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Chapter 547: The Chosen One by Fate

“What is this”

Xu Xiaoshou was equally shocked as he looked at the bloody minotaur that Xin Gugu had transformed into.

After he had blasted away Baldy Xin, he did not hesitate at all.

As he retreated, he exhaled.

Then, he suddenly inhaled.

“Clang! ! !”

The darkness was directly torn apart.

The sea of blood that had seeped into the collapsing space was pulled back by Xin Gugu before it could go far.

In less than a breaths time.

The sea of blood that had filled the entire Lijian Grassland was sucked into the minotaurs body.


A majestic and surging energy entered his body.

Just the aura that Xin Gugu was emitting was already unable to withstand it and was about to collapse.

After doing all this, the minotaurs body swelled once again.

Even cracks began to appear on his body that was filled with power.


Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to believe it.

How could the power of this entire sea of blood be absorbed into his body in such a short period of time.

However, such a shocking thing had happened right before his eyes.

One could imagine just how terrifying the power contained within Xin Gugus body was.

“The realm has shattered!”

The dark bounded domain that was opened by the Night Guardian in time only lasted for a moment before it ceased to exist.

Fortunately, Lan Ling had already used the Heaven Sealing Array to tighten the space around the Lijian Grassland.

Even so, the survivors could no longer hide their fear.

“This, this, this…”

“This is the battle thatFourth Sword should be fighting for”

“The battle between those Master Realm Juniors was real.

Is this a joke”

“My god, what happened How did the situation become like this”

“How could the sea of blood be swallowed in the blink of an eye”

“These people are all secretly accumulating power! I knew it.

If the sea of blood didnt accumulate power, how could it do so all of a sudden…”

“But, why didnt Red-robed notice it”

No one answered.

The people who had survived the sea of blood with all kinds of methods wanted to watch the battle and be the lucky one in ten thousand.

But when the real throne started to fight, they realized that they were simply courting death.

If they were on the Shengshen Continent, the collapse of space wouldnt be so exaggerated.

But in this White Cave that could shatter at a touch, as long as the throne was relatively serious and space collapsed, they would have no way to retreat!

“Master, is this theGhost Beast You were talking about”

The little monk Bu Le had already been shaken to the edge of the Lijian Grassland by the aftermath of the battle.

He looked at the constantly expanding bloody minotaur and couldnt help but swallow his saliva.

He wanted to purify it.

However, unhappy understood that this kind of strength wasnt something he could contend against.

“Right, the Fourth Sword!”

“Where didFourth Sword go”

Lei Shuangxing had fallen back from the space fragment.

However,Fourth Sword, who had also been sent flying by the minotaurs kick, had completely disappeared.

Even though red-robed was also paying attention to four swords.

However, at this moment, the blood-soaked minotaurs strength was so great that Red-robed was unable to pay attention to it at all.

As expected, when she saw Night Guardian and Black Flame pounce towards the minotaurs location, Bu Le looked around and started looking for Fourth Sword.

It had to be said that the younger generation that was still able to stay above the Lijian Grassland at this moment.

Naturally, they had strength.

Their intelligence was not inferior to others.

There were many people who had the same thoughts as Bu Le.

In a certain direction.

Cheng Xingchu relied on the jade pendants on his body to survive in this place.

At this moment, even the desire to fight for the fierce sword in his heart had been defeated.

He retreated to the edge of the Heaven Sealing Array with trepidation.

He only wanted to stay away from the center of the battle, but he realized..

“This formation, can I come in but not come out”

Cheng Xingchu almost cried.

He saw Lady Zhiwen in the red-robed crowd and wanted to go look for help.

He didnt want to die.


He couldnt move his feet!

“Who, who will save me…”

Cheng Xingchu burst into tears.

He had never thought, nor had anyone told him, that the fight for theFourth Sword would be so fierce.

Even the throne could not escape from this kind of battle.

What could he do with his meager cultivation

In the sea of blood, not even a single wave could come out!


At this moment, the space not far away cracked open.

Cheng Xingchu did not care.

It was extremely normal for the space above the Lijian Grassland to crack open.

But suddenly, a surging sword intent came from within the crack.

“Fourth Sword”

Cheng Xingchu was stunned.

Fourth Sword fell here

His eyes were wide open.

He looked around and found that there were no similar refugees in this place.

“Only me”

“Gulp.” Cheng Xingchu swallowed his saliva and his heart started beating rapidly.

This time, he suddenly felt a surge of power in his body.

“I can do it!”

Blood surged out from his pale face.

Activating his spiritual essence, Cheng Xingchu flew to the front of the spatial crack.

The vicious demon sword intent was even clearer.

“Fourth Sword, they are inside, and they are not far away!”

Cheng Xingchus eyes were burning.

He wanted to reach his hand into the sword, but he was suddenly startled awake.

“Damn it, how can my little spiritual essence withstand the power of the spatial crack”

The protective force of the jade pendant isolated the suction force of the black hole, and it almost made Cheng Xingchu lose himself.

Only after he calmed down did he remember that he was a swordsman.

“Sword, use the sword!”

He took out an ice-blue spirit sword from his ring.

Cheng Xingchu didnt even need to think, and he just pointed the sword at the spatial crack as if he was provoking him.


A black figure flew past, and the grade five spirit sword was directly cut in half.


Cheng Xingchus heart was in pain.

But when he saw the sword shoot out from the crack, it wasnt like before, and it no longer fled in all directions.

It only quietly stabbed into theFourth Sword above the heaven sealing great array.

“Ive earned it!”

He ran over in ecstasy, and he wanted to grab the hilt of theFourth Sword in one go.

But at this moment, images of bodies exploding and dying appeared in his mind.

Cheng Xingchu froze.

‘The treasure is right in front of me, but I cant pick it up

Cheng Xingchu knew what he was capable of.

He wasnt an ancient swordsman, and his cultivation had just broken through to the grandmaster level.

He didnt have any treasures related to theFourth Sword to protect his body.

With this grip, he would definitely die!

“What should I do What should I do”

After looking around, there was still no one nearby.

But Cheng Xingchu didnt dare to!

He could only cover his ears and try to cover theFourth Sword with his body, but he didnt dare to touch it at all.

“Damn it, are you crazy Why did you appear in front of me”

Cheng Xingchus eyes were red, and he was about to go crazy.

He didnt realize that just by getting close, the power of theFourth Sword had already affected him through the jade pendants protection.

“I didnt want to take it… Ive already given up on you, how could you appear in front of me”

“How could I! ! !”

Cheng Xingchu clenched his fists tightly, and the last bit of rationality he had left made him unwilling to turn back and draw his sword.

But leave


No one could resist such a temptation.

Moreover, this kind of temptation was something he had always dreamed of.

It was fine if the sword didnt appear, but why was it me… In the vast sword-leaving prairie

“If I pull it out, perhaps Ill be the one in ten thousand

“The Heaven Sealing Array is right beside me.

I can break it with just one sword strike with Fourth Sword.

“When the time comes, I, Cheng Xingchu, will be able to escape from the battle between the red-robed cultivators and the Ghost Beasts.

At the very least, I will be stuck in the space of the White Cave

“As long as I succeed with Fourth Sword, I will be able to obtain the legacy of the Eighth Sword Deity.


Suddenly opening his eyes, a hint of clarity returned to Cheng Xingchus eyes.

He was shocked to find that he had already turned around.

And the sword was between his hands, an inch away!

“Crap! Crap!”

“Get lost!”

Cheng Xingchu was so scared that he directly sat on the ground and panted heavily.

If he encountered this, he would definitely die.

“DamnFourth Sword…”

Reason finally prevailed over everything.

Cheng Xingchu lifted his limp feet and made up his mind to directly run to the side.

“Youre giving up just like that”

A delicate and smiling voice suddenly appeared behind him.

Cheng Xingchu stopped in his tracks.

His instincts told him that he couldnt turn back at this time and should run for his life.

After all, he had just seen that there was no one around.

This voice that suddenly appeared was definitely not simple.

The hidden desire in his heart made him turn around with difficulty.

This was a woman with an extremely hot figure.

Her shabby gray robe could not conceal her curvaceous figure at all.

What made him even more horny was that thick purple chain was winding around the delicate figure in front of him from all sorts of unimaginable angles.


Cheng Xingchu felt like his eyes were about to split open.

He was clearly not an impulsive person.

But this time, the fire in his heart seemed to be going to his head.

“Who, who are you”

“Caramel.” The woman smiled sweetly.

“You, you…”

“Dont you you, do you wantFourth Sword” Caramel pointed at the fierce sword beside her.

“No, I dont want to!”

Cheng Xingchu screamed in shock.

He realized that something was wrong.

He hugged his head, turned around and ran.

But when he turned his head, the scene was completely different from before.

Naked women were faintly discernible in the pink mist that surrounded them.

Seductive moans lingered in his ears, tugging at his heartstrings.

How was this the Lijian Grassland

This was heaven!

“Heh, heh heh…”

The corners of Cheng Xingchus mouth twitched as he let out a strange laugh.

Suddenly, he held his head.

“AH –”

With a painful roar, the scene completely shattered.

What reappeared was a small spherical space.

“Domain, Sovereign Domain!”

Cheng Xingchu suddenly turned his head and looked at Caramel in horror.

This woman was a throne

She trapped the two of them in a small space

Caramel raised her eyebrows in surprise.

This guy was surprisingly smart.

How could he break free from the demonic desire ofFourth Sword

“Little guy, do you really not wantFourth Sword” She leaned over and teased.

“I dont want it!”

Cheng Xingchu held his head and shouted at the top of his voice, “I dont want it! I, Cheng Xingchu, am selfish.

I want everything, but no one can force me.

No one!”

“Get lost! ! !”

He wanted to roar the woman in front of him to pieces as if he had just broken the illusion.

But this woman was obviously real.

He couldnt break her with just his voice.

“PFFT, interesting.”

Caramel chuckled and walked to Cheng Xingchu with light steps.

She whispered in his ear, “You keep saying that you dont want it, but what are you doing with your hand”

My hand

Cheng Xingchu was stunned and lowered his head.

Then, he was shocked to find that the hilt of theFourth Sword was in his hand.

“AH –”

He jumped away with a scream.

“Impossible, I didnt hold it, I cant hold It!”

“Its fake, its all fake!”

“All of this is an illusion created by you, Go… Oh.”

Caramel covered his mouth with her hand and turned his head away to look behind him.

Cheng Xingchu was familiar with the scene on the other side.

The two experts of Black Flames and Night Guardian, as well as more than ten red-robed men who were struggling to get up from the ground, were flying toward the minotaur who was already several hundred feet tall.


So slow!

The scene seemed to have been slowed down by ten times.

His thoughts were clearly running non-stop, and so much time had passed.

Why hadnt they stopped that minotaur

“See That guy with the minotaurs body, his name is Xin Gugu.”

Caramels soft voice whispered in Cheng Xingchus ear, and she exhaled like an orchid.

“Pull out your sword and kill those red-robed men.

If it were you, you would definitely be able to do it.”

“I cant!”

Cheng Xingchu went crazy and said angrily, “How can I listen to You How can I beat them Im the one who…”

“Thats not right!”

He suddenly stopped and said in shock, “You… youre with the Ghost Beasts”

Caramel tilted her head and said with a smile, “Thats right!”


Cheng Xingchus heart suddenly constricted and his entire body stiffened.

He wanted to move, but he couldnt move at all in Caramels embrace.

“Get lost, get lost!”

He roared furiously, “Im a member of the Holy Divine Palace.

You Ghost Beasts cant control me!”

“Oh, a member of the Holy Divine Palace Thats great.”

Caramel smiled and said, “The Holy Divine Palace is so righteous, but a madman like Red-robed is not the justice that the Holy Divine Palace stands for.

Their existence is a mistake.”

“Pull out the sword and kill them.”

“Get lost!” Cheng Xingchu roared.

“You are the chosen one.

Its the first time Ive seen someone who can use his willpower to withstand the evil aura of theFourth Sword.

Pull out the sword and kill them.”

“Get lost.

I Wont pull out the sword.

No, I wont touch the sword.

Your illusion cant affect me at all!” Cheng Xingchu screamed.

“Is that so”

Caramel suddenly let go of her arms and waved her hand, retracting the boundary of the throne.

The isolated scene was immediately brought into view.

“Boom! ! !”

There was an explosion far away.

It was the qi and blood of the minotaur that exploded, sending more than ten red-robed, including the Night Guardian and the Black Flames, flying.

The void turned into a huge black hole.

Everything seemed to have turned into nothingness.

Crack! Crack! Crack

The Heaven Sealing Array cracked.

It seemed that it could no longer support the aftershocks of the spatial battle on this side.


Cheng Xingchu suddenly lost all his strength.

He looked down and actually saw his back and heel.

‘My neck… Whats wrong…

“Heaven chose you.

Youre very unique.

You can actually maintain your sanity under the power of theFourth Sword.”

Caramel turned his head back and sighed, “But in this world, there are some things that are not up to you.”

Cheng Xingchu felt a pain in his neck, as if some liquid was overflowing.

He looked at theFourth Sword in his hand in disbelief.

So, he had already grasped it from the start

Everything just now was not just the work of this girl.

At the same time, it was also the manifestation of the desire in his heart

“You are already dead.”

Caramel patted his shoulder lightly.


Cheng Xingchus eyes were about to burst, but his voice could only roar in his heart.

What came out of his throat was only the sound of “Wu Wu”.

“Face reality.

The moment you wereFourth Sword, you were also chosen by me.”

“The outcome is set.

You have no other choice.”

Caramels hand swept across the void, and space turned into a mirror.

Cheng Xingchus pupils suddenly constricted.

He saw the devil veins on his face.

Those clusters of black things almost dyed his entire face black.

“This isnt me! ! !”

A heart-wrenching roar sounded from his heart.

Blood spurted out from Cheng Xingchus neck, and his face split open.

“Yes, this isnt you.

You shouldnt die without anyone paying attention to you.”

Caramel looked to the other side.

There, Red-robed stood up again and rushed toward Xin Gugu like a maniac.

He was in great pain..

Caramel could see that Xin Gugu was in great pain.

With just one person, he was able to hold back the three main forces of Night Guardian, Black Flame, and Xin..!

“He wont be able to hold on for long.”

“Hes obviously scared to death…”

With this kind of ghost beast in a completely liberated form, if they continued to fight, Xin Gugu might really not be able to return.

However, it was also the only way.

When all of Red-robeds attention was taken away.

Only then would he have the time to findFourth Sword and even find this young man who had a strong willpower and could be used as a temporary host.

“Fate has long been decided…”

Caramel raised her eyes to look at the sky.

Everything that she could see was shattered and dark.

There wasnt the slightest glimmer of hope.

Just like what she could see, the direction of the future.


Determination appeared in Caramels eyes.

“A mission is a mission.

If you die, you die.”

“Whether its yourself or Xin Gugu.”

At random, the look in her eyes turned into intense hatred!

Caramel clenched her fists.

“The root cause of all this is the Red-robed, the Holy Divine Palace!”

“Destruction Genocide”

“Then lets meet again!”

She reached her hand into her chest.


Cheng Xingchu stuffed the “Sacrificial Carving” into his mouth.

Caramel took out another ghost beast bead with dense ghost qi and slapped it between Cheng Xingchus eyebrows.


“Transform into a Ghost Beast and wield theFourth Sword.

Kill all those damn guys.”

“Your final glory will bloom… In the sky above the White Cave Lijian Grassland!”


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