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Chapter 401: Where Is the Source of The World

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The screams of “uh” and “ah” echoed in the small space of Yuan Mansion.

It was a pity that no one could hear it in this isolated place.

Xu Xiaoshou had a solemn look on his face.

The screams could not shake away his obsession.

Even in this bone-chilling moment, he carefully observed the movement direction of the Divine Spiritual Veins before using the Weaving Technique bit by bit to reinforce the areas on the Ji Sword body that were lacking in spiritual veins.

“Xu Xiaoshou, let me go!”

“I am not the Cardinal Wheel or the sword.

How can you create inscriptions on my body”

“It hurts so much…”

“I am also a human.

You cant treat me like this!”

In the face of Xu Xiaojis horrified and desperate request, Xu Xiaoshou responded mercilessly.

“A human”

“No, you are not.”

The air was quiet moments before the screams became more heart-wrenching.

Aje leered at this devastating and bleak sight with glowing red eyes.

It rubbed its palms together in anticipation.

Xu Xiaoshous hands danced in the air.

The spirit needle fluttered like a butterfly, carving the diagram bit by bit on the Ji Sword until it became clear.

When the final needle completed its task, the echoing screams in the void stopped abruptly.

The energy that had drained surged back into the Ji Sword as if it had stirred.

It started to flow back thinly along with the spiritual veins diagram into the sword body.


The flood gates restricting the energy opened.

The overflowing energy on the sword body made Xu Xiaoji feel extremely comfortable.

He let out a contented moan.

Xu Xiaoshou was instantly overjoyed.

“Hehe, I said that it would work, didnt I I wasnt lying to you.”

“Are you comfortable now You can call out when you feel comfortable.

You dont have to worry as there are no outsiders here.”

Xu Xiaoji uttered a restrained “Uh.” He would rather die than surrender and let out a sound.

Xu Xiaoshou did not continue to torment the lad and basked in the silence.

When the spiritual veins diagram no longer flickered and had formed completely, the Cardinal Wheel had undergone significant changes.

The overflowing energy from the spiritual veins had formed an aperture in the sword notch, and it looked exceedingly unstable.

‘If I am not mistaken, this should be a passage.

‘Fu Zhi has been studying it for four years, and he should be able to use this thing.

‘However, he didnt know that the Divine Array of the Cardinal Wheel was not the original array pattern anymore.

It was incomplete due to disturbance by external forces…

‘Even in such an incapacitated situation, he could also summon the light curtain without using a sword.

Xu Xiaoshou had to marvel at his genius.

If there was no sword, and he had to use other methods to summon the light curtain, he would not be able to grasp it so quickly.

He had succeeded at that moment.

The method he had used was the closest to the correct one.

‘If I guessed it correctly, as long as this light curtain exists, it can communicate with the small world within the Cardinal Wheel.

I dont think it should be an issue to get out of it.

‘The reason why Fu Zhi couldnt control the light curtain was that he took the wrong path.

‘The light curtain can be opened and entered, but it cannot sustain a prolonged presence.

That is why no one can come out from it.

‘In theory, you can go in now.

However, there is still an unstable factor…

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the Ji Sword in his hand.

If Xu Xiaoji got in alone and managed to escape from the sword notch, wouldnt he be trapped inside

He looked at Aje, who was beside him.

Certainty shimmered in his eyes.

“Xu Xiaoshou, arent you going in Hurry up! I cant hold on for long!”

Although he had temporarily become part of the array pattern, Xu Xiaoji could perceive that the power of this spiritual array was weakening.

Now, it was beginning to extract his vitality as an energy source.

However, he did not panic.

He had to hold on.

As long as Xu Xiaoshou entered that place, he could escape from the sea of suffering.

Xu Xiaoji devised this plan in his mind.

Xu Xiaoshou did not hesitate since every second counted.

Without saying anything, he jumped forward and plunged into the light curtain.


Xu Xiaoji was so excited that he was about to jump up.

However, just as Xu Xiaoshou was about to vanish into the light curtain, his voice resounded in the air.

“Aje, hold onto him.”


Just as the Ji Sword was about to fly out, Aje gave it a loud smack, resulting in the sword body distorting slightly.

From the impact, blood trickled down from the handle of the sword.

Xu Xiaoji was speechless.

At this moment, the disbelief, shock, and raging anger he felt in his heart completely obscured his physical pain.

“Xu, Xiao, Shou!”

“Damn you! How can you be so cruel Ah…”

“Ah, I cannot hold on anymore! Im going to die! I cant continue!”


“Ma Ma”

Aje tilted its head and applied pressure to the sword with its hand again.


Xu Xiaoji cried out in agony.

He immediately adopted a soft and reconciliatory tone.

“Big Brother, please be gentle with me.

It was too sudden, which was why I cant hold on.

Im going to break!”

“Ma Ma…”


“Damn, stop it! Ouch!”

“Xu Xiaoshou, come out and save me!”


His screams were completely inaudible to Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his head spin as he entered the internal space of the Cardinal Wheel.

The Heavens and Earth Order here was even more unstable.

There was no gravity and no earth.

Everything was still in the state of the Chaotic Fog.

The internal space of the Cardinal Wheel appeared even more run down when compared to the Yuan Mansion.

The surrounding space seemed to be damaged.

From time to time, a black hole would automatically tear open.

Like a beast swallowing its prey, the black hole seemed to suck people in while also emitting a menacing atmosphere.

‘Have I entered already

Xu Xiaoshou was equipped with Toughness, so the force of the suction did not affect him at all.

The spatial structure of this place was not threatening to Master Physique cultivators like him.

‘So, Mu Zixi shouldnt die in here… Xu Xiaoshou mused to himself.

Although the lass was only the Innate Stage, she had a lot of tricks up her sleeve.

She had a mysterious origin as well.

Usually, only Xu Xiaoshou could keep her suppressed.

Otherwise, no matter where she was, her genius would shine as bright as a diamond.

A small space like this would not finish her off.

Xu Xiaoshou looked around and activated Perception.

He quickly scanned the Chaotic Fog layer by layer and had obtained a panoramic view of his surrounding environment.

To others, this would have been a difficult place that they would have to risk their lives to explore.

In his opinion, this place was like a small courtyard.


That was completely unnecessary.

He would not consider this to be exploration at all.

Even calling it a tour was a bit too excessive.

At best, it could be considered looking around.

This place was tiny.

In terms of its size, it was only one-tenth of Zhang Mansions Eastern Courtyard.

This place was clearly not made for people to stay.

As Xu Xiaoshou scanned his surroundings with Perception, he naturally saw the existence of Mu Zixi.

This little girl did not seem to be in the state that he imagined, which was suffocating, getting lost, or being dismembered by a black hole.

On the contrary, somewhat strangely, she seemed to be asleep.

‘Whats the situation

Xu Xiaoshou flew over to her with a bewildered expression.

As he approached, he could thoroughly see the scene in front of him.

Amidst a dense vitality cocoon was a little girl suspended in mid-air with her waist and abdomen arched and her double ponytails curled high up.

Her face was flushed red as if she was drunk.

She was foaming in her mouth, and her body was trembling.

“Oh, uh…”

“Um, uh…”

She was moaning uncontrollably as her body trembled and twitched involuntarily.

Xu Xiaoshou had a strange expression on his face.

‘Foaming at the mouth

‘Has she been poisoned

He hesitated because the situation did not seem to resemble poisoning but rather something familiar.

The moaning and trembling…

It was like the first time he used the Breathing Technique to absorb Spirit Crystals.

‘Is she merely comfortable

Xu Xiaoshou was a little uncertain, but he felt resentful toward his junior sister.

‘Your senior brother was so worried outside that I came here after trying my life, yet you are so comfortable here abandoning yourself to pleasure.

‘What did she swallow

Xu Xiaoshou was curious about what made her that way.

When it had happened to him, that was the result of absorbing excessive spiritual energy.

Nevertheless, that should not have been the case for Mu Zixi.

Her condition was not due to Intoxicated Spiritual Energy but the Intoxicated Life Force.

In other words, what kind of drug had knocked her out

‘Thats not right!

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshous pupils suddenly dilated.

This place was so small that everything was visible at a single glance, so how could there only be Mu Zixi in this space

‘Where is the Source of the World

‘Fu Zhi said that you could unlock the secrets of White Cave with it.

That way, you can get One Pieces Source of the World!

He looked at Mu Zixi, who could not help herself from twitching in front of him.

He then looked at her high and coiled ponytail.

He felt a wave of shock jolt through his body.

“Could it be…”


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