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Chapter 422: Evil Sword, Yue Lian!

It was a gray, ancient sword.

Xu Xiaohe had been eyeing to it for a long time.

From the first time he saw it, he had the intention of pulling it out.

It was completely different from Su Qianqians “Tomb City Snow”.

As a famous sword, Xu Xiaohe felt that Gu Qingyis sword was even more mysterious.

If he didnt have “Perception” and only used his spiritual sense, he wouldnt even be able to detect the slightest aura in the scabbard.

After Gu Qingyi opened the scabbard for the two of them, he slowly unsheathed his sword under everyones gaze.


The swords blade rubbed against the scabbard, producing a series of excruciating sounds.

Everyone was also looking forward to seeing the true appearance of the famous sword.

However, they didnt expect that there would be bandages around the sword when it was pulled out!

Xu Xiaohe didnt move, “…”

Was someone afraid that the sword would catch a cold

He had wrapped it so tightly.

The audience also looked a little disappointed.

They didnt know if Gu Qingyi was worried about the safety of the sword, or if he was worried about the safety of the others.

In short, the thought of getting a glimpse of the true colors of Lushan Mountain fell through.

When the sword was unsheathed, the disappointment in the audience didnt fade away.

However, Gu Qingyi suddenly held the sword with the back his hand and stabbed the famous sword wrapped in white bandages into Gu Qingsans chest.

All of a sudden, everyones eyes narrowed.

Xu Xiaohe was confused.

“It cant be done!”

The referees face turned green.

Wasnt this his own junior brother

Just because he lost the battle, he had to personally finish him off

Gu Qingsans already twitching body suddenly froze.

After the blood bloomed, he was like a fish on the verge of death that had been knocked out of its mind.

His tail began to pound the ground violently.

In the next second, Gu Qingyi suddenly pulled out his sword.

The shimmering strand of sword intent was directly brought out.

“Kling –”

Before the sword intent was thrown far away, Gu Qingyi had already slashed down with his sword.

Instantly, the entire banquet hall resounded with a terrifying sound wave.

The surging sword aura raged out.

Xu Xiaohes body bent down and took the initiative to carry Gu Qingsan away from the ground.

He didnt expect there to be three people in his arms.

Xu Xiaohe was perplexed.

The referee stared at him with his eyes wide open.

The ninth swordsman, Gu Qinger, looked back and forth at the other two people, as if he was saying, “none of your business”.

Gu Qingsan was still unconscious, but his wound was squeezed by the three people, and blood started to spurt out again.

“Im redundant.”

Xu Xiaohe chuckled as he let go.

To be honest, Gu Qingsan was completely unprepared.

He really could not let this guy die just like that.

However, it was clear that there were two other people who had the same concern.

He turned his gaze around.

The thing that had caused the terrifying sword wave to burst forth was the swords resolve that had been cut into two halves and then exploded due to the strength of the sword.

Xu Xiaobei was really a little surprised.

This was the first time he had seen someone who could use a sword and directly cut through the sword intent.


Gu Qingyis sword was clearly not in a good mood either.

After the rebound, there was a “Tsk” sound and the bandage on the sword actually split open.

At this moment, everyone in the banquet hall felt their hearts palpitate.

Xu Xiaohe was close by and could clearly see that this grey plain sword seemed to have been unsealed, revealing a grey evil aura.

In that instant, he felt the seven emotions and six desires in his mind being activated.

Then, as if his desires had been crushed, his thoughts were in a mess, and a violent and primitive desire appeared in his spiritual altar.

A golden light split open from his chest, and Xu Xiaobei almost raised his head and transformed.

“Xu Xiaobei!”

At this moment, a call came from behind him.

Xu Xiaohe was startled.

When he turned around, he saw that Mu Zixi had already arrived at the scene.

One of her hands was pressing on his shoulder while the other hand had already turned into a thick vine.

The bottom of the vine was very sharp.

It looked like it was going to stab into something.

Xu Xiaohe remained baffled.

“What are you doing”


Mu Zixi innocently turned the vine into a small hand.

She didnt know why, but after swallowing theWorld origin point, she was very sensitive to the aura of life.

When she saw the golden light that had split open on Xu Xiaojies chest, and when she sensed that this guys life force was somewhat chaotic…

In her mind, the figure of a golden giant inexplicably appeared.

Her intuition told her that something was definitely wrong with Xu Xiaohe.

If things continued to develop according to his situation, this banquet hall…


Perhaps it wasnt just the banquet hall.

Everyone present could explode!

“Are you alright” Mu Zixi clapped her hands and retreated.

“Im fine.”

Xu Xiaohe frowned.

With just a glance, she had almost transformed into a berserk giant

Gu Qingyis sword was too terrifying!

From the nature of the bandage, it was obvious that it was similar to his ring of seals.

Both of them had the suppression attribute.

The sword that was wrapped around the entire sword was only broken by a tiny bit, yet it had such a terrifying power.

If it was completely unwrapped..

“Whats its name”

Xu Xiaozhu looked at Gu Qing expressionlessly and inserted the sword into the scabbard.

He could see that the gray fog was still rolling where the bandage had broken, as if a devil had been sealed inside.

This sword, even the tiny bit of color that was revealed on the sword, was all this evil gray!

“Evil sword, Yue Lian.”

Gu Qing put the sword back into the scabbard and then sucked in the remaining gray fog in the air, then burped.

“Youre very powerful.”

He praised from the bottom of his heart and asked, “What was that golden light just now”

Clearly, Xu Xiaozhong could sense that something was wrong with this famous sword.

Gu Qing Yi also felt a majestic and violent power from that golden light just now.

If this power was released, his junior brother probably wouldnt have been able to hold on for that long.

It might have been just a single sword strike, or even a single punch…

“Grandmaster body.”

Xu Xiaohe openly admitted it.

When the crowd below received the affirmation, they finally started to boil.

“He really is a grandmaster body!”

“My God, this Xu Xiaohe is too exaggerated.

This time, Im convinced.

From today onwards, Xu Xiaohe is my idol!”

“Whoever snatches Xu Xiaohe from me will have an irreconcilable problem with me.”

“Nonsense, Big Brother is mine! The body of a grandmaster, no wonder Big Brother is so strong!”


“Admired, Passive Value, 626.”

“Praised, Passive Value, 223.”

“Admired, Passive Value, 2.”

“The body of a grandmaster”

Gu Qingyi was a little confused.

In his memory, the body of a grandmaster did not seem to have such an exaggerated function like Xu Xiaohes.

However, one would always feel that what was written on paper was shallow.

Perhaps the true body of a grandmaster had such great power


He praised once again and walked past Xu Xiaohe to the direction of Gu Qing San, who had already been carried away from the stage.

“Arent you going to challenge me”

Xu Xiaohe turned his head and asked.

If it was before, he might have thought that fighting with these three swordsmen would waste some of his energy in advance.

But after witnessing Gu Qingsans strength, Xu Xiaohe no longer had such thoughts.

These three swordsmen probably all had different swords Dao.

Gu Qingsans “No Sword Technique” was coincidentally countered by his “Sword Observation Manual”, which led to the abrupt end of the battle.

But the remaining two people were obviously not practitioners of the “No Sword Technique”.

If they could fight with each other, they might be able to learn more things from each other.


Gu Qing waved his hand.

“Little junior brothers injuries are very serious.

I have to take him away first and go back to treat his injuries.”

The nine-sword swordsman, Gu Qinger, looked at the pill bottle in his hand in surprise.

Then, he looked at the wounds on Gu Qingsans body that were about to heal.

This guy was not clear-minded, so why did he need to heal his wounds

Xu Xiaohe knew that it was an excuse.

He was in a hurry to go back

What for

He rolled his eyes and said, “If you want to go back and study that sword will, you might as well fight me directly.

Ill show you on the spot!”

Gu Qinger stopped and finally turned his head slowly.

At this moment, Xu Xiaohe could clearly see the fighting spirit in his eyes, but this guy was still terrifyingly calm.

“Youre very strong.”

“But our battle will obviously not be here.”

Xu Xiaohe raised his eyebrows, not understanding what was going on.

But he did not continue to persuade him.

It was good that he left.

Perhaps at this moment in the battle, he really did not have full confidence in taking down this person and this sword.


“Think carefully.”

Xu Xiaohe shouted loudly, “Perhaps the next time we meet, you are no longer worthy of my sword.”


The entire place was petrified.

Everyone watched the two of them battle.

At first, they were clearly still excited from listening to it.

However, they did not expect that Xu Xiaohes words, while he was shouting, would actually deviate the style of the painting.

This fellow was really conceited!

Even though he had ended Gu Qingsan, even the young people who were not sword cultivators could sense that something was wrong with the famous sword just now.

Was this Xu Xiaohe really so confident that he could even take down that strange evil sword

The corners of Gu Qingyis mouth lifted.

He was silent for a long while before he suddenly smiled and said,

“Tiansang County is too small.

Remember to come out.”

“If its possible…”

He lowered his voice and laughed to himself.

Then, he said seriously,

“TheWhite Cave is just the beginning.”

“Ill be waiting for you at the sword burial mound at the peak of the Eastern region!”

“Good fellow”.

Xu Xiaohe admitted that even he was shocked at this moment.

Gu Qingyis confidence was completely different from the others he had met in the past.

He had an extremely orthodox background in the way of the sword and held a famous sword in his hand.

It was even more possible for him to hide his exceptional strength.

With just a single sentence, Xu Xiaohe felt that he had become an ant.

And the other party was an existence standing at the top of the sky.

It was within his reach, but it was not within reach.

Looking at the famous sword in this guys hand, Xu Xiaohe suddenly thought of the masked man who had snatched the “Tomb City Snow” that day.

According to Elder Sang, the famous sword 21, the masked man could not be aiming for one.

And today in Sang County, which happened to be the recently active location of the “Saint Slave”, was where the two famous swords were sent to just like that.

Xu Xiaohe did not think that this guy was strong enough to kill even the masked man with one strike.

He kindly reminded him, “Be careful.

Although Tian Sang county is a small place, there are a lot of crouching dragons and phoenix.

Ive met quite a few of them.”

“Its not peaceful here.

Take good care of your swords.”

“Dont meet again empty hands.

If you do, Ill be too embarrassed to fight!”

The corner of Gu Qings mouth twitched.

Before he could say anything, Xu Xiaohe looked at the nine swordsmen again.

Well, to be precise, it was an enormous sword wheel with nine spirit swords inserted into it.

“You too.”

“This thing youre carrying on your back is a little bit like having three hundred taels of silver here.

Be careful of attracting bees and butterflies.”

Gu Qinger didnt react.

“You brat!”

He looked at GuQingyi who was walking towards him and said, “Big Brother, Im going to take revenge for our little brother!”


Gu Qingyi stopped him, “Dont make a move now.”

“You dont believe me”

Gu Qingyi frowned.

Gu Qingyi shook his head and looked back.

The banquet hall was originally divided into two parts.

One part was for the banquet, and the other part was for the arena.

However, at this moment, under Xu Xiaohes crazy attacks, this place was already beyond recognition.

The banquet hall had been reduced by one-third, and the remaining half of the banquet hall was filled with mud and holes.

It was like a disaster scene.

“Do you think this place is suitable for you”

“Lets not talk about Xu Xiaohes true strength.

If you want to force him to use everything, this place is definitely not enough.”

“Moreover, if you want to use your sword…”

His gaze fell on the very elegant red sword behind his second little brother.

“Master said: come out and play.

Dont hurt the innocent.”

Gu Qinger clenched his lips.

He looked at the people in front of the banquet and was speechless.

In the end, because of these salted fish, he couldnt avenge his little brother

Revenge was a small matter…

He couldnt fight with Xu Xiaohe.

His heart itched!

“There are plenty of opportunities.”

Gu Qing patted his shoulder and said, “Youre here now.

After Xu Xiaohe is finished, go and get five spots.

After all, were still going to enter theWhite Cave.”

“What about you”

Gu Qinger immediately understood the hidden meaning in his eldest brothers words.

“Ill bring our youngest brother back to study it first,” Gu Qing said.

“You want to study sword reading I want to go too! I dont want to stay in this place.

I want to learn sword reading!”

“Be good.

Youre here.”

“I dont want to.

I want to learn!”

Gu Qings head hurt.

“Its not like I dont know sword reading.

Its just that the way this guy uses it is different from mine.

I have to go and understand it first.”

“Ill teach you guys later, okay”

“Besides, whats the use of you coming along”

“Have you learned how to use the sword intent yet”

“Uh.” This critical hit made Gu Qinger speechless.

His expression darkened.


“Wait quietly, dont be rash.”

Gu Qing picked up his little brother and formed a sword gesture with his five fingers.

He suddenly stabbed into the unconscious mans chest.

He then divided the blood into lines, temporarily sealing the unique aura of the sword will.

“Little City of Lord Fu, I need to take my leave.

Im sorry.”

“No worries.”

Fu Xing smiled and called him to leave.

Then, he looked at Xu Xiaohe in the distance.

The corners of his eyes were a mess.

Even if he deliberately ignored it, his vision was not was it used to be.

“As expected, I knew it…”

“Fortunately, no one died.”

“If the people from the sword burial mound die here in the city governors estate… perhaps Tian Sang county will cease to exist.”

He called out to the judge, and the judge took out half an incense stick from his ring without his signal.

“Is there anyone else who wants to challenge me”

Some people were tempted by the spirit refinement paths question earlier.

But now that he asked, someone actually laughed out loud.

“The judge really knows how to joke.”

“Why dont you go up”

The judge remained silent.

His face turned green, and he almost threw the person who spoke onto the stage.

However, when he thought about it carefully, the sword intent just now, even though he used his spirit essence to cover his palm, was still pierced through.

He looked at Xu Xiaohe who was in the ruins.

This guy was already a bloody man, yet he still showed an extremely weak state.

However, deep in his heart, the judge couldnt help but doubt.

“Even theSword Sect cant defeat this guy.”

“Im a pure grandmaster.

If I go up, will I really have a good ending”

For the first time, the judge felt that he was not qualified enough to appear in this banquet hall.

He even felt that he was a little redundant.

“Cough, Cough.”

Xu Xiaohe coughed out blood and said weakly, “Is there really no one else who wants to challenge me”

Everyone looked away.

“Suspected, Passive Value, 1,212.”

“Xu Xiaohe, stop pretending!”

“Werent you still chatting cheerfully just now, inviting Gu Qingsans senior brother to battle What happened this time Did your injuries only flare up because of the aftermaths”


The crowd burst into laughter.

This guys act was too fake.

He was clearly a Zongshi realm expert with incredible recovery abilities, yet he was still pretending to be a weakling.

I really dont understand how such a person could exist in this world.

Couldnt he have won the duel fair and square Why did he have to continue torturing noobs Seriously!

“Whats your name”

Xu Xiao was unhappy that her trick was seen through.

She suddenly turned her head to look at the person who was laughing the loudest.

The scene instantly became quiet.

There was clearly someone who opened his mouth a second ago, but the next second, he choked on his words to the point where he wanted to cough.

Everyone resisted the urge to make a sound.


They forgot that this was a ruthless person who would lift people up from below and beat them up!

“Received Curse, Passive Value, 1,221.”

“I…It doesnt matter who I am!”

“Whats important is that there are no more arenas here.

You cant act recklessly, and you cant drag me down!” The person who was being stared at panicked.

Xu Xiaohes eyes lit up.

“Thats right, there are no arenas.

Does that mean that there arent arenas everywhere”

He took a step forward.

The crowd immediately retreated in panic.

“Dont come over.”

“Xu Xiaohe, let me go.

Im only in the upper spirit realm.

I dont deserve to fight with you!”

Xu Xiaohe smiled and said, “Look at me.

Im even weaker.

Im just a trifling Yuan Ting.”


This time, everyone felt like they were being ridiculed.

“Cursed, Passive Value, 1,240.”

“He really deserves a beating.”

The nine swords customer, Gu Qinger, sat at the table.

If it werent for his eldest senior brothers repeated warnings not to go on stage, he wouldnt have been able to hold himself back at this moment.

On the other hand, the night watchman was watching happily at the main table.

He could finally see it.

Xu Xiao was a little arrogant, but his arrogance was completely different from other peoples self-righteous disdain.

This guy was clearly using his own strength to bully the weak to the extreme.

But once on stage, this guy was extremely cautious and had all kinds of methods to deal with all kinds of enemies.

“Dont poke the needle!”

The night watchman nodded secretly.

If it was just a weird habit of “building your own happiness on the distress of others”, it was completely acceptable for the red shirt organization.

In fact, it was the existence of a perfect person!

After all, those guys in the red shirt…

Tsk, it was fine if he didnt say it.

“The gray fog people…”

The night watchman thought of Xu Xiaohes previous words.

He looked at the noisy scene and his eyes suddenly closed.

“Xu Xiaohe, how much truth do you know about theGhost Beast”


When the last bit of incense was burnt to ashes, Xu Xiaohe shook his head and left with a bitter smile.

He didnt forget to mock them even before he left.

“You bunch of weaklings really dont give me any face.”

“What a great opportunity to exchange pointers on swordsmanship.

Ive already said that I wont kill you, but I didnt make good use of it.

Its really…”

Its really true.

Cant I earn more passive points

Damn it!

Everyone gave way to Xu Xiaohe one after another.

They thought to themselves, “I believed you!”

Gu Qingsans fate of being ruined was just ahead of them.

How could they believe that the “exchange” in your words and our usual “exchange” would have the same meaning

“You, youre back again”

Mu Zixi smiled as she watched Xu Xiaohe return.

She was probably one of the few people in the arena who would be happy to see Xu Xiaohe win.

“You got five more spots!”


Xu Xiaohe suddenly paused.

He felt nervous when he saw his account shrink, so he turned around abruptly.

“Fu Xing, I got ten spots for this round, right”

Everyone was stunned, but Fu Xing nodded helplessly.

“That means, including the previous rounds, I already have fifteen spots”

Fu Xing didnt say anything.

He nodded again.

“Damn it…”

“Cursed, Passive Value, 1,240.”

Everyone felt that they had been attacked by words again.

How could a mere person have the ability to control as many as fifteen spots

He simply did not treat others as human beings!

Even the five great families of Tian Sang city only had five spots each.

How could he, Xu Xiao, be worth half of that

“Hold it in.”

“We cant be rash.”

“Let him mock us one last time.”

“Fifteen then.

Lets just treat it as if he was stolen by a G…thief.

Send this god of plagues away.

The stage below is ours!”

“Hum, grandmaster body,Grandmaster Spirit Enhancement,Grandmaster Sword Path… So What There arent many skills that a person can master in his lifetime.

Im already full of respect for Xu Xiao for being able to do this.”

“Its not to the extent that he would still be a grandmaster alchemist or grandmaster spirit array master after obtaining all the slots in theSpirit Enhancement andSword Arts”

“Hehe, brother, youre exaggerating.”

“If theres more, then Xu Xiaohe cant be called Xu Xiaohe anymore.

Id rather call him father Xu and admit defeat!”

“Its not to the extent of it.

Maybe he really has other tricks up his sleeve”

“He does Im going to ** on my head!”


“Looked Down Upon.

Passive Value, 123.”

Xu Xiaohe sat down again and heaved a sigh of relief.

To be honest, he had used up quite a lot of energy in his battle with Gu Qingsan.

The main reason was that he had been careless in the beginning and had been hit quite badly.

Fortunately,Endless Life had not only restored his physical body, but also his spirit and energy.

“Dont relax!”

Xu Xiaohe patted his cheek and secretly glanced at Zhang Taiying.

Then, he found that this guy was staring at him


“The second time we met” Xu Xiaohe grinned.

Zhang Taiying starred.

“Cursed, Passive Value, 1.”

He turned his head and whispered something to the person beside him.

“Are you going to mess with me”

The corner of Xu Xiaohes lips curled up.

He didnt think too much and continued to look at the high platform.

The high platform… was actually already gone.

After Xu Xiaohe left, the next person to go up was the nine swordsmen, Gu Qinger.

Everyone looked at this person and their faces froze.

A famous sword, plus eight spirit swords of extraordinary grades, and he was Gu Qingsans senior brother.

No one would look down on Gu Qingsan just because he fell.

‘Sword Sect,Void Condensing Sword Technique,No Sword Technique,No Sword Flow,Point Dao…

It could only be said that Gu Qingsan fell because he met an even more abnormal Xu Xiaohe, not because he himself was not abnormal.

And as an ordinary abnormal senior brother, Gu Qingers strength…

Finally, someone went up to challenge him.

With a finger.

Gu Qinger did not use anything and just used a sword finger.

Under everyones exclamations, he cut his opponents spirit sword in half and then stopped at that persons throat.

The atmosphere once again became quiet.

After two or three people who did not believe it went up again, everyone finally became completely silent.

This years sword Dao competition had become too terrifying because of the opening of white hole!

This was a battle on a completely different level.

Even Xu Xiaohe was a little disappointed.

He longed for some hidden dark horse that could force Gu Qinger to use his sword.

It would be best if he showed that famous sword.

However, as expected, no one had the strength to do so.

“Gu Qinger wins!”

As the person who displayed the art of fighting to the end, everyone did not stand on ceremony.

After filling up ten fake lives, they sent Gu Qinger off the stage.

In this way, the remaining people could still fight for five spots.

Over a hundred sword cultivators fought for the number of twenty spots.

In the end, there were only five spots left.

The intensity of the battle was so intense that even Xu Xiaohe felt that it was unbearable to watch.

After a bloody battle, the battle finally ended.

The ones who stood out were the four innate sword intents.

And among them, there was only one from Tian Sang County.

“White Cave has really attracted too many experts…”

Xu Xiaohe sighed with emotion.

Then, she packed up her clothes again and looked at Fu Xing.

“The Sword Dao competition has ended.”

“The Alchemy Dao competition has begun!”

The people behind the scenes who had been waiting for this for a long time were all gentle and refined.

However, the old man with the white beard finally walked out.

“Hes here!”

“The competition among the younger generation has ended.

The old man is about to appear.”

“After sending off the great demon king ofSpirit Refinement Dao andSword Dao, is theAlchemy Dao competition that will make people feel relaxed and happy finally about it”

Relaxed and happy…

When Fu Xing heard these words, the corners of his mouth twitched wildly.

“Young people, Im afraid you havent woken up from your nightmare.”

“Who knows When I invited Xu Xiaohe over, I only wanted him to participate in the pill refinement path competition!”

Everyone looked forward to it, eager to take down the best work of the top alchemists in Tian Sang county at a high price tonight.

Suddenly, they realized that among this group of old men, there was a young mans figure.

“This is…”

Everyone rubbed their eyes and looked over again in disbelief.

In the next second, everyones faces were filled with horror.

“Xu, Xu Xiaohe”


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