xiaoshou and him

Everyone, including Yuan Sandao, traced the mans eye line and looked toward the crowd.

Under the gaze of so many eyes, Xin Gugu felt his scalp going numb.

If it were ordinary people looking at him, he would still be fine.

Unfortunately, he was a demon beast host.

All these Sovereigns were looking at him.

There was even a Cutting Path Level cultivator.

Who could remain calm

Xin Gugu clutched the golden staff in his hand tightly, trying to oppress the energy from it.

“I cannot let them see anything suspicious!”

At this point, along with his plan to get five kills, his initial arrogance was eliminated by the mans sword.

He was only filled with fear as he cautiously replied, “No, you got the wrong guy.”

Yuan Sandao stared at him for a while, subtly sensing something weird about him but not knowing exactly what it was.

Chong Dong was behind him and warned, “This guy… Thats right.

He is that Sovereign with blood energy.

He was attracted by the blast earlier on.

He must be a helper of these three!”

Upon hearing this, Xin Gugu had the intention to cut his heart out.

This guy was annoying.

Why couldnt he have just stayed dead

Did he have to speak and add oil to the flames

When he rushed over earlier, he had exposed a little bit of his scent.


‘My identity should not have been exposed completely!

Xin Gugus attention was all on Yuan Sandao.

He was not afraid of the man since he seemed to be somehow related to Xu Xiaoshou.

As for Yuan Sandao, he couldnt help but be wary of him.

He was someone from a righteous organization.

If he knew Xin Gugus true identity, he did not need to even take any action himself.

As long as he shouted, “There is a ghost beast host body here,” in less than two days, Jiao Tangtang and he would forever be left on the cold hard ground of Tiansang City.

The legendary beast control artifact in his hand shook a little, hiding his scent completely.

Yuan Sandao still had some subtle suspicions, but a majority of his attention was still on the scruffy man.

Hence, he did not think much about it.

The scruffy man walked toward Xin Gugu and said, “Little fella, you are not performing your duty as a guard very well!”

“He is almost dead, yet you still have not arrived.

If not for me appearing, wouldnt this young man here have been dead due to your lateness”

“Guard” A hint of anger flashed across Xin Gugus eyes.

Was he being compared to a guard

It was Xu Xiaoshou who had pleaded for him to come save him.

He was definitely not his guard.

Just as he was about to rebut, the man had already walked in front of him.

He patted his shoulder and quietly asked, “You are from Xu Yue Grey Palace, right”

Xin Gugus mind went blank.

‘How is this possible

Even if the man had seen through him as a ghost beast host body, how could he have known his relationship to Xu Yue Grey Palace

Could this guy read peoples minds

His eyes widened as he turned abruptly toward Yuan Sandao, only to see that the old man was indifferent.

He immediately realized that the mans last sentence had been communicated using telepathy.


Xin Gugu let out a sigh of relief.

Before he could relax, the scruffy mans husky voice rang again.

“It has been very tiring living like a rat, right”

“Do you want to expose you to uprightly roam this world without any worries Do you want to live your life and not fear the scrutiny of others anymore”

The mans voice was filled with temptation.

Under the horrified look of Xin Gugu, he continued.

“As long as you give me a nod, I can expose your identity.”

“You will then be able to enjoy at least one day of freedom.”

“Even though the duration is short, life is all about living it interestingly and not about the length.

What do you say”

Xin Gugus pupils were wildly darting around.

‘This guy has to be a demon!

‘I have no grudges with you.

Even if you know my identity, based on my relationship with Xu Xiaoshou, arent we all on the same boat

‘What good would exposing me do you

At that moment, the impulsive desire in his heart shot up.

However, before his mocking laughter sounded, the vision of that one powerful sword move that could slice the deities flashed in his mind.

Xin Gugus body went cold immediately.

This was an evil demon who could instantly slice someone into half on the spot with just his fingers.

‘He is even crueler than me!

‘I cannot be careless!

Xin Gugu grabbed the golden staff, trying as hard as possible to control the laughter that could cost him his life.

He slowly shook his head.

“No, I dont want to”

“Life is better when it is longer and not just a short bloom.”

The man was amused and smiled.

“Are you afraid”

Xin Gugu was speechless.

He really wanted to beat this guy up with his staff.

This guy talked just as badly as Xu Xiaoshou.

“If you are really afraid, then you should know that what I am about to say to you is definitely not a joke,” the man suddenly said.

Xin Gugus heart dropped a little.

“What are you going to say”

“I said earlier that you are a guard who came late.

For coming late, you shall be punished.”

“For the next few days… Uh, lets just say a year…”

“You will follow this young man for a year.

Afterward, you will get your freedom.”

Xin Gugu was shocked.

‘Are you dreaming

He almost said it out loud but managed to change his words at the last second.

“That is not possible!”

“I have my own missions.

One year Who are you kidding”

“I dont have the time!”

“The fact that I already came here this time to save him is already good enough on my part!”

The man nodded without saying anything much.

“I understand your choice.”

He turned and looked at Yuan Sandao while pointing at Xin Gugu.

“Old man, you didnt see anything wrong.

This is indeed a ghost beast host body.”


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