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‘According to what Fu Zhi said, the Cardinal Wheel was something that he obtained from the White Cave a few years ago.


‘At that time, there shouldnt have been anything else that was brought out.


‘With the opening of White Cave around the corner, the appearance of the Fourth Sword is even less of a secret.


‘Unless… Was the Fourth Sword stuck into theCardinal Wheel


‘What were they sealing within


Xu Xiaoshou immediately thought of all of that.


Now, there was not much time for him to think any further about it.


Things coming out of the White Cave had a lot to do with the reopening of the extradimensional space.


The faint sword cognition on the Cardinal Wheel led people to have further thoughts about their relationship.


‘The Fourth Sword and the Cardinal Wheel… Could they be unrelated


‘Did Fu Zhi not notice this sword cognition After all, he had been studying it for four years…


‘No, its possible that he could not have noticed it all!


Xu Xiaoshou paused to ponder this for a while and finally made that realization.


He was a swordsman and one who had command over the Sword Technique Expertise.

As such, he was able to notice that touch of sword cognition with only one look.


Fu Zhi did not have that Passive Skill.

For someone who could cultivate to the level of a spirit array master, he would not have much time or effort to spend on cultivating as a swordsman as well.


Even if he did, it would not be possible for him to walk the path of the Ancient Sword Technique.


He might not have even possessed Acquired Stage Sword Will, so how would he have noticed that sword cognition


‘If that is the case, it might be possible that there was a double seal on it by both the Fourth Sword and the Cardinal Wheel.


‘Because of some unknown reason, was the sword pulled out and the wheel lost


‘Did Fu Zhi accidentally obtain the Cardinal Wheel while the Fourth Sword lost its original purpose of being a seal years after reappeared


Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had guessed almost everything correctly.


Based on the intel that he had gotten, he could only come up with this guess.


If any other circumstance were to happen from now on, then the result might be different.


If there werent any, or if the changes were minor and negligible, his guess would most likely still be correct.


Thinking about this, Xu Xiaoshou was not surprised.

Instead, he felt a bit shocked.


‘To be sealed by both the Cardinal Wheel and the Fourth Sword… What could it be


These two items were both godly items.


Could it be that was within the Cardinal Wheel


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly remembered what Fu Zhi had said earlier about the Source of the World and was puzzled.


Could it be that this Source of the World was able to think and move about as well


Since it was called a source, it couldnt be a person, right


Other than the Source of the World, there seemed to be nothing else that needed to be sealed.


“Is it the secret of White Cave


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly spoke out loud.


He remembered Fu Zhis original words.

At that time, he said that it could obtain the direction that the Source of the World was pointing or leading.


More importantly, it was possible to solve the secret of White Cave.


What secret did White Cave hold


Regarding that point, Xu Xiaoshou was unable to guess.


Without entering the White Cave, how could he investigate the secret


Temporarily putting this question aside, he looked at Xu Xiaoji and asked, “Why did you want to steal this Cardinal Wheel”


Xu Xiaoji had been watching Xu Xiaoshou thinking hard in front of him and did not dare make a sound.


He only hoped that Xu Xiaoshou would release him after asking him all the questions he had.


Even though this possibility was slim, if he had to make a deal, he wanted to leave the damn place.


With Aje around, Xu Xiaoji did not want to stay there any longer.


If he did, he would go crazy.


Upon hearing the question, he replied directly without even thinking much.


“Based on my gut feeling.”


“This thing was calling out to me.

It was as if once I had it, I would be able to uncover its secrets.”


Xu Xiaoji pointed at the Cardinal Wheel as his mind suddenly became alert and started to learn how to withhold some information.


If he had said everything he knew, he might accelerate his death.


“Have you solved it” Xu Xiaoshou asked.


“No, not yet…”


Xu Xiaoji instantly looked wronged.


He had just gotten it before he was trapped in this place, so how could he have gotten the chance to solve it




Xu Xiaoshou did not doubt his words.


Compared to White Cave and Xu Xiaojis secret, the more important task was to save Mu Zixi.


“If I give you some time now, can you solve and decipher this thing”


“I dont know… Yes!”


Xu Xiaoji initially hesitated.

Once he saw Xu Xiaoshous darkened expressions, he immediately changed his words.


Even if he could not solve it, he had to.


He pulled over the spirit case on the ground and started to study the array patterns on it.


Xu Xiaoshou did not waste any time either.

He started to study it as well.


Divine Spiritual Veins were on the spirit case.


This thing had been studied by Fu Zhi for four years before only barely being able to discover something about it.


Xu Xiaoshou was not someone who had been trained in conventional spirit arrays.


He was trained in the Weaving Technique.

No matter if it was Divine Veins, spirit array veins, or something else…


As long as they were veins, he could decipher them using the teachings of weaving.


After leaving aside the intriguing sword slot, he immediately dove into it and was attracted by the Divine Spiritual Veins.


Different from the Way of Spirit Arrays, this Divine Secret was of another level.


Its veins were not created on tangible material.

It was made of divine ways.


As long as the world existed and was not destroyed, this type of divine method could tap on that divine strength forever and be sealed for eternity.


Xu Xiaoshou felt that it was quite an eye-opener.


The Weaving Technique and Divine Secret had some similarities in terms of their outline, but the directions of the two were different.


The former encompassed a much larger field.


Veins and arrangement, rules and the world…


At least in terms of purpose, this was not something that the Divine Secret could compare to.


This did not mean that the Divine Secret would lose to it.


On the contrary, the latters expertise on using the Divine Secret of the world to focus on the way of sealing was way above what Xu Xiaoshou could conceive in terms of being used in battle.


He observed it carefully as his expression slowly grew weird.


It seemed that no matter how special this Divine Secret was, as long as it used veins, it would not stray away from the coverage of the Weaving Expertise.


This also meant that using the logic of Weaving Expertise to understand the Cardinal Wheels array veins seemed to be possible.


It was initially a thought that he wanted to try out.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had opened a new door of possibilities.


Behind that door was Fu Zhis stoned face.


He had examined it for four years and had only barely scraped the surface of it.


With just one look, Xu Xiaoshou was almost on the same level as him.



After a while…


The more he looked, the more he understood.

His eyes started to become brighter.

It was as if the clouds had cleared on a cloudy day.


“Its really possible!”


The Divine Secrets veil of mysteriousness had left Fu Zhi scratching his head in confusion.


In front of Xu Xiaoshou, who had a vast amount of knowledge obtained from the Weaving Expertise, this thing could not hide any secrets at all.

It was as if it was naked with all its secrets displayed…


In plain sight.


Xu Xiaojis head was spinning as he looked from the side.

He realized that he had made a big promise just now.


This Cardinal Wheel was indeed calling out to him.

After obtaining it, he did not know how to use it or what its function was.


Was it worth to forsake his freedom just for this thing


He looked to the sky as tears were about to roll down his cheeks.

He suddenly saw Xu Xiaoshou display an expression of solving the problem and was instantly shocked.


What kind of a joke was this Did he actually understand


In the beginning, Xu Xiaoji had been squatting outside the sea of flowers waiting for his chance to strike.


He saw the whole process of Xu Xiaoshou entering the sea of flowers, exploding the spirit array, and suppressing Fu Zhi.

He knew that this Cardinal Wheel had stumped Fu Zhi for four years.


This was Xu Xiaoshous first time looking at it, yet he made such a face.


‘What the f**k! You must be kidding!


Suspected, Passive Points 1.


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