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Chapter 503: Night Guardian Demonstrated His Power

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White Cave.

A Red Coat figure was traveling through the void at high speed.

“Why does it keep exploding”

“Could it be that brat Xu Xiaoshou again!”

“No, no, no, it shouldnt be possible.

How long has it been since we parted Impossible!”

“Moreover, the location of the Spirit Fusion Swamp is so far away from the place where the Flame Python appeared.”

“Even if it was a premeditated plan, it might not be able to be done in such a coherent manner.

Moreover, what Xu Xiaoshou did…”

“It seems like it was unintentional…”

The Night Guardian had a worried expression on his face.

Ever since he came into contact with Xu Xiaoshou at the City Lord Mansion, he had a slight trauma over the explosion.

And without a doubt, it was also after he came into contact with Xu Xiaoshou.

Every large-scale explosion, no matter where it was, seemed to be more or less related to this kid.

“It shouldnt be him this time.”

Shaking his head, the Night Guardian decided not to believe his sixth sense.

He wasnt Xin, and he wasnt a woman.

Normally, using the sixth sense to judge others wasnt reliable.

“So, if it wasnt for that kid, the movements of the Spirit Fusion Swamp must be an attack from a Cutting Path.”

“Are there more than one Cutting Path…”

The Night Guardian muttered to himself.

He had already received news from Lan Ling.

Heimings base in the outside world had already been uprooted by a man in a red dress.

And if Heimings conjecture wasnt wrong.

Then the enemy he was going to face this time…

Might be the legendary Saint Servant!

“The Chief of the Saint Servants had four hands or even seven hands…”

A hint of fear appeared in the Night Guardians eyes.

“With so many hands, the card could jam me to death.

Why would you let me come here alone to spy on the situation”

Although he had some doubts in his heart…

The Night Guardian also knew that no matter how strong the stowaway was…

Their ultimate goal was to seal the Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array.

Therefore, the most important plan was to use the Fourth Sword as bait to lure the big fish with the protection of the Fourth Sword.

It was understandable that Lan Ling couldnt get anyone to help her.

Therefore, he only wanted to get information and didnt care about anything else!

“Yes, thats right.”

Night Guardian nodded and confirmed his thoughts.

If he was attacked by two great Cutting Paths or even more.

He could just escape.

If the Cutting Path tried to escape unless a Higher Void came along, who would be able to stop him

“A Higher Void…”


Night Guardian sneered.

How could a mere White Cave attract a Higher Void expert to come personally

“Were here.”

After flying for a long time and concealing his Way of the Heavens energy movement, the Night Guardian hid in the void and finally arrived at the location of the explosion — the Spirit Fusion Swamp.

The next second, he was shocked.

The scene in front of him was not the Spirit Fusion Swamp that he had seen when he explored the White Cave earlier

This was a huge pit that spanned tens of miles like an abyss…

The distorted space on this side was trembling and could not withstand a single blow…

There was also an ominous aura that seemed to be coming from the calamity…

“Destructive aura”

The Night Guardian was shocked.

He could see a large amount of grayish-black mist rising in the air.

Not only that, but he could also feel the extreme coldness and overbearing heat under the dense destructive aura…

“Xu, Xu Xiaoshou”

Night Guardian was stunned.

Wasnt this blazing aura the same as the one on Xu Xiaoshous body

“No, its not.”

“Its the strengthened version of this fellow!”

This made the Night Guardian jolted to his senses.

“Thats right, the supreme treasures sealed in the Spirit Fusion Swamp should be the Three Days Frozen Calamity and the Infernal Original Seed.”

“This aura should come from these two items and not Xu Xiaoshou…”

“In that case, the Heaven and Earth Great Array of these two treasures was destroyed, and then the power collided, causing an explosion”

He deduced, “But, who destroyed the array”

The Night Guardian was confused.

Before the White Cave opened, the Red Coat group had already explored again, ensuring the stability of the Heaven and Earth Great Array.

According to the previous exploration results.

The Heaven and Earth Great Array at this place was not something that ordinary experiencers could break.


Night Guardian narrowed his eyes, and killing intent rose in his eyes.

“Ghost beasts or stowaways!”

Vaguely, the rotten smell seemed to linger at the tip of his nose.

Night Guardian frowned and stopped thinking.

His spiritual senses merged with heaven and earth and covered this broken space.


It was deserted.

Not even a sound could be heard!

Spiritual senses continued to spread.


It was still dead silent.

There wasnt even a trace of a living creature.

Or rather, all of this was completely erased under the great explosion.

“So, where are they”

“Where did they run off to”

The Night Guardian refused to believe it and continued to spread the coverage of the spiritual senses.

As long as it was a man-made explosion, there would be evidence left at the scene.

Even if everyone had run away at this moment.

The Way of the Heavens would also tell him where the murderer had run off to.

His nose twitched.

The Night Guardian frowned.


As expected, in the place that should have been the snow mountain, he found a familiar stench.

As expected, one of the sources of the explosion was the ghost beast.

“What a pity.”

The Night Guardian felt a little regretful.

The explosion not only erased the vitality of this place but also killed all traces of natural power.

The Way of the Heavens was still in a chaotic state, so he was completely unable to find out what attributes the ghost beast had.

“Theres more.”

Since there was a ghost beast, there must have been another person who had a dispute with it.

Otherwise, with the cowardly mentality of these rats, they couldnt make such a big fuss.

“A stowaway”

No one in the Red Coat team had sent a message back to the headquarters.

In other words, this battle was not caused by the Red Coats discovering the lone ghost beast.

Then, a stowaway who could fight with the ghost beast and cause such a big explosion…

“Saint Servant!”

The Night Guardians heart skipped a beat.

He seemed to recall the time when he was still a White-clothed in the central region and was working for the Seven Sword Deity Gou Wuyue when he was ordered to destroy the Saint Servant branch.

The scene of the sky burning and the sea boiling, with mountains of corpses everywhere…

Was still unforgettable!

Perhaps to the outside world, the declaration of the Holy Divine Palace was a great victory.

But after that battle, the White-clothed people who managed to survive… such as himself.

Everyone knew.

That time was not a victory.

It could only be counted as killing a thousand enemies and losing 800 of their own army.


Almost every sleepless night, the Night Guardian could remember it.

At that time, the guy who was the only one left was still able to cross the Sword Deitys sword and send the charred hand into Moonless Sword Deitys chest even after he was pushed to the brink.

It was that battle that made the Night Guardian understand.

It turned out that the Seven Sword Deity were not legends.

It turned out that Sword Deities were Sword Deities, and they were not gods.

Even though they almost crippled the other party with their swords.

Gou Wuyue was also injured.

His injuries were not light!

“Sleeveless, Red Scorched Hand…”

The Night Guardian clenched his fists.

That was the first time he saw true strength, and it was also the first time he saw a battle between a Higher Void expert who stood above the world.

Every White-clothed individual who survived that battle would never forget it!

“So, this time, the Chief of the Saint Servant has made a move”

The Night Guardian pulled back his thoughts and found it hard to believe.

The second-in-command of the Saint Servant was already so powerful.

If the Chief of Saint Servant made a move, would he need to cause an explosion to kill the ghost beast

Or was his deduction wrong

“No, not necessarily.”

The Night Guardian analyzed.

What if the Saint Servant split up after entering the White Cave

His eyes lit up as he realized that there was a possibility.

Although all the nine Saint Servant lords were very strong, not every one of them could shake the might of the Seven Sword Deity.

If they split up.

The last person who came to the Spirit Fusion Swamp happened to encounter a relatively strong ghost beast…

“It might not be to that extent.”

The Night Guardian hesitated again.

Even if the last Saint Servant had come, it would not fight with an ordinary ghost beast like this.


“Its not an ordinary ghost beast”

The Night Guardian suddenly felt a chill on his back.

He thought of the one that had walked out of White Cave.

If this was the case, it was probably the one that had returned that was able to fight with the Saint Servant like this.

“Sealing Power”

The Night Guardian hurriedly opened his spiritual senses.

But his movements were sluggish…

“Thats right!”

“The explosion wiped out all traces.

How could there be any sealing power left”

The Night Guardian sighed.

He continued to move forward.

Not long after, he flew out of the Spirit Fusion Swamps range and saw a little bit of life and greenery again.

Soon, his figure stopped.

As if his spiritual senses had seen something shocking, a look of shock appeared on his face.

“This, this is”

“Sigh, this is so hateful!”

“Its okay to blow people up, but to blow up their skirts, what kind of hero is that!”

The Storyteller pouted and lay naked in the river.

This was the only water source he had found after wandering around the Spirit Fusion Swamp for a long time.

The temperature in the White Cave was too high.

Even the Earth was so dry that it cracked.

The reason he was able to find this water source was because a water-type treasure had appeared in the Heaven and Earth phenomenon.

He had caught it and stopped there.

“Water is a good thing.

Theres a lot of water, a lot of water…”

The Storyteller hummed a song, feeling very comfortable.

For Ji Mei, who loved the cleanliness, three baths a day was a must.

Even if the number of baths he took was not up to the standard due to the mission.

But with a water source, it was even more so after a bloody battle.

How could he, a Storyteller, be able to hold himself back

“Gulu Gulu.”

The high temperature made the river water warm.

Lying in it was like enjoying a hot spring.

The Storyteller narrowed his eyes and leaned his head against the washed rocks on the shore.

He looked at the sky of this small world through the gaps in his vision.


“Crimson, its ominous!”

Time seemed to slow down.

Contentment and comfort defeated all exhaustion.


The Storyteller moaned in comfort.

He changed his position and lay on his side, his thoughts empty.

“If only I could take a bath with my brother, wouldnt that be great”

He reached out and grabbed the rock, just like he was holding the person who was always in his heart.


Rubbing his cheek, the Storytellers face was filled with intoxication.


Suddenly, he widened his eyes and looked to the side of the sky with bulging eyes.

He saw a red figure flying over from the crimson sky.

It was so sudden!

The person who came suddenly froze in midair.

It was as if he did not dare to believe that there was someone even more ridiculous than Xu Xiaoshou in the White Cave, a place where everyone was fighting for every second.

In the river…

Taking a bath!

Their eyes met.

The air seemed to have frozen.



The Storyteller suddenly came to his senses.

He covered the middle of his legs with both hands, and a surge of water flew three feet into the air.

Then, his spiritual source exploded and turned into a cloud of mist that wrapped around him.

The Storyteller hurriedly put on his clothes.

“How could someone come over and yet I did not notice it”

“Even in a relaxed state, my spiritual senses should have noticed”

The Storyteller was completely confused.

For a moment, he had actually forgotten that the Cutting Paths in this world could be hidden in the Way of the Heavens energy movement.

For a moment, he had also forgotten what this old man who was flying over and dressed in red represented!


“I didnt do it on purpose…”

The Night Guardian was stunned and stuttered.

At this moment, he was filled with hatred!

Why did he have to fly and use his spiritual senses

It was fine if he used his spiritual senses.

Why did he have to see and hear the other party calling a rock “Big Brother” and then paused to see such a scene in front of him

Looking at the blue fingers covering his crotch in panic…

Look at the three-foot-long wave that was like covering ones ears and stealing the bell…

Who couldnt hear this

Who couldnt see this!

The Night Guardian felt that he would have to spend the rest of his life to heal everything that he had seen and heard just now.


He held his breath and suddenly started to pant.

He felt that it wasnt right to pant at this moment, so he quickly restrained his impulse.

“Right, I didnt do it on purpose.

I didnt see anything just now…”

His voice paused.

After the spiritual mist dissipated, the real face of the man who had just come out of the bath was revealed.

He was wearing a red dress.

His hair was wet from the river water, and steam was rising from his body.

His face was red, and he looked pure and refined.

“A red dress”

The Night Guardian was shocked by his clothes.

Wasnt this the “Man in a red dress” that Heiming mentioned!

The Storyteller held his orchid finger and was about to get angry.

But when he thought of his brothers warning before they parted…

He had encountered a big explosion just now, which have caused a stir.

Although it wasnt his doing.

But who would believe him if he told others

Thus, the matter between them could only be reduced to a minor matter.

“Sigh, it doesnt matter.

I know you didnt do it on purpose.




The Storyteller narrowed his eyes.

His line of sight finally landed on the old mans stiff face and then slid down.

“Red… Red Coat”

“Saint Servant!”

The Night Guardians eyes widened as his face was filled with murderous intent.


In an instant.

The river water exploded and the waves rose several feet high.

The riverbank cracked and the huge rocks cracked.

The grass and trees were uprooted and the land disintegrated.

As if it couldnt bear the weight at all, in less than half a breaths time, the two banks exploded and the water flowed.

Killing intent!

It was an awe-inspiring and substantial killing intent!

As if it had met its natural enemy, a completely uncontrollable killing intent burst out from the Night Guardians body.

Although Lan Lings order for him was to maintain his calmness and wait for the situation to change.

At this moment, he knew that he had completely exposed himself.

He no longer had such thoughts.

Originally, when a Red Coat met a ghost beast or a stowaway, they should have calmly killed them.

There was no such thing as turning around and leaving after being discovered

The actions of a coward!

“Red Coat”

“Giggle, Giggle, Giggle…”

The Storyteller cried out in shock.

However, he immediately resisted his killing intent and covered his mouth as he chuckled.

“Old Man, your bad temper isnt good.

Its easy for you to get a heart attack.”

“Its fine for you to peep at me while Im taking a shower, but I dont intend to pursue the matter.

Why did you take the initiative to attack me”

“You like to take the initiative”

The Storyteller puffed out his chest and took a step forward.

He did not fly up.

Instead, he raised his head and beckoned with his hand.

With a coquettish smile, he said, “Come down!”


The Night Guardian felt nauseous and almost vomited.

His face twitched and his expression turned cold.

“As you wish!”

He raised his arms and held both sides of the sky.

As the spiritual source rolled, the killing intent in the sky seemed to surge out and then returned to his palms in an instant.

Dark patterns flowed from his fingertips and wound around his wrists, elbows, and arms.

“Night Curtain!”

The Night Guardian closed his eyes and opened them again.

His eyes turned pitch-black as if it was the deepest part of the night, a dark place without any light.

As soon as he finished speaking.

With a swoosh, the crimson sky disappeared.

The ground started to turn black.

It was as if the darkness from an unknown place had invaded the human world, and fear enveloped everything.

In an instant, the black shadow swallowed everything, and the sky and the Earth were turned upside down, turning into night.

Dead silence!

The entire place was dead silent!

The sound of the river flowing, the sound of rocks flying…

After the Night Curtain fell, everything turned silent.

Even the person who cast the spell seemed to have merged with the sky and Earth at the same time, disappearing completely.


The Storytellers eyes revealed a look of interest.

After a sigh of admiration, he was completely unable to hear his own voice.

It was as if he had lost his hearing.

Even his heartbeat and breathing couldnt be heard at this moment.

“Dark attribute”

The Storyteller was surprised.

This was an extremely rare attribute!

At least in his life, he hadnt seen many people.

And the dark attribute was at the level of the Cutting Path.

This was the first one!

After losing his hearing, the night completely blocked everything.

He was clearly at the bank of the river, but the Storyteller couldnt see anything.

Even his spiritual senses couldnt see the scenery in front of him.

“Lost all six senses”

The Storyteller raised his eyebrows.

It was obvious that this old man in front of him wasnt ordinary.

At least, he wasnt the kind of trash Red Coat that would sit in front of a barbecue and chat with his two friends.


He was clearly in the complete darkness of the Night Curtain.

But when the Storyteller took out the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap, the sound still reached his ears.

The Storytellers lips curled up.

It was true that the old man in front of him was powerful enough.

But the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap…

Was even more powerful!

“What methods will he use to torture and kill me”

Anticipation flashed in the Storytellers eyes.

As he held the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap, he suddenly felt a slight chill in his hand.


He lowered his head and was about to flip through it.


“Hand of Heaven Punisher!”

A shout sounded in the darkness as the Storyteller raised his head.

A blazing white shadow flashed across the sky.

One could vaguely see the dark patterns on the arms of Night Guardian.

The scene returned to darkness and silence.


The Storytellers red lips parted slightly, not understanding what was going on.

In the next second, a huge bright and white palm print appeared in the nine heavens.

That palm print was grand, with absolute light compared to the darkness.

It was tens of miles away, and if there was a power that could subdue an entire world, it would be unstoppable as it closed in inch by inch.

A biting cold murderous intent and a grand power spread out.

The night seemed to be directly lit up, and it suddenly became bright for a moment.

The space was crushed and exploded.

The earth was blasted and shattered.

The Storytellers hand that was holding the ancient book stopped.

He looked at the palm light that fell from the sky, and disbelief appeared on his face.

“Doesnt this guy have the dark attribute”

“Grand power”

“What the hell is this!”

He thought of something, and his pupils constricted.

“The Power of the Higher Void!”

“Impossible! This is impossible!”

The Storyteller was stunned.

Even if the other party was a Cutting Path expert, there was no need for him to go this far!

He could tell that the old man before him didnt have the holy will that he had after transcending the tribulation.

In other words, the other party hadnt even transcended the first tribulation of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity yet.

Then, the problem arose.

How could a person who hadnt transcended the Nine Death Thunder Calamity possess the Power of the Higher Void

It was so powerful and it had such a grand atmosphere, which was the complete opposite of the dark attribute!

The Storyteller had transcended the full extent of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

He had only managed to comprehend a tiny bit of the Power of the Higher Void that was connected to his attribute.

There was still a long way to go before he could reach the true Higher Void State!

“This kind of power, which is completely opposite of his own attribute, can form such a dense Power of the Higher Void even before transcending the thunder calamity…”


The Storyteller roared in his heart and wanted to escape.

However, just as his body was about to move, he felt as if he was shouldering a mountain, and his body was filled with a vast suppressive force.


His eyelids drooped, and his eyes lost their color.

The Storyteller knew.

He could only receive this attack head-on.

“Yin Yang Life and Death Trap!”

He slapped the ancient book.

With a click, the illusory image of the ancient book enlarged in the sky.

In an instant, it traversed tens of miles and turned into a thick layer, as if it wanted to completely withstand the Hand of Heaven Punisher in the sky.

However, as the shadow of the ancient book enlarged, the ice power in the palm that had been ignored completely enlarged at this moment.

“What is this”

The Storyteller was stunned.

How could his ancient book have such an icy aura that contained the calamity power


He suddenly thought of something.

“An accident happened in the ancient book space”

As the saying goes, misfortunes never come singly while fortunes never come together.

At this moment, even the Storyteller, who was the seventh-in-command of the Saint Servant, was a little flustered.

He wanted to open the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap and find out what was going on.

However, how could the Hand of Heaven Punisher give him so much time


A palm struck down.

At the moment when the palm print and the ancient book shadow clashed.

The void exploded, and the Way of the Heavens was broken.

The air currents surged out from the point of the clash, and in an instant, the ground within a radius of dozens of kilometers collapsed!


The Storyteller spat out a mouthful of blood.

He used a part of his mental energy to consolidate the ancient books space, afraid that something unexpected would happen inside and unseal all the evil and deviant paths.

That would be a big problem!

He was afraid that his brother would kill him!

Therefore, he naturally would not use all of his mental energy to resist this palm print that contained the Grand Power of the Higher Void.

“Bang Bang Bang –”

Both sides were in a stalemate.

But it was obvious that the Storyteller was lacking in strength.

Every foot of the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap fell, the ground would sink by a foot.

“Crack crack…”

The sound of his arms cracking could be heard.

The Storyteller looked down in shock and realized that his arms were about to disintegrate.

At this moment, he finally came to his senses.

When he encountered such a peak Red Coat person who would always fight on the front lines of the ghost beasts, it would be fine if his real body came.

This mere external incarnation of his, as well as an ancient book phantom, would definitely not be able to withstand his opponents strength.

“I was careless…”

Gritting his teeth, the Storytellers red lips were stained with blood.


His legs split open.


Cracks appeared on his chest.

“I just finished bathing!”

The Storyteller was furious.

He suddenly raised his head and pinched his orchid-like fingers as he shouted, “Old Brother, dont you know that a Cutting Path can not attack in a Small World”

“If you keep pressing on me, do you believe that I will self-destruct and blow up this White Cave Small World!”


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