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Chapter 390: Oh, You Have Yet To Realize It

The curtain fell at the climax, ending it without warning.

When Xu Xiaoshous orchid-like fingers that were pinching the needle had settled, the spirit needle was already pulling the sparkling thread, weaving into objects in the air.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the gadgets in his hand and felt that they were not worthy of showing off.

The anticipation in Fu Zhi was comparable to Yun He, and it was simply too strong for him to bear.

Perhaps this thing alone could not impress him.

Fu Zhi frowned deeply.

Disappointment flashed across his eyes.

That disappointment was not for Xu Xiaoshou but himself.

Sure enough…

Sure enough, his realization quality was still lacking.

He had failed and could not realize anything from this mysterious technique.

It was a pity.

Fu Zhi sighed, but…

Seeing Xu Xiaoshous hand waving around daintily swaying in the wind, it was as though his Weaving Technique was full of a refined artistic sense.

However, as Fu Zhi watched on, he felt something amiss.

“Is this…”

Xu Xiaoshou swallowed his saliva and suppressed his guilty conscience.

He said mysteriously, “Its a Chinese knot.”

Yes, that was a simple Chinese knot.

For others, this might seem a bit complicated, but for Xu Xiaoshou, the knowledge reserve that came with the Weaving Expertise of the Master Stage Threshold in his mind was pretty robust.

A mere Chinese knot was a snap of the fingers.

Fu Zhi looked at him with a reverent glint in his eyes.

He carefully studied the Chinese knot in front of him and its exquisite and picturesque interlacing lines.

He found the intricate form to be incomprehensible.

Was this a spiritual array

Could someone build such an exquisite spiritual array without relying on any tools in such a short period Moreover, it took on such a small form and had been conceived with only his spiritual source.

It completely floored Fu Zhi.

Xu Xiaoshous show had indeed blown him away.

At least, he had not seen this before.

“Chinese knot” He raised his head with surprise evident in his eyes.


“What function does it have”


Xu Xiaoshou was silent for a while.

He could not bring himself to reply to him that it was “aesthetically pleasing.”

He raised his eyes to look at him solemnly.

“Do you understand it now”

Fu Zhi was confused.

His thoughts were immediately interrupted.

“What am I to understand”

“The process just now,” Xu Xiaoshou said.


Fu Zhi frowned and thought hard.

He was still unable to comprehend it.

He was ashamed and said humbly, “I would like to ask Big Brother Shou for advice.

What was the process that you demonstrated just now”


Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

“I thought that since you could answer the first two questions, you are a talent that has the potential to be molded.


He paused for a while and did not continue but looked at the glittering Chinese knot in his hand.

He said earnestly, “I do not know the innards of the Divine Secret.”

“What I demonstrated just now was the process of the Weaving Technique!”

A look of recognition flashed in Fu Zhis eyes, but it soon passed and was replaced with one that was slightly dubious.


He had said weaving.

What exactly did he mean by weaving

Fu Zhi was puzzled and asked for advice sheepishly.

“Brother Shou, you said weaving, but could it have any special meaning”

“No, there is none.”


It took Fu Zhi aback.

He stared at Xu Xiaoshous face for a long time before he was sure that he was not joking.

Immediately afterward, the middle-aged man gradually widened his eyes.

His mouth twitched in disbelief.

“Are you saying that your Weaving Technique just now was just an ordinary Weaving Technique”

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Fu Zhi, who had a thundered expression on his face.

He had a nonchalant expression and said indifferently, “It can be understood as so.”

Fu Zhi almost exploded on the spot.

What on earth

He had carefully studied, observed, and realized for so long, but he could not tell anything and thought it was some advanced spiritual array technique.

It turned out that it was just an extremely ordinary Weaving Technique.

It was the Weaving Technique that he said from the beginning did not have any special meaning at all.

Was that Weaving Technique extremely ordinary and extremely humble

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

Doubted, Passive Points 1.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

Resented, Passive Points 1.

Missed, Passive Points 1.

Fu Zhi was speechless.

Xu Xiaoshou was taken aback by the frantic updates on the Information Bar.

Was this the whole process of doubting life to despair, hating the world, and wanting to destroy the world

Xu Xiaoshou had long expected that Fu Zhi, who he had deceived, was on the verge of exploding in the very next second.

He did not flinch or explain loudly.

He just sighed heavily again.

“Oh, you have yet to realize it.”

Fu Zhi was speechless.

He was staring daggers at Xu Xiaoshou, and he almost slapped the kid who was fooling him to death.

Realization, realization his…

However, his rationality kept him in check.

“Can you still realize”

Fu Zhi sneered and laughed coldly.

“How do I realize”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that the air of despair that disappeared for a long time had returned.

He knew that if his answers were not good this time, he would die in the hands of Fu Zhi.

This guy was not one to fool with.

In that case…

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

With disappointment in his eyes, he pointed his finger to the sky.

“What is this”

Fu Zhi looked up at the bright moon.

“The moon”

Before he realized it, he had become accustomed to Xu Xiaoshous way of speaking.

“Do you only see the moon” Xu Xiaoshou had an indifferent expression.

Fu Zhi creased his brows.

“The sky”

“This is the world!” Xu Xiaoshou did not ask anymore but instantly gave him an affirmative answer.

He pointed to the ground.

“What is this again”

Fu Zhi was speechless.

He was dumbfounded.

He had no clue what Xu Xiaoshou was going on about.

He also did not know whether he should continue to play along with him.

This guy always gave people a feeling that he seemed to be speaking grandiloquently.

When you thought about it, it was all bullsh*t.

‘How pretentious!

“Dont be distracted.”

Xu Xiaoshou smacked Fu Zhi on the forehead and said frankly, “This is also the world!”

At that moment, Fu Zhi only felt his brain buzzing.

He was on the verge of collapsing from the nonsense Xu Xiaoshou had spewed.

Suppressing his anger, he was deeply shocked.

Was this guy for real

This power and ability… Did he really possess such strength

Realizing that the person in front of him was too cryptic, Fu Zhi decided to trust Xu Xiaoshou for the last time.

He said in a grave tone, “Both are worlds, but there is only one world that exists.

What are you trying to say”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and knew that this guy had fallen into the hole again.

He said with a smile, “You are wrong.”

“This world is not a world.”

“What you see is only the tip of the iceberg.”

In Xu Xiaoshous mind, the face of Elder Sang emerged.

He wanted to talk about the fallacies of “Qiu Long Words,” but as he glanced at Fu Zhis face, which thirsted for answers…

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated.

He had never seen such a foolish person.

He was obviously a Sovereign Stage and Grand Master Stage and even knew the Divine Secret, but he had fallen prey to himself many times.

At this point, Zhang Taiying was far superior to him.

At least, after knowing that he was lied to, he chose to rage about it.

This man only had a one-track mind.

However, if it were not for such a disposition, would the spiritual array he had studied for so many years trap him

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.

For the first time, he had the urge to teach someone well and impart his knowledge.

It was unlike his usual style of feeding them with gibberish.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the moon and then at the earth before finally drawing a circle in the void.

“This is a world.”

He drew another circle.

“This is also a world.”

After that, he unraveled the Chinese knot in his hand.

The complicated spirit thread turned into spiritual veins, which instantly converged into the second circle.

“What is the difference between the two circles”


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