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Chapter 474: First Exhaust the Energy Reserve, Then Break the Limbs

“Is this the power of the famed sword”

Xu Xiaoshou sheathed his sword.

He was shocked by his battle record.

If it was Hidden Bitterness, no matter how strong his Master Sword Intent was, he would not be able to cut off all the White Skeletons in this place with one strike.

It might even be extremely difficult to cut off one of them with a single strike.

If one were to talk about using sword will, 10 Sections of the Finger Sword might be able to do some damage.

However, if he really wanted to complete this battle, he would have to use the sword cognition of the scruffy-looking man without using his famed sword.

But a Flame Python…

Xu Xiaoshou turned around and stared at the ground below the small mound.

The motionless corpse of a White Skeleton after crashing to the ground was so shocking to him that he didnt know what to say.

The “Withering Snow of the West Wind” had only pushed his current sword speed to the limit.

In terms of attack power, it was even weaker than the Blade-draw Technique by dozens of points.

However, with the support of the famed sword, the 36 Master Physique White Skeletons was killed on the spot!

“Too strong!”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou could feel why every swordsman yearned for the famed sword so much.

Even the most ordinary swordsman would be strengthened to a terrifying extent by any sword skill as long as they obtained a famed sword, right

Moreover, Xu Xiaoshou was an original ancient swordsman!

“Time to collect the seeds!”

After being stunned for a moment, Xu Xiaoshou patted Yu Zhiwens head, who was holding her head and squatting down.

Then, he jumped down and started to stab the White Skeletons head with the Flaming Python one by one.

Sizzle sizzle.

No matter how strong the Master-level White Skeletons were, they could not withstand the sharpness of the famed sword.

Xu Xiaoshou only realized it when he got closer.

There were not only deep sword marks where the heads of these White Skeletons were separated.

It was as if they had been corroded by lava and were directly worn out.

“Even the Master Physique of the White Skeletons has such consequences.

If this sword was sent into the human body, even with the spiritual source protection, it would not be able to withstand such power, right”

Xu Xiaoshou watched all of this in shock.

The power of the famed sword had completely exceeded his imagination.


He casually cut open the skull of a White Bone Giant, and the energy core inside was removed.

As for the obstruction that the famed sword was facing in the skull, under the support of Xu Xiaoshous Master Physique, it could be completely ignored.

“Its really the Infernal Fire Seed…”

Holding the black and red seed in his hand and feeling the familiar power within it, Xu Xiaoshou was a little stunned.

At that time, Elder Sang had given him this thing to eat.

This was definitely not wrong.

Now that his previous deduction had been verified successfully, Xu Xiaoshou was a little confused.

“If I remember correctly, there is indeed no duplication in the extradimensional space, right”

He turned his head and asked Yu Zhiwen.

Yu Zhiwen held the skull of the White Bone Giant with both hands.

Without any movement, a crack appeared on the top of the skull, and the Infernal Fire Seed was easily taken out.

This scene caused Xu Xiaoshous eyes to light up.


She turned her head and replied, “Theoretically speaking, there is indeed a duplication in the extradimensional space, but the probability of it appearing is too small.

At least up till now, the number of cases where the duplication is discovered is not this high.”

Raising five fingers, Yu Zhiwen shot out the Infernal Fire Seed and asked in return, “Whats wrong”

“No, its not a big deal.”

Xu Xiaoshou accepted the Infernal Fire Seed and fell into deep thought.

Since that was the case, then the Infernal Fire Seed that he had used to cultivate earlier could be forcefully assumed to have been obtained by Elder Sang during the last opening of the White Cave.

But what if he used it again

How did that old man manage to successfully cultivate the Infernal Heavens

One had to know that without the Infernal Fire Seed, this technique was simply a decoration!

“Theres something strange…”

After thinking for a long time, Xu Xiaoshou could only come to this conclusion in the end.

After all, with his current limited knowledge of the extradimensional space, there was no way he could get an accurate result.

Or perhaps, Elder Sang had his unique method to obtain the Infernal Fire Seed

Perhaps there wasnt a single extradimensional space in this world, but what if there were White Skeletons that possessed the Infernal Fire Seed

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

No matter how much he didnt believe it, he could only think about it and console himself.

“I hope so.”

Thirty-six Infernal Fire Seeds and thirty-six heavy weapons were quickly separated by the Flame Python and the Divine Secret.

Xu Xiaoshou saw that Little Yu had also put in some effort and wanted to share some of the results of the battle.

However, after asking once and being rejected, he did not hold back.

He kept them all in his bag!

“Have a taste”

After keeping the other things away, Xu Xiaoshou left an Infernal Fire Seed in his palm.

He looked hesitant.

At that time, the damage that this thing had caused him was still lingering in his heart.

However, he never expected that after a short while, he would actually have the idea of taking the initiative to try and eat one.

“Are people that low…”

He sighed helplessly.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou completely understood.

Perhaps when he reached the level of Elder Sang, he would no longer care about such things.

Perhaps in the future, when he took in disciples, he would also develop his cruel and reckless methods

“Sigh, people cant evolve in the direction they hate.”

With a smile, Xu Xiaoshou no longer hesitated and swallowed the Infernal Fire Seed in his hand.


Yu Zhiwen was so scared that her eyelashes trembled.

“This can be eaten”

When she held it in her hand just now, she could already feel the terrifying burning energy within it.

When this thing was used to conduct alchemy, people would find it too violent and uncontrollable.

How did Xu Xiaoshou…

Swallow it in one bite

“Suspected, Passive Points, 1.”

A warm current flowed from his mouth into his stomach.

Xu Xiaoshou smacked his lips and said with a smile, “Its edible and its quite sweet.

Try it”

As he said that, he took out another one.

Yu Zhiwen was so scared that she took a step back.

She looked at Xu Xiaoshous expression as if she was looking at a monster.

“Are you… are you okay”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head gently.

Feeling the warm current flowing into his energy reserve, he began to transfer the breathing technique.

With a breath, the energy of the Infernal Fire Seed was turned into a burning power.

He directly exhaled through his nose and mouth, causing the space to distort.

With another breath, the terrifying burning energy was directly absorbed into his energy reserve.

The spiritual source in his entire body surged, and the scorching heat was pushed aside.

Yu Zhiwen, who was standing close to him, felt as if her body was about to start burning.

She hurriedly used her spiritual source to protect her body.

However, Xu Xiaoshou, on the other hand, exhaled and inhaled.

Other than the spiritual source in his energy reserve rising by a large margin, there was nothing unusual.

“Its over”

Yu Zhiwens star eyes were filled with shock.

“Its over.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded calmly.

He glanced at the information pane.

“Attacked, Passive Points, 1.”

“Attacked, Passive Points, 1.”

There was nothing else.

There were only these two pieces of information.

And this popped up when he was converting his energy.

In other words, once he reached the Master Physique, the Infernal Fire Seed alone would no longer be able to harm him.

Even if he placed it above his energy reserve, it would not accumulate any passive points with every second brought about by the burning.

The only things that could turn into real damage were the two moments of exhaling and inhaling.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed deeply.

He had expected such an outcome.

However, when his guess came true, he still found it hard to believe.

“Ive become stronger…”

This was a clear and visible feeling.

It was just like how one could see fish and prawns in front of a clear pond.

One could also see tiny wiggling tadpoles.

He was certain that he had become stronger without any modification!

When he thought about how he had been tormented by this thing until he was dead, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt a sense of sorrow that things had remained the same but people had changed.

People always grew up under pressure.

The pain that he had felt during that time might have to be recalled after some time.

Those things were nothing.

When such insights surged into his heart, Xu Xiaoshou felt that at this moment, he seemed to have truly seen life, the Way of the Heavens, and the path of lifes growth.

There were some frustrations and setbacks.

Perhaps they were just stepping stones sent by the heavens.

Those steps should have allowed you to take a step up.

If you were serious and stuck there, you wouldnt be able to get out.

That meant that your life was nothing more than that.

“If you skip this heaven, will there be a heaven beyond the heavens”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his head.

He thought of Elder Sang when he became his apprentice.

At that time, he said that there were many heavens in the world, and they were like dolls.

At that time, he didnt believe it.

After leaving the Spirit Palace and seeing the outside world, Xu Xiaoshou believed it a little.

The summary of the old mans life was never believed by the young people, but it had its logic.

Even in life…

Wasnt the so-called growth the same

After breaking through the layers of barriers, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly looked back and saw that the world had changed.

“I have it when I was born, when I am here, I have nothing.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled in relief.

“So thats how it is.”

When these words were spoken, his energy reserve surged.

In an instant, violent winds and big waves crashed against the shore, creating loud booms.

The golden light that was bestowed by Heaven turned into a wisp of emptiness and directly scattered throughout the energy reserve, melting the barrier that suppressed the Origin Courts cultivation.


The Flame Python lightly trembled, and the sound of a sword reverberated for miles.

The surprise in Yu Zhiwens eyes grew even more.

“He broke through”

Wasnt this comprehension that corresponded with the Way of the Heavens, a state of epiphany that only appeared when one broke through a sub-level


Xu Xiaoshou sensed his energy reserve.

Compared to the Origin Court level, the current capacity of his energy reserve was more than double!

This was sensational.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that to others, the physical body formed the energy reserve, and the energy reserve formed the cultivation level.

Therefore, even if he broke through to a sub-level, his energy reserve could at most increase by half, which was already the limit.

However, because he was had a Master Physique, the current capacity of his energy reserve was even comparable to some ordinary Upper Spiritual Level cultivators!

“Occupied Void.”

“A mountain that doesnt look like a mountain… such a state”

Xu Xiaoshou finally understood.

From Acquired level to Innate level, he had to open the Yuan Mansion in his Purple Mansion.

It could be said that this was only the threshold to come into contact with the Way of the Heavens.

However, from the Origin Court to Occupied Void, he had to comprehend the Way of the Heavens every time he made a breakthrough.

He thought that if he didnt use it, once his cultivation reached a certain level, he would naturally be able to achieve it.

However, he didnt expect that by a stroke of luck, the Way of the Heavens would bestow him with an opportunity.

He didnt even need to collide with his cultivation level, but instead went with the flow and arrived at Occupied Voids level.

“This should be considered the most complete breakthrough.”

Xu Xiaoshou was extremely satisfied.

It was precisely because of this breakthrough that he was able to confirm that his foundation of the spiritual source was absolutely solid to the extreme.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have directly stepped into this state without even needing to borrow the external power of elixirs.

“Voidness State.”

Yu Zhiwen couldnt see Xu Xiaoshous specific state, but she could feel this familiar path energy and softly mentioned the cultivation level of the young man in front of her.

“Why does your Voidness State feel so strong”

“Im afraid that even the Upper Spiritual Level cant beat you, right”

She said uncertainly.

Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

“You make it sound like if I dont breakthrough, Ill be defeated in the Upper Spiritual Level.”

Darn it!

This guy, he doesnt stop at all!

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Want one”

Xu Xiaoshou pinched the Infernal Fire Seed in his hand and said seductively, “Youve seen it too.

This things effect is very good.

I reached the Voidness State directly.”

“Try it now.

Maybe you could even break through to the Master Stage in an instant.”

“And the taste is really sweet.

Its very fragrant.

Can you smell it”

He moved closer.

Yu Zhiwen immediately moved away as if she was avoiding a god of plague.

“Do you think Im stupid”

“I do not have the Master Physique.

How can I possibly eat this thing”

Her beautiful eyes turned angry.

“But its sweet!”

With a swoosh, Xu Xiaoshou appeared directly behind Yu Zhiwen.

Before the other party could react, a hand had already pinched the Fire Seed and brought it to the tip of her nose.

“Chi chi!”

Yu Zhiwen was startled by the burning sensation of the spiritual source.

She looked at the dense space path energy in front of her and realized that Xu Xiaoshou had used teleportation!

She had seen this move before.

At the entrance of the small town in the Eighth Palace, Xu Xiaoshou had used this type of teleportation to avoid everyones attacks.

But at that time, after he had used it, he still looked like he was about to collapse.

How could this breakthrough, and even teleportation, be used so easily

Was he a monster

He, Xu Xiaoshou, was merely a non-living creature!

He was only at the Occupied Void state, and teleportation did not consume any energy

“It consumed one-third of my energy.”

Xu Xiaoshou probed his energy reserve and was overjoyed.

Not only had his energy reserve doubled in size, but even his quality had also reached another peak with this breakthrough.

Originally, he would be able to empty his energy reserve with just one “take the easy way out”.

But now, he had only used one-third of his spiritual source.

This meant that when he was at his peak condition, with the help of his “full spiritual source”, he could even use teleportation at least three times in a battle, or even four or five times.

This increase in his chances of survival was not just a tiny bit!

Xu Xiaoshou was excited.

If he had the chance to “take the easy way out” three times when he was facing the ghost beast, he would not have ended up trapped in a hopeless situation on all sides.

His life-saving skill has improved again.

It was simply too great!

Xu Xiaoshou was satisfied.

“Glared At, Passive Points, 1.”

The information window popped up.

Xu Xiaoshou came back to his senses and saw the girl in front of him looking back at him viciously.

“Why are you looking at me”

“What do you think!”

“Oh, do you want me to feed you”

Xu Xiaoshou had a look of realization on his face.

He grabbed the Infernal Fire Seed as if he was about to feed it to Yu Zhiwens red lips.


Yu Zhiwens pretty face instantly turned red.

“Youre shameless!”

She leaped away and instantly pulled a large distance away from Xu Xiaoshou.


Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou was in high spirits and decided not to lower himself to this girls level.

He would let her off this time.

“Since you dont want to eat it Ill eat it.”

Like eating candy, he casually threw the Infernal Fire Seed into his mouth.

Xu Xiaoshou bit down, and the incomparably hard Infernal Fire Seed seemed to have been cut by a sword.

It immediately split into energy and turned into a warm current that seeped into his heart and spleen.


Suddenly thinking of this passive skill, Xu Xiaoshou was somewhat surprised.

A Master Physique could only squish this thing, but he didnt expect that his teeth would actually have a sharp effect as well, directly cutting open the Infernal Fire Seed.

“This is good stuff.

If its developed well, itll be a fatal blow that cant be defended against!”

Xu Xiaoshou felt as if his mind had been opened.

Yu Zhiwen wanted to continue scolding him.

When she saw that the young man opposite her was a pervert who could even treat the White Skeletons energy core as candy, she immediately lost her temper.


She grumbled in a low voice and decided to reluctantly let go of Xu Xiaoshous rudeness.

“Alright, I wont tease you anymore.”

“You dont even want a gift from me, seriously.”

Xu Xiaoshou clapped his hands.

He felt that the Infernal Fire Seed could not help him advance from the initial stage to the intermediate stage of the Occupied Void, so he gave up on the idea of advancing to the next stage.

It was better to be steady in ones cultivation.

Even if he had “concealed” his cultivation, and others would not be able to see it.

He understood the principle of biting off more than he could chew.

“Lets go.”

“Where are we going”

Yu Zhiwen looked at Xu Xiaoshou as he turned around.

She hesitated for a moment before asking.

“Of course, were going to find… a big treasure!”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

Since the Infernal Fire Seed could not satisfy his needs, he could only continue to search for the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed.

After all, the location of the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed that he saw on the map should not be too far away from here.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for so many Master level White Skeletons to appear here.

“Big treasure…”

Yu Zhiwen repeated in a low voice.

Looking at the pile of White Skeleton corpses on the ground, she suddenly felt that this White Cave was not as dangerous as outsiders said.

She felt like she was just a bystander when she teamed up with Xu Xiaoshou.

Even if she encountered a Master level White Skeleton that required a lot of preparation in the intelligence report, she still felt like a tourist.

Before she could blink her eyes, the battle had already ended.


Who would believe this!

Looking at the young man who had flown far away, her heart was moved once more.

Xu Xiaoshou was too strong.

The Occupied Void!

To be able to achieve the Occupied Void that most Master level experts couldnt, he was still able to do it so easily.

What kind of talent did he have to achieve such a feat.

He was like a beautiful unpolished jade!

Even if she were to bring out the youths from the main hall of the Holy Divine Palace, they would probably have to possess all kinds of spiritual physiques and sacred physiques which could barely compete against this fellow

“The Holy Divine Palace needs such a talent.”

Yu Zhiwen thought to herself and nodded.

“I must pull him over!”


She raised her head.

“Wait for me.”

“This is the White Cave”

Two figures suddenly jumped out of the void rift.

One was an old man, and the other was a beautiful woman.

“Old Mou, are you sure that kid is hiding here”

Zhang Duoyu had a plump body and a charming figure, but her face was slightly distorted because she was gnashing her teeth.

“He took eighteen White Cave quotas, but he didnt sell them.

He must have come here.”

Zhang Zhongmous face was also a bit gloomy.

“Theres no doubt about that.”

Looking at the familiar, scorching world around them, the two of them fell silent at the same time.

Zhang Taiying had died.

And he had been killed by the City Lord Mansion in the name of a ghost beast.

If news of this spread to the Zhang Mansion, who knew what kind of turmoil it would cause.

If it werent for the message sent by the old Master of the Zhang Mansion, the two Sovereigns might have been sent to the prison of the City Lord Mansion or died on the spot.

However, even if they managed to escape…

Thinking back to the sunrise that night, it should have been the time for the Zhang family to prosper.

However, a Red Coat suddenly descended from the sky, along with countless City Guards from the City Lord Mansion.

As a result, all hope was lost.

Under the morning sun, the Zhang family was stained with blood.

They could only watch as their family members died, were injured, and were banned.

However, under the Red Coat, Zhang Zhongmou and Zhang Duoyu didnt dare to show their faces.

In fact, they were even discovered by that Red Coat and were almost killed on the spot.

After spending countless treasures to escape, the two of them already knew about it.

The Zhang family was gone.

The Zhang family, which had been in business for dozens of years, suffered a setback and was directly branded as a ghost beast, implicating the entire family.

How unfortunate was this

How could things have turned out like this

The two Sovereigns of the Zhang family, who couldnt believe it at all, had secretly investigated the incident at the City Lord Mansion that night and basically understood everything.

The Red Coat had sealed the matter of the ghost beast.

However, after Zhang Taiyings death that night, Xu Xiaoshou returned with several Sovereigns behind him, and the incident of the infernal explosion at the City Lord Mansion…

No matter how hard they tried to hide it, they couldnt.

Others did not believe that Zhang Taiying was killed by Xu Xiaoshou.

Neither did the two Zhangs.

However, no matter how much they did not believe it, this was the only source of everything!

The City Lord Mansion could not have attacked the Zhang family for no reason, and they could not prevent Zhang Taiying from sending out any messages at all.


Was it possible for Xu Xiaoshou

It was impossible!

However, no matter how impossible it was, everything had happened!

There was nothing much to say.

Once the person involved looked for him and asked, he understood everything.

“That brat, where is he”

Zhang Duoyus tone was filled with deep hatred.

“Dont be anxious.”

“If things are going in the worst direction that we can think of, then Xu Xiaoshou must be faking it.

He is the real ghost beast.”

“If thats the case, in such a situation, facing him is nothing more than sending yourself to your death.”

“So, calm down.”

Zhang Zhongmous eyes were as sharp as a falcons, but even so, his train of thought was still extremely clear.

“As long as he enters the White Cave, everything will be easy

“If he dares to stay here, the person who is protecting him in the dark must be here, too

“After all, Xu Xiaoshou has so many exquisite stones in his possession.

If he secretly sends in a Sovereign Level Physique, he will be able to do it without anyone knowing.”

“Therefore, as long as we can find the aura of the Sacrificial Carving, we will be able to lock on to Xu Xiaoshous position


Zhang Zhongmou suddenly turned around and stared at Zhang Duoyu.

He said solemnly,

“The battle will be over in a split second.

As long as we find the person, we will show no mercy.”

“Exhaust his energy reserve first, followed by breaking his limbs and we will keep him alive.”

“With the combat ability of us two Sovereigns, even if the Sovereign Level Physique appears again, I dont think they would have thought that we would resort to sneak attacks.”

“During a battle, we must be quick; we must strike ruthlessly!”


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