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Chapter 443: Awakening, Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step!

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“To think thatPerception has become like this”

Xu Xiaoshou was astonished.

Now, not only could he detect everything in three-dimensions, as long as he needed to, he could also compress the range of his perception and extend it in one direction.

“This is Clairvoyance ah…”

One had to admit that the qualitative change brought about by a grandmaster-level passive skill was simply too fragrant.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but want to continue leveling up.

However, he restrained his impulse.


“Passive Points: 237,959.”

After subtracting the100,000 reserved for awakening, he didnt have much left.

Only 100,000.

10 consecutive draws.

If he could draw something good and continue using 50,000 to level up, the remaining Passive Points would be more or less used up.


Even if it was 300,000 , Xu Xiaoshou still felt that it was too little.

However, he still needed to make the necessary expenses.

He got off the bed.

Xu Xiaoshou solemnly took a shower and then took out three pillar-shaped spirit herbs and lit them up.

He prayed with a devout look on his face.

Then, he waved his hand and closed the doors and windows, opening the barrier.

With a snap of his fingers, the light patterns in the room flickered and silver snakes slithered around.

In an instant, a high-level spirit gathering array was set up.

“What a pity, theres only one spirit gathering array.”

“This Li Qi cant make it.

Hes already written the array diagrams, but theres not even aluck gathering array.”

After sighing helplessly, Xu Xiaoshou stepped into the center of the array.

In the past, Draws relied on metaphysics.

Now that theres one more feng shui formation, even if it was just a spirit gathering array, the effect should be better.

“Maybe I can get a double yolk… triple yolk egg”


The spiritual energy in the room whistled as it desperately drilled into Xu Xiaoshous body.

Not long after, he began to feel something.

His body began to tremble.

Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to delay.

He hurriedly exchanged for ten Passive Keys and began the Draws.

“European Emperor Possessed!”

With a shout, the Passive Key in his hand was inserted into the turntable.

Xu Xiaoshou looked forward to it.

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“You got one key!!”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“You got one key!!”

“You got one key!!”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“You got one key!!”

“What the…”

Xu Xiao was in despair.

He flopped to the ground.

“No use”

This damn spirit-gathering array, it didnt work

Fifty thousand passive points, just like that

Sure enough, it would be more enjoyable levelling up.

Why did he make himself suffer

“Damn Li Qi…”

After careful calculations, it was still worth it for the four keys.

Xu Xiaoshou was very calm.

He knew very well… that according to the nature of the system,.

It would definitely come out in the next one!

“Another 30,000!”

The 30,000 passive points turned into six keys and formed another 10 consecutive draws.

Xu Xiaoshou turned over and casually set up an illusion array.

In the illusion, he was in the Heavenly Court, sitting on the throne of the Jade Emperor.

Below him were a group of singing and dancing fairies in ragged clothes.

He waved his sleeve.

“Men, use passive skills!”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“You got one key!!”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“You got one key!!”


His dreams were shattered.

Water sprayed out of Xu Xiaoshous mouth like it was a sprinkler, as he flopped onto the ground.


“Another 40,000!”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“You got one key!!”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“You got one key!!”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“Come on, or Ill hang your f*cking grandmothers lungs!”


His eyes were red.

Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously wanted to use the remaining balance, but when he saw the passive points value, he calmed down in time.

“Passive Points: 117,959.”

F * ck, theres no more money

This awkward 110,000, wasnt that the amount he had reserved for awakening

If he touched this amount, what would happen later

And if this 110,000 also failed for the awakening, then..

“It couldnt be that… I worked so hard to earn 300,000 passive points, and in the end, all of them goes to waste, and I only leveled up two skills”

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified.

He didnt dare to act recklessly.

He removed the illusion and spirit gathering array in time and quickly opened the window to let the bad luck in the room dissipate.

Looking at the heavy traffic downstairs, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly fell silent.

At this moment, he felt so lonely.

He somewhat understood why some people would choose to end their lives while they were still alive.

“Not to that extent.”

“Its only 120,000.

I can still earn more money if I run out of it.”

After easing his mood, Xu Xiaoshou returned to his senses once again.

“Two extra keys.”

“The legendary single-draw miracle.”

“Maybe I can even get two Expertise Passive Skills in a row.”

Nodding his head vigorously, Xu Xiaoshous eyes were filled with hope as he solemnly inserted the passive key into the turntable.

He glanced back.

In the information panel.

“Extended Passive Skill obtained: Stealth!”

Xu Xiaobei:

It really happened

Did he really need to do a single draw for a miracle in the end

Grabbing onto Lucks tail, Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to look too much.

He abruptly inserted the last key into the hole.

“You got one key!!”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were shining.

“Theres still a chance!”

It was the last one.


“You got one key!!”


Theres still more

Xu Xiaoshou felt that his luck had really turned around.

He didnt dare to think too much.

Afraid that the goddess of luck would sneak away, he inserted the last key again.

“Thank you for your patronage.”

“I knew it…”

Xu Xiaoshous body went limp and almost fell off the windowsill.

“120,000 passive points, one skill…”

He muttered weakly.

Xu Xiaoshou pulled himself together again.

To be honest, this round wasnt a loss.

As long as it wasnt a complete miss, it was a great profit.

He knew that at his current level,.

With every passive skill, his combat power would increase by more than one level.


Xu Xiaoshous body was hanging by the windowsill, as he began to ponder.

“What sort of ability is that”



“It shouldnt be…”

“Or should I say, it has a similar effect, but its more than that”

Xu Xiaoshou knew that none of his passive skills were simple.

If it wasstealth, then perhaps it would have the effect of invisibility, plus… hiding his cultivation

Thinking of this, his eyes immediately lit up.

What was he most afraid of

It was that his cultivation breakthrough would be too fast, causing others to capture him and slice him up for research.


At the very least, with his leveling speed, in less than half a year, he would probably be famous all over the world.

It was a great feeling to be at the center of the storm, and Xu Xiaoshou also enjoyed the feeling of being the center of attention.

After all, there was a passive points.

Its fine momentarily, but if he was pushed to the peak forever, there would be hidden arrows behind him.

Who could withstand a life like that

“If I can really conceal my cultivation, or rather, I only need to partially conceal it, then thebreathing technique can be upgraded without any worries.”

“Ill be able to act dumb to take advantage of situations even more easily.”

Xu Xiaoshou was excited.

ThisStealth was definitely a godly skill.

If he wanted to walk the path of an assassin, then just by looking at the name, he could deduce that this was a godly skill among godly skills.

Even if he didnt walk the path of an assassin, he only needed a portion of its functions.

Xu Xiaoshou could determine that when this thing was upgraded, it would definitely be awesome!


How could it not smell good when 120,000 passive points were used to draw it out

Xu Xiaoshou didnt hesitate and directly exchanged for 10 Tier 1 skill points.

“Stealth (Acquired LV.


“Stealth (Innate LV.


In an instant, understanding and comprehension surged and Xu Xiaoshou revealed a look of realization.

In the next second, when he looked at his own aura, he actually realized that even he couldnt see his own cultivation level.

“The aura is completely gone”

“Completely hidden”

This effect was simply too strong, okay!

Xu Xiaoshou originally thought that he could only hide part of it, or that he could control it and choose to hide part of it.

But he quickly realized that this was a passive skill.

How could he control it

But then again, just now, when “Stealth” was only at the Acquired level, he could still sense the spiritual source fluctuations.

How could it be completely hidden after entering the Innate level

“Or is the process from the Acquired level to the Innate level the process of concealing all the spiritual source fluctuations”

“Doesnt this mean that if it goes a little higher, the evolution direction of this skill will be another one”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly deduced something.


His brows instantly furrowed.

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou didnt believe it.

Invisibility was easy to say, but was too difficult to control in reality.

Until now, he had never seen anyone who could achieve true invisibility.

The Innate Elemental Power restricted everyones subsequent development.

As for the Innate Elemental Power of “Invisibility”, Xu Xiaoshou had never even heard of it, let alone witnessing it.

The only one who could achieve partial invisibility seemed to be the true ghost beast itself

At Tianxuan Gate, Mu Zixi could neither see nor sense the grey mist figure.

At the entrance of the Plenty Gold Company, other than the special individuals, there was no else who could see Greedy the Cat Spirit.

“And these were only partial invisibility.”

“For the Red Coat to exist, it means that there is indeed a way to break the Ghost Beasts special invisibility.”.

“True invisibility…”

Xu Xiaoshou fell into deep thought.

Based on his current understanding, perhaps there was someone in this world who could do it.

“Ye Xiaotian”

The spatial attribute of using the refraction of light to transfer ones own body or aura into another space, to achieve complete invisibility where no one would be able to detect.

However, Ye Xiaotian should not know physics..


If I continue to level up, itll be invisibility or complete invisibility.

Then Ill really be invincible.”

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to give it a try.

After all, he knew that if the direction was correct, this passive skill shouldnt have the embarrassing effect of achieving only half invisibility.

The system should know some limits.

It would not be to the point where the upper body disappeared and only two legs were left

Unless he wanted Xu Xiaoshou to disappear from this world, right

But what if it was not

“Passive Points: 107,959.”


Xu Xiaoshou grimaced in heartache.

It had only been one wave, and he had almost touched the reserves for the awakening.

If he throws in 50,000 , and the leveling direction was not this, then how was he going to tank it

With his head

“I cant afford it.”

Even if stealth really develops to invisibility, can be foreseen that the aid “Stealth” brings, was not as great as another awakening.

“That makes things easy.”

Xu Xiaoshou relaxed his mind.

Innate level of “Stealth”, was enough for him to play with for a while.

When he gets out of here, if Night Guardian and the rest cant even see his cultivation…

That would prove that this passive skill was truly unsolvable.

At that time, he should have more passive points and continue to level up this thing.

“Very good.”

“Im very satisfied.”

Xu Xiaoshou was simply too satisfied with the effects of this “Stealth”.

A godly support skill that was no less practical than “Perception”!

One could imagine that with this thing, just its existence alone would bring him a considerable amount of passive points.

Just one look, they couldnt see through it.


Take another look.

Suspected again!

If there were ten thousand people, he could stand in the crowd and instantly have the money to upgrade hisStealth to Master realm!

“Hu ~”

Letting out a light sigh, Xu Xiaoshou relaxed completely.

This wave of increase in battle strength was already very strong.

However, the remaining 100,000 passive points..

“Here comes the highlight.”

Xu Xiaoshou rubbed his hands.

How strong were theRaging Giant andExploding Posture

So strong that he could take on the Sovereign-level Zhang Taiying as a Master!

Although this fellow was in a coma, Xu Xiaoshou was also unconscious.

If the two of them were awake at the same time, Xu Xiaoshou was confident that his battle strength wouldnt lose to an ordinary Sovereign with all his tricks.

At the very least, a Master realm expert wouldnt be able to withstand hisRaging Giant,Exploding Posture, andSword Technique Expertise, right

Not to mention, he still had many tricks up his sleeve!

“Then, which one should I awaken this time”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the red interface of his Abrogated Origin Residence.

Including Stealth, he already possessed the seven great extension passive skills.

Excluding the two that had successfully awakened,.

“Agility, sharpness, perception, toughness, stealth…”

Xu Xiaoshou started to hesitate.

They were all good options.

If he really wanted an absolute attack, amongst his current passive skills, other thanstrong, it had to besharpness.

Therefore, if he wanted to improve his attack, he had to improve it.

He had to be sharp!

Although this thing was only at the Innate level, it was because Xu Xiaoshou could not find a move that could match it.

However, just by looking at its awakening form…

Perhaps even theRecoil could not compare to this thing!

“Sharpness, even an ordinary passive skill name is so arrogant.

If I awaken it again, wont I be able to quash Sovereigns as I pleased”

Xu Xiaoshou was caught in a dilemma.

It was a good idea, but at the moment, he didnt seem to lack attacks

On the contrary, support-type passive skills were more useful.

“But perception and stealth should be enough.”

“If its toughness, would the awakening effect be Overlord Body, Peerless or something like that”

To be honest, Overlord body, Peerless… Xu Xiaoshou was tempted.

But it couldnt be done!

It was said that the moment a coin was tossed out, a person would make a decision.

Xu Xiaoshou was the same.

When he decided to awaken, he already had an idea deep in his heart.

The elimination method was just a better way to strengthen his conviction.


If the existence of the Master body allowed Xu Xiaoshou to have the possibility of being unbreakable;

Agility allowed him to transform from Acalanatha into the strongest offensive, defensive, and agility-type mobile fortress!

The effects of this thing werent any weaker thanstrength.

In fact, the two of them were even ranked first!

“The Master levelagility has already allowed my speed to surpass the majority of Master experts.”

“However, its far from being enough compared to Sovereigns.”

“In other words, the strongest point of agility is not the increase in movement speed, but…”

“Reaction speed.”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of Xi Yushengs poison-feather attack at the banquet that night.

Under such a concentrated attack, he was able to dodge all of them by relying on his reaction speed alone.

It could be said that if he continued to evolve in this direction.

In the future, as long as it wasnt an locked-on attack, it was basically impossible for him to be hit.

“However, there is a limit to speed.”

“It can infinitely approach zero, but it can never be zero.”

“And the awakening, perhaps, is to directly present this zero!”

Xu Xiaoshous heart was burning.

What was a speed that exceeded the limit

There was no doubt about it.


TheTeleportation that he was capable of currently was seemingly teleportation, but in reality, it wasnt the case.

Movement trajectories were indispensable.

This was something that even the Sovereigns couldnt avoid.

And according to what Xu Xiaoshou knew, in this world, the Sovereign who could achieve teleportation was…

“Ye Xiaotian!”

Why Is it the Dean again

Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes secretly.

After leaving the Tiansang Spirit Palace, Xu Xiaoshou finally realized how terrifying the elders of the Spirit Palace were.

This spatial-type innate attribute power was simply unsolvable, okay

Even if such a person went to the Holy Divine Palace to be a Red Coat or White Coat, he would definitely be a top-tier elder!

Xu Xiaoshou thought of the Hand of Ripping Heaven.

In this world, there were probably only a few people who could dodge and bear the force of the Hand of Ripping Heaven.

Masked man was one exception.

Xu Xiaoshou also believed that Ye Xiaotian definitely did not only have that Hand of Ripping Heaven.

This guy was completely a battle-type contestant.

It was really a waste of talent to be placed in theTiansang Spirit Palace to nurture talents.

“So, why”

Xu Xiaoshou could not understand it no matter how much he thought about it.

Ever since he had comprehended a bit last time, he felt that the elders of the Tiansang Spirit Palace were very suspicious.

Even without looking, Xu Xiaobei could tell that the Spirit Palaces in the other counties definitely did not have such strength.

“So, why”

“Why do they gather and huddle in a small place like Tiansang Spirit Palace”

“Im afraid if this F4 spirit palace debuts directly, it would be able to form an organization thats no less dangerous than theSaint Servants.”


Unable to figure it out, Xu Xiaoshou chose not to think about it.

He turned his attention back to the Awakening pool.

This was a pool of still water.

It was very expensive.

It takes 10,000 points to skip a rock.

Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to gamble.

Who could afford to gamble for 10,000 points each time.

He carefully exchanged for an awakening stone and bound it to the passive skill, Agility.

After confirming it, Xu Xiaoshou rubbed his eyes again and confirmed it again.

“The binding is correct.”

He nodded.



A straight line flew out.

With a Dong Sound, the stone made no skips on the water and the Awakening Stone was absorbed.

“Failed to awaken!”

Xu Xiaoshou slowly closed his eyes.


I knew it would be like this.

F * CKING system.

I dont know who designed it.

If I, Xu Xiaoshou, find out about it, Ill slap you into the Awakening Pool.

It doesnt have a conscience at all, and not to mention, expensive too..


“Good system, good system.

Failure is the right thing to do.

Failure is the mother of success.”

Halfway through his inner rant, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly realized that he still had to rely on the system.

It was definitely not wise to start spitting at him now!



“Failed to awaken!”


“Failed to awaken!”

“Failed to awaken!”

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

“Oh my God, thats 40,000 Gone”

“Wouldnt it smell good if I had used it to level up my skill”


Xu Xiaoshou gritted his teeth and clenched his buttocks tightly.

But if he could use another awakening skill…

It would be even more fragrant!

“F * ck!”

He exchanged for another one and threw it again.

It was filled with anger, dissatisfaction, and curses.

As long as he used all his strength to vent it out, he would definitely be able to..

“Awakening successful!”

“Agility (Awakening: Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step) !”

Xu Xiaoshou:

The words in his heart stopped abruptly.

“Awakening successful”

After muttering a sentence unconsciously, Xu Xiaoshou finally realized that the information panel would definitely not lie to him!


Xu Xiaoshou went crazy.

He jumped out of the window and directly down.

“Oh my God, the Awakening was successful”

“I, Xu Xiaoshou, used five awakening stones and successfully awakened”

“This is really the peak today!”

“The three consecutive ten draws, did it suck all the bad luck out of me”

“Wahahahaha –”


Just as he was about to touch the ground, a thick spider web spirit thread shot out from his wrist, and Xu Xiaoshous entire body ascended.

He was like a crazy spider, constantly moving around on the streets and alleys, changing positions.


“Mother, flying sheep ~”

At the entrance of the alleyway, a baby that was being held upside down pointed into the air and called out in a childish voice.

“Flying sheep”

The woman turned around and looked up, but she found nothing.

“How can a sheep fly Little Darling, dont talk nonsense.

A sheep cant fly.”

“It can fly.

A sheep with two legs.” The baby pointed at the sky.

“The sheep is back, its back again.”

The woman looked up again, but still didnt see anything.

“Hes gone.” The baby blinked innocently.

“… Alright, a sheep can fly.

Then what else did you see Were there two horns”


“Then he must have wings.

After all, hes a sheep that can fly.”

“He doesnt have wings.”

The babys curious gem-like eyes lit up again.

He pointed again.

“But he looks just like Daddy!”

The Woman:”…”


“WA –”


Xu Xiaoshou stopped on the rooftop of the Abundant Spiritual Inn.

His excited heart and trembling hands couldnt be suppress it at all.

“Five stones, fifty thousand and I awakened the third passive skill.

Its even more worth it than leveling up!”

He was so excited that his neck was red.

It was hard to imagine how lucky Xu Xiaoshou was with this round.

He looked back at the information panel.

“Passive Point: 57,959.”

Fifty thousand!

A Master level passive skill!

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fist.


Thisf feeling was too great!

He didnt expect that he could squeeze out a Master level passive skill at the end of the 100,000 passive points.

It was a joy beyond his expectations!


He stopped and restrained his emotions.

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

“Ascending to the Heavens in one step.”

“What effect will it have”

Just by sensing it, Xu Xiaoshou could sense the spatial fluctuations in the void.

“This is…”

His pupils suddenly constricted.

Within the range of his Perception, there were clear visible spots of light.

The spots of light were very dense and were constantly moving.

It was as if they had been standing between this world the entire time, but humans could not see them.

With the information that came with ascending to the heavens in one step, Xu Xiaoshou could understand what these things were.

“Spatial nodes”

His breathing suddenly became hurried.

“Ascending to the heavens in one step… could it be that I can directly teleport in one step and appear at any node within the range of myperception”

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts moved.


A faint sound rang out.

His entire body turned into an afterimage and disintegrated.

At the same time, on the other side, Xu Xiaoshou appeared without any warning, as if he was traveling through a wormhole!


“Its really teleportation!”

Xu Xiaoshou was overjoyed.

Before he could continue with his research, his vision suddenly darkened, and a wave of dizziness assaulted his mind.

“Whats the situation”

Xu Xiao was keenly aware that something was wrong.

His energy reserve…

Was empty!

“Holy **!”

He lowered his head and looked down.

It was high up in the sky!

“Theres no spirit essence”


“Holy Shit, I cant fall!”

“Help, Ill crush someone to death.”


“Wah…, I dont dare to lie anymore…”

The baby cried and wiped his tears.

Suddenly, he widened his eyes: “Mother, flying goat!”

The woman was almost angered to death.

She had already taught him a lesson.

You wont stop until your buttocks are swollen huh

She raised his hand.


A figure suddenly blasted down into the ground a few feet behind her, sending rocks flying everywhere.

Xu Xiaoshou stood up in shock.

Only now did he learn that if his spiritual essence was completely depleted, it would be difficult for him to recover


The woman and infant in front of him were clearly frightened out of their wits.

They were stunned speechless.

The Woman:

A… Person fell from the Sky


Passive Points, 1.”

The baby pointed his chubby finger at Xu Xiaoshou and shouted happily.


“Flying sheep!”


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