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Chapter 506: Salvation


The ice layer exploded.

Mo Mo fell out from within.

When Xu Xiaoshou saw this humanoid woman fall from the sky, the corner of his mouth twitched.

He finally understood why the grey mist figure always used the sealing mist to envelop itself.

Perhaps it wasnt for pretense.

Rather, it was because it had latched onto a female character.

Even if it revealed its true appearance, it would probably feel that it wasnt a match

“Xu, Xu Xiaoshou…”

“Just you… hehe, just you wait…”

The grey mist figure was using Mo Mos body, but its voice was very rough.

Its lips turned purple from the cold.

The frozen power in its body had just recovered not long ago.

Xu Xiaoshous attack almost froze its energy reserve completely.

However, it was this attack that made the grey mist figure conclude.

The Three Days Frozen Calamity has truly acknowledged its master.

Otherwise, it was impossible for Xu Xiaoshou to completely freeze a Sovereigns power in its ghost beast form with his Innate cultivation level.


The grey mist figure let out a low sigh, feeling humiliated.

How old was Xu Xiaoshou!

At this time, he had already grown to such a stage.

If he was given some more time, wouldnt he be able to match against a Cutting Path

Although the frozen power didnt have much to do with his cultivation level.

The Three Days Frozen Calamity itself had already formed a contract with Xu Xiaoshou.

According to this situation.

This was one of his abilities!

This fellow, at his age…

Had already possessed the ability to threaten a Sovereign!

“Release your sealing aura first, then talk to me.” Xu Xiaoshou pulled Aje and took a step back.

He was afraid of revenge.

However, this fellow was using Mo Mos face, and its voice was so out of place.

It was truly too uncomfortable, so he couldnt help but say it.

The grey mist figure stood up and didnt release the mist again.

He knew that Xu Xiaoshou knew Mo Mo, and the two of them could be considered friends.

In a situation where it was completely hopeless, sometimes, one had to play the emotional card.

“First absorb the frozen power in my body.” The grey mist figures voice became gentler.

Xu Xiaoshous eyebrows jumped wildly.

He couldnt stand this voice and planned to attack again, blasting this thing away

However, facing Mo Mo, he couldnt bring himself to do it.

He vaguely remembered when the grey mist figure fainted at Tianxuan Gate, and Mo Mo confided in him.

This girl was also a pitiful person.

A calm and peaceful person was forced to do so many things that she didnt want to do.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood why the Night Guardian was so resolute when facing a ghost beast.

Because at this moment, he felt like killing the grey mist figure.


He sucked in his lips and teeth, and the frozen power returned to his body.

Xu Xiaoshou retreated behind Aje, stuck out his head, and said, “Ive treated you sincerely, and Ive completely trusted you.”

“Ill suck out the frozen power for you.

Well forget everything that happened in the past.”

“Ill bring you out.

From now on, well stay out of each others way!”

“Hehe.” The grey mist figure laughed coldly.

“Just pray that you dont fall into my hands…”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly stretched out his hand.

The grey mist figures face stiffened.


“Then its settled.

After we get out, well face that man in the red dress together.

Dont trip me up.

Otherwise, well die together.”

Xu Xiaoshou retracted his hand and said seriously, “If Im done for, and so are you!”

The grey mist figure nodded.

“Cut the crap and lead the way.”

When Xu Xiaoshou heard this fellows tone, he knew that the grey mist figure had been plotting something.

Perhaps it was not just him who had the thought of escaping the moment he got out.

This fellow was probably planning to leave him behind to face the man in the red dress and then escape on its own.

“Happy working together.”

Xu Xiaoshou said this and did not extend his hand again.

He turned his head to look at the sky.

His spiritual senses could see the blue light spots that covered the sky and earth, which were the ice element.

At the same time, he could also see a certain place where a large amount of ice element was flowing outside.

This place was exactly where he had used heaven and earth as a furnace to roast the outside world.

It was very obvious.

As long as the space collapsed and they followed this place, they would definitely be able to return to the White Cave.


Xu Xiaoshou did not make a move.

Instead, he turned his head to look at Aje.

With a signal, Aje turned back into a rock and was kept in the front of his clothes.

The grey mist figures eyes turned cold.

He had long deduced that Aje was not human.

However, when he saw this fellow turn into a rock, he was still shocked.

“What is that”

“Dont ask what you shouldnt ask!”

“Lead the path!”

It scolded him angrily.

“Watch your tone, you cant defeat me now!” Xu Xiaoshou reminded.

“Criticized, Passive Points, 1.”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Missed, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not bother with it anymore.

He took out a handful of magic pills and swallowed them.

The Breathing Technique was activated and instantly replenished his energy reserve.

The Three Days Frozen Calamity was too powerful!

Although he was at the Peak of Occupied Void and used only one form of the Ice Age technique, he did not utilize his spiritual source but the power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity itself.

However, just by communicating with the Way of the Heavens and using the power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity to freeze the grey mist figure, Xu Xiaoshous energy reserve was almost cleared up by half.

In the end, his cultivation level was still insufficient.

Using such a pure spiritual source to fight, Xu Xiaoshou was not used to it.

His growth speed was too fast.

In terms of spiritual source, it was still his fatal weakness.

Fortunately, his other strengths had almost completely surpassed the strongest youth at this stage.

“Be careful, follow me closely.”

After giving a reminder, Xu Xiaoshou extended his hand, and an ice lotus appeared once again.

The huge hailstones in the sky continued to smash down.

When an icy aura swept across the void from the ice lotus.

The world seemed to be completely frozen.


“Ka Ka –”

The hailstones that were floating in mid-air came one after another, and in the blink of an eye, they connected into one.

In a short moment, the space of this small world was completely filled with solid ice.

The grey mist figure was speechless as he watched from behind.

The Three Days Frozen Calamity was too powerful.

Although having an extremely low-temperature environment was a prerequisite to freeze a small world like this.

However, it was able to affect the world to such an extent in such a short time.

It was even more terrifying than a Sovereigns bounded domain!

“The ability of a Cutting Path cant be any better than this…”

The grey mist figure muttered as it looked at Xu Xiaoshous back.

Sometimes, he really couldnt see through this young man in front of him.

Perhaps, not making an enemy out of him would be beneficial for it and everyone else!


The grey mist figures eyes flickered, and his mood fluctuated.

“How good would it be if this fellow had a seal attribute”

“Ice Age!”

With a single command, the void completely froze.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at this space, and the ice lotus returned to his energy reserve.

The ice would not explode on its own.

Even if he controlled it to explode, the power would not be so great that it could shatter an entire small world.

However, if he were to change his way of thinking, it would be completely different.

Using the heaven and earth as the oven and the worlds solid ice as the pill.

In the blink of an eye, he condensed it into a pill the size of a fingernail.


Was definitely impossible to succeed!

And the failed result of conducting alchemy would definitely be an explosion.

An explosion meant that the already tattered alchemy cauldron wouldnt be able to withstand it at all!

“The condensing method of infernal heavens…”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of this and pressed down with both hands.



A terrifying cold force swept out in all directions.

In the next second, the grey mist figure could completely feel all the ice in this space being crazily compressed.


His face was filled with shock.

This technique definitely wasnt the power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity.

So, even if he completely threw away the ice flames power, Xu Xiaoshou would still have the ability to blow up an area of space

Based on this compression speed, it would not take long before…

“Rumble –”

As expected.

Before he could finish his thoughts, the entire area of space could no longer withstand it and directly exploded.

The deafening sound of the explosion was like it had been knocked open in his mind, instantly blowing the grey mist figure into a mess.

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang…”

Countless ice crystals shattered and shot out in all directions.

The space could no longer withstand it and turned into fragments that exploded.

It was as if the sky had completely collapsed and shattered, and black holes engulfed the world.

Endless darkness covered everything.

It was as if the night had been pulled up, and the curtain could no longer be raised.


Feeling the endless suction force in the sky, Xu Xiaoshou could not hold on any longer.

He tried to control his body and flew toward his target.

But the consequences of this explosion were too serious.

There were black holes everywhere.

He could not control his body at all, so he flew towards the sky, completely out of touch with his target.


The grey mist figure was different.

With enough experience in shattering space, it instantly wrapped itself in a sealing mist, blocking the suction force of the black hole, and then flew toward the space node leading to the White Cave.


Xu Xiaoshou roared.

Above the energy reserve, the Three Days Frozen Calamity was already ringing wildly.

Naturally, he could also use the means of the ice flame to forcefully connect himself to the ice crystal passage leading to the White Cave.

It was still safe enough.


Under such a situation that seemed like he was going to die, he need to weigh his options.

In the end, did the grey mist figure truly let go of the grudge in its heart

If it was unwilling to make a move, even if he went out, he believed that the path toward the White Cave would be accompanied by endless harassment from this fellow.

And if it could make a move…

No matter how unwilling it was.

Once something started, it was inevitable that it would develop in the direction of feelings.


The grey mist figure rushed to the side of the space node and laughed out loud.

What kind of joke is this!

You brat, its impossible for you to pass through the space node.

I had already made my calculations.

First, stay in the spatial fragment for a period of time.

Wait until your corpse appears, then make the move.

At that time, whether its the Infernal Original Seed or the Three Days Frozen Calamity, none of them will be able to escape from my palm!


A foot stepped into the space node, and a rich suction force was transmitted.

The grey mist figure did not forget to forcefully restrain the momentum of its body, and it stretched out its hand to shake it twice.

Looking at the terrified expression on Xu Xiaoshous face.

It was happy.

It was even happier than beheading a hundred Red Coats!


Suddenly, its brain twitched, and the grey mist figure nearly fainted from the pain.

“Darn it, at this critical moment, why did it run out…”

It was almost swallowed by the space node, and the grey mist figure was so scared that it almost peed.

If it got lost among the spatial fragments, it would be a dead-end!

Forcefully restraining its momentum, the grey mist figure did not dare to provoke the girl anymore, and it immediately wanted to escape into the space node.

At this moment, a sharp pain struck its brain again.

“Youre crazy!”

The grey mist figure hurriedly pulled its leg away from the space node.

With such an unstable element, how could it dare to forcefully cross the spatial fragment

Its head felt like it was being pricked by needles again.

The grey mist figures gaze changed slightly.

There was a hint of pity and pleading.

“Save, save him…”


With a vicious blink, the grey mist figure forcefully cut off Mo Mos will.

Save Xu Xiaoshou

Even if the sky were to fall, it would be impossible!


Just as he finished declining, his thought suffered another intense attack.

The grey mist figure went crazy.

“Youre truly crazy!”

“At this time, I cannot save people! I cant even take care of myself…”

“If you dont save him, well die together…” halfway through its words, its voice was replaced by a determined female voice.

The grey mist figure was stunned and a little surprised.

After all, it had been with Mo Mo for so long, so it knew her personality.

At most, she only had a little compassion for the world.

However, under its training, Mo Mo no longer looked like she could not bear to kill.

No matter what kind of order it gave, as long as it was not out of line, she would not refuse.

Even though she still couldnt take the initiative to kill people.

But at the critical moment, she had also learned how to protect herself.

She would not reject it like this and choose to save a fellow whom she had only met a few times without caring about her own safety.

But today…

Was completely different!

This was the first time the grey mist figure felt Mo Mos determination.

She had made up her mind.

If it did not save Xu Xiaoshou, they would really die together!

The grey mist figure was going crazy.

“Who is he to you that you want to save him Do you like him Are you really in love with him Youve only met him a few times!” It chose to speak directly to the girl.

“Its not about liking him.”

Mo Mo denied it.

“If you dont like him, why bother saving him Even if you dont want your life, I still want it!” The grey mist figure was enraged that it was about to split open.

The spatial crack tore the world apart.

The black hole swallowed everything.

Xu Xiaoshous figure was getting further and further away.

It was as if he was going to disappear completely in the next second.

“Save him.”

Mo Mos soul, which was curled up in a corner, once again begged bitterly.


The grey mist figure roared in its mind, “I want a reason!”

The image of the Outer Yards Windcloud Competition suddenly appeared in its mind.

The grey mist figure was stunned.

At that time, before the competition, Xu Xiaoshou was still ridiculing something.

Suddenly, his style changed and he said seriously, “Youre very pretty…”

The image was cut off.

It turned into Tianxuan Gate under the heavy snow.

Mo Mo was walking alone on the road.

An order came from the small copper stove to kill Xu Xiaoshou.

She refused.

The answer was surprisingly simple.

“Hes very gentle.”

The grey mist figure was on the verge of breaking down.

“Thats it”

“Thats your reason”

“Just because he praised you, thats it!”

“Thats not it.” Mo Mo smiled.

“Ive already given you the answer a long time ago… there are always some people who shouldnt be hurt.”

“Youre unreasonable!” The grey mist figure roared.

At this moment, it was anxious about why it possessed a woman.

“None of these are reasons.

I cant save him.

I want to kill him! I want to kill Xu Xiaoshou!” It said angrily.

“When you asked me for the reason, you couldnt kill him.”

Mo Mo was indifferent.

“Actually, you already have the answer.

Why do you need to ask me”

“I dont have the answer, and I have no reason to save him!”

“What you said is also not a reason!”

The grey mist figure felt that if it did not go crazy, sooner or later, it would also be driven mad by this woman.


Mo Mo muttered.

Time seemed to have stopped.

Through her body, which was completely out of her control, Mo Mo seemed to be able to see Xu Xiaoshous powerless struggle as she gradually disappeared into the darkness.

She fell silent.

Sometimes, how could there be so many reasons for wanting to save someone and not wanting to kill someone

If she had to give a reason, she wouldnt be able to.

After all, she had only come into contact with Xu Xiaoshou on those two occasions.

And it was only these two encounters that she saw this young mans temperament, which was completely different from the others.

It wasnt that kind of aura.

It was a different kind!

There would always be people who would say, “My fate is in my hands, not the heavens”, but when they actually acted, they would still choose to submit.

But that wasnt the case for Xu Xiaoshou.

There would always be people who would face the evil god that they couldnt resist and would shout in their hearts, “I can do it, I can do it”.

When they had to choose, they would still choose to give up.

Xu Xiaoshou was not like that either!

From this young man, Mo Mo could see that he was not as random as he usually was.

On the contrary, she saw an opposite version of herself.

The grey mist figure is very strong!

Others might not know, but how could Mo Mo not know

If it completely abandoned this body that did not meet the standards of cultivation level, the power it could release would probably be something that few people in the entire Shengshen Continent could withstand.

But Xu Xiaoshou had knocked it unconscious!

Perhaps there was indeed a prerequisite that was disadvantageous to the grey mist figure.

But even so, this battle result was something that Mo Mo did not dare to believe.

Until now, she still did not believe it!

But this was the truth, and she had no choice but to believe it.

In front of everyone who had chosen to give up like her, Xu Xiaoshou was the only one who stood out and advanced with great success, stepping on all obstacles.

Even if this existence was the god in the hearts of others!

“Perhaps, this is what makes him special…”

Mo Mo smiled silently.

She was the former.

Whether it was before the arrival of the grey mist figure or after.

She had no interest in anything in the world.

Giving up was the only choice she had when faced with difficulties.

And what forced her to move forward was the repeated orders of the grey mist figure.

Xu Xiaoshou was different.

He was the “motivation”!

He was the “target”!

Mo Mo smiled happily.

Looking at the existence that was completely engulfed by darkness, she saw light instead and finally found a word that could describe Xu Xiaoshou.

“This is all I have in my life.”

“Xu Xiaoshou is different.

He can do anything that I cant do.”

Mo Mo said softly, “He issalvation, my salvation!”

The grey mist figure was completely dumbfounded.

It did not expect that after summarizing for a long time, Mo Mo would come to such a ridiculous and vague conclusion.

“Salvation my foot!”

“You make me speechless!”

It was about to step into the space node again.

The grey mist figure suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Its vision became blurry

That wasnt right!

It wasnt its vision.

It was… her vision

It stretched out its hand and wiped it.

It was cold.


The grey mist figure was stunned for a moment before it finally closed its eyes with a heavy heart.

My reputation… is tarnished!


A thick sealing mist resisted the suction force of the black hole and staggered past the shattered space nodes.

It passed through the void and shot into the darkness.

“Remember, there wont be a next time.”

The silence lasted for a long time before it was finally broken by the female voice.

“Thank you.”

White Cave.

“Are you coming out soon”

The Night Guardian soared through the void and looked at the shattered space around him with a grave expression.

The extreme coldness had dyed this place into a completely different color from the White Cave.

Snowflakes fell from the sky onto his shoulders.

Each piece contained the supreme calamity power.

The Night Guardian felt that if he stayed here any longer, his Nine Death Thunder Calamity might arrive ahead of time.

However, as a Red Coat…

Even the most ordinary Red Coat had a mission which was to never retreat in front of a ghost beast.

No matter how difficult it was, it was nothing more than a message before he died.

“The Peak of Cutting Path or the Higher Void…”

The Night Guardian had completely overturned the inference that the ancient book space was actually a seal ghost beast.

He also completely understood.

This must have been the confusion that the Storyteller had made before his death.

If the seal ghost beast could possess such ice-type power…

Perhaps the number of Red Coats who died during the White Cave operation back then would not only be that number.

“Ka Ka –”

The air currents in the void suddenly reversed and entered the ancient book space.

The Night Guardians thoughts turned cold.

He knew that the space node had appeared.

That thing inside could run out.


Following a loud explosion.

The ancient book finally could not withstand the power of the ice-type calamity power and completely exploded.

Following that, a black hole space that could allow several people to pass through was split open.


A light figure broke through from within.

With a click, the figure landed on the ground.

“Youre here.”

Night Guardians back was facing him as he calmly spoke.

As a Red Coat, he still had to have a sense of ritual.

Before the battle started, it was also necessary to give the ghost beast some pressure.

He slowly turned around.

With this turn, the Night Guardian saw a shocking scene.

The hand behind his back couldnt help but let go.

“Seal… Sealing Power”

His pupils constricted, and he felt terrible.

The Storyteller wasnt lying to him

Was he really trapping the seal ghost beast

The Night Guardian completely understood how rare the seal attribute was.

Even though his dark attribute was as rare as a Phoenixs feather or a Kirins horn, in terms of rarity, it couldnt even compare to the seal attribute in the slightest.

One was still in the Way of the Heavens.

The other was born with the ability to seal the Way of the Heavens power.

How could it be compared

This seal ghost beast in front of them was definitely the one that dozens of Red Coat teams had besieged the White Cave before and still couldnt take down at all!


The White Caves communication bead rang.

The Night Guardian did not need to say anything more.

But with this press, Lan Lings side would definitely react.

This was because all the Red Coats had this specially made communication bead.

It was prepared for the seal ghost beast in front of him.

“Red Coat”

The grey mist figure who was enveloped by the sealed mist looked over and thought that the person floating in the air was a man in a red dress.

However, when he looked closely, his scalp went numb.

The color red!

They were all red!

However, the person in front of it wasnt a perverted man in a red dress.

Instead, it was a red coat that was even more terrifying to the ghost beast than the pervert in a red dress!

“How long have you been waiting for”

The grey mist figure spoke in a similarly calm manner.

He swept his gaze across the ice sculpture that belonged to the red-dressed man not too far away and knew that his calamity had become even more difficult.

“Not too long…”

The Night Guardian moved his frozen fingers and tilted his neck.

The bones in his body crackled.

“If its you, I can wait as long as you want.”

“Then wait a little longer.”

“I still have an accomplice.

Well catch them together later.”

The grey mist figure raised its hand.

A sealing mist seemed to be connected to something.

The other end was still in the space node.


It pulled hard, and another light shadow flew out.


The figure crashed to the ground without caring for his image.

He even let out an “ouch” and rolled on the ground several times before stopping his momentum.

The Night Guardian sneered.


This time, he shall kill two birds with one stone!

He looked over.

The Night Guardian, who had been able to hold back his emotions when he saw the seal ghost beast, could not hold back anymore when he saw the face of the “accomplice” of the ghost beast.

He staggered two steps back in disbelief.

His face was pale, and his neck stretched forward.

“Xu, Xu Xiaoshou”


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