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Chapter 497: The Kind Benefactor Xu Xiaoshou


An intense rumbling sound came from afar, causing the entire White Cave small world to shake slightly.

“What happened”

The group of Red Coats led by Lan Ling and the group of Spirit Array Casters behind her couldnt help but stop in their tracks and look in the direction of the explosion.

“Oh my God, is… is the sky collapsing”

Everyone in the group was instantly shocked.

Even though they were very far away, they could still see the huge black hole hanging in the sky.

“The White Cave Small World should be very stable.

How can something like theSky Trap happen for no reason”

“Its over, its over.

If it truly is aSky Trap, isnt this the prelude to the collapse of the extradimensional small world”

“How long have we been here How could something like this happen”

“I want to go out…”


All the Spirit Array Casters were scared out of their wits.

A Sky Trap was not a small matter.

Perhaps not only the Spirit Array Casters in this small world would be trapped.

Even the Red Coat cultivators above the Sovereign Stage might not be able to escape safely.


The bald Xin rubbed his head and shouted behind him.

He immediately turned around.

“Sister Lan Ling, this matter…”

Everyone turned around in unison and looked at the woman leading the group.

This matter had come out of nowhere.

Even the Red Coat cultivators were stunned by the explosion from far away.

Sky Trap

That might be possible.

However, the Red Coats had investigated before.

White Cave was one of the extradimensional spaces with a mid-grade rating and above.

As long as the “Fourth Sword” did not appear, there was basically no risk of it collapsing.

But now…

“It might not be a Sky Trap.”

Lan Ling stroked the black hair on her forehead and said with a frown, “Fourth Sword is in the direction we are heading.

The Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array has not been activated yet.

The White Cave cant collapse at this point.”

“Then…” Xin hesitated.

“Whats with this explosion”

“What do you think”

Lan Ling looked over and Xin suddenly understood.

“You mean that someone is fighting”

“But the power of this explosion…”

Xin was a little skeptical.

“Its impossible for the self-detonation of a Sovereign to have such power.

Could it be that a Cutting Path level stowaway has entered”

Cutting Path!

What kind of level was that!

If that level of existence had entered, what was the point of destroying somewhere so far away if it wasnt even near the Fourth Sword

“We cant rule out Cutting Path…”

Lan Ling let out a low groan, looked up, and calmly gave an order:

“Immediately inform the Night Guardian who hasnt returned to the team to go over and take a look.

If its a Cutting Path, there cant be only one.

It should be a fight between the two sides that caused the explosion.”

“Such an existence should know the rules and wouldnt make a big fuss in the Small World.”

“Otherwise, even if the Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array hasnt been unsealed, White Cave might be destroyed by the power of the Cutting Path in advance.”

“The greater possibility is that something unexpected happened.”

“But we cant rule out the possibility that the situation will often develop in the most severe direction.”


“So” Xin continued, “So if its two people, the Night Guardian wont be able to handle it, right Do you want me to go over and help”

Looking at his bald head, and a slight desire appeared in his eyes.


Lan Ling sneered.

How could she not know that this guy was already a little tired of rushing around with his hands and feet tied He wanted to stretch his limbs.

“Dont even think about leaving my side!”

Xins face instantly drooped.

Lan Ling paused for a moment before continuing, “How about this, let the Night Guardian go first and we will wait for an opportunity.”

“If its one person, expel him on the spot.

If there are more than two Cutting Paths…”

“Contact us first, then well decide based on the situation.”


Lan Ling turned her head and looked into the distance.

She vaguely sensed that something was wrong.

If it was a battle between Cutting Paths, they would have to sneak in first.

Then, what were those people outside doing

“Wheres Heiming”

She looked at Xin and asked firmly, “Are the people outside keeping in contact at all times”

Xin was stunned.

“Im not responsible for the communication.

Ill go and ask…”

“No need to ask,” Lan Ling interrupted, “Inform outside immediately.

If they dont respond in time, it means that something has happened outside.”

“In that case…”

Her eyes darkened as she realized that the situation might have become very bad.

“Push forward at full speed immediately!”

Looking back at the front, Lan Ling clenched her fists.

“As long as we are near theThirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array, let alone one Cutting Path, even if ten of us come, we wont be afraid!”

“Dont leave.”

Lan Ling looked back and stared straight at the bald man in front of her.

“Protect me until we reach the great array.”

Xin was stunned.

He immediately realized that the situation was very serious.


He braced himself and did not dare to hesitate.

“Communicator, who is in charge Quickly send a message to the outside.”


A Red Coat person behind him immediately spoke and began to connect with the other members of the communication team to open the special communication spiritual array.

“One more thing.”

Xin turned his head and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Lu Ke is not back yet…”

Lan Ling glanced at the team behind her and nodded.

“We cant take care of him.

We cant wait any longer.”

She shouted, “Push forward at full speed!”

“Buzz, Buzz, Buzz –”

The earth was shaking, and the void was shaking.

The power of the explosion of the Spirit Fusion Swamp was too strong.

The White Cave Small World had originally prohibited the war above the Sovereign Stage.

The reason was that they were afraid that the war that touched the Way of the Heavens would accelerate the process of the Small Worlds collapse.

Because everyone knew that.

The White Caves “Source of the World” had already been lost during the last opening.

As long as this thing didnt return.

The collapse of the Small World was only a matter of time.

“Chief, that aura…”

From an unknown place, two figures stepped forward.

Cen Qiaofu, who was walking at the back, retracted his gaze.

His eyes were filled with bewilderment.

He could actually smell a very familiar power from the center of the explosion.

However, when he turned to look at the Masked Man, there were no ripples in his turbid gaze.

There were no fluctuations at all.

“Its not him.”

The Masked Man shook his head slightly and could not help but laugh.

“That fellows path is different from mine… I reckon that if he hasnt thought things through, he wont come back.”

“Naturally, he wont come to the White Cave.”


Cen Qiaofu sighed, and suddenly he had a reminiscing expression.

Among the “Saint Servants,” there werent many people who dared to live with him as a peer.

Even the Storyteller was too young.

He only dared to say a few words to disgust him.

Therefore, once that guy left, no one could sit down and play chess with him in peace.


Looking at the Chief, Cen Qiaofu felt even more helpless.

If he kept playing chess with that fellow, he wouldnt be able to find the joy of playing chess at all!

Its getting more and more boring these days…

“What a pity.”

Cen Qiaofu shook his head.

“If that fellow could come back, he wouldnt have been so passive last time…”

He seemed to have thought of something, and his tone suddenly became a little angry.

“Also, its fine if he left, but he still made a move to stop him…”


The Masked Man stretched out his hand and stopped Cen Qiaofu from continuing.

“Theres no need to say such words.”

He turned around and said with a smile, “After all, didnt that fellow send those two little things back in the end”

“He cant leave the Saint Servants.”

The Masked Man said with certainty.

His gaze focused and became extremely profound.

“They have different beliefs, but they have the same direction.

Its only a matter of time before they come back.”

Charge, charge, charge!

While they were talking, several strange lights suddenly shot up into the sky from all over White Cave.

Both of them turned around.

“Heaven and Earth phenomenon.”

Cen Qiaofu was slightly absent-minded.

“It seems that this explosion has caused some of the treasures that were nurtured underground in the White Cave to explode.”

“This time, Im afraid that these people will become even more chaotic.”

A smile appeared on Cen Qiaofus face.

“Its better to be chaotic.”

The Masked Man nodded.

“The more chaotic it is, the busier the Red Coats will be and this will increase our chances.”

“Yes, then we…”


The Masked Man reached out his hand hidden in the black glove and pointed at the distant void.

“I can only sense that direction from afar.

If its a crack, Ill have to rely on your spiritual senses to find it.”

He paused for a moment, spread out his hand, and smiled.

“Im crippled.

Now, I dont even have any spiritual senses.”

Cen Qiaofu couldnt help but laugh and shake his head.

Acquired cultivation level.

If even his Yuan Mansion was closed, then his spiritual senses would surely be sealed again.

“Dont worry, I can see it.”

After saying this, Cen Qiaofus gaze withdrew from the void rift in the extreme distance that faintly contained a calling fluctuation.

He turned his head and looked to the other side.

That was the direction of the Red Coat team.

“So, what aboutFourth Sword”

A trace of ridicule appeared in his eyes.

“You really dont want them”

The Masked Man was stunned.

“The Fourth Sword…”

He fell silent.

After a long while, he slowly raised his eyes.

“Well see how it goes.

Lets go to the crack on Abyss Island first.

As for the Fourth Sword…”


He paused for a moment.

“Its also possible that fate doesnt exist.”

Yuan Mansion.


Xu Xiaoshou spat out a mouthful of blood.

He raised his head.

Above him were the spiritual herbs and supreme treasures that were dug out from the third layer of Spirit Fusion Swamp.

Because there were no land resources, he could only temporarily let these treasures and soil float in midair.

The pink spiritual herbs fragrance had already spread throughout the entire Yuan Mansion space at this moment.

Xu Xiaoshou frowned and looked at the unconscious Yu Zhiwen in his arms.

With a wave of his hand, he isolated the spiritual herbs above him from the space below.

This Yuan Mansion Small World was his.

To isolate the space, it was just a thought.

“Take good care of her.”

“I might need to go out for a while.”

He placed Yu Zhiwen in front of Mu Zixi.

Xu Xiaoshou reminded, but there was no response.

“What are you daydreaming about”

He patted the little girls head but found that she was still staring straight behind him.

“Whats wrong”

When he turned around, the little monk with nine ring scars on his head was also staring at Mu Zixi in the same manner.

“You two know each other”

Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled.

These two guys actually knew each other

Was it because of their height

He still remembered the moment when the explosion occurred.

Not only did he pull Yu Zhiwen into his Yuan Mansion, but he also dragged the little monk behind him, whom he had met once, into it as well.

Xu Xiaoshou also did not want to expose his Yuan Mansion.

However, if he were to face this little life that was not even an adult directly and die under his Pill Condensation Art, he would still mind.

But at this moment…

“Demoness, so this is where you are hiding!”

Monk Bu Le stood up angrily.

Yu Zhiwen could not withstand the explosion and fainted on the spot, but it did not mean that her “Power of Will” could not withstand it.

It was the same as Xu Xiaoshous.

Even Monk Bu Le was only injured by the heat energy at the initial stage of the explosion.

But after entering the Yuan Mansion, it wasnt just his “Power of Will” that recovered.

The surging vitality breath in this place allowed him to recover his fighting strength almost instantly.

“Xu Xiaoshou, why did you bring this guy in”

Mu Zixi snapped back to her senses and pouted.

“He wants to kill me!”


Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows and turned his head.

“Why is that”

“Benefactor, this has nothing to do with you.”

He could clearly distinguish right from wrong.

Under the explosion that he might not be able to withstand, Xu Xiaoshou had pulled him into this life-saving space.

The moment he entered, he could sense the magical power of this space.

To be able to expose this space to outsiders, he wasnt afraid that he would have the evil thought of snatching the treasure.

Monk Bu Le naturally had a sense of admiration for the person in front of him.

But things were different.

This girl stole his “Empty Hell Magic Staff” and the devilish energy on her body.

She was an anomaly that Monk Bu Le had to eliminate.

“This female benefactor has interacted with me before.

Shes sick and stole from me.

I have to purify her.” Monk Bu Le put his palms together.

“You are the one who is sick!”

Mu Zixi was furious.

“You cant beat me.

The staff is your defeated item.

I just got the reward that the winner should get.

Whats wrong with that”

Bu Le was stunned and suddenly came back to his senses.

“Its not like that, witch.

Youre wrong.”

“I didnt lose to you.

I lost to the devilish energy of theEmpty Hell Magic Staff.

This has nothing to do with your eyes.”


He paused for a moment and said, “You cant beat me.

The person who can fight me is another person!”

Monk Bu Le turned his head.

He glanced a few times and realized that Aje wasnt there.

“He didnt come in.

Is he dead”

Monk Bu Les eyes instantly dimmed a little.

It wasnt easy for him to meet someone of the same height as him who could compete with him.

He was as happy as if he had met a bosom friend.

However, Xu Xiaoshou had saved him, but he did not save that person


Monk Bu Le turned his head and did not believe it.

That fellow, he could tell that he should be someone who was on Xu Xiaoshous side.

Why didnt he take him in as well

“Who are you calling a benefactor…”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

When he heard that this fellow wanted Mu Zixis life, he didnt have a good impression of him.

“Whats your name and background Why did you want to take my Junior Sisters life”

“Also, why did you run down at that time”

“Tell me the truth.”

“Otherwise, Ill kick you out of the Yuan Mansion!”

Monk Bu Le was stunned.

Junior Sister


For a moment, he didnt know what to say.

The person he wanted to purify was actually his benefactors Junior Sister

“Youre not going to say it, right”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered and pulled out a whip.

This was the “Dark Jade Whip” that he had snatched from the place where Zhang Zhongmou died.

Although he didnt recognize it, Yu Zhiwen had already explained the effects of this thing.

“Ill say it, Ill say it…”

Monk Bu Le wasnt anxious anymore.

He opened his mouth.

However, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly stopped.

Thats right!

This was his Yuan Mansion.

This fellow didnt have the strength of a Sovereign, so he didnt need to be expelled.

It would be fine as long as he was trapped.

“Theres no need to say it.”

He covered the little monks mouth and directly tied him up with the Dark Jade Whip.

With a thought, this fellow was hung in the air and directly imprisoned by space.

Monk Bu Le was dumbfounded.

What was this

He had a bunch of questions just now, and he sincerely wanted to express his gratitude.

If it was his benefactors Junior Sister, he could choose not to pursue the matter…

But what was the meaning of being bound

“Benefactor, I…”

“Shut up!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately silenced him.

He didnt have that much time to listen to this fellow quibbling here.

The fire seed that had exploded outside was still waiting for him!

Monk Bu Le struggled for a moment and discovered that the Way of the Heavens power in this place was extremely terrifying.

Although it was not perfect.

But with the masters control, it was nothing more than a small-scale bounded domain.

If he did not reach the Sovereign Stage and his cultivation was restricted, even if he had the “Power of Will”, he would not be able to use it!

He could only open his mouth and look down with hidden bitterness.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Watched, Passive Points, 1.”

“Received Plea, Passive Points, 1.”

“Listen, dont bother about this guy for now.

Wait for me to come back.”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the little monk above and said, “Im going out now.

Its not safe outside.

You stay inside for now and wait for Yu Zhiwen to wake up.

Ill come over to see you guys.”

“I want to go out.”

Mu Zixi was anxious.

She didnt know what was going on outside.

But since Xu Xiaoshou said so, going out alone would definitely be risky.


“Has it already exploded” she asked with concern.

“Uh… yes.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded awkwardly.

“Wouldnt it be over if it exploded Whats the danger”

Mu Zixi got up.

She glanced at Yu Zhiwen, who was lying unconscious on the ground, and thought to herself that she was lucky.

Fortunately, she had the foresight and knew to hide in the Yuan Mansion first.

This lady should have returned to the ground ahead of time!

She was so far away, yet she had fainted…

“Sigh, you dont know anything.

How did you dare to take a liking to Xu Xiaoshou”

“Someone will die.”

Mu Zixi sighed in her heart.

Xu Xiaoshou was not someone that any ordinary lady could control!

“The explosion is over, but there are still two terrifying fellows outside…”

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated for a moment.

Looking at the young ladys unbelieving gaze, he explained, “That ghost beast from the Tianxuan Gate will seal people.”

“Theres another pervert.

I dont know what level he is, but he looks even more dangerous…”

“Senior Sister Mo”Mu Zixi was stunned.

“Yes, its her.”

“Then you still dare to go out”

Mu Zixi was anxious.

“Last time, there was the suppression of the Small World of the Tianxuan Gate.

This time…”

“I know.”

Xu Xiaoshou interrupted her.

“With Aje around, I should be fine.”


The little girl suddenly felt sad.

As expected, Aje was the true love!


She thought for a while and suddenly took out a staff filled with devilish energy from her ring and handed it to Xu Xiaoshou.

“Take this thing first.

It seems quite powerful.

I took it for you.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

“A staff”

There was a Buddhist staff filled with devilish energy

What the hell was this thing!

With just a sweep of his “Perception”, he felt that the violent aura in his body was about to surge out again.

He hurriedly stopped it.

Xu Xiaoshou still had lingering fear in his heart.

It was very strong!

This Buddhist staff was extremely strong!

It actually had the strength comparable to the bronze carving piece!

One had to know that according to Xu Xiaoshous conjecture.

The bronze carving piece was very likely to have fallen from the “Fourth Sword”.

If this Buddhist staff could reach this level just by relying on devilish energy…

Could it be that it was also a treasure comparable to the “Fourth Sword”

“Where did you get it from…”

Xu Xiaoshou was halfway through his question when he recalled the conversation between the little monk and Mu Zixi.

He suddenly understood.

He raised his head.

As expected, Monk Bu Le was looking at the siblings below with an incredulous expression as they divided up the stolen goods.

He glanced at the information pane again.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Missed, Passive Points, 1.”


Xu Xiaoshou was delighted.

“Okay, Ill take it first.”

He used his spiritual source to cover his palm, took the staff, and was about to jump out of his Yuan Mansion.

Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of Xu Xiaoji, who was curled up in the corner.


“What” Xu Xiaoji curled up.

He had tried his best to make himself invisible, but unexpectedly, Xu Xiaoshou still noticed him.

Looking at the little monk hanging in the sky, he felt a sense of sadness.

“We are all people who have fallen to the ends of the Earth.”.

I knew it!

I knew that this prison would definitely become more and more lively as time passed.

Oh my God, when will I be able to escape…


Xu Xiaoshou retracted his gaze.

For the time being, he didnt need Xu Xiaoji.

Wait until “Fourth Sword” was born.


This fellow would come in handy.

He wanted to jump out of Yuan Mansion again, but Xu Xiaoshou suddenly paused.

“Behave yourself!”

He pointed at the little monk above and said.

For this fellow to possess such a staff, he must have an extraordinary background.

Once he obtained the fire seed, he didnt want to offend anyone and would definitely release it.

But what if he wasnt around and this fellow managed to break free from the seal

“That shouldnt be possible…”

“I control the Small World, so its equivalent to a bounded domain.

Hes just a brat…”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a moment before his gaze suddenly stopped and fell on the monks knife on this fellows back.

Monk Bu Le was stunned.

Whats with that greedy gaze of yours

“You snatched my staff, and you are still after myBuddha Slaying Blade”

“Darn it, how hateful!”

“Let me say something, Ahhhh –”

He roared crazily in his heart.

Bu Le had no way of resisting at all.

He could only watch helplessly as Xu Xiaoshou flew over.

Then, he stretched out his hand and pulled out the “Buddha Slaying Blade” on his back.

“Im borrowing it from you.

Ill return it to you later!”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

He rubbed the Buddha Slaying Blade lovingly.

It was too beautiful!

All of a sudden, he had the idea of giving it to Zhou Tianshen.

“Resisted, Passive Points, 1.”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Missed, Passive Points, 1.”

Bu Le was desperate.

He opened his mouth and listened to this guys insincere words.

He knew that he had fallen into a wolfs den.

How was this a benefactor!

This was a devil dressed in the cloak of kindness!

Sigh, I misspoke…

Buddha is merciful.

I will not break the precepts.

“All of you be good, wait for me to return and feed you.”

Xu Xiaoshou gave a final reminder.

With one hand on the monks knife and the other on the staff, he disappeared from the Yuan Mansion.

Spirit Fusion Swamp.

An unprecedented black abyss replaced this area.

The Void was in chaos.

The space was broken and repaired, and it was cracked.

Endless grayish-black destructive aura was enshrouded in it.

Obviously, the music played by ice and fire had caused this space to fall into an apocalyptic scene.

Aje curled up.

All his clothes were blown away.

There were traces of blood on his body, but his injuries had already recovered.

And looking at his chest…

This was probably the only space that was still intact in the Earth realm dozens of miles away from the Spirit Fusion Swamp.

It was because of Xu Xiaoshous protection order.


A light sound appeared.

The next second, a figure appeared.

Aje trembled, his body straightening up.

He happily turned his head and looked at the familiar figure that had disappeared for a long time and finally returned to his side.

“Ma Ma…”


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